New coffee machines - the key to high profitability of the vending business

New coffee machines - the key to high profitability of the vending business

Vending business begins to develop rapidly in our country, that is, the sale of draft drinks and piece goods through special machines. Vending is legal, simple, compatible with another type of business or main job. The cost of entering the market is relatively low, but the profitability, with proper organization, very good. Vending machines are in special demand in our country., offering exactly coffee.

If you decide to do this business, first of all, you need to purchase commercial equipment. At the same time, experts recommend buying only new coffee machines in specialized online stores. And there are several reasons for this..

Why new coffee machines are better than used coffee machines?

If your goal is quality customer service and good income, then the purchase of new machines will bring a lot of benefits to your business. Moreover, this is also true for a beginner., and for an experienced vendor.

  • Reason one. The new coffee technique is beautiful and neat. To the bright, neat, customers are more likely to approach a clean coffee machine, than to the old and unattractive in appearance.
  • Reason two. Technological trends, as well as buyers' requests, constantly changing. If you have equipment, which more 10 years old, then you may simply become out of place in today's market.
  • Reason three. Despite, that the used coffee machine can be in satisfactory condition, he still poses certain risks. Previously used machinery breaks down more often, Consequently, you will have to buy parts and hire a repair technician. Besides, the coffee maker may malfunction. The situation is not uncommon, when such a device accepts money, but does not dispense change or drink. Even if it only happened a few times, bad fame will scare customers away from your point.
  • Reason four. By purchasing a new coffee machine, you don't have to worry about its performance. The manufacturer is always responsible for the goods, under his trademark. All machines are subject to a rigorous multi-stage check before going on sale..
  • Reason five. All new coffee machines come with a warranty and service.. You may not think about renovation, even if something went wrong. Any problems that arise will be dealt with by the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Reason six. It is relevant for those, who create your network. In this situation, you will need several externally identical coffee machines.. It is almost impossible to find them on the market of previously used equipment..

Where to start your business?

It's easy to organize a vending business. First of all, monitor the relevant market in your city. Take a look, how much, what and where are the devices located, there are buyers near them, is the demand for the offered products high?. After that, draw up a business plan., to calculate, will the business bring real profit. If you don't know, how to do it yourself, order the preparation of a business plan by a professional.

The next step is to register yourself as an entrepreneur. After that, you can choose the installation location, conclude a lease with the owner of the premises, install and run equipment.


Selling draft coffee through a coffee machine brings a stable and high income. Modern units are in demand among buyers, as they allow you to quickly and inexpensively purchase your favorite drink. Simple business organization and a huge number of free niches play into the hands of even beginners. At the same time, the purchase of new equipment guarantees uninterrupted operation., service support and constant influx of buyers.

In Ukraine, we recommend buying new vending machines and equipment here

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