Business-plan real estate agency

Business-plan real estate agency
Business-plan real estate agency
Business-plan real estate agency

Search for real estate - to buy or rent, sooner or later, it is relevant to each. real estate agencies - the main helpers for individuals and organizations in this matter, always in demand. And as the real estate - it's also a profitable way of investment, according to statistics, even in bad economy times of crisis, most enterprises in this direction are afloat. The main thing in this case - the competent strategy and a well thought out business plan for a real estate agency. A business plan is a comprehensive enterprise project, created from scratch.

design feature

Developed business plan has as its purpose the economic efficiency of the investment project and the analysis of the prospects for the opening of the real estate agency from scratch. The plan is made in view of analysis and statistics, and of preliminary calculation of financial costs and expected revenue.

The nature of the organization is designated as an enterprise, providing intermediary services in real estate transactions. Among the services provided - the selection of properties to buy or rent, assistance in obtaining documents and other forms of assistance to the population and commercial organizations.

The main objectives of the project can be described as:

  1. – meeting demand, the current real estate market;
  2. – creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  3. – profit in accordance with the level of, calculated in terms.

it is planned to obtain a commercial loan in the amount for opening a real estate agency 2 million 732 thousand rubles. This sum - the result of calculations of the total cost of the project at the initial stage of creation and development agency. The interest rate on the loan amount 14%. The plans - payment of the loan with the first month of the company, which greatly simplifies the process of calculation and payment of the loan. Taking into account the financial items, payback period, taking into account the discount will be approximately 2 of the year. investor income (the total amount of interest paid on the loan) during this period will be within 176 thousand. These rough estimates, as well as a more detailed analysis of the financial component of the project, given in the relevant section of the plan, It makes it possible to determine the overall economic effect of the project in excess of 196 millions 200 thousand.

Real estate agency as a business

Real estate operations are very troublesome and time-consuming. In addition, they take a lot of time and effort. For registration of documents on the property of any order, there are very high demands, and as ordinary citizens usually do not have enough experience of their registration, date will help specialized agencies. These structures are engaged in registration of residential buildings, Apartments, garages, villas and other real estate. Paperwork involved directly realtors, performing the most difficult and unpleasant bureaucratic procedures for the client.

Real estate agencies are forced to permanently withstand the onslaught of competition and fight for the client, especially in big cities. This is the main difficulty, you have to overcome with the help of well-designed marketing campaign. The second aspect – profit from them very much depends on the right strategy, but primarily – by competent business plan. Open a real estate agency is not difficult, initial investments are not very high in it, but to keep afloat a lot more difficult because of the high competition.

It is important to distinguish between real estate companies and real estate agency. Real estate firms actually performs the duties of the real estate agency, but it is not required to be licensed and at the same time its competence is not as wide. real estate agency deals with the legal part of the work, organizational and financial, and has a great set of rights and powers.

However, the agency is interested in having in its composition of active agents, realtors, who are able to establish the right connections, possess important information, operate with it on the spot, focus on the real estate market. From a well-planned operation realtor for buying and selling real estate is largely dependent on the success and reputation of the business, its profits, its development.

In fact, the project provides exactly agency, having its purpose the provision of mediation between the two parties - the buyer and seller (landlord and tenant) depending on the type of transaction.

The target audience of the agency - Citizens, plans to take or lease, to buy or sell property. Accordingly, potential customers - rather extensive category. It includes both private persons, and the organization of various sizes.

Business-plan real estate agency
Business-plan real estate agency

In general, the real estate agency is a profitable kind of business with minimal risk. His discovery requires small initial investments due to lack of need for the purchase of production equipment or raw material base. It is not necessary for this activity and profile training or special knowledge. To create a successful company, you need to have some experience in this field. Usually, the founders of these companies are former realtors and real estate agents. In any case, for this activity is required business acumen and knowledge of the principles of the selected market sectors. Including pre-learn features of the market of real estate in the region and the country as a whole.

For the success of great importance to the presence of the agency has enough information about the sold and handed over real property sources.

There are several options:

  1. – purchase database, companies that provide collection and processing of relevant information. One has only to rely on the proven organizations, previously, before purchase to verify the information;
  2. – searching the internet on their respective websites;
  3. – the use of media to search for ads or surrender property.

It is these sources will be the basis for action at the beginning of the agency. later, provided competently carried out a marketing and advertising campaign, potential customers themselves will communicate with representatives of the Agency for the Cooperation.

Scheme of the real estate agency includes several standard successive stages:

  • – client request to the agency in order to get any kind of service;
  • – conclusion of the contract between the parties;
  • – agency employee, specializing in the performance of the client is interested transactions, studying and selects the appropriate options;
  • – the client examines selected properties, then negotiates and decides;
  • – Agency worker engaged in checking documents, To make sure, that the conduct of the transaction is safe. Then specialist assists in the conclusion of the contract, advising on all issues;
  • – the parties conclude an agreement, which completes the payment by the client specified amount of commission.

Real estate agencies have a wide range of activities. But at the heart of virtually every service is concluded with the client contract, which regulates all the nuances of cooperation.

The main parameters of the business in real estate – video:

Office space for the real estate agency

In order to attract a large and solvent audience better to open an office in the city center. but often, on the results of market research, is, that open the agency in the center of unprofitable due to high competition. Sometimes a more preferred embodiment – dormitory area. But in most cases it would be more convenient office in the center - under these conditions, the agents will be more convenient to get to anywhere in the city, which is of fundamental importance to the company, a real estate. The central location will also help to increase the customer base - many potential customers do not want to go to the outlying areas of the city. In general, the main thing - the presence near enough target audience and a highly competitive.

Office space is allowed no more than 20 quarter. m., but the prerequisite is a separate equipment room to work with clients. The room rent is planned in one of the specialized business centers. There, usually, all the infrastructure is ready for the equipment of workplaces for staff, conducted online and telephone.

Equipment for the agency will include a set of standard office:

  • computer software,
  • copy machine,
  • multi-line telephones or a few extra numbers to communicate with potential clients and the guidance for Realtors,
  • phones for other professionals (agency head, accountant),
  • Printer;
  • Fax Communication,
  • cash machine;
  • safe.

One must have furniture for personnel. Primarily, this comfortable chairs and tables, equipped to host computer, papers and working employees accessories. Also necessary cabinets to store personal belongings and clothing specialists. It is worth to pay attention to and meeting rooms, and meeting visitors. There handy large round or rectangular table, and a sofa for waiting. it's desirable, at the entrance to the office was a small reception, where the visitor orient and advise on issues that interest him.

When a company reaches a higher level, possibly, You need a company car. At first, it is not necessary.


At the beginning of operations there is no need to recruit a large staff. In the first few months it may consist of 5-6 person. gradually expanding, due to the large number of transactions and increasing profits, Agency can expand its staff to 10-12 person. can involve, if necessary, to cooperate freelance professionals.

The success of this business and its profits depend directly on the productive work of Realtors, their activity, professional and personal qualities, including – ability to communicate with people. The successful operation of the agency largely depends on the proper organization of the labor of all of its staff. This is one of the main tasks of leadership.

Working model of the real estate agency – in the video:

check in

Before opening any company it is necessary to register as a business entity. In this case, the most successful option would be a legal entity, predominantly Ltd.. Legal person has a greater degree of reliability in the eyes of potential customers and partners, since among these companies is much smaller one-day firms. The choice of this form will be obvious in the case, if more than one of the founders. Ltd. and certain inherent complexity. Chief among them - a considerable package of documents, who have to prepare the founder before the creation of the organization, and subsequently, when filing tax returns.

List of documents for registration of the LLC includes:

– statement on a special form;

– package of constituent documents of the new organization, including charter Ltd., the decision to establish a legal entity, the decision to appoint the head and some other;

– passports and TIN of each of the founders of the company;

– proof of payment of registration fee and making the authorized capital.

The authorized capital is not less than 10 thousand and is a confirmation of the reliability and solvency of the organization. When completing the application must be accurately specified, all personal data on all founders, and also presented the official name and business address. There you shall be given a code activity Classifier NACE. For a standard real estate agency approach section 68 "Real estate activities". Within this category, you can choose one main and several additional codes (

these and, in some cases, other documents must be submitted to the territorial department of the Federal Tax Service. Complying with all requirements LLC will be issued for 14 days.

When registering IP process of organizing agency will be easier. However, this form provides significantly fewer opportunities to develop and make the company less competitive.

Special license for the activities of real estate agencies are not required - quite properly registered person or entity. Before you begin to build a real estate agency, We need to learn a few regulations:

Federal Law of 13.07.2015 N 218 O-FZ gos. property registration

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation (part two) from 2

Marketing and advertising policy

first, it must examine the founder of a real estate agency - state of the market and competitive environment. In the real estate sector crisis has had a significant impact 2013 – 2014 gg. At that time,, due to exchange rate instability, decline in living standards of the population and the decline in demand for real estate activity in the market practically stopped. Therefore afloat were the strongest enterprise, has extensive customer base. Beginning with 2015 year market conditions gradually returned to normal, and remained in this area the company started to enter the pre-crisis level. Among the positive aspects of the recent crisis - the market is significantly freed, so that it is now sufficient room for new participants. Besides, scheme of operation are much more simple and transparent.

According to the research, the potential number of new entrants at the moment is over 1 thousands, whereas now their number - more 11,5 thousands.

According to statistics, beginning with 2015 We have significantly increased the volume of construction of new facilities. Especially it concerns the residential sector. In this regard, the demand for new buildings in the population, primarily the capital and other major cities, significantly increased. Given the fact that the pace of construction will not decline, on 2019 year can predict a new wave of increasing consumer interest. It remains high and needs of the population in the secondary sector of the market - this segment is more interesting because of its budgetary. therefore, planning the opening of the agency, should bet directly on any existing directions.

In terms of the development of marketing strategy should analyze in detail the structure of the potential clients of real estate agencies in comparison with the previous years.

Their composition is as follows:

market segment 2012 g. 2016 – 2018 gg.
students 22 500 26 500
Young professionals 18 000 21 100
young family 12 000 14 050
Rental of offices and other premises 10 000 11 800
Total 62 000 73 200

When developing a marketing campaign, We need to study the demand structure and all of the features. Since the new organization in the market do not have enough confidence, should first create the required image and establish itself as a company, which has already earned a reputation in the market.

An important role in its development, expanding its capabilities and advertising plays. Real estate - this is the case, when the amount of advertising and corporate success are directly proportional to.

In order to attract more potential customers, you need to use a variety of advertising opportunities:

  • at the local level (a television, newspaper, putting up and distributing leaflets),
  • Internet opportunities (site organization, dissemination of information on thematic resources, forums and social networks),
  • spectacular sign indicating the services performed by other types of outdoor advertising.

Any advertising must be effective. To do this, it must be high quality and professionally designed. For this reason it is recommended to apply to the specialized agencies for the development of advertising campaigns and strategies. The same applies to the development and promotion agency site. The official Internet resource must be functional and user-friendly. It should include detailed information about enterprise services, inform pricing and other details, and provide detailed contact information.

Finance Real Estate Agency

The expenditure part of the financial plan, based on the main periods of development of the company is made up of the following component:

item of expenditure Costs per month Expenses for the year lump-sum costs Total expenses for the year
rent (purchase) room (45 m) 52 500 630 000 10 500 640 000
communication costs 50 000 50 000
architectural services 300 000 300 000
Purchase of office supplies 128 700 128 700
acquisition of brochures, payment advice, insurance services 409 500 409 500
Real estate market research 45 000 540 000 220 000 265 000
Purchase of office furniture 231 700 231 700
Purchase of computer equipment 289 000 289 000
Create site, hosting, scripts purchase 120 000 120 000
Advertising costs 65 000 780 000 780 000
Salary 640 000 7 700 000 7 700 000
taxes 193 000 2 307 000 2 307 000
Unexpected expenses 171 000 171 000
Total 851 800 9 621 000 1 880 000 11 056 000

In this way, in accordance with the calculations, for opening expenses, development and promotion in the first year will be more than 11 million rubles.

An item of expenditure to the financial plan - tax payments. Required list of such costs include:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Having already at the stage of opening form taxation UTII business, It can greatly simplify the process of tax reporting and reduce costs.


profitability to average index in 25%. Payback real estate agency at such margins – 3-6 months. These results will be possible, while maintaining the existing indicators of pricing for real estate in the country, as well as the prices for the services of real estate agencies. At the moment, the margin on the services of such companies account 5 – 6% of the value of real estate. To maintain the profitability of the agency will allow continuous monitoring of prices in the market and tracking their dynamics.

Service volumes Plan in accordance with the basic stages of creation and development agencies will be as follows:

Period Type of service The volume of production and sales of 1 months. price, rub. Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment Sales and remuneration for transactions cost basis 1 m - 36 000 rub. from 3 % of the transaction amount 9 200 000 – 103 700 000
13 – 24 month operation Sales and remuneration for transactions cost basis 1 m - 36 000 rub. from 3 % of the transaction amount 9 600 000 – 108 574 000

At the moment, annual growth rate of revenue from the provision of services of a real estate agency 10 – 14% in year. If such dynamics will be maintained, annual sales reach 112, 4 million rubles. At this rate, it will affect not only the general economic situation and the real estate market development in the country, but literacy recruitment and development of marketing policy.


Main problems, that entrepreneurs, opening a real estate agency, It needs to be addressed first, following:

  1. – difficulty in opening the company from the ground due to lack of credibility in the market;
  2. – high competition on the market. Including hazardous unfair competition - often by representatives of other agencies and the private agents are luring customers, or in any way get other companies database. There is also the practice of luring employees of the agency, along with their already experience accumulated customer base;
  3. – residual effects of the crisis and the possibility of developing new - to keep its position in the crisis, We need to develop an effective strategy;
  4. – seasonal factor: in certain months the real estate market virtually freezes. During this period, should consider options for reducing prices, that will help to keep activity and prevent a sharp fall in profits.
  5. – high risk when working with distressed real estate assets and unscrupulous clients.

The real estate market always depends on the geopolitical and macroeconomic background. any phenomenon, shatters the system, automatically reflected in exchange rates and the value of the property.

According to the results of studying the industry and preparing a business plan, you can draw the following conclusions. Real Estate Agency - potentially promising and relatively cost-effective type of business, providing popular services. Nevertheless, there is a high level of competition in this sector, as evidenced by the dynamics of the growth of enterprises in this direction. Every year the number of citizens, wanting to buy, sell, hand over or rent housing, industrial or office space, increases. It means, that even if there is high competition opportunities for the emergence of new agencies have - you only need to offer the consumer a sufficiently high level of service and prioritize activities.

Secrets of successful work Realtor – video:

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