Business paid fishing plan

Business paid fishing plan

What information should contain a business plan for paid fishing?

Summary of business plan to open a paid fishing from scratch

This project - a plan for the creation of a private enterprise for the organization paid for fishing 24 of the month. First of all, list the key points of the process of creating a business plan for the launch of paid fishing business plan from scratch.

In the first place there is the project idea, and objectives of the project, such as:

  1. Creation of an enterprise with high level of profitability.
  2. Receiving a profit legal way, indicating the legal address, Head of passport data and project founder, Employee Information.
  3. Satisfaction of consumers demand to fill a niche entertainment and leisure organization of active citizens, as well as supplying the nearby catering facilities and retail of fresh fish through the creation of stocking the pond and organization of paid fishing in Russia.
  4. Finding and conclusion of contracts with investors.
  5. Project cost: 3 180 000 rub.
  6. financing of the project: By obtaining a commercial loan in the amount of 3 180 000 rubles.
  7. payback period: 2 of the year.
  8. investor income is 216 664 rub.
  9. Payment of interest on the loan starting from the first month of this project.
  10. Repayment begins with the first month of the project. This fact is entered in this business plan to facilitate understanding of the structure for calculating the flow regulation discounted cash flow and.
  11. Implicit interest rate on borrowings 17,5 %. Should be considered, that at present banks are reviewing the rate of interest for investment projects downward.
  12. The total amount of accrued interest will be 216 664 rub.
  13. The payback period from the beginning of the project 13 months
  14. Payback period with discounting 2 of the year.
  15. The overall economic benefits of the project for the life cycle of a conditional 21 850 040 rub.

stages of the project

stages of the project Test conditions Deadlines
Home project from 1 of the year. Deadlines depend on the complexity of the sewage treatment works
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month 1-30 banking days
Getting credit Having a proper set of documents 30 calendar days
Selection of locations and documentation preliminary work 30 calendar days
Adding to the state register, statement on the account of the administrative and tax authorities conclusion investment


1 -30 calendar days
Clean-up work at the site of the organization of the enterprise receipt of investment


from 30 days or more depending on the complexity of the treatment
Buying equipment The end stage of cleaning works on the site of the organization of the enterprise 1 -30 calendar days
Equipment installation Buying equipment 1 -30 calendar days
recruitment Obtaining investment funds 1 -30 calendar days
Training phased:

1.Leasing area;

2. the end of the treatment phase of work on the site of the organization of the enterprise

1 -30 calendar days
Conducting marketing company Starting from the end of the period of the sewage treatment works on the site of the organization of the enterprise 1-360 calendar days
End of project The beginning of the sale of tickets for renting fishing spots according to the price Year and a half

algorithms action, prescribed in the business plan

In the business plan registered the following actions to start a business algorithms:

  1. The methods and techniques of analysis target audience, drawing up a portrait of the ideal customer, its solvency ratio.
  2. Business Registration in the state regulatory and tax authorities.
  3. Hiring qualified employees, able to fulfill customer wishes and be ready to work. Another item of expenditure considered hiring employees. Specialists will take the vacant positions on a competitive basis, As employees of the total, maintenance and temporary nature with a decent competitive pay. Nominations applicants for the position will be reviewed within 30 calendar days.
  4. services, now rendered.
  5. The choice of the enterprise size.

Feature object

Company, performing a service providing recreation opportunities and paid fishing on a chartered pond, may also supply fish to local retail chains or for catering establishments.

services, which can provide an enterprise of this nature:

  • Service fishermen - professionals and amateurs.
  • Supply of fish and cancer for cafe, restaurants and other catering enterprises.
  • Stocking ponds to order.
  • Implementation fresh (alive) fish delivery.
  • Provision of transport services of live fish to a customer.
  • Service and ennobling recreation places citizens, coastal areas.

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Step by step guide to action

complex events, which are aimed at organizing their own business for a fee fishing (Business Plan)

  1. The study regulations, relating to this type of business activity. Useful links and documents set out in this article below.
  2. Choosing a reservoir for rent, drawing up contracts, conduct necessary communications.
  3. Carrying out activities for improving and Regional Planning, design documentation for the construction of the cafeteria, recreation, etc..
  4. cleansing the body of water, his stocking.
  5. Organization of a marketing plan, attraction of clients.

The formats of the enterprise

  • Mini-format: stocking and sale of places for fishing, rent / sale of fishing gear.
  • Trade in fish and fishery products.
  • Providing leisure opportunities for citizens, Cafe, holiday houses, fee fishing.
  • Organization of leisure infrastructure with several ponds.


reference Information: “Professional standards” (Based on materials from the ConsultantPlus website)

15 Fish farming and fishing
15.001 Fishing gear manufacturer Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 07.04.2014 N 185н
15.002 Design engineer of industrial fishing gear and seafood Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 07.04.2014 N 209н
15.003 A specialist in the production of fish Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 07.04.2014 N 207n
15.004 Engineer fish farmer Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 07.04.2014 N 213n
15.005 pisciculturist Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 07.04.2014 N 208н
15.006 hydrobiology Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 07.04.2014 N 206n
15.007 extraction of fish master Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 08.09.2014 N 608n
15.008 ichthyologist Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 04.08.2014 N 543n
15.009 hydrochemists Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 04.08.2014 N 544н
15.010 microbiologist Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 31.10.2014 N 865n
15.011 The handler of fish and seafood Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 22.12.2014 N 1091
15.012 production line operator of semi-finished and food products from fish and seafood Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 22.12.2014 N 1067н
15.013 The operator of fishing machines Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 22.12.2014 N 1086
15.014 Operator Smoking devices Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 22.12.2014 N 1088н
15.015 Technologies for processing of fish and seafood Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 25.12.2014 N 1135н
15.016 Sailor on ships fishing fleet Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 23.03.2015 N 188n
15.017 Technical means aquaculture specialist Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 23.04.2015 N 244H
15.018 The captain of the fishing vessel fleet Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 19.10.2015 N 727n
15.019 ichtyopatology Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 09.12.2015 N 1006n
15.020 Specialist in Quality Control of production of fish and seafood Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 02.12.2015 N 955n
15.021 Chemical engineer, laboratory processing of fish and seafood Order Ministry of Labor of Russia from 02.12.2015 N 950n

Regulations, regulating the activities of fisheries staff

  1. On approval of the professional standard engineer pisciculturist (to changes in 12 December 2016 of the year)
  2. On approval of the professional standard for fish farmers (to changes in 12 December 2016 of the year)

requirements, Supervisors who can present a body of water, taken in rent

For, to arrange a pond with a fishing fee, needs pond, having an area of 1 ha. A smaller area will not allow you to fully plant the desired breed popular among local fishermen fish. Small amounts of water do not allow individuals to fully eat and grow.

Large bodies of water from 10 ha require much larger investments in purification, construction and aeration. The level of fish and fish size is directly dependent on the number of, quality and feed composition. Natural feed for a full set of weights will be missed, so the acquisition of forage and its launch will have to take care yourself. Besides, you need to constantly monitor the health of the fish. Most often rent paid fishing ponds ranging in size from 2 to 4 ha.

If your target audience - from fishermen, then you need to look for reservoirs, to which it will be convenient to reach by car or by public transport.

Construction of private stocked pond

Today, the network can find the best deals from the owners of ponds and other water bodies, offering rental Water land. Stocking will help to implement the major fish farms - products of these farms is guaranteed to be healthy, and consultants will provide you with all necessary information for the care of pets.


Fee fishing business plan
Fee fishing business plan

Basic and indirect costs of the creation of a private stocked pond

  • According to experts, about 30 percent of the total budget will be spent on the purchase of fingerlings.
  • The process of stocking, equipment procurement, which will subsequently give customers rent, as well as to monitor the health and the number of fish in the pond will also require both human, and financial resources.
  • The process of stocking the pond leased should be engaged specialist, as the complexity of the procedure is simple time control start fry.
  • Besides, before signing the lease contracts of the reservoir, should be invited outside expert, which will determine the status of the water body, It gives him the legal assessment, as well as the suitability for their intended use.


project costs (in rubles.)

project costs

Name expenditure cost of
Qty per month in year One-time purchase Total costs per year
reservoir Rental, purchase of licenses and quotas 10 years old 12 000 144 000 1 500 000 1 500 000
Buying a car 1 meals. 250 000 250 000
Construction of the reservoir 600 000 600 000
Purchase of equipment 200 000 200 000
Buying fry 2-3 once a month 10 000 60 000 60 000
Fixed costs of online advertising 12 15 000 180 000 180 000
Salary 12 144 060 1 728 720 1 728 720
including. taxes 12 46 060 552 720 552 720
Unexpected expenses 255 000 255 000
in total: 181 060 2 112 720 2 805 000 4 773 720

factors, which will increase subsequent profits and facilitate the maintenance of the reservoir

  1. Convenient location relative to the main-route intersections, connecting nearby communities.
  2. convenient means of transport, a modern road to the fishing spot.
  3. scenics.
  4. power line and the ability to draw power.
  5. Lack of direct and indirect competitors.
  6. Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the pond - this is the first task, which must decide the future businessman.

How to draw up a pond lease agreement

Today, many law firms are engaged in registration of all necessary papers - turning to them, you will protect yourself and save time. Legislation today is actively working on the reform of this segment of the economy, so the questions of creation of fisheries and the use of the country's water resources is better to make out in the presence of experienced lawyers.

The approximate level of prices for the rental of water reservoirs in Russia
The approximate level of prices for the rental of water reservoirs in Russia

How to prepare rented pond for subsequent stocking and income

Carry out the following types of research:

  1. Analysis of the composition of water, namely hydrochemistry and bacteriological analysis.
  2. The study of the oxygen regime - defining opportunities wintering fish and zamornyh states.
  3. Diagnosis of possible diseases and infection hazardous to human parasites.

Regulations, recommended by our specialists for review:

Without data DBR (fish breeding and biological studies), you may have problems with the law.

The data of the research will help to clarify the picture clearer, What it is fish species will be most advantageous to engage in this particular region of the country. Reasonable project cost-effectiveness, based on the data, confirmed by laboratories with all the seals, will quickly get a loan or approval of a private investor. The business plan of paid fishing must also be established such as the item price for fry of various fish species, pricing of finished products, necessary equipment, competitors availability and methods of influence on a potential customer.

Expert advice business plan paid fishing

Choices for Businesses pond

The most optimal for the particular body of water fish breeding is considered, which in the first half of the day gets warm sunlight, and closer to the dinner is in the penumbra. The presence of trees in the vicinity of the surface of the water surface. The root systems of trees can interfere with the convenient location of the fishermen on the shore, as falling leaves rot often contribute to water in stagnant waters. Experts recommend stocking up former quarries - the water there is much cleaner and has a higher oxygen content, which positively affects the growth of fish and its health. The starting price of rent a hundred acres of water surface - 32 000 rubles, depending on the region. Price of the lake can reach 17 000 000 rubles.

The process of forming the shore and depth regulation reservoir

The optimum depth of three meters and not least 1, 5. It all depends on the number of fish species and its.

Checking the quality of the composition of water

Naturally, there should not be any factories or direct water discharge from residential buildings or farms in the vicinity. The presence of impurities, foreign odors, the content of water in chemical assays sulfur, gland, hydrogen sulfide methane or carbon dioxide in amounts, exceeding the performance standards, unacceptable. The acidity of the water is also crucial for future income. Therefore, to study the composition of the water at the start of better allocate significant funds. Acidity can be changed under the influence of many factors, so it is best to study the dynamics of this indicator.

The costs of the pond aeration

The larger the index of the content of oxygen in water, the more profitable business. However, the content of oxygen in the water is not always optimal. Today, technical tools allow you to adjust the rate. Aeration systems are of several kinds, Compressors typically used various modifications, floating systems and system-fountains.

According to the classification F.Uitona, there are only 4 main types of aerators:

  1. Used on the surface;
  2. gravity;
  3. turbine;
  4. diffusion.

Also have aerators, which combine elements of each type. On the market of equipment, you can also find the ejector aerators, spray, The U-shaped. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, you need to study and select the device, meets the requirements, which will in future be offered to the composition of the water in the pond. So, experts say, that upon saturation of water with oxygen over 70 percent leads to more frequent breakdowns of equipment and a decrease in its efficiency.

Using an aerator requires a lot of energy. So, according to f. Wheaton, to saturate water 1 a kilogram of oxygen will need to spend up to 103 kW / h.

Maintaining the quantitative and qualitative composition of the water at the proper level for the entire period of existence of business

In the column of fixed costs will include the indicator - here can be attributed inter alia, purchase safe for fish and human biologic drugs of natural origin for the purification of water in a natural way.

Purchase and care of plants

For, to restocking process was correct and the future offspring were provided ideal conditions for the existence and development, you need to take care of the plants in the pond landing. Usually, experts recommend a culture such as oxygenators ─ type of algae, which contribute to the processing of organic compounds and in the process to saturate the water with oxygen. These algae include: hornwort, elodea, marshland, уруть

Plants, most of which are located on the surface of the water surface, namely teloresis, water and deep sea, such as a water lily or egg, in hot weather will create the necessary shadow. In this case, you need to monitor, so that there are not too many plants. Stocking rented pond, remember, that you can populate it only with those types of fish, which show a good level of compatibility. Carp, crucian carp, tench and ide can be kept in one pond, while such a fish as stickleback, able to attack even large fish. Usually the fish finds its own food, however, if necessary, so that the fish gain weight faster, it needs to be fed. The feeding schedule consists of two meals a day at a specific location in the pond.. Well-proven feeders, which allow you to keep the pond clean and avoid decay of excess feed.

How to identify healthy fry

  1. Fish scales must be tight and intact.
  2. Healthy individuals are highly mobile..
  3. The shell of the eyes is transparent and rainbow.
  4. Dorsal fin straight.

Such fish species as crucian carp are ideal for organizing a paid fishing pond., carp, pike, Amur, trout, bream, sturgeon fish. Catfish and silver carp are released into reservoirs with ameliorative purpose, loaches are used to reduce the population of culled fish. Fish farms, who rented water, cannot forbid people to visit lakes and ponds for free, however, fishing has become a paid service in such areas.

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Pricing and the provision of paid fishing services

It would be more convenient for amateur and professional fishermen to pay for fishing, may provide for the organization of payment points. Receipts, which allow catch, most often called "consent". Those fishermen, who did not have time to pay for fishing on time, can pay for leisure to controllers on the spot. Usually daily agreement costs around 300 rubles. In this case, the catch can be as strictly regulated., never be subject to standards.

At the time of this writing,, information about, that the legislation of the Russian Federation does not regulate commercial activities on leased reservoirs, in other words, a businessman may, at his discretion, establish fishing payment amounts and fines for non-compliance with fishing conditions. Renting a stretch of water, you yourself have the right to set rates for recreational fishing and agree to a private holiday on the shore of a pond.

Most of the start-up capital will be spent on drawing up a lease agreement for the water surface. Ministries of agriculture sometimes hold tenders beneficial to both parties (auctions), which give the right to use a particular fish farm. For, to purchase such a plot for a period of use on 25 years old, businessman is required to register a legal entity.

What documents must provide the businessman

1. permission

  • to build a piece of lake;
  • from the environmental department;
  • from local water sector;
  • from the Ministry of Emergencies

2. Fishing quota.

Business paid fishing plan
Business paid fishing plan

The main taxes paid

Name base Period Rate
Tax on profits Profit Month 20%
NDS added

cost of

Month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule of payments 2,2 %
podhodnyh tax wages fund month 13%
Social payments wages fund month 34%

Documentation, which should be read before starting a business

  1. Russian Federation Federal Law on Fisheries and the Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources, as amended, see here:
  2. Government of the Russian Federation 15 May 2014 g. n 450 on approval of the rules for organizing and conducting tenders (contests, auctions) for the right to enter into an agreement for the use of a fish hatchery,0&rnd=0.3566512365425163#05305327583077257
  3. Government of the Russian Federation 12 February 2014 g. n 99 on approval of the rules for the organization of artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources,0&rnd=0.23312155010294044#03848929859267227
  4. RF Federal Law on Aquaculture (fish farming) and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation
  5. About aquaculture (fish farming) and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation (to changes in 1 July 2017 of the year)
  6. On approval of the conclusion of the agreement to use hatchery fish farm site with, who was provided with a fishing plot for commercial fish farming on the basis of a contract for the provision of a fishing plot
  7. On approval of the Methodology for determining the minimum volume of aquaculture objects, breeding and (or) content, growing, as well as release into the water body and withdrawal from the water body within the boundaries of the fish farm (to changes in 16 May 2018 of the year)
  8. Federal Law of 20.12.2004 N 166-FZ (row. from 05.12.2017) “On fishing and conservation of aquatic biological resources”
    (amdt. and supplemented., introduction. into force on 01.04.2018)

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