Yacht Club Business Plan

Yacht Club Business Plan

The main goal of the business plan - assessment of the economic efficiency of the yacht club project in order to use it as a basis for starting a business. The business plan includes an assessment of the relevant industry, marketing and financial business plan of the yacht club and can be designed to introduce potential lenders or investors. You can also visit our website with business plans tennis court and karting club, and learn the nuances of the opening of the Equestrian Club.

Fundamentals of yachting business

A business plan is a project of the yacht club and its development during the first 2 years from the date of opening. Several major goals:

  1. – creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  2. – getting stable profit;
  3. – the creation of services for customers of the elite and middle classes, and the satisfaction of the relevant market sector needs

For the creation and development of business plans to apply to the production of commercial loans. According to the financial part of the business plan, shown in the section, on the discovery and promotion of the primary yacht club will need a loan in the amount of 3 millions 320 thousand. It was the sum total value of the project can be evaluated.

Other important information, which are included in the summary of the project, following:

  • – Project validity, or its payback period - 2 of the year;
  • – the interest rate on the loan - 14%;
  • – income of the investor, or the total amount of interest paid on the loan during the 2-year period – from 207 thousand;
  • – Estimated payback period from the beginning of the project - 4 of the month, taking into account the discount - 24 of the month;
  • – the overall economic effect on the results of 2-year period - from 50 million. 121 thousand and more.

More detailed results of the financial component of the project are set out in the relevant section of the plan.

Yacht Club as an activity

Yachting traditionally refers to an elite and prestigious activities. In fact, a yacht club combines the yacht owners, professionals and sailing enthusiasts, and provides the opportunity to participate in competitions, leasing of water transport equipment. Since the bulk of, which is calculated on the occupation - well-off strata of the population - the owners of yachts and yachting enthusiasts, this trend can be attributed to an elite and expensive. Therefore, the yacht club – profitable and highly profitable activity, However, it requires enormous start-up costs, that must be considered at the very beginning.

The specifics of this kind of activity and the target audience requires certain rules. Among them - the equipment of the club to exacting standards and provide customers with the most comfortable conditions, that will ensure high competitiveness. Should be considered, that although the basic and the most profitable category of customers will be yacht owners, rental location, should not bet on the general public, Have a good time on a yacht. Therefore, business needs to grow in several different directions.

Before opening his own yacht club should investigate and determine the current market, to which class will belong to the future organization. Not all such structures are designed to service only the higher segments of society. There are more clubs budget, offering services of various character:

  1. – yacht rent;
  2. – services resort and hotel complex;
  3. sport school;
  4. – marketplace.

The main items of the profit at the same time be:

  1. – renting of yachts for rent;
  2. – leasing of water bikes;
  3. – holding on a yacht management courses;
  4. – organization of a trading platform for yachts;
  5. – rental of parking places for yacht owners;
  6. – Hotel opening, nightclubs, restaurants with good food and other institutions to recreation and entertainment.

When planning the opening of the yacht club should take into account its specific character - this kind of activity is very expensive on the opening stage, moreover, he pays for a long time. However, if you pay enough attention to the quality of services offered and develop competent marketing campaign, over a designated period of two years, the company will start to make a large and stable income.

About tom, as will approximately look created by the Yacht Club – video:

Stages of creation yacht club

When planning the organization of the yacht club from scratch, its founder puts such basic goals:

  • – conducting preliminary work on the design of the club;
  • – study of the waters of the future organization;
  • – registration of constituent documents, activity registration;
  • – Rental opportunities for water transport;
  • – improvement, the creation of the club's infrastructure;
  • – staff selection;
  • – marketing campaign.

If we consider in more detail the steps of creating and yacht club development during the first 24 months, you can create a table:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 days
choice of location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Spatial Planning preliminary work 3 of the month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 1 of the month
recruitment production activity To 30 days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
marketing campaign 30 calendar days To 360 days
End of project 12 – 24 months

In this way, all the main procedures, anticipating the opening of the yacht club and the first stages of its activities, They should be made for 12 – 24 months.

The equipment and the opening of the yacht club

The first stage - design and survey works, It includes the establishment Complex engineering survey, to study the state present in the territory waterworks and execution of a formal opinion on their technical condition, as well as the development of the necessary project documentation. At this stage the project proposals are drawn up, which will contain the bank protection issues, creating berthing facilities, technological facilities salvage devices, etc.. It must be created proper conditions for seasonal storage of all kinds of boats - yachts, gidrociklov, water bikes and rowing boats.

Yacht Club - critical infrastructure, which if not the organization can be potentially dangerous. Therefore, the business founder to be the process of bringing technical base state into compliance with existing norms. Founder will coordinate with the local authority and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In connection with the change of seasons will need to build additional facilities. So, winter craft will be in a heated hangar, there can be carried out repair work. Elling must have a sufficiently large size to accommodate vehicles of various sizes, heat-insulated and equipped with a gate of any type. For descent yachts and other means of water and equipped with special lifting slip stacker inclined tracks.

The very waters Yacht Club should be divided several pools, each of which has a sufficient space for parking several simultaneously watercrafts. Separately calculated and the navigation depth in the waters and water approaches, using existing norms of technological design ports. With the lack of a natural depth will need pre-treatment, which is the production of dredging. In the future, periodic these works will every 3 – 5 years old, which will support the establishment of initial design dimensions.

Salvage facility will be one of the main objects of the yacht club equipment. It usually consists of two platforms, which are arranged in parallel to the shore and the inclined track. This structure should be made in accordance with the main technological requirements, it will have a pile foundation of steel pipes, and the upper part of the structure of monolithic zheleznobetona.

Indicative list of equipment for yacht club will include such basic items:

  • – yacht, corvettes, schooner;
  • – gidrocikly, pedal boats and other water vehicles;
  • – berth;
  • – shed;
  • – luminous signs of navigation on the water (bui);
  • – other navigational elements.

In addition to these basic points, be sure to purchase a complete set of tools for maintenance and repair of equipment.

Its own water park resources will be one of the most expensive elements of a business plan. For example, the simplest yacht cost at least 100-200 thousand. And to begin to deliver the craft activity for rent, of water excursions and other similar events already at the start will need at least 5-10 transport units.

The team and the marketing campaign

The size and characteristics of the qualification of the yacht club staff will depend on the specifics of its activities. First of all you will need yacht maintenance personnel, both belonging to the club, and renting a place on the basis of. Recruitment - a long and rather complicated process, due to the need to find highly qualified specialists in various directions. For the maintenance and repair of boats need experienced mechanics. For training yachting business as individually, and in children's groups will have to take on the staff 2 – 4 certified instructors. For the management of the ship on the water need to hire sailors. Their number will depend on the size of the water park. Of course, a separate item will be a set of standard units for administrative and organizational work, including - for the organization of regattas.

Depending on the needs of the staff take a sufficient number of staff for the accompanying structures - Administration, hotel and restaurant complex and other. In the selection of staff is required to pay attention to their qualifications and experience, especially if the club will be designed for elite category of customers. Since the Yacht Club belongs to the elite nature of the institutions, staff recruitment should be conducted on a competitive basis. This process in terms of the duration of the period is calculated at about 1 month.

The marketing plan includes several major components. First of all, to be an analysis of the selected segment, evaluation of its current status and prospects. In this aspect, sailing for a long time developed unstable - crisis 2008 and 2014 s significantly impeded him and led to the closure of many non-competitive companies. In recent years, this area is characterized by slow, but stable growth, and in connection with the general trend of development of the use of sea transport and water sports yachting also has serious prospects.

You should first carry out analysis of the number of currently existing yacht clubs and correlate the resulting figure with the population in their city or region. Thus it is possible to determine the approximate level of deficit enterprises of this type, and to make a forecast of market development. For example, with a minimum population in Moscow 11,5 million rubles of the market growth in the two-year interval is from 25%. According to statistics, the growth rate of this market in the coming year will be about 40%. According to the results of calculations, market shortage in the capital at the moment is about 54 of enterprises. With regard to the remote regions of Moscow, there are numerical values ​​will be somewhat different, but in general growth of the market should reach within the same 40%.

Analyzing the selected branch, must be calculated, what will be the ratio of existing clubs and the number of potential customers. So, at approximate population of the country in 143 million the total amount of this type of organization is about 1220. On the whole,, according to statistics, every year the number is growing by about 40%.

Increased interest among the population and contributes to the emergence of specialized federations motorboat and sailing sports, as well as associations of small boats management schools. Luxury yachting business sector is gradually growing - more and more members of the middle and upper classes acquire or rent boats of different classes for the rest, engaged or regatta sailing, and celebrate holidays and celebrations on board.

But still, in spite of the growing interest on the part of potential consumers Services, in general, the number has changed little despite the fact, that the number of yacht clubs is growing. It means, that the conduct of the complex will be the main task of the new market participant activities to the formation of consumer opinion. The result should be to get rid of the stereotype in relation to the elite class Yacht Club Service - Choosing the right methods of promotion to convince the audience that, that they are available for everyone.

Besides, it is important to convince potential visitors that, that the yacht club service, you can use it in a particular club. This objective can be achieved, using the following methods:

  • – Information on the Internet: Creating your own website, groups in social networks, placement of information on forums and sites ads;
  • – advertising in the media, including specialized sources;
  • – advertisement, located in different sports facilities;
  • – outdoor advertising, notifies about planned events on the basis of the club, as well as additional services - rental of various types of swimming means, cafes, etc.;
  • – the development of appropriate infrastructure and working conditions.

As known, Satisfied customers - the best method of advertising. If visitors and tenants are satisfied with the services offered by them, they not only remain at the club, but will recommend it to their friends. Therefore, it is important to ensure that visitors are not only a high level of service, but pleasant and comfortable pastime at the yacht club.

Overview successful yacht club on the proposed model – video:

business Registration

Private businesses may be in the form of physical or legal person. The choice of a particular form depends on, what scale businesses is planned, to which direction it belongs, and some other parts. In the specific case is preferable to open a legal entity, the simplest and most common form of which - OOO.

Company registration is made in the territorial department of the Federal Tax Service of the founder at the registration. To create a legal person is required to fill out an application on a special form, which provide personal information about each of the founders (if more 1).

Attached to the application documents:

  • – Statute OOO;
  • – the decision to establish Ltd.;
  • – the decision to appoint the head (they can be the founder or one of them);
  • – if there are several founders - the minutes of the meeting of founders LLC;
  • – receipt of payment of registration fee.

A prerequisite for LLC, distinguishing it from the format of the individual entrepreneur, It will be the introduction of the authorized capital in the amount of 10 thousand. It was the introduction of start-up capital will guarantee the solvency and reliability of the enterprise for the lender, if the borrowed funds will be used for the company's foundation.

When filling in the application indicate the appropriate kind of activity NACE code, which is selected according to the current classifier (https://www.regfile.ru/okved2.html). If the addition of yachts and other water craft rental company will offer other services, including visits to catering establishments, this fact should also be reflected in the documentation, selecting several different codes.

Licensing activities are not provided for yacht clubs. But some additional services, possibly, require a license. for example, if the club will operate a cafe or shop, where customers are offered alcohol, you need to refer to a specialized federal law, which defines all rules and regulations: Federal Law of 22.11.1995 N 171-FZ (row. from 03.08.2018.

Ltd. will be the only option, and if the number of founders, which happens quite often because of the high costs on business.

IP can also be used for the registration of the yacht club. But this activity requires a more serious scale, than is provided for the format of individual entrepreneurship.

Financial Yacht Club plan

The financial part of the plan includes the following main aspects:

  • – approximate pricing in the industry in general and in particular to create structures;
  • – costs of opening and further development of the company;
  • – risks and possible losses, as well as ways to overcome them.

Average pricing in the industry - the first, that is taught in the financial part of the plan. Indicative rates for basic service - yacht charter, depending on the rental time, following:

rental time cost of, rub.
10 minutes 3 000
1 time 15 000
4 o'clock 38 000
8 hours 55 000
24 o'clock 75 000

such fees, in addition to directly rent a boat for a stated period, also include the necessary fuel supply, Captain water services facilities, provision of personal flotation devices and, if the client wishes - introductory driving training.

The next stage - the forecast revenue structure of the future yacht club. This rate is determined based on several criteria:

  1. – analysis of consumer demand for this service;
  2. – analysis of the state and dynamics of the market of yacht club services;
  3. – general conclusions about the state of the selected market sectors.

Given the very low threshold for cost-effectiveness and the possible risks, you can create the following structure of the company's income for the next billing period (24 months from the beginning of the club):

Period Type of service The volume of sales per month (hours) price, rub. Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment Rental boats from 120 hours from 15 thousand. h 1 million. 800 thousand and more
1 – 12 monthly investment Rental gidrociklov, rowing boats, mountain bike from 1200 from 1 thousand. h from 1 million. 200 thousand
13 – 24 month operation Rental boats from 150 17 thousands per hour and more from 2 million. 550 thousand
13 – 24 month operation Rental gidrociklov, rowing boats, mountain bike from 1500 from 1200 h 1 million. 800 thousand and more

The business plan provides for the, that the state of the market and its dynamics, taken into account in the calculations presented, will continue throughout the life of the project (currently services volumes growth - 40%). In this case, the company will be able to achieve an annual increase in sales volume in the amount of 396 million rubles and more.

Carrying out calculations, be sure to take into account the main risks:

  1. – a large number of competitive companies in the industry;
  2. – High level of the input barrier to market;
  3. – significant investments at the start.

One of the important conditions for overcoming existing barriers to entry to the market is the acquisition and the use of high-quality equipment. So, now purchased a yacht, gidrocikly, catamarans and other equipment must comply with quality and safety requirements. The same applies to spare parts, lubricants and other components of the club.

Taking into account the above factors and features a table of estimated costs of future project

item of expenditure 1 month 1 year One-time costs, rub. Total for the year, rub.
Rent or buy a building, territory (from 80 m) from 50 thousand from 600 thousand. 100 thousand 700 thousand
territory of equipment 240 thousand 240 thousand
Purchase of equipment and boats (10 yacht, schooner) 2 million. 130 thousand 2 million. 130 thousand
Purchase of computer equipment for the office (1 kit) 30 thousand 30 thousand
Creation and support of site, hosting, scripts acquisition 49 thousand 49 thousand
Regular advertising expenses (for 12 months) 45 thousand 540 thousand 45 thousand 540 thousand
Salary (on 12 months) from 281,5 thousand. from 3 million. 378 thousand from 3 million. 378 thousand
taxes (12 months) from 90 thousand 1 million. and more from 1 million.
Unexpected expenses 259,4 thousands 259, 4 thousands
in total 376,5 thousand. 4 million. 518 thousand. 2 million. 853 thousands 7,4 million.

Tax component costs will be one of the main points of the regular cost. Standard payment list, that the organization will pay to specialized agencies, is contained in Table:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Fiscal year traditionally begins in January, this month is calculated the amount of mandatory tax deductions, that the company should pay regardless of their form of ownership.

In general, a yacht club refers to modern, promising and profitable type of business. upfront investment size is very high, but qualified organization and competent marketing campaign, they pay for themselves within the first year of operation. true, to achieve this result, be sure to have a number of special and marketing knowledge, a lot of effort and spend a lot of time. At set of favorable economic factors, intelligently thought-out business strategy and personal efforts of the founder of the yacht club will be profitable and will get a tendency to develop.

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