Citilayts – outdoor media advertising

Citilayts – outdoor media advertising
Citilayts - outdoor media advertising
Citilayts – outdoor media advertising

City light - the most common kind of glowing boxes (lightboxes), we are ubiquitous on the streets. They look attractive and therefore effective in the advertising field. Most often, they are placed in the central and most popular areas of the city. The second most common type of location – shopping centers, cinemas and other places of mass visit. Their main feature – Light in the dark, which creates a favorable perception of the information passing near the spectator.

Citilayts – outdoor media advertising

This type of light boxes reminiscent of a box with some promotional information. its size – 1,2h1,8 meters. It is placed on special supporting legs, and a height of up to 0,6 m. The frame consists of anodized tube, and faces – acrylic, ordinary glass or plexiglass. For the promotion and protection of designs often use so-called anti-vandal panel. Such panels are made of durable materials – molded polycarbonate and some other.

Designs are several groups:

  • – double-sided;
  • – one-sided;
  • – rollernye.

Another form – on a rotating base structure with three or more parties. Bilateral installed in open areas, to ensure complete readability on both sides, one-sided – mounted on any vertical surface. Often customers offered the opportunity to design manufacturer of custom size and other individual parameters.

The working surfaces citylights inserted posters, information signs, multipurpose information, all sorts of information brand trademarks, etc.. The glow of the outdoor advertising are provided in the middle of the housing fluorescent lamps. The information is printed on a special translucent paper. Roller design citylights – a construct with increased internal illumination. They allow you to place two images on one side. To create this type of structure use different mechanisms, It is making possible to place multiple images on one side.

Instructions poster replacement sitilayte - in video:

Objectives and purpose

Information, placed in boxes, It is at eye level. It means, that it is aimed primarily at pedestrians and car drivers. The proximity to the very Citilayts allows to get acquainted with the information provided in comparison with other advertising media. This means significant benefits for advertisers.

The most effective city-lights at nightfall and dawn. Due to the design of the glow lamps attract passers. An additional plus – thanks to its illumination this kind of advertising is becoming more and part of street decoration.

Properly executed City light performs tasks such:

  • – It attracts the attention of the target audience;
  • – He catches the eye of passers-by, which is achieved by application of certain visual effects;
  • – It is informative and easy to read text;
  • – benefits is, who will get a potential consumer of the goods or services. Be sure to use criteria, on the basis of which a representative of the target audience will decide, as well as a certain way to place accents in the sending message.

The more concrete and attention-grabbing maneuver contained in sitilayte, the more likely, that advertising works.

From a technical point of view, there are a few tricks, are used in the creation of advertising for citylights. One of the most important rules - The brevity and speed perception of potential customers. So, correctly formulated message must be read and digested for an average of 3 seconds. Otherwise, advertising is considered to be ineffective. That's how long it takes about since, when passing by will see the message, until that moment, City light when he lost sight of. this is facilitated by, in addition to short, also

Required careful focus on one thought - Product Benefits, discount or a certain novelty. This will allow the potential client to concentrate on the most important.

Knowing all these features, you can earn not only the distribution of the advertising information provided by, on sytylaytah, but also to expand activities, It includes the development of advertising layouts and its creation.

Pros and cons of citylights

It should be noted, that compared with other outdoor advertising media, this method is relatively inexpensive. This factor is the most important advantage in choosing a method of promoting a product or service.

Citilayts - outdoor media advertising
Citilayts – outdoor media advertising

One of the advantages of an economic nature – manufacture and installation of such advertising has a single character. The further maintenance is very cheap. It consists in the change of information sheets or posters and routine maintenance. It may provide any person without acquiring certain skills. These two factors make it possible to reduce the price of advertising, that will be an important argument in favor of citylights. Another important property - the minimum price for the construction of accommodation, since it takes minimum area. This is especially true when placing citylights in the city center, where the price is very high.

There is one small negative factor for the given advertising – is its small size. Such advertising object is ineffective at long distances. Therefore, we must take into account this feature when choosing this type of advertising and advertising content planning. The second negative factor, which you need to remember when choosing this type of activity – the risk of damage to the advertising boxes. Primarily an adverse impact adverse weather conditions. Common and vandalism. Despite the strength of the structure, they sometimes need to be repaired or replaced.

Another factor - the ability to design the dismantling, if it will be placed in the wrong place. To avoid this risk,, should learn the rules, operating in the city in relation to the placement of advertising and, if necessary, obtain a special permit.

financial aspects

By studying the expediency of activities in the outdoor advertising industry, to start with the pricing policy in the industry. The approximate price for advertising on citylights period in 1 next month:

  • – in Moscow - 20 thousand;
  • – St. Petersburg - 12 thousand;
  • – other regional centers and large cities - from 7,5 thousand.

In smaller towns the price will be even lower, but the question arises, how in those cities will demand.

Another important point - the cost of manufacturing and service citylights. In the market the entire range of activities from manufacturing to final assembly designs offer cost about 200 thousand. Respectively, approximate payback period of light around the screen 2 years old. If the ordered advertising design wholesale and install them in different areas of the city, cost will be much lower. Accordingly, the time-to-self-sufficiency can be reduced to 1 of the year.

attract customers

Before engaging in marketing and advertising policies, We need to find, what will be the target audience and profitable to start this type of activity.

Citilayts - outdoor media advertising
Citilayts – outdoor media advertising

The main customers of any outdoor advertising - organizations and individual entrepreneurs, need to promote their services.

according to statistics,, citylights services are used predominantly small companies mainly service sector:

  • – taxi service;
  • – shopping and entertainment facilities;
  • – trade marks, producing food or non-grocery goods.

There are several ways to promote your services:

  • – Building Web Pages, which will provide detailed information on the opportunities for cooperation, pricing aspects and possible loyalty program;
  • – the use of ready-made designs. Often placed on an empty sitilayte contact details, on which you can make an order;
  • – Advertising in local media, as well as newspapers and advertising brochures.

There is another way to promote their services - many owners sililaytov themselves communicate with local companies and entrepreneurs, offering their services.

Making business. permission

There are two main aspects, which you need to take care of before, you begin to open in this area of ​​business:

– official registration - opening an LLC or IP;

– obtaining permission to placement of outdoor advertising in the city.

Placing any object governed by a specialized advertising purpose by federal law number 38 "On Advertising" ( This normative document regulates the rules for the installation of facilities and their approval in the specialized agencies. If no such authorization is possible dismantling the structure and its seizure, a person or entity, who found it, expect a fine in the amount prescribed by law.

Citilayts - one of the most popular ways of advertising. Creation and installation of such structures are easy to implement and are characterized by low expensive. Therefore, these promotional items are popular among small and medium-sized businesses. To successfully start a business on the placing citylights, will examine the relevant market and obtain the necessary permits in local government.

EXAMPLE work Citilayts – in the video:

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