Business strawberry cultivation plan

Business strawberry cultivation plan
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Business strawberry cultivation plan
Business strawberry cultivation plan

What information should contain a business plan for growing strawberries

Summary of business plan for growing strawberries

This project - a plan for the creation of private enterprises for organizing business plan for growing strawberries 24 of the month. First of all, list the key points of the process of creating a business plan for the launch of strawberry cultivation. In the first place there is the project idea, and objectives of the project, such as:
  1. Creation of an enterprise with high level of profitability.
  2. Receiving a profit legal way, indicating the legal address, Head of passport data and project founder, Employee Information.
  3. Satisfying consumer demand for filling the demand of the population in fresh strawberries without nitrates and chemical additives.
  4. nature of the enterprise: enterprise for realization of fresh strawberries, without nitrate and chemical additives.
  5. Enabling and cover consumer demand.
  6. Finding and conclusion of contracts with investors.
  7. Project cost: 1 342 554,81 rubles
  8. financing of the project: By obtaining a commercial loan in the amount of 1 342 554,81
  9. To implement the project the company needs to take out a loan in the amount of RUR 24 settlement months discount rate 14%.
  10. payback period: 2 of the year.
  11. the investor's income will be 328 677,78 rubles.
  12. Payment of interest on the loan starting from the first month of this project.
  13. Repayment begins with 7 project implementation. This fact is entered in this business plan to facilitate understanding of the structure for calculating the flow regulation discounted cash flow and. Repayment begins with the first month of the project. This fact is entered in this business plan to facilitate understanding of the structure for calculating the flow regulation discounted cash flow and.
  14. Implicit interest rate on borrowings 5 %. Should be considered, that at present banks are reviewing the rate of interest for investment projects downward. Besides, should take into account the fact, that credit facilities for agricultural projects are issued on more favorable terms.
  15. The total amount of accrued interest will be 328 677,78 rubles.
  16. The payback period from the beginning of the project 5 months.
  17. Payback period with discounting 3, 5 year year.
  18. The overall economic benefits of the project for the life cycle of a conditional 14 074 679,37 rubles.

Stages of the project business plan for growing strawberries

stages of the project Test conditions Deadlines
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month 1-30 banking days
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities, harmonization of statutory and other documents The conclusion of the investment agreement 1-30 calendar days
The conclusion of the contract with the land owner (rental or purchase) The conclusion of the investment agreement 1-30 calendar days
Signing the contract for construction of administrative premises The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 -30 calendar days
Purchase, greenhouse construction, communications holding , heating system The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 -30 calendar days
Buying equipment, packaging line, supply line The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 -30 calendar days
Purchase of specialized furniture and equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 -30 calendar days
Buying seedlings and seeds, fertilizer, spets.odezhdy, inventory The conclusion of the investment agreement 1-30 calendar days
Signing the contract for the signaling connection and protection of the territory by special services Installation of specialized security equipment 1 -30 calendar days
hiring workers, training. Completion of the installation of greenhouses and equipment 1-30 calendar days
Start planting works Completion of the installation of greenhouses and equipment depending on the cultivated culture
Implementation of measures for the cultivation of the crop Depending on the cultivated culture depending on the cultivated culture
Conducting pre-sales marketing activities The conclusion of the investment agreement throughout the period of activity
First harvest Depending on the cultivated culture 1-360 calendar days
Implementation of harvest Completion of the first harvest 1 -360 banking days
Preparation for winter season Completion of the first harvest 1 -360 banking days
Beginning of a new planting season Completion of the first harvest 1 -360 banking days

algorithms action, prescribed in the business plan of growing strawberries

The business plan of growing strawberries spelled out the following actions algorithms for starting a business:

  1. The methods and techniques of analysis target audience, drawing up a portrait of the ideal customer, its solvency ratio.
  2. Business Registration in the state regulatory and tax authorities.
  3. Hiring qualified employees, able to fulfill customer wishes and be ready to work. Another item of expenditure considered hiring employees. Specialists will take the vacant positions on a competitive basis, As employees of the total, maintenance and temporary nature with a decent competitive pay. Nominations applicants for the position will be reviewed within 30 calendar days.
  4. services, now rendered.

The relevance of starting a business on growing strawberries

Strawberries can be grown in the open, as well as indoors. It all depends on the level of training - theoretical and practical, of businessman, his team, as well as the ability to manage and develop a strategy and business processes running business, able to lead the company to success. previously, years old 10 ago, This market niche has enough free, then today you will have a lot of strong competitors. Besides, fresh berries are still imported from abroad, in spite of an active policy of import substitution and assist beginning farmers from the state.

Your target audience may not be the only people with incomes above average, who can afford to buy strawberries in the winter and eat fresh vitamins. In summer, in season, strawberry buying buckets of population with incomes average and below average - on homemade preserves, and you can not take the quality, and number, or establish its own production of jams and marmalades. Options - a lot.

Modern farming donate their products to wholesale markets, in foster freezing points, drying, sublimation of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. according to calculations, economically more profitable to supply strawberries from countries near and far abroad, than to grow it yourself.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Strawberry Growing Business


  • Fairly quick payback.
  • An extensive selection of distribution channels.
  • Opportunity to generate income all year round, regardless of the season.
  • A small level of direct competition.
  • The independence of the natural conditions and weather events, especially in the area of ​​extreme agriculture, at high risk of sudden changes in temperature
  • The high price of production of ecologically pure origin.
  • Opportunity to obtain land on very favorable terms, grants and support from the state beginning farmers.


  • Strawberry prices can range from the highest in the colder season, to the lowest - in season.
  • berries, who grew up using open ground technology, more aromatic and tasty.
  • High start-up costs and monthly payments for utilities.
  • High risk of death of seedlings and crops due to low qualifications of employees or force majeure.

Who is the business for growing fresh strawberries suitable for?

Experienced agronomists or people, which may employ such a person as a consultant. Starting a business in the cultivation of strawberries is best in the region with a fairly mild and warm climate - the profitability of this type of business will be high only if, if not too much money will be spent on the purchase of additional equipment the heating and climate control systems, since strawberries - sweet enough culture, requiring the utmost care.

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Step by Step Guide to Business Plan strawberry cultivation

  1. Signing a lease or purchase agreement for a land plot, you can also try the option to get a land plot for free as part of state support novice farmers. However, a free plot of land can only be obtained under certain conditions, Besides, the procedure of registration of all necessary documents take a long time.
  2. Making KFH and himself as an individual entrepreneur.
  3. Purchase of equipment - greenhouses or modern fashionable grow boxes / grow tents and everything necessary to ensure maximum crop yield - climate control systems, installation of the necessary level of illumination, irrigation automation, humidity level, removing excess moisture and other.

What is best to choose a greenhouse for growing strawberries

Main condition, to which you should pay attention at order greenhouses Is the level of thermal insulation (thermal properties) and the level of absorption of ultraviolet materials and the transmittance to the perception of sunlight. Remember, strawberries that needs a lot of natural light for more juicy aging, so this is another factor in favor of the, to open their business in southern regions our country.

You can choose from these types of greenhouses

  1. Frame greenhouses - a good option for growing outdoors. Strongly not suitable for use in the cold season.
  2. Glass greenhouses - their advantage is, that they are produced taking into account the supply of communications to them - heat, light and water. Additional costs will be needed to dig and strengthen the foundation, as well as the relatively small size of the usable greenhouse area.
  3. greenhouses, made of polycarbonate material. They are considered the most optimal for this type of business., however are the most capital intensive. The thickness of the walls must be at least 15 centimeters - if this condition is met, the greenhouse will last several seasons.
Business strawberry cultivation plan
Business strawberry cultivation plan

Optional equipment

  • "Daylight" lamps which, with sufficient energy savings, can provide additional lighting to the berries during 15 hours.
  • drip irrigation system, which can be adjusted automatically.
  • Climate control and heating - wood stoves and other types of heating are quite fire hazardous, therefore, it is better to pay attention to more modern developments for greenhouses.
  • These include infrared heating systems - case and film.
  • Besides, you will need racks and containers for planting plants or installation of a hydroponic system, which also has a number of nuances, however, it greatly facilitates harvesting and allows you to run a business with a minimum number of employees or in an area with low soil fertility.

Additional equipment also need to include

  • thermometers;
  • hygrometers;
  • control units;
  • thermostats;
  • timers;
  • voltage stabilizers in order to avoid voltage surges and, as a consequence, the occurrence of a fire hazard or interruptions in the supply of electricity, which is fraught with death and damage to the crop.
Business strawberry cultivation plan
Business strawberry cultivation plan

Features microclimate in the greenhouse

You will need equipment, which will regulate:

  1. Air and soil temperature in the greenhouse.
  2. Humidity level of air and soil.
  3. Greenhouse lighting level.
  4. Air movement and its optimal composition.
  5. Humidifiers and cool fog generators achieve optimum humidity and temperature in the greenhouse, namely indicators – - 60–70% at 18–26 ° С.

Low air temperature with high humidity can lead to crop death.

Automatic climate control systems will be able to directly affect:

  1. Acceleration or retardation of plant growth, to be able to sell them at a higher price during the New Year's holidays or other off-season period.
  2. Adjust the size of the bush and the intensity of the crop.
  3. Regulate the color and juiciness of plants.
  4. Control the rate of consumption of water and nutrients.
  5. To increase the quality and volume of the obtained crop.
  6. Reduce flowering and ripening times.

How to choose a strawberry cultivar for business

It's easy to get confused in all the variety of varieties, especially if you do not have the necessary knowledge about the characteristics of a particular variety of strawberries.

grade, you choose, must possess the following qualities

  1. Have the ability to self-pollinate. Since in greenhouse conditions it is almost impossible to create conditions for pollination of plants by an artificial method, and the use of hives with bees is very costly and irrational, the best option would be to choose self-pollinated varieties.
  2. Continuous fruiting, while the berries are large, beautiful, with uniform bright color, juicy, aromatic and with excellent taste characteristics,
  3. Bringing beautiful dense berries, which can be transported without damage or with minimal loss.
  4. Saplings are not tightly bound to natural daylight
  5. Bush berry of early varieties gives improved yields thanks to dense planting method.
  6. If you are looking for a continuously fruiting variety, choose one of the remontant types, however, it is worth remembering that, that such varieties very much deplete the soil and give up to five harvests per year.

What parameters should I look for when choosing varieties (for cultivation in the open, and indoors)

  1. Fruiting intensity. So, in the first year since 1 strawberry bush can be harvested up to 250-300 g, On the second – about 800 g. from the bush
  2. Bush lifespan – the Clery variety loses its varietal qualities in the third year of fruiting, and Elsanta and Khoney can bear fruit well in the 4th year.
  3. Fructose content (Brix classification) – taste qualities, dry matter percentage, which actually determines the density.
  4. The amount of anthocyanins: this parameter directly affects the juiciness of the color of the berry and the preservation of its taste when frozen.
  5. The following varieties have the most optimal level of this substance: Marmalade, Claire, Mayan, Darselect, Elsanta, Arosa. The same varieties, and
  6. Alba, Camarosa, Honey have excellent cryoresistance indicators, in other words, lose less juice when frozen.
  7. Attractiveness of the product for the buyer. Fruit weight and shape should be approximately the same, deformed berries must be discarded. The most attractive is the cone shape.. The shape with more elongated berries is less attractive to the consumer.. Also sell well varieties with conical-rounded berries.
  8. Berry flavor. The positive flavor properties of the berry can be influenced, adding potassium and calcium to the feeding during the ovary. This will add sweetness and density to the berries.. The complete lack of feeding will make the crop fresh and watery..
  9. The density of the berry will give additional bonuses when transporting orders – there should be no shortage of mineral fertilizers, otherwise, the goods will reach the point of sale severely damaged.
  10. All varieties of strawberries are ill, however, risks can be reduced, resorting to timely feeding and destruction of pests, and also monitor the balanced level of fungicides.

You can try to buy seedlings of the following varieties:

  • Honey;
  • Sonata;
  • Octave;
  • Alba.

For, so that earnings are higher, and the harvest took place at an almost continuous pace, several varieties should be planted with different ripening rates. It will be – early ripening, mid-ripening and late-ripening varieties.

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Pay attention to the following parameters

The air temperature in the greenhouse should fluctuate around 22 degrees. During the period of active flowering, it should be increased to 25 degrees. The humidity level should be around 75%, and the daylight hours for plants should last at least 10 hours in a row. You also need to monitor the timely trimming of the antennae., feeding and destruction of pests. Picking delicate berries like strawberries, it is better to carry out with the involvement of manual labor - this way a larger number of berries will retain an attractive presentation.

Calculation of the level of profitability of business strawberry cultivation plan

It is necessary to take into account the following factors

  1. The size and source of the amount of start-up capital.
  2. fixed charges, variable costs.
  3. The level of income / earned profit in net form and taking into account the deduction of taxes and other deductions.
  4. Most of the costs will be required for the purchase of greenhouses and their equipment, for the purchase of seedlings, as well as the lease of a land plot and all documents related to this process.

The payback period will come in 1, 5-2 years of greenhouse operation.

Berry ripening time, variety name Berry weight in grams An approximate description of taste Grade points on a 5-point scale, tasting
30–50 Sweet and sour
with the smell of strawberries
4,5–4,6 USA
30 Sweet 4,4–4,5 Russian Federation
20–40 Sweet
with the smell of strawberries
4,5 Poland
30 Sweet 4,5 Russian Federation
25–30 Very sweet 4,5 Russian Federation
to 50 Sweet with sourness 4,8–4,9 Holland
to 100 g
Sweet 4,7–4,8 Italy
Maryshka 25 Sweet 4,9 Czech Republic
Festival chamomile 40 Very sweet 5 Ukraine
to 100 Sweet and sour 4,5 Britain
60–100 Sweet with sourness 4,8 Holland
Tsarskoye Selo 13–15 Sweet and sour 5 Russian Federation
Maksim (Gigantella Maxi)
to 125 Sweet
with strawberry flavor
4,4 Holland

Calculation of heat loss and heat transfer coefficients for greenhouses from different types of materials, observing the peculiarities of the installation features, namely – south facing for more stable and efficient heating and lighting.

Indicator Glass thickness 4 mm Cellular polycarbonate thickness 8 mm Cellular polycarbonate thickness 10 mm
Weight, kg / sq.m 9,4 1,5-1,7 1,7-2,0
Heat transfer coefficient, W / sq.m * S 5,8 3,6 3,1
Light transmission 88% 82% 80%

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The expenditure part of the business plan for growing strawberries

Expenditure part (calculations are made for open ground, provided, that the dacha is used as an asset, businessman-owned, with a large enough land plot, minimum 15 are).

What will the financial resources be spent on? – personal, borrowed, received from the state or own savings.

  • planting material - 550 US $: seedlings ZKS (glasses) 6 000 PC. on 12-13 acres at the price of a seedling in 0.2-0.25 у.е.. You can additionally equip the mother liquor - 2 beds and 500 seedlings;
  • fertilizers: organic fertilizers - manure - 50 dollars and 50 dollars the cost of the mineral complex, where did such additives go, like nitroammofoska, calcium nitrate, tn. humic Rostkoncentrat, Humicol;
  • mulching material (straw can be used -) 35-40 dollars;
  • means of protecting seedlings from pests (fungicides) 30 dollars;
  • material for protecting seedlings in winter 300 dollars. For the indicated amount, you can purchase two rolls of sizes 3.2 × 100 m and straw;
  • container for packing strawberries. Packaging with logo or eco bags can be used, however, at the start of a business, it is better to use economy options. So, plastic containers, boxes and plastic bags will cost 30-35 dollars;
  • logistics and product delivery – 5 dollars every day;
  • Unexpected expenses – daily;
  • trading expenses (unforeseen) 150 dollars a month;
  • Employment of staff under a free employment contract, part-time work, paid about 10 dollars a day.
Name expenditure
Qty per month in year One-time purchase Total costs per year
Land lease 50 thousand. sq.m 25 000 300 000 300 000
VAT refund from the budget 18,00% 25 00 30 000 30 000
Construction of buildings of the administrative building 3 317 760 39 813 120 39 813 120
Construction of vegetable stores 291 666,67 3 500 000 3 500 000
Purchase of greenhouses with automatic systems: heating and mortar node 20 4 028 727 80 574 540 80 574 540
VAT paid (to return from the budget) 604 309,05 0 604 309,05 604 309,05
Building and installing (35%) of the cost without VAT 1 198 546,28 0 27 989 580,83 27 989 580,83
11rovedenie power, heating system, communications holding, payment of electricity, SML 1 400 000 1 400 000
Buying equipment, packaging line, pine feed 8 841 653 8 841 653
Buying seedlings and seeds, fertilizer, spets.odezhdy, inventory 3 000 000 3 000 000
Buying a car 380 000 380 000
Purchase of office furniture set 15 000 15 000
Purchase of computer equipment 2 25 000 50 000 50 000
Buying a network of licensed software 9 800 9 800
personnel salary 12 540 960 6 491 520 6 491 520
– including. taxes 12 172 960 2 075 520 2 075 520
Utilities, link 12 52 500 630 000 630 000
Conducting marketing company 12 75 000 900 000 900 000
Unexpected expenses (10% the project cost) 12 1 228 050,12 1 228 050,12
in total: 10 334 929 53 799 960 124 033 133 177 228 783,95

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What harvest can be gathered from one hectare of strawberries in the open field?

According to the roughest estimate, average yield of one strawberry bush 200-220 g. is 200 – 320 kilograms per hundred square meters. With 12 acres – 2700 kg. It is necessary to take away the rejection, overripe berries and crumpled. The cost of growing one kilogram of strawberries is on average 0.6-0.7 dollars. Net income, net of all taxes and fees, will be about 1 200-1 100 dollars in the first year of business. It is worth the fate, what planting material, acquired in the first year of the farm, will help double next year's harvest. Of the required equipment, you will need a pump (about 50 dollars) and a drip irrigation system with all additional components – highway, ribbons, fitting and other - 200 dollars (second-hand).


  1. GOST R 576712017 Devices irradiation with LED light sources for greenhouses. General specifications
  2. Federal-Law-on-08.08.2001-N-129 FZ-red.-of-31.12.2017
  3. Federal-Law-of-22.07.2008-N-123-FL-red.-by-29.07.2017-1
  4. Fresh green onions. specifications
  5. Guidelines for the technological design of greenhouses and greenhouse combines for cultivation of vegetables and sprouts
  6. Occupational safety and health of workers greenhouses. Guidelines
  7. Conservatories and Greenhouses. The updated edition of SNIP 2.10.04-85
  8. The primary documentation-on-opening-activity

Forecast of consumption of products of the billing period

Period Realization of production of hothouse of the ripening period The volume of provided services, thousand. t price Revenues from sales (thousand. rub.)
1 — 12 monthly investment ripening period - 1- 2 months. Harvesting - up 30 once a year from 300 from 89,85 rubles per kilogram from 26 956,8
1 — 12 monthly investment ripening period 3-4 months. Harvesting - up 20 once a year from 120 from 47 rubles per kilogram from 5 616
1 — 12 monthly investment ripening period - 6 months. and more months. Harvesting - up 5 once a year from 200 from 25 rubles per kilogram from 5 148
13- 24 monthly investment ripening period - 1- 2 months. Harvesting - up 30 once a year from 500 from 95,94 rubles per kilogram from 47 970
13-24 monthly investment ripening period 3-4 months. Harvesting - up 20 once a year from 300 from 52,65 rubles per kilogram from 15 795
13-24 monthly investment ripening period - 6 months. and more months. Harvesting - up 5 once a year from 400 from 29,25 rubles per kilogram from 11 700
25 -36 monthly investment ripening period - 1- 2 months. Harvesting - up 30 once a year from 550 from 111,15 rubles per kilogram from 61 132,5
25 -36 monthly investment ripening period 3-4 months. Harvesting - up 20 once a year from 350 from 58,5 rubles per kilogram from 20475
25- 36 monthly investment ripening period - 6 months. and more months. Harvesting - up 5 once a year from 450 from 35,1 rubles per kilogram from 15 795

Land tax payment process

Among others, the founder of a peasant farm, need to pay land tax. For, to do it in due order, you must appear in person at the Federal Tax Service, where you will be given the appropriate declaration to fill out. The declaration can also be filled out electronically: It is better, if the amount of land tax is calculated by an experienced accountant on the basis of an outsourcing agreement.

What factors will determine the final amount of land tax:

  1. Land area, according to the provided documentation.
  2. Odds rate.
  3. Cadastral value of one square meter of land.

It should be emphasized, that the cadastral value is not constant, and every year it gets higher. The increase in the tax rate is also played by the close location of the land plot to settlements and the internal infrastructure - connection to communications, the level of ease of use of the land plot, as well as the level of development of the nearest settlement. Remember, that land tax must be paid in full- partial non-repayment or complete refusal to pay land tax threatens with administrative - punishment - for every day of delay you will be issued a fine.

The main taxes paid

Name base Period Rate
Tax on profits Profit Month 20%


wages fund month 30%
NDS The amount of the transaction month 18%
Income tax wages fund month 13%

What mistakes should be avoided at the start of business

  1. Insufficient quality seedlings. The best seedlings can be removed from the queen cells, which are maintained separately by the businessman himself.
  2. The best mustache is the one, which was selected in June first.
  3. Seedling, collected in September, will not give a crop, however useful for breeding
  4. Best at starting a business, if you have little knowledge, stock up on seedlings with a closed root system in plastic cups, Miles Cells - Multi-Pay. Not every variety is suitable for technology, and strawberries like frigo, better to leave for later.
  5. Dates for planting strawberries in open ground: if you plant seedlings in September, she will give 20-30% from potential productivity, while the July gives more 70%.
  6. Remember, that strawberries should have time to lay fruit buds, it takes approximately 2-3 of the month.
  7. Before planting, study the characteristics of the varieties. So, if the Honey variety can be planted with a density of 900 bushes per hundred square meters, then dropping Malvina, it is imperative to leave a gap between the seedlings of centimeters in 60.
  8. Some farmers use special agrofibre, however, using this equipment requires experience and dexterity, otherwise the seedlings will be infected with fungal infections. Straw mulch is a proven method, and simple enough, while being able to save the amount of water, used for irrigation.

costly fertilizer

  1. The complexes are used on an industrial scale and by summer residents. For your purposes, you will have to develop a personal seedling feeding system..
  2. The NPK complex has proven itself well in this regard., which is enough to supplement with microelements, humic acids or buy budget drugs like Rostkontsentrat or Humisol.
  3. Drugs, which are higher in quality, however, they are more expensive - this is Plantafol, osmokots made in Poland or Dutch Mivena (Holland).
  4. Preparation for wintering: there is no need to mow plants - tough leaves will protect strawberries from frost and plants will be able to lay additional buds. It will be enough to sanitize and apply top dressing before the winter rest of the seedlings.
Region Sorts
Belarus Albion, Clerie, Capri, Alba, Honey, Asia, Roxana, Syria
Ural Maria, Amulet, Festival chamomile, Lord, Temptation, Festivalnaya
Leningrad region Festivalnaya, Sudarushka, Tsarskoye Selo
Albion, World debut, Queen Elizabeth II, Honey, Elsanta, Zenga Zengan
Ukraine Festival chamomile, Victory, Torch, Elsanta
Moscow suburbs Elsanta, Sudarushka, Alba, Honey, Clerie, Darselect , White Swede

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