auto shop business plan

auto shop business plan
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Hello, dear readers. You probably know, that money can multiply in different ways and now we will talk about the business plan for auto parts store. You know how much you need of funds, how you will profit, how many will pay off your idea and whether it will pay off at all.

Since the beginning of a slight acquaintance with concepts such as gross margin (VM) and gross margin coefficient (KVM):

VM – The amount of revenue from sales minus all variable costs Store,

  • KVM – Gross margin ratio to the amount of revenue.

For auto parts stores gross margin ratio is from 25 to 75%. For example, if initially invest in the business 1,5 million. rub., the monthly income can be up to 300 thousand. rub. and higher. Making simple calculations can be determined, that during the first year of the store owner will not only return on investment, but also make a profit of the order 2 million. rub.

auto parts market in Russia is divided into several segments, and is estimated by experts in 52 billion. dollars. Some employers prefer to engage in the sale of goods only for a specific brand (BMW, Hyundai) or specialize only in spare parts for expensive racing cars. Other entrepreneurs offer details only for Russian cars, European, American or Japanese cars.

There is competition in all segments, so before, than get down to business, you should be familiar with the intricacies of the business, not to make unforgivable mistakes.

for example, instead of the actual store or simultaneously with, you can organize online store. In this case, costs are reduced shopping areas, and you can save and warehouses, if the product is taken directly from the warehouse suppliers as orders from buyers.

Despite the fairly high level of competition, sales of spare parts is a profitable line of business. It is necessary to pay attention to what, that the demand for this market in Russia is growing annually by 20%. The opening of the auto parts store with a large assortment of goods, for both domestic, and foreign vehicles will be beneficial from an economic and social point of view.

How to make business

If you do not intend to supply spare parts large companies such as taxi fleets, depot or Trucking Company, is to open a shop is enough clearance of individual entrepreneurship (IP). but, in the case of large wholesale, necessary to issue a legal society (eg, "LLC" - Limited Liability Company or "Company" - Closed Joint Stock Company).

Selection of premises for the shop

As the practice, the minimum area required for the organization of interior car parts, must be at least 60 m2. Wherein, We must take into account the availability of storage facilities around 15 m2 and the rest 45 m² - commercial space.

perfect will, if the warehouses and trading platform located in the same building or close enough to each other (within walking distance). But in practice often have to abandon the idea and place depots on the outskirts of town or in the industrial area.

To store the essential choice is the location of the leased premises. It is preferable if the sale of spare parts located in a densely populated part of the city, where there is more demand, and buyers can easily get to the place of purchase. Indicators of product realization will be higher, when near a car wash or parking, garage or service station complexes. The big plus is the availability of good transport interchanges.

Rental costs will be from 50 000 rub. per month.

Equipment and tools for auto parts store

After solving the problems with the room, comes a point store necessary filling contents. minimum equipment, without which at first do not store:

  • Racks and racks,
  • showcases,
  • cash register,
  • computers, Networking,
  • the Internet.

The staff for the implementation of spare parts car sales

The minimum staff required store employees to its success:

  • director (with a monthly salary of 30 thousand. rub.)
  • accountant (with a monthly salary of 20 thousand. rub.) With a small amount of work you can do an invited expert (with a salary of 5 thousand. rub. per month)
  • sales consultants (with a monthly salary of 15000 rub.). You can set the piecework wages (monthly salary of 5 thousand. rub. + a percentage of the sale of goods)
  • Purchasing Manager, If the purchase of goods manufactured abroad (monthly salary of 15 thousand. rub.)

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Internet shop - assistant in business

Having the opportunity to come out with its proposals in the worldwide network extends the range of customers and shop suppliers. Creating a good site in the network - the primary task. Through the website, you can attract customers, to acquaint them with the presence of parts in his shop. By connecting, you can answer additional questions online site manager, arising from potential buyers.

The site can be reported about promotions on store merchandise, currently existing, to accept applications for the purchase with or without prepayment her.

It is necessary to consider the method of delivery of ordered goods. This may be a pickup or delivery of goods to the buyer at the car shop (own or rent).

With proper organization of the store, working via the Internet, sales increase, and with the organization of a good online advertising, provide an opportunity to increase their every day.

The need for additional investment in the organization of the shop, working via the Internet, is filling the site with information about the store of goods, with brief descriptions and photos.

But all this is solvable, if the shop owner, little versed in the theory of creation of the database and will be able to hire a good, albeit temporary specialist.

auto parts suppliers

This is one the most important areas in the organization of the shop. In the presence of the Internet information about suppliers can be found online, but no one can guarantee their reliability. Therefore, we can not do without a trial and error, If you do not have trusted contacts suppliers.

It does not interfere with the analysis of all the information on suppliers:

  • conditions and guarantees supply,
  • all sorts of bonuses and discounts.

Suppliers can be both foreign, and large Russian companies (ArmTech information service, AD SMART, the Internet- Shop EXIST and other intermediaries). Information about them can be obtained, using internet search engines. Suppliers can act directly by manufacturers. Usually, from manufacturers of parts cheaper. However, the intermediary companies often offer discounts and bonuses for loyal customers. This translates into a great advantage in case of large bulk purchases.

Regardless of, what goods (by price) you have decided to implement, it may be necessary on its initial purchase up to 0.5 million. rubles. If you select only the work of customer orders such costs will not be required, since it has spent only on a specific product. In this case, the trading margin from 20 to 100% will be present in both embodiments procurement.

Risks in the trading business of spare parts

As with any business, the risk exists. This is mainly goods deficit from suppliers or low demand at the point of sale location failed. Eliminate them can be in the presence of reliable relationships with suppliers on mutually beneficial terms and friendly or friendly relations.

Low demand for the product can be eliminated by the initial active advertising, or choose a room for a shop at a place suitable for automotive products.


Initial costs necessary, but sometimes not quite enough:

  1. office and stationery (non-recurring costs) – 150 000 rub.
  2. the cost of advertising - from 200 000 rub.
  3. premises for rent - from 50 000 rub.
  4. Office Equipment - by 300 000 rub.
  5. website development (non-recurring costs) - from 50 000 rub.
  6. purchase of goods (auto parts) - initially 500 000 rub. hereinafter order 250 000 rub.
  7. salary fund for employees - to 100 000 rub.

As a result, you can estimate the initial capital required for the business organizations for the sale of automotive spare parts.

He will be around 1 350 000 rub.

Download auto shop business plan for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

Is it profitable to open auto parts store

When there is a difference between the sale price of the goods and the purchase price in the amount of 20 – 100%, profitability of the enterprise will be from 70% and higher. According to these calculations, Initial costs will be repaid in the first year of the store.

here, probably all, You have to perform each of the preceding paragraph, to do all the calculations yourself or to attract professionals. And of course you can download auto shop business plan free.

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