Business Plan "Growing raspberries"

Business Plan "Growing raspberries"
Бизнес-план «Выращивание малины»
If raspberries grow properly, the, as the saying goes, is not life, and sugar.

In today's world of business, which is based on horticulture, It enjoys an incredible demand. And this is not surprising: friendly products in ecological terms, who raised no large organizations, and the usual amateur gardeners, enough demand in today's society.

If there is a desire to obtain monetary profit, worth knowing: the cultivation of certain plants provides a win-win. Raspberry is precisely relates to such plants. Planted in the autumn, you can enjoy the taste of sweet berries in the following year.

so, mind is the idea of ​​making money on your site, It has the ability and desire, so, it's time to write a business plan for growing raspberries.

How to start the cultivation activities?

For the implementation of this breeding ideas berries should have:

  1. suitable plot, which would be covered by the sun throughout the day (unable to plant in the shade to give the highest yield, therefore dilution should be planned away from fruit trees).
  2. fat land (loamy or black soil), which should be wetted as needed.
  3. High trellis around 150 cm in height with a suitable strength (they will help shape the bush, support branch, not allowing the berries come into contact with the ground, lest there rotting berries).
  4. Place for ripening the future harvest (it is better, if it is located near where you live, as the constant daily care will help to properly develop the bushes, but, so, as a result of a high yield is obtained).

Sorts, quickly give great harvest

Not a secret, that should be chosen for growing such varieties, which will result in high profitability.

Raspberries can be divided into two types:

  • ordinary, which gives the yield only once – in June (exactly this kind of grown vacationers: It gives a lot of berries, but only once);
  • remontant, which is characterized by a long fruiting season and gives the summer harvest, and autumn.

It is considered the most attractive harvest, because, selling autumn berries, you can save yourself from the competition. strawberry, resulting in the fall, always attractive for buyers. Therefore, the business plan for growing raspberries, designed for the sale of the autumn harvest, will receive substantial profits.

these varieties, As Lyashko, Glenn Эmpl – you can pay attention to other varieties – are remontant. Their price is high (about 100 rubles for 1 bush), but the purchase of this kind in a specialized nursery quickly pay for all costs, because it gives assurance, that plant variety exactly complied.

Such varieties are able to harvest the next year after, how planted. If the fall to buy a certain amount of this type of bushes (in the business plan for growing raspberries is to present the item, where specified quantity and grade bushes), put on a well illuminated area, then the next year in relation to the idea of ​​making a profit from the sale of berries will be carried out. After all, the well-known fact about the high cost of garden raspberries in late summer or early autumn has not been canceled.

fertilizers: assistant high yield

The business plan for growing raspberries must be present and point, where provided for expenditure on fertilizers. After all, for good fruiting plant to do without sufficient nutrients.

Before you plant the bush, We need to carry out certain operations: the upper layer of soil removed, introduced organic fertilizers, layer was removed and then is put in place. If you grow raspberries on such fertilizers in organic places, the highest yield guaranteed.

Additional manpower in breeding valuable berries

It is not excluded, that additional manpower will be needed to improve the profitability of the idea of ​​breeding raspberries, since the whole process is quite laborious coming.

High profitability from the sale of berries will occur only if, when a business plan for growing raspberries compiled correctly. It should be taken into account is all the aspects of the upcoming business.

organic fertilizers, high-yielding and promising varieties of raspberries - the key to business success in growing these berries!

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