Business plan billiard club

Business plan billiard club

How to write a business plan billiard club correctly and quickly - an issue of concern to many beginners business. Example of free business plan to open a billiards club, It helps to identify the main underwater rocks and businesses to deal with the size of initial investments for institutions of different size and scale of work activities. Business plan is used for the preliminary assessment of the project and determine its effectiveness, as well as a presentation of the project to future investors or creditors.

What information should contain a business plan?

Summary of business plan to open a billiards club from scratch

This project - a plan for the creation of a private company for the billiard club 24 of the month. First of all, list the key points of the process of creating a business plan from scratch billiard club.

In the first place there is the project idea, and objectives of the project, such as:

  1. Creation of an enterprise with high level of profitability.
  2. Receiving a profit legal way, indicating the legal address, Head of passport data and project founder, Employee Information.
  3. Satisfaction of consumers demand provision of services entertainment, filling niche sport and entertainment market in Russia.
  4. Finding and conclusion of contracts with investors.

algorithms action, prescribed in the business plan

In the business plan registered the following actions to start a business algorithms:

  1. The methods and techniques of analysis target audience, drawing up a portrait of the ideal customer, its solvency ratio.
  2. Business Registration in the state regulatory and tax authorities.
  3. Hiring qualified employees. Another item of expenditure considered hiring employees. Nominations applicants for the position will be reviewed within 30 calendar days.
  4. Products, now realized.
  5. The choice of the enterprise size.

Development of the business model of existing billiard club requires special attention. Especially, in terms of finance and planning issues to attract customers. In this mini-business plan billiard club provides practical guidance on the creation of the club with a pool table and a bar with a zero, tips for beginners business, nuances concerning the organization of the new company. Also presented financial calculations and the amount of capital investment to start such an enterprise. After reviewing the business plan, any budding entrepreneur can make a conclusion, how much is a startup and how it profitable.

To date, billiards has become a very fashionable and fun activities, and no secret, that these clubs bring a steady income to the owner. The idea to open a billiards room, interest the many responsible people, who are ready to usefully spend significant amounts of investment. If you are thinking to open a billiard room, you must strictly follow the algorithm and think about each step. Before proceeding to the business, consider the business plan billiard club, which will help to predict the costs and revenues and to adjust the action started.

Business Plan billiard club
Business Plan billiard club

Now opened billiard club

Previously experts have identified several concepts billiard clubs and the opinion, What is the main elite, sports and professional / semi-professional clubs, today for success and quickly to self-sufficiency is necessary to ensure that, to all the above categories was interesting to come to your club and play pool, relax in the company of friends and spend leisure time.

The peculiarity of this kind of business is, that the choice space is not limited to central areas - the main trigger (way to attract) customers and turn them into repeat visitors to subsequently become the choice of quality equipment for gyms and competent staff. traditionally,, billiards experts added to the active type entertainment services segment. Saturation of the market type is extremely uneven - so, in the capital of Russia today operates and develops about two hundred billiard clubs.


Especially the opening of business on the business plan billiards billiard club

  • The need to have a large capital to start.
  • The average rate of return.
  • Manage such kind of business is difficult enough.
  • The competition is at a high enough level - depending on the start of the region.

The main stages of the business plan billiard hall

stages of the project

stages of the project Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1, 5-2 of the year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month 1 -30 banking days
Getting credit Availability

the respective set of documents

30 calendar days
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities conclusion



1 -30 calendar days
Selection of locations and documentation preliminary


30 calendar days
Buying equipment conclusion



1-30 calendar days
Equipment installation reception



1 -30 calendar days
recruitment production


1 -30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process 1 -30 calendar days
Conducting marketing company 360 calendar days 1-360 calendar days
End of project 12-24 months

This business plan is supposed to open a billiard club not only for masters, but also for entry level players. This is a great place, where you can not only compete and show their skills, but also a place, where you can have a good rest. Basically this holiday pastime and allow wealthy people, who choose expensive services. Legal form of doing business is better to choose a sole proprietorship, it will save the budget and facilitate the accounting.

club concept

Today, billiard club can unite both fans, and professional players. Your target audience may be the people with high income, and students - the main thing to be able to offer some citizens more fun. The most popular clubs are among amateurs and professionals, in which eight or more tables are placed. Fewer sites for games can negatively affect the level of income and profitability, as well as increase business release dates to self-sufficiency.

Atmosphere and experience - that's why people go to clubs, including billiard. You can not only communicate with like-minded, but also immerse themselves in a certain atmosphere - create it to their customers - then the higher income you will be provided.


Target Audience billiard club
Target Audience billiard club

At the start of business equipment can be purchased on leasing - it is cheaper and more profitable. Non-fixed price for the party to attract more visitors - so, coupon days or times of day, when the party is much cheaper, will quickly return the value of the lease table. Using tables and x and constant loading - the key to the success of institutions. tournaments, competition and customer reviews - it is almost free advertising effective institution.

Preparing to translate business plan billiard club

Marketing research activities of direct and indirect competitors. Prescribing the main points of the business plan for investors or banking institution, you must pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Location competitive terms.
  2. opening hours.
  3. Design and concept.
  4. The target audience.
  5. Price policy institutions.
  6. ad placement, the main methods of promotion.
  7. The presence of strong alcohol in the menu and the opportunity to acquire high-quality cigarettes / cigars.


Traditionally, for the redevelopment of selected large spaces, devoid of internal partitions and columns area of ​​not less than 450 square meters, and preferably rectangular shape.

One of the main criteria for the selection of the room is its convenient location near the transport interchange nodes - so customers will be easier to get to places, even if it is not in the city center, and find a place, where to park the car. Often billiard-car owners have become regular visitors to it club, which offers convenient parking and the ability to quickly and easily get to the institution on key urban highways.

Billiards - it's fun, which requires a lot of space and a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to choose not only high-quality tables and accessories for games, but also good drawing, set microclimate and air conditioning - this measure will also ensure the minimization of natural wear and tear of equipment, about which we select the features discussed below.


Determining the size of the room and the placement of the main equipment
Determining the size of the room and the placement of the main equipment


Basic equipment, which must be selected with great care - billiard tables. They are designed for different games - Russian billiards, American, snooker, Cannon, etc.. experts note, that an important role in the quality and durability of the table playing weight and natural materials, from which it is made, as well as proper care for him and a number of other accessories for billiards. Professional billiards players report, that it was away from the table and the quality of the material depends on its cover concept of the game and the mood of the players.

Business Plan billiard
Business Plan billiard


Pricing table for billiards manufacturers

One of the main criteria, For The main element of the billiard equipment - is the quality of the surface. Execution of the table surface should be smooth and even. It is worth noting, that the tables for the amateur game are valued at much more loyal to the criteria and are an order of magnitude or two less.

Classification playing field

  1. Made of a stone slab with a homogeneous structure, with excellent acoustic characteristics and operational data. Golf professional billiards, produced from Ardesi, It provides the perfect playing conditions for professionals, and amateur athletes. Such tables have strict limitations in terms of the size grid. for example, state-level competitions are held exclusively on the tables 12 feet.. Amateur game even on the size of the tables can be carried out 7 feet. As a result,, table price also depends on the area
  2. Particleboard and other similar materials are used as a basis.. Most often used as an additional element of entertainment in catering establishments, budget hotels and similar, in should not be used as the main equipment for the billiard room.

Decoration and table decoration

Another pricing factors, affecting the final price of the product - a material table decoration.

General group finishes

  • Finish class "economy". Used synthetic materials, – suitable for MDF, Chipboard and other similar. Create quite attractive at the lowest cost.
  • Class "medium". Finishing of different woods, using elements carved.
  • Class "premium" and "elite" – finishing by hand, the material is valuable wood species.

Accessories are also differ in price and price range depends on the quality of elements such as adjusting units, bolts, screws, internal partitions, bead tire, pockets. table design can be implemented as a Standards, and for individual designs.

design billiard
design billiard

Features selection of cloth for the tables

The nuances of the selection of cloth. Classification

  1. Low synthetic variants. Suitable for sport table, not all institutions.
  2. combined tissue, which include wool and polyester. Such fabrics to cover the billiard table provide a good sliding balls and optimal balance of price and quality.
  3. cloth, made of natural fur. Used for the professional game in the premium establishments. Accurately calculate the movement of the ball, It has ideal dynamic characteristics and provides an interesting game exciting.

In this way, we can conclude, pool table that is not only equipment, but also a complex composite projectile for sporting activities, which you can either buy a ready set, or collect the most favorite of the composite materials and components.

How to choose a pool table the main criteria for selecting equipment

How to choose a table for the billiard business plan, what to look for

  1. The ratio of the size of the table space and game room;
  2. of mind games;
  3. price / quality products.

Design game table

  1. Designed for amateur games (material – Pine, MDF, DSP).
  2. Tables for punters, made taking into account the standards of the world manufacturers.
  3. Individual tables to order, luxury products with creative design, that does not affect the quality and nature of the game.

Characteristics of billiard tables, plates and their further productive use are directly dependent on stone fields and their natural composition. The best suppliers of stone slabs for billiard tables are such countries as China, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Brazil. An important factor in the further depreciation of the pool table from the world manufacturer is the quality of treatment, material which was subjected to, as well as the nature of the internal damage and their localization and quantity. Wear plates for the tables of influence and storage conditions, in which they were after the last treatment stage.

The leader among the suppliers of raw materials in this sector is Italy. Stone slabs made in China is much inferior to the Italian Quality, but they are cheaper. Here you need to carefully study the feedback from customers and operating conditions of the plate.

Dimensions of the table for billiards
Dimensions of the table for billiards


quality cloth, which cover billiard tables, it is also very important for creating a positive reputation of the establishment and an influx of clientele. When choosing a cloth, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Smoothness of the surface - there should be no puffs on the canvas, fibers, irregularities.
  • Thread twist.
  • Density and type of weave of fibers.
  • Study of the chemical composition of fibers.

Experts name “Iwan Simonis” “Gorina” and “Speedball” among the best cloth producers.

onboard tire

We choose rubber for the sides of the table according to these parameters:

  1. Geometric shape;
  2. The chemical composition of the rubber compound,
  3. Rubber vulcanization methods, the presence of reinforcing fabrics and the correctness of their molding.

Artemis is engaged in the production of elite exclusive side rubber, and is only used for special orders. The stable composition and shape of the rubber gives the best possible rebound performance and the ability to reproduce it over the entire surface of the bead. It is also worth paying attention when choosing a table for: correctness of notching of holes, location of the ramp line, rubber mounting height. If a businessman is not a fan of billiards and does not understand these subtleties, it is better to contact specialists for the selection of equipment. Excellent playing characteristics of tables and accessories are exactly what, why does a person visit a billiard club, regardless of his level of training and knowledge of the issues and intricacies of the game.

Besides, you will need automated accounting systems such as online cash registers and systems, regulating timing, which one or another player spent at the gaming table. Such a system will help to avoid mistakes and conflict situations..

To get extra income, you can order individual elements for a handmade game - for example, cues - wealthy clients come to try out such a tool and will be ready to pay more. experts note, what accessories for billiards, namely a set of balls, it is better to choose from phenolic material

The advantage of this type of balloon:

  • Ability to withstand increased stress and more pronounced surface uniformity
  • High-quality coloring of products, the color of which remains bright for several decades. The numbers are engraved in the middle., which greatly facilitates the course of the game and scoring.
  • Resistant to scratches and provides better sliding, provided that the product is polished in time. Maximum protection against the appearance of burn spots (during the game, the friction temperature can reach 250 ° C).
  • A high degree of product durability will ensure their operation for forty years or more. The world leader in the production of billiard balls is the Belgian company Saluc. Sliding speed of production which can reach maximum limits.

It is not enough to choose high-quality equipment, you need to provide him with maximum care and proper storage conditions. The accuracy of the blow and the service life of the accessories will depend on this.. Store products in a clean and dry environment, in a case or on shelves. After each game, polish the items with a clean soft cloth. You can use gentle special formulations for shine and cleaning. Visible damage and scratches are best buffed off immediately. Equipment must have certificates of guarantee and quality from the FBSR ("Federation of billiard sports of Russia") Russian Billiard Sports Federation.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the approximate prices for billiard equipment in Russia:

Play equipment price list

Basic Documentation for opening activities

To get more income, it is necessary to take care of the registration of all licenses and permits for activities in advance, including this point should not be overlooked, like selling alcoholic beverages. We offer you a list of important documentation, necessary for familiarization at the stage of designing a billiard club business plan from scratch in your city.

  1. Russian Billiard Sports Federation
  2. Basic Documentation for the opening activities
  3. Review of major changes in the tax laws 2018
  4. Federal Law of 03.07.2016 N 290-FZ (row. from 27.11.2017
  5. Federal-Law-on-08.08.2001-N-129-FZ-red.-from-31.12.201).
  6. Federal-Law-on-04.05.2011-N-99-FZ-red.-of-31.12.2017
  7. About licensing


Calculating costs:

  • Rent of premises per year will be from 500 thousands to 1 million. rubles.
  • Equipment - the cost of one table from 50 thousands to 500 thousand.
  • Personnel costs - 1,5 million. rubles per year.
  • In total, for the first year of business, financial expenses of 3 million. rubles.

Income calculation:
Income from renting equipment will be based on 6 operating gaming tables, 450-500 thousand per month, what will be 6 million. in year. It is almost impossible to implement such a project without a competent and detailed business plan.. This segment has a high entry barrier, as it requires significant investments. The final figures will strongly depend on the size of the rented space., established rates, selected equipment and format of activity.

Initial investment cost of, in rubles
1 business Registration 15 000
2 Repair of premises 200 000
3 Equipment 550 000
4 Other 130 000
in total: 895 000

Stock up and some amount to keep the club running in the first months. Current expenses will significantly affect the amount of net profit.

Fixed costs (for the year) price, in rubles
1 Hall rental 900 000
2 Wage 2 000 000
3 Utilities 55 000
4 tax deductions 400 000
5 Other 105 000
in total: 3 460 000

It is rather difficult to calculate the cost of one game. In this case, it is better to focus on the target audience, quality of equipment and other accessories provided and average prices for the region. Obviously, that the cost of playing in an elite club will be much higher, than in a simple establishment for the masses. But in any case, the payback comes in approximately 6-12 months after opening.

The main costs of the enterprise
The main costs of the enterprise

The tax base of the company

Name base Period Rate
Tax on profits Profit Month 20%
NDS added

cost of

Month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule of payments 2,2 %
podhodnyh tax wages fund month 13%
Social payments wages fund month 30%

on the video: Professional tricks on billiards

description establishments

It is planned to open a billiard club with a round-the-clock operation. The maximum influx of customers is expected during the so-called rush hour with 19:00, the rest of the day, to attract players, you can lower the tariff, since the occupancy of the establishment in the morning is minimal. For, to minimize club losses, it is necessary to automate the calculation of the game time.

terms of volume of products and services billiards club billing period

Period type service name volume

production and sale of services and products (visitors)

price Revenues from sales (rub.)
1-12 monthly investment


Rent of tables from 300


from 170 rub / hour. from 630 000 to 6 300 000 rub.
1-12 monthly investment Club bar work from 200


from 67 rub. from 189 000 to 609 000 rub.
13-24 month functioning of Bani Rent of tables from 400


from 188 rub / hour. from 642 600 to 6 854 400 rub.
13-24 month FUNCTIONAL Club bar work from 300


from 80 rub. from 206 000 to 663 000 rubles

Hiring and paying staff

For round-the-clock work of a billiard club, will need to organize 2 change. The size of the state is considered to be relatively small, which increases the profitability of the business.

Necessary staff for effective club operation:

  1. Accountant (can be invited under an outsourcing agreement)
  2. Instructor
  3. bartender
  4. waiters
  5. marker
  6. security officer


Billiard room staffing table
Billiard room staffing table

The monetary remuneration for the instructor's work is calculated, based on the rate 40% from the cost of the lesson and here is approximate. The work schedule of employees will be two by two. The opening hours of the institution will be from 10 morning to midnight, without days off and holidays. The cleaning of the premises will be carried out by each of the employees in the order of priority, established by the director.

To disseminate information about your billiard room, just place an advertisement in a newspaper or print flyers. They can be distributed to visitors to shopping centers and shops., where a large stream of wealthy potential clients is concentrated.

The main costs of the enterprise
The main costs of the enterprise

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