The business plan of a tennis court

The business plan of a tennis court
Business plan for tennis courts
Business plan for tennis courts

Creating a business plan for tennis courts, that will really work - a difficult task for a beginner entrepreneur. In the following terms of the basic features of such business, analyzed the potential audience and all the possible complications and risks, and also made preliminary calculations of cost and the level of profitability of the project. Ready business plan should be the basis for the start of practice, also it can be presented to potential lenders or investors as a guarantee of the prospects of the project. It is also recommended to read the article, on the opening of karting club from scratch.

The business plan of a tennis court: its content and purpose

Tennis plan provides for the establishment and development of the facility for 24 months from the date of opening. In its basis - such goals:

– the creation of a highly profitable private enterprise;

– the full development of a business entity, legally registered, the presence statute, legal address, the official name and staff;

– satisfying existing demand, filling in the corresponding niche in the category of sports and entertainment;

– search for investors and the conclusion of the financing agreements.

According to the results of research to create a highly profitable and stable medium-sized enterprises need long periods of time in 2 of the year. The financial part of the business plan is carried out calculations needed for the launch and development of project funds - in general, this amount will be within 19 million rubles. The main source of funding will be lending. By estimate, requiring credit in the amount of 17,5 million rubles for 24 of the month. High-cost projects are also considered ice rink and Opening Equestrian Club.

Tennis has long gone from the category of elite sport and has gained massive popularity in our country. It can take advantage of a budding entrepreneur, dreaming of their own lucrative tennis court.

Potential customers of the court include two main categories - professional athletes and amateurs. For the reason that, that tennis has become one of the trendiest sports, today the opening of such a project has a high degree of relevance. Nevertheless, due to the relatively high costs of the size you need to consider all of the existing features, including the risks and possible force majeure situation,.

The main features of the tennis courts as a new business object:

– the need for a large upfront investment;

– the average level of competition;

– rate of return - at an average level;

– rapid implementation of the project;

– some difficulties in organizing and managing your business.

Once you need to consider, whether closed or open Enterprise, exactly how many courts will be included in its composition and what scale should have a new club. All these aspects will influence the costs on the project in general, and its level of prestige. So, creation of a closed court will cost considerably more expensive - a single court will cost at least 900 thousand. But indoor courts will have a more presentable, so, attract affluent customers, and, most importantly – be able to work all year round regardless of weather conditions. Consequently, in the long term it is more profitable and more profitable. Additionally, you can equip playgrounds for other sports - table tennis, badminton, volleyball, mini-football, which will increase the level of demand and income. True today, and while creating sports clubs and studios, children's rooms. This service will be a good competitive advantage, because it will attract a large number of families with children of preschool age.

The construction process of the court - the technology used and the timing of its creation, It depends on the originally chosen strategy. You can apply to firms, courts are building "turnkey" in the shortest possible time and in compliance with all existing rules and requirements. This event will be more expensive, but in the end will be much higher return on investment.

Business plan for tennis courts free
Business plan for tennis courts free

If you plan to profitable enterprise for the long term, it's desirable, to capital structure was. It will cost more, but it will look more presentable and attract wealthy clients and professional athletes. Other, a more affordable option - the creation of an air dome, representing the fixed around the perimeter of a bilayer membrane with an awning PVC coated. The main advantages of the second type of structure considered speed of construction - this takes no more than 2 months, efficiency and mobility. Full payback period in this case will not exceed 3 years old. Besides, if the court location will fail, it can be transported, in contrast to the capital buildings. true, high power consumption and the fragility of some structures, easily damaged, – its weaknesses.

The main criterion in deciding on the format of the future court will be the presence of investments - decked structure depending on a number of features will cost 3 – 60 million. rubles, whereas the more simple variation of time type - several times less. Apart from these two types, which are considered the basic and most commonly used in the market, it is also possible the construction of a metal frame, that the top and sides are overlapped so-called sandwich panels.

Before the start of preparations for the opening to be explored existing competitors' offers and get acquainted with the technology, acting on modern courts. So, you need to consider the issue in advance of court surface. Usually one has to choose between more expensive and require special care and undemanding unpaved, but overly rigid concrete or asphalt. The solid is considered ideal court with a special coating on top. true, its arrangement is more expensive. The least demanding in terms of care "hard-coating", which are artificial materials, stacked on top of a solid base and mitigating its. Its creation will cost only 600 – 700 rubles per square meter.

By selecting any of the coatings presented court, should give preference to trusted manufacturers, known for a long time on the market. Instruct creation coating, as well as the overall design, companies can, which is engaged in construction of the courts. In this case the whole complex will be formed in the same style. Besides, the customer can count on discounts, free maintenance or other benefits.

Another popular option - rent a ready room for a tennis court. Rented ready to court, you can save time in construction and preparatory work. But in total, such a decision may be more expensive, since the costs will be added to the mandatory supplementary item - monthly rent. Besides, if the selected space will need to be repaired or additional equipment, the cost will still be high.

How to start an outdoor tennis court – in the video:

Activities. possible risks

After the analysis of the relevant market sector and studying the target audience of interest should be to develop a concrete set of proposals of the future of the club. It can be one-time visit to the court, System tickets for adults and children, as well as programs for beginners and training base for professional athletes. The basic set of services will include:

  • – self-study - one-off and subscription;
  • – coach training;
  • – court rental;
  • – classes in children's groups;
  • – organization of tournaments for players of different skill levels;
  • – extras - table tennis, basketball court, juice bar, etc..

Profitable activity is considered to be the organization of corporate tournaments or training. The conclusion of contracts with large companies to provide comprehensive services to employees ensures a long and profitable partnership. But for corporate clients, you must have sufficient material and technical base.

According to experts, profitable and promising direction for today is to train professional athletes, including the organization of children's groups. It is also important to organize on its territory competitions and tournaments for future champions - it is possible to attract the attention of potential customers, sponsors, as well as financial assistance and information support from the city and state authorities.

Before the project evaluate all possible risks of this type of business. These include:

  • – the need to create high-quality coating courts;
  • – the dependence of the company's success on the level of qualification of trainers;
  • – high investment.

One of the risk factors may be the presence of direct competitors. Therefore, the new, not proven better club open as far as possible from the competing companies. It will cover the entire target audience in your city or region.

Creating a tennis court: action plan

Disposition action on an outdoor tennis court consists of the steps:

  • – building or room rental;
  • – registration of a new enterprise;
  • – purchase of equipment;
  • – Set in staff;
  • – marketing and advertising campaign.

Elaborate on the process of opening a tennis club until the end of the two-year development project in the table can be:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
start of the project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit The availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
recruitment production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

Technical equipment to create the tennis court consists of several main points:

– tennis surfaces;

– tennis gun;

– rackets.

The coating must meet the following basic requirements: be of high quality, thereby providing a high-quality bounce balls, and still be elastic, flexible and comfortable enough for the player to his feet. The coating professionally, the better it will withstand mechanical stress, the influence of ultraviolet radiation and other weather phenomena. Since over time it may be necessary to change the location of the court or to carry out repair work, it is desirable from the very beginning to make sure that, the coating can be removed without any damage and then recover. The same applies to repairs.

On the creation of a tennis court – video:

Tennis gun - a mandatory component of the court or the club any scale and level. The more modern device, the better it is controlled and longer functions, without requiring repair and replacement. It is not necessary to save on the purchase of rackets: tool is selected depending on the club level and its target audience. for example, in clubs, where trained professionals or future athletes, as well as in elite institutions, must be available delusional specialized racket.

If you plan to open a full-fledged tennis club, They will be required space for visitors and employees. It is therefore necessary to equip the hall and reception furniture for club administrators and managers, showers and changing rooms for a comfortable visit to the court clients. Soon to be purchased lockers, shower cabins, shells and equipment for toilets. It will also be equipped with the principal's office, manager and accountant, if the state has a separate staff for these positions. For a quick and trouble-free entry into the market should pay attention to the quality of equipment, turning to trusted manufacturers. If the project involves the creation of ordinary courts without ancillary facilities, costs on the project will be much less, but, and in view of the increasing demands of customers, demand may decrease.

Qualified personnel will be one of the success factors of the tennis club. Therefore, the selection of candidates is removed about a month. Depending on the extent of the club's activities must be taken on the staff of the 2 to 5 trainers, administrative and technical staff. One of the conditions of recruitment and retention of qualified specialists will be providing them with high wages. business plan is planning a separate item of wages for all staff members.

Registration of a tennis court in the tax office allows execution of any of the existing forms - OOO and SP. The first option is preferred, when plans to open a full-fledged tennis club with a full range of services. Creating a legal entity and is recommended for easier registration of the credit for business development - the existence of a package of constituent documents and authorized capital gives a strong guarantee the solvency of an enterprise. If there are several founders of the organization the only viable option tax registration business is a legal entity - LLC or JSC.

In other cases, the creation of IP is allowed. This form is registered for a few days on the basis of the application, receipt of payment of duties and several key documents, confirming the identity of the applicant.

In either case, be sure to indicate in the registration statement, the appropriate NACE code, which are determined in accordance with the categorizer: = 1FC588B343737670C573373354298C92&mode = splus&base=LAW&n=306370&rnd=EC6A36607F88F776BBECFA36EC5994B2#003055020919180995.

Any business requires obtaining regulatory approval - especially fire and sanitary inspections. When you open the standard court to obtain such permits just enough, if it creates a full tennis club, inspectors will carefully check compliance with all safety requirements. Therefore, the founder must examine the existing rules in advance.

License for the opening of the tennis court is not required. But if the company will include some additional activities, including placement in the catering and other institutions, It may need to obtain a special license. To study this question can be, Refer to special Federal Law “On Licensing Certain Types of Activities”: Federal Law of 04.05.2011 N 99-FZ (row. from 03.08.2018)

Marketing plan

A crisis, arising in all business areas with 2013 of the year, had a negative impact on the development of sales and services. This trend has also affected the tennis courts - the crisis led to a decline in demand for the organization, providing services, sports and leisure. As a result, the level of supply exceeds demand, so many small market participants ceased to exist. TO 2016 , the economic situation in the country improved, so the demand has increased, Consequently, industry began growing. Today, in connection with the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the increase of social standards of citizens leisure sports has become one of the trends, this is especially true for the capital and other cities. Fashion for Tennis increases the chances of project success, so, campaign spending, This factor should be used.

A marketing plan provides for the issue of financing of the enterprise. The most relevant is traditionally the lending. But as additional sources of funding are possible:

  1. – bond issue - they account for up to 30% the total amount;
  2. – placement of shares on the stock exchange - about 25%;
  3. – the use of funds of investors - about 23%;
  4. – own funds (about 14%).

At the heart of the promotion and advertising of a tennis court will be based study of the potential audience and the determination of its needs and opportunities. One of the conclusions, which gives a similar analysis - supply growth far ahead of the level of demand. It means, that access to the market demands of the struggle for the client, and therefore, still in the initial stages will have to inform potential customers about its existence and convince them to purchase services in a particular company is.

consumer opinion will serve as a building:

– advertising in places where your target audience - schools, other educational institutions and sport;

– advertising in hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, office buildings, ie institutions, which are visited by affluent sections of the population;

– thematic events, competitions and other events involving both professional athletes, and ordinary tennis fans;

– development and promotion of the website. Resource should contain useful information for existing and potential customers, provide information about pricing, promotions and best deals. Competition in the market is constantly growing, so the site should optimize for search queries, and to promote in the top Search Engines;

– advertising in the media, including specialized publications;

– outdoor advertising: sign and notable facade, placement of billboards, distribution of leaflets;

– related infrastructure, which will be able to reach potential customers.

Reviews of existing customers will be a crucial factor in attracting new visitors. Therefore, it is important to create a positive image of their company on the market.

can attract specialists to the creation of an advertising campaign - contact the agency profile. This decision will not only gain a customer base faster, but also save the company founder's time for an advertising campaign.

Financial questions

The project is based on the tennis court should be based on financial calculations. It begins with an analysis of their pricing policy, operating in the industry. Planning your own price list will be determined by the average prices for the services of tennis clubs and the cost of the creation and development of the organization.

Average prices for the services of the tennis club:

Name of service cost of 1 hours awake, rub. cost of 1 no, weekends and holidays, rub.
single visit
7.00 – 16.00 from 900 from 900
16.00 – 23.00 from 1000 from 1000
7.00 – 16.00 from 600 from 700
16.00 – 23.00 from 700 from 800

With the introduction of additional services price list will be updated and expanded.

Making analysis of the industry and plan the activities of the future organization, following conclusions: tennis is a profitable and promising business view. Modern trends of healthy lifestyles and the promotion of sports contribute to the spread of this kind of services. It means, that even in the context of economic downturn regularly organized tennis club will be in demand and bring stable profit.

Next, you will see the structure of future income. Forecast of sales and will be based on:

– previously conducted analysis of the demand for this type of service;

– general analysis of the market with an estimate of the volume of services provided;

– conclusions, made on the results of assessments of the status and dynamics of the market.

The most significant results of the study will, if we consider all the risks and consider the lowest threshold of profitability.

Indicative schedule of volumes of services includes the following main points:

Period Type of service The volume of sales for 1 month, rub. price, rub. revenue, rub.
1 – 12 months. investment Occasional visits 464 o'clock (1 court) from 1 thousand. /time from 464 thousand.
13 – 24 months. investment Pass 464 o'clock (1 court) from 800 /time from 371,2 thousand.
1 – 12 months. functioning Occasional visits 928 hours (2 court) from 1 100 /time from 1 million. 20 thousand.
13 – 24 months. functioning Pass 928 hours (2 court) 900 / hour from 835 thousand

If the calculated data and taken initially dynamics will be maintained during the first 24 months after the start of the project (In this case, the market growth will reach 5 – 9% in year), growth in sales volumes to reach 26 million per year. In the future, this figure will grow.

In drawing up the financial plan should be as accurate as possible, taking into account the existing risks and unforeseen expenses, calculate costs. The list of expenses is as follows:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs Total for the year
Purchase or lease (from 300 m) 275 thousand 3,3 million. 550 thousand 550 thousand
Construction of courts (2 PC.) 9 million. 9 million.
Buying equipment (10 guns, 20 A set of racquets) 750 thousand 750 thousand
Purchase of computer equipment 120 thousand 120 thousand
Creation and maintenance of website, hosting, purchase of the necessary scripts 144 thousands 144 thousands
Constant advertising expenses 55 thousand 660 thousand 45 thousand 660 thousand
Salary (calculated per 12 months) 519,8 thousand 6 million. 238 thousand. 6 million. 238 thousand.
payment of taxes (for 12 months) 156,3 thousands 1 million. 876 thousand. 1 million. 876 thousand
Unexpected expenses (for 12 months) 1 million. 511 thousand 1 million. 511 thousand.
in total 849,8 thousands 10,2 million. 12 million. 120 thousand. 18 million. 973 thousands

Total financial findings regarding the opening of a tennis court from scratch following:

  • – size of the loan to start a business - 17,5 million rubles to 24 months at an interest rate 14%;
  • – breakeven point begins with 13 of the month, when the profit margin will reach over 1 million rubles;
  • – monthly payments on all major expenditure amount 616 thousand;
  • – size total gross profit of the project over a specified period - 50,8 million. rubles;
  • – the total profit of the project in the first 24 month - up 4 million rubles.

The legislation provides for certain tax demands, acting for most businesses. For tennis club tax system will be standard. It includes the following main types of payments:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Summarize the results of the study can be, making a conclusion about the prospects of the tennis courts as a business entity. According to the results of the plan, the creation of such an organization belongs to the extremely profitable, but high-risk activities. Important keys to success will be the availability of investments in a sufficient amount, as well as a favorable socio-economic situation in the country and competent marketing policy of the company's management. If the founder has sufficient knowledge set, skills and personal qualities, as well as be able to choose qualified staff and provide a high level of technical services, He can hold a leadership position in its category over a prolonged period.

Especially the creation of the tennis court and the paving – video:

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