The business plan for the breeding of quails

The business plan for the breeding of quails

The main advantage of quail business is, that quail being resistant to bird flu, can be fruitful and hatching eggs in the most simple terms, guaranteeing its owner a high income and fast return on investment provided timely feeding birds and well-established distribution policy of this new popular destinations grocery market.

European and American businessmen, evaluating investment prospects of a particular market niche, carefully studying many relevant analytical reports on the topic. A distinctive feature of the Russian market is a lack of detailed and reliable information on a particular market segment, so future businessmen are forced to be content with yourself is sourced from various fragmentary data sources. In this way passed and experts group "Kormozakogotovka" companies, gaining control of the "Aluette" a large wholesale company, which is engaged in the supply of chicken and quail eggs in shopping online.

It tells the head of the group of companies "Kormozagotovka" I.Golubov, studying international experience quail business, he visited many European, Chinese and Japanese economy and learned, that the general practice perepelovodstva focused on the individual farm level, usually related to small and medium-sized businesses. So not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world, No one egg-broiler factory, where the little bird would be diluted in the same manner, like chicken.

The business plan for the breeding of quails

Russia's largest quail factory today is the company "Interptitsa", Founded in Voronezh, where they ride in captivity 180 000 quail. Other domestic manufacturers significantly lagging behind the industry leader in the number of birds contained. For example, we can take another farm, located in a village not far from Zelenograd Rzhavki, with 25 000 hens, and Yaroslavl farm "Pets", founded seven years ago in the former pigsty, Where 35 000 quail every day carry on 9 000 eggs.

Considering, that the product has already ceased to be exotic in our country, daily production figures quail eggs in Russia today does not exceed 350 000 pcs, while the Japanese food market seven million eggs produced each day, and the Chinese - seventy million eggs. The main advantage of this product is, it is ideal for the diet, and can be stored for three times longer, than chicken eggs, making it easy to transport and trade.

Quail eggs are a certain demand on the Russian market, but its level is not so high, as we would like to businessmen, engaged perepelovodstvom, so the last is particularly interested in increasing interest in its products from buyers. The main factor here, According to Ivan Golubov, It is a constant and competent marketing policy of manufacturers, but small farms do not have sufficient funds and professional personnel for this task. Therefore, the promotion of quail on the market, basically, involved major players. I.Golubov sure, that his company's experts make it quite professionally, constantly conducting promotions in shopping centers and taking part in food exhibitions, eg, in the recent "Prodexpo". Statistics show, Today, buyers are more willing to choose quail eggs, which indicates an improvement of the market situation. Thereby, today a group of companies can take to implement the product and any number of farms.

that sell: quail eggs or?

that sell: eggs or birds?

Like chickens, Quail are meat, eg, representatives of the breed "Pharaoh" weigh about 250-300 g and give two hundred eggs a year, and oviparous, weighing not more than 120 g, but giving up to three hundred eggs a year. Russian restaurants do not buy large quail broiler carcasses, because they are too large for the standard portion, and to divide the carcass irrationally and rather expensive. Therefore broilers are not used in our country, and meat come carcass layers of Japanese two-three months old.

according to legends, Perepelovodstvo as agricultural activity occurred ten centuries ago in Japan. And popular in the world this bird became after, How to detect a very valuable feature of quail eggs a beneficial affect the health of people who received a dose of radioactive, which was very important for Japan after the Second World War. So for more than fifty years of Japanese schools, students receive daily two quail eggs.

First quail farms began to appear in the territory of our country in the middle of the last century, but at the time it was doomed to failure, because for poultry and ordinary consumers remained more attractive traditional poultry carcass. After the Chernobyl accident in Russia once again reminded of the useful properties of quail eggs, the more that the Japanese statistics were confirmed by research, held in Vitebsk sanatorium "Luke". Here quail eggs entered the exposed children menu. Although government agencies did not respond to the activists proposals for the organization of the new direction of the poultry, Information about the properties of quail production was noted businessmen.

The founder of the domestic quail business can be considered Boris Kovalenko from Kropotkin (Krasnodar region). In the eighties, Boris served in the army in the Chernobyl area and interested in useful properties of quail eggs removes radionuclides from the human body. Already being retired, Colonel Kovalenko returned home and bought a dozen quail chicks, which he settled in makeshift own cells and made of an old refrigerator incubator. Currently, the income of the company "quail" is the ultimate in family Boris. The farm has 1500 quail, which are bred for carrying eggs. If you examine the history of the largest Russian manufacturer of modern "Interptitsa", you can learn, that it is based also on the idea of ​​a healthy diet. After the first 3 000 the birds were bought after, as a leader with the help of quail eggs to cure his ulcer.

He is a man with an active lifestyle credo, Boris Kovalenko worked hard to promote in our country a new direction poultry, by setting up the portal Quail first in Russia.

According to Boris Kovalenko, The situation with quail business has improved markedly in Russia today for the last time, because buyers do not consider quail eggs overseas gimmick. Besides, the number of quails noticeably increased on private farmsteads, as evidenced by the significantly increased number of articles on the World Wide Web perepelovodstva and periodicals. At the beginning of the new century, when the first Russian portal for quail farm was established, Russian-speaking Internet almost had no information on this topic, and now such sites on the Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh sites for about two dozen.

Technology quail breeding

Technology quail breeding

Download the poultry farm business plan for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

Quail business is characterized by two main advantages, first of which is due to the high turnover, quail that grows up to productive age in the past month and each year provides more than 280 eggs. Experienced farmers are advised newcomers to carefully examine the business plan for the breeding of quails and purchase of five hundred chicks, as their number will grow tenfold by the end of the year, which will recoup the aviary in two or three months. The cost of equipping the house amount to no more 2000 dollars.

Another indisputable advantage of the business - the production of compact, since undemanding birds found in the ranks of a few cells, made of metal mesh. Thus in an area of 0,5 square meter is placed a hundred quail. A battery of six cells is placed on an area of ​​a little less than a square meter 280 birds.

Cages for quail

Quail do not require special care, so one or two employees can serve agriculture for five hundred quail. Because of this quail business is often a family business. The success of quail farming is due to two important factors, including maintaining a constant level of temperature +18 degrees and use the correct feed. Finished feed for quail is not sold on the Russian market, but people have long known homemade recipe effective mix, consisting of 30% wheat, 25% corn, 5% barley and the same amount of powdered seashells, flavored fish meal and sunflower meal.

A detailed plan for the breeding of quails

  • farm out 1000 birds requires costs amounting to 1000 dollars
  • on the area of ​​poultry in 15 square meters with 12 cell battery will require expenditures in the amount of 2200 dollars
  • Small-sized household incubator costs about 200 dollars
  • feed costs amount to about 200 dollars a month
  • The cost of lighting and maintaining the temperature in the house will be about 100 dollars a month
  • Income from the sale of eggs at a cost 1,5 rubles apiece per month will be 800 dollars
  • Income from the sale of the meat will be 300 dollars
  • Net income per month was 900 dollars
  • Payback planned economy through 5 months

While quail eggs are beginning to bear at the age of two months, their productivity is significantly reduced in a year, so the birds need to regularly update. That is why Russian entrepreneurs another favorable trend in business quail, In addition to trade eggs and meat, It was the implementation of calves. for example, Anapa entrepreneur N.Sankov, supplying a young bird at a poultry farm in Vityazevo, He draws attention to another by-product of farming - bird droppings, which can be used as fertilizer or as a source for heating the house.

nuances, associated with the sale of quail production

If the technological component of quail business does not require special knowledge and skills, it is much more difficult to establish a competent product sales. Considering, that the cost of quail meat and eggs are higher in comparison with chicken, not surprising, perepelovodov that work on major cities. In that case, if the size of the economy is still not great, the small parties have to look for special customers. Therefore, for the same Nicholas Sankova Vityazevskoy contract to supply poultry farm I was very young way.

It tells Nicholas, First he held for about two and a half thousand birds ovigerous, and then started breeding quail for meat. Packed in a vacuum package carcass is stored up to six months. Beating several cafes in the city, Nicholas was able to arrange a regular supply. With a local sanatorium agreement reached there only a year, as the food budget was only holidaymakers 25 rubles per day. Then the businessman casually acquainted with the main livestock specialist poultry farms, who offered to supply young. Currently, the farm N.Sankova ten thousand birds, and twice a month a farmer sends a batch plant a thousand quail at the rate of thirty rubles apiece. Vacuum-packed trunk is valued at forty rubles, and quail eggs costs only 1,2 ruble. Although it is most advantageous to implement eggs, market for these products Nicholas could not find yet.

The scheme works by Boris Kovalenko entrepreneur is somewhat different from the one, I am chosen by Nikolai Sankov. Boris personally delivers its products to several dozen families. As an entrepreneur notes, almost seventy to eighty percent of the production facilities perepelovodstva Boris goes to regular customers, whose base is accumulating over the last five years. Typically, the buyer, have begun to include in the menu quail eggs, quickly notice positive changes in your body and recommend products to their friends, friends and family, and they bring their friends. Such nuances distinguish the scheme of realization of production of domestic quail farms on a large poultry farm. Part of its production B.Kovalenko transfers in retail chains, but in fact it turns out to be, that not all points of sale products bought with the same success. Over the past three years, the entrepreneur has reduced the number of outlets doubled its deliveries of the list because of low sales. According to Boris, not the last role is played here by the location of stores and lack of interest in high sales from the stores employees.

Large quail farms have also developed their own scheme for the sale of products, which is based on a preliminary study of the market for. According to an employee of the company "Interptitsa", in recent years, this market segment is already in mass saturation stage, and to ensure sales in large retail chains, economy necessarily required to confirm the quality of their products. Since this difficult process requires passing a certification audit, during which the line is established quality standard requirements management system, management should take care of that, to normal contents of quail to satisfy all requirements and guidelines. For more information on poultry farms in the technology are available in the print edition of All-Russian Scientific Research and Technological Institute of Poultry 2006 years «Technology quail content farms".

As the management of the company "Interptitsa", sales management through well-functioning marketing service now at the proper level, although the market is constantly come out with new serious competitors. for example, Voronezh venture "Quail Farm" produces half a million eggs per month, In addition, new facilities in Ryazan, Novocherkassk and Tyumen.

Yet the concept of "competition" in the market has been relatively relative, But among the hundreds of Russian poultry farms release quail production involved until only a few, supplying its products in the major cities. for example, in Krasnodar Krai Sochi there is a quail farm, sells its products only in the capital and Krasnodar, so in small regional cities such products have not yet met. Therefore, small farms can not be afraid of competition from large poultry farms in certain areas.

Confirms that, that-perepelovodov entrepreneurs good prospects ahead, steady expansion of its business many former novices in this field. for example, Boris Kovalenko is going to invest about fifty or sixty thousand rubles in the construction of new economic housing, which will contain about 5000-6000 quail. Besides, businessman came up with a unique industrial automation system, He received a certificate for cooperation with retail chains and seriously preparing to enter new market segments. So for beginners of this business is still a chance to get your income.

Several recommendations for beginners perepelovodov

Recommendations for beginners perepelovodov

Here are some tips for beginners, who decided to do perepelovodstvom, of successfully operating in a quail business entrepreneur Boris Kovalenko:

  • Starting a business is worth a few hundred head, from 100 to 500 quail, to reduce costs at the beginning of business activity. This amount will provide some experience of the content of quail and found its first customers.

Download the poultry farm business plan for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

The device Swoop: personal experience


Quail farm work involves the use of manual labor only, despite the holidays and weekends, and holidays. The birds used to a certain man and worried at the approach of strangers. Obtained from various sources guidance on the content of quail will not always be applicable to certain conditions, so every entrepreneur produces its own unique technology, based on its experience in the bird care, and you can examine in more detail here and free business plan for the breeding of quails.

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