Business plan draft beer store

Business plan draft beer store
Бизнес план магазина разливного пива
Business plan draft beer store

What information should contain a business plan for the shop of draft beer ?

Summary of the business plan for the opening of draft beer store business plan from scratch

This project - a plan for the creation of private enterprises for organizing business store plan for draft beer 24 of the month. First of all, list the key points of the process of creating a business plan for the launch of draft beer store business plan from scratch.

In the first place there is the project idea, and objectives of the project, such as:

  1. Creation of an enterprise with high level of profitability.
  2. Receiving a profit legal way, indicating the legal address, Head of passport data and project founder, Employee Information.
  3. Satisfaction of consumers demand to fill the niche the implementation of high quality draft beer at an affordable price in the retail.
  4. on sales of alcoholic beverages Enterprise, namely beer, spill.
  5. Finding and conclusion of contracts with investors.
  6. Project cost: 2 465 342 rubles.
  7. financing of the project: By obtaining a commercial loan in the amount of 2 465 342 rubles.
  8. To implement the project the company needs to take out a loan in the amount of RUR 24 settlement months discount rate 14%.
  9. payback period: 2 of the year.
  10. the investor's income will be 158 644,76 rubles.
  11. Payment of interest on the loan starting from the first month of this project.
  12. Repayment begins with the first month of the project. This fact is entered in this business plan to facilitate understanding of the structure for calculating the flow regulation discounted cash flow and. Repayment begins with the first month of the project. This fact is entered in this business plan to facilitate understanding of the structure for calculating the flow regulation discounted cash flow and.
  13. Implicit interest rate on borrowings 14 %. Should be considered, that at present banks are reviewing the rate of interest for investment projects downward.
  14. The total amount of accrued interest will be 158 644,76 rubles.
  15. The payback period from the beginning of the project 22 of the month.
  16. Payback period with discounting 2 of the year.
  17. The overall economic benefits of the project for the life cycle of a conditional 3 040 280,9 rub.

stages of the project

stages of the project Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1-2 of the year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month 1 -30 banking days
Getting credit Having a proper set of documents 30 calendar days
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 -30 calendar days
Selection of locations and documentation preliminary work 30 calendar days
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 -30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds 1 -30 calendar days
recruitment production activity 1 -30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process 1 -30 calendar days
Conducting marketing company 360 calendar days 1-360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 of the month

algorithms action, prescribed in the business plan draft beer store

The draft beer store business plan spelled out the following actions algorithms for starting a business:

  1. The methods and techniques of analysis target audience, drawing up a portrait of the ideal customer, its solvency ratio.
  2. Business Registration in the state regulatory and tax authorities.
  3. Hiring qualified employees, able to fulfill customer wishes and be ready to work. Another item of expenditure considered hiring employees. Specialists will take the vacant positions on a competitive basis, As employees of the total, maintenance and temporary nature with a decent competitive pay. Nominations applicants for the position will be reviewed within 30 calendar days.
  4. services, now rendered.
  5. The choice of the enterprise size.

How long have we all know, cash in people's lives do not play the most important role, but rather a primary. Therefore, people have learned to develop various ideas for creating your own business, and as a result receive financial independence and a stable income. One example of such an idea, a store opening the sale of fresh beer. According to statistics, almost one tenth of the produced beer, sold on tap in stores, specializing in the sale of alcoholic drink. As practice shows, this business has become very popular and brings not very bad income, especially on hot days. Before proceeding to the beer store, should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the business side and based on the results to build a business plan, in aid we propose to consider the main stages, to which attention should be paid at the beginning of activities.

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The first steps in starting a business

1 step. Register a company with the administrative and legal form - an individual entrepreneur.
2 step. Choose a suitable property and to conclude a lease agreement
3 step. Register of cash registers in the tax authority.
4 step. Document the visit of fire inspection and sanitary and epidemiological service and getting their approval for sale of beer.

Documentation, useful for studying

Documents, knowledge of which is useful at the start and in the further activity

  1. About licensing.
  2. Federal-Law-on-08.08.2001-N-129 FZ-red.-of-31.12.2017.
  3. Federal-Law-of-22.07.2008-N-123-FL-red.-by-29.07.2017-1.
  4. The primary documentation-on-opening-activity.

Remember also the mandatory presence EGAIS system – complex, intended to implement the rules, stipulated by the Law on 22.11.1995 g. № 171-FL "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcohol and alcohol-containing products "and connect to the online ticket office.

For the new CCP (System control and cash accounting) For upgraded CCP (System control and cash accounting)
Installation Online cash machine Removal from the register offices
Installing software updates Installation upgrade kit
Ensuring easy quick access on-line box office to the Internet Nude Ackles (Electronic control tape on the protected) for the fiscal drive
Installing software updates
Providing quick access to the Internet cash

Who and when should introduce online cash, dates

1 July 2018. Organizations and businesses, that we were not previously required to use CCPs. Entrepreneurs and organizations with special tax regime(ENVD and n CH).
1 February 2021. Printing on receipts and BSO range


Necessary equipment

The easiest way to obtain all necessary for beer sales - this is the conclusion of a contract with a supplier of beer, In this case, it will provide all the necessary equipment for free, promotional materials and train salespeople to work with equipment. Handle with beer equipment necessary to accurately and on time to carry out prevention. Once a month it is necessary to invite the master of adjustment, to avoid clogging of the tap. Costs of setting up equipment should be budgeted.

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What should be included in the list of mandatory equipment for the beer store and a part of the beer directly install

  1. Nut 5/8 to fix;
  2. head fence;
  3. drip tray;
  4. Contour tracking water;
  5. Crane;
  6. cooler;
  7. antifoam agent;
  8. beer column (tower);
  9. reducer;
  10. Termoizolyator;
  11. tee metal;
  12. clamp for single-time;
  13. reinforced hose;
  14. Hose lines for beer;
  15. fitting a straight line;
  16. corner fitting.

benefit location

The location of your business store draft beer business success directly depends. Do not choose the place, somewhere in the middle, surrounded by offices and "business" stores. An ideal variant, will rent space in a residential area, where people will feel more comfortable. It is not necessary to open a beer shop in the basement of an apartment house, as the first, it does not comply with fire safety, and secondly, because of the actions of buyers, who can use the next court as a toilet area, you can get a negative reputation and complaints from residents.

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Construction of retail space

Since a 2013 , the beer was included in the list of licensed merchandise, area of ​​the store should be more than 50 squares. In a room with such an area can fit 25-30 beers, assuming, that for every 5 set squares 6 cranes.



For recruitment, you must establish a replacement schedule, with employment 2-3 sellers, janitor and security guard. The seller is obliged to monitor the quality of the beer and its terms, check the integrity of the equipment and its timely wash. Accounting, with the necessary knowledge, Director may hold personally, or hire an accountant coming under an outsourcing agreement.

How to calculate the margin on beer

Basically sellers of expensive, imported beer put in the margin 30% per liter 100% – hydrochloric margin on beer domestic manufacturer. On average, 1 beer keg, margin of almost 2 000 rubles. The consumer ultimately pays for a liter of beer from 60 to 250 rubles. Draft beer will be a little more expensive than similarly packaged, so you must always comply with quality, so that the client was not disappointed and understood, for which he pays the money.

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We expect the final profit

according to statistics,, not very profitable, and sometimes even at a loss to sell beer in winter. Well even if it is possible to block the cost of rent and payment of wages. But do not think, that this all is lost, as the summer season will cover the loss of the winter months. Total net profit can be obtained within three months from the 1 million. rubles. Recoup beer point in the season, It may be in a period of 2 weeks before 1 of the month.

If opening a business requires a network of pubs shops, the supply of beer is more profitable to carry out directly from the factory, and if there is one store purchase of beer is best done through the company, selling small wholesale - distributors.

Download a business plan draft beer store for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

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Costs for the first year of operation

In the area of ​​retail outlet 50 squares, it will be necessary to invest in the first year of operation about 1 million. rubles, almost half of the money goes to pay rent, and the remaining amount for the purchase of equipment and furniture. When, discussed above, with free equipment, the amount of the initial investment will be much less.

The following table shows the major costs when buying their own equipment.


list of equipment, listed above, It is far from complete. some companies – OEMs and ODMs, They offer complete sets of equipment at competitive prices, depending on the size of your company and leased space dimensions.

flow name The amount of rubles.
Rent premises in the year 1 800 000
Redecorating the room 150 000
Purchase of equipment for the 20-and beers 200 000
Advertising costs (newspaper, local radio, flyers, etc.) 100 000
Wages staff 600 000
Total per year 2 850 000


The main income accounts from the sale of draft beer, which is an average 150000 rubles per month. Additional income can be obtained from the sale of related products, such as smoked fish, crackers, crisps – 40000 rubles per month.

Based on the calculations of the two financial items, we can conclude, that for stable operation of the store, payback period of 4 to six months.


The main problem with this business is the term "live" beer - just five days. many entrepreneurs, in the early years of losing to 50% living of beverage, because of the expiration of it must be discarded. In any case should not go on cheating and sell expired goods, because the risk of losing reputation.

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project costs

Name expenditure cost of


per month in year One-time purchase Total costs per year
Buying shop on wheels 1 600 000 600 000
Buying equipment 10 274 720 274 720
Purchase of goods 1 500 000 6 000 000 1 000 000 7 000 000
Constant advertising costs 12 75 000 900 000 100 000 900 000
Salary 12 293 150 3517 800 3 517 800
– including. taxes 12 88 150 1 057 800 1 057 800
Unexpected expenses 197 472 197 472
in total: 293 150 10 417 800 2 172 192 12 489 992

In addition to installing taps for draft beer, some entrepreneurs set in its stores for dispensing machines – vending. The video shows an example of the machine, how it works and the possibility of additional earnings.


Name base Period Rate
Tax on profits Profit Month 20%
NDS added

cost of

Month 18%
Property tax value of property according to established grAfik payments 2,2 %
Income tax wages fund month 13%
Social payments wages fund month 30%


Download a business plan draft beer store for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

the volume of a plan to provide services to the settlement period

Period type service name The volume of production and sales in a month (kyeg, PC.) price Revenue from sales in the month (rub.)
1-12 monthly investment Implementation of draft beer from 2 000 l. 67,86 — 91,26 rubles / liter from 135 720 to 182 520 rubles
1-12 monthly investment realization snack, tobacco and other related products from 2 700 PC. from 100 rubles from 270 000 rubles
13-24 month operation sale of beer from 2 100 l. from 80 to 110 rubles / liter from 168 000 to 231 000 rubles
13-24 month operation realization snack, tobacco and other related products from 2 800 PC. from 120 rubles from 336 000 rubles

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