Business plan for growing broilers

Business plan for growing broilers

This article provides a very efficient and profitable business idea of ​​artificial breeding of broiler chickens, told by some peasants. Since almost every family of this village has been breeding broilers and broiler farm holds its own, some points of reference for the business can be useful for beginners and not only entrepreneurs, opened his own chicken farm.


Residents of this village often go to buy a young bird in another village, Located at a distance of four kilometers from his native village. The average party of young buyers is about a thousand just yesterday hatched broiler chickens.

To one seller comes every day about three dozen buyers, willing to buy at least a thousand broiler chicks. This fact brought villager on our friend thought, that he can do artificial cultivation of broiler chickens, because the direction is quite in demand in his native village, and take this business seriously none of his fellow villagers have not yet ventured. For, to learn the nuances of this business, peasants sought the advice of your dealer of broiler chickens, which the, fearing competition, told only features highlights, regarding hatching chicks. But even this information is useful to start their own business.

Growing chickens

Indicative financial business plan for growing broilers:

Broiler egg worth nearly twice as much as usual, its value varies from 8 to 10 rubles, whereas the cost of a normal egg is from 3 to 5 rubles. Three weeks later, a young chicken broiler costs already 25-30 rubles, whereas ordinary chicken sells for 18-22 ruble. For Odin season, which lasts about eight months (January-August), It is going from eight to ten incubations.

If you calculate the approximate income of the seller, supplying young, the rate of implementation of thousands of chickens to each of the 28 buyers, it turns out the following sum:

28 customer's 1000 chicks = 28 000 chickens

Since the price was chicken 27 rubles, the income from the sale of a specified number of birds will be:

28 000 chickens x 27 RUB = 756 000 rubles

How much is to open a chicken farm chickens?

for example, purchase of broiler eggs at a cost 10 rubles apiece requires the following funds:

28 000 eggs x 10 RUB = 280 000 rubles

In this way, Net income for the entrepreneur to be 28 the aforementioned buyers, purchasing of a thousand eggs:

756 000 rubles - 280 000 RUB = 476 000 rubles

These figures are based on the implementation of the specified number of birds 28 buyers for the billing period in 21 day, and for a season the supplier can carry eight to ten incubations, and sometimes more. In this way, one young vendor revenue for the season will be from 3 808 000 rubles to 4 760 000 rubles. Of this amount, you subtract the cost of electricity, taxes and other incidental expenses, but nevertheless the estimated income will be three to four million rubles for the season.

Speaking about contingencies, it should be remembered, that about seven percent of the eggs can be purchased substandard, so chickens are not hatched. Considering Statistics, proposed incubators manufacturers, hatchability will be from 92% to 97%. Taking the maximum percentage of not hatched eggs (12%), recalculate the amount of income, which now range from 2 640 000 rubles to 3 520 000 rubles.


Currently sold many different models of incubators, from household, designed to 30 eggs, to industrial, containing not less than 16 000 eggs.

incubator "graying M-25"

Among household incubators for small number of chickens present in the example of the automatic incubator "turn gray M-25" with automatic egg turning:

  • Nutrition 220 AT, 50 Hz
  • maximum capacity 250 W
  • Three arrays placed 150 eggs, or 120 duck eggs, or 60 goose eggs
  • Temperature constancy in the incubator is around 0,2 WITH
  • every 4 hours there is an automatic egg rotation
  • The incubator is equipped with electronic temperature control, fan, fuse and electric fire, humidifier, circulation heating system
  • Dimensions 38 cm x 38 cm x 47 cm
  • Included with this product and a detailed instruction manual for the incubation

Advantages of a home incubator: eggs during incubation is not scratched, since they lie motionless in the tray, and rotate together with duct.

As an example an industrial incubator for hatching chicks give large amounts of SP-36 model-STI:


  • The machine is a stationary incubator rolling cart
  • The capacity of the camera is designed for 16128 eggs
  • Dimensions 2170 mm x 2585 mm x 2080 mm
  • Weight 800 kg
  • Number of trucks 4 pieces
  • The capacity of each carriage 4032 eggs
  • Number of trays 256 pcs
  • The capacity of each tray at least 63 eggs
  • The camera is equipped with three heating elements
  • The total installed capacity of not more than 5,5 kW
  • The cooling system is represented by air cooling for 1-10 days and the air-water cooling for 10-18 days
  • Fan speed is not less than 300 rpm
  • The machine is provided with an emergency cooling air system
  • The water pressure in line (0,4…6)According h105
  • Maximum daily water consumption 1 cubic meter
  • Inlet temperature of cooling water is not higher than + 12 ... + 16 ° C
  • Automatic temperature range +36 ... + 39 ° C
  • Range automatically maintain the relative humidity 40-80%

Broiler in the home video instruction


This is a great business to be vlazhevat not only money, but their own strength, and this will help you a free business plan for growing broiler chickens, which you can download from us in one click. Good luck!

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