recreation business plan

recreation business plan
Business recreation plan
Business recreation plan

The project is a business plan for the base plan recreation from scratch and its development over 24 months. developing a plan, should determine the prospects for this type of business, its marketing and financial components, as well as the potential risks and methods of solution.

Basics recreation center business plan

At the preparatory stage of the opening of the recreation form future business goals. The most important items are the following:

  • – creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  • – preparation of a stable and high profits;
  • – provision of services, able to meet the demands of the modern consumer market.

The main goal of the business plan – economic evaluation of the investment project. This document can be used for a presentation to potential investors or creditors in order to obtain the necessary financing company.

The main features of the future recreation center as the object of business activity:

  • – the company specializes in providing recreation services with full board in picturesque places outside the city;
  • – the total duration of the project, the essence of which is contained in the business plan - 24 of the month;
  • – Project financing involves obtaining a commercial loan in the amount of 9 to 9,1 million rubles or more, depending on the intended scope of business. In such a sum, you can estimate the total cost of the project;
  • – interest rate - 14%;
  • – the investor's income for the period in 24 month - up 585 thousand rubles provided the beginning of the interest payments from the first month of the company. Repayment is scheduled from the third month of the company;
  • – payback period – 6 years and 1 month;
  • – the overall economic effect – 1 million. 185 thousand.

As the exemplary calculations, return on average is more recreation 6 years old. It's quite a long period in comparison with other objects of small and medium business, due to high costs.

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Recreation center: the basic characteristics of an object, opening stages

Recreation center is scheduled to open in one of the suburban areas, favorable for rest and recovery. according to statistics,, the most successful in terms of geography will be a combination 3 landscape types: plain, Water and hilly or mountainous. So you should choose a location so, to nearby woods were, river or lake. Since most of the country is flat nature, lesopolosy may instead be scenic hills. According to statistics landscapes of this nature are inherent in the outskirts of many Russian cities. Therefore, the desired portion of the search process will not cause difficulties.

Important, to land for future recreation meet several essential requirements. First of all, its area must be at least 5 – 6 ha, which will be placed on this area a sufficient number of houses for tourists and various infrastructure.

According to the preliminary plan, for the organization of the recreation center is enough to construct and prepare to receive tourists 5 and double cabins 3 family cottage for 3 -4 person. On the territory will be also a dining room and kitchen, administrative building, outbuildings, dance floor under the open sky, as well as outdoor sports and children's playgrounds.

When choosing a place for opening of Organization, make sure, that future base boundary does not intersect with the national parks and reserves, so the construction works and the creation of any communication may be contrary to the provisions of the law.

A special license is not required to open a recreation center. Required standard set of documents - evidence of legal entity and authorization of sanitary and fire services. All these documents are processed simultaneously, while preparing the ground for the opening of.

Availability of electricity and other communications - an important condition for the functioning of such a complex enterprise, like recreation. Therefore, the founder has to make sure not only in the presence of existing power lines and water supply, but also in the, These communications are powerful enough for the uninterrupted supply of necessary resources. Often have to establish its own water tower and equip its filtration system.

If the recreation center adjacent to the river or other body of water, care should be taken to establish a convenient and safe area for swimming. First of all it is necessary to make the water clean and the beaches, install buoys, properly equip the beach. In the future, be sure to regularly check the water for the presence of potential pathogens and maintain its purity.

Schematically, the list of base opening stages of rest and of its development over the duration of the project 24 month looks like this

stages Test conditions Deadlines
start of the project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
Selecting the recreation center location, Preparation of constituent documentation and approvals preliminary work 1 month
The signing of the purchase contract or lease land The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Construction of houses, or purchase a facility The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
recruitment production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

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Technical equipment of the recreation center

Following after the lease or purchase of land will be equipping it with the necessary equipment, the creation or improvement of buildings and preparation for the opening.

The basic equipment of any recreation:

  1. – residential houses;
  2. kitchen and dining room;
  3. – administrative building;
  4. dance floor;
  5. sound equipment;
  6. – Inventory and equipment for active outdoor games.

Holiday houses must meet the essential requirements of safety and comfort. Many entrepreneurs prefer buying or renting a previously active recreation with ready-made houses. In this case it is enough to make cosmetic or major repairs. it's desirable, make the most of the cottages were equipped with adequate furniture sets and air conditioners. Standard area, which occupies a house on the site - 7 m. Therefore, from the viewpoint of space saving benefit storey homes, divided into several rooms for 2 and more beds.

A better option would be of brick homes, equipped with heating systems, water and electricity. If there is no such communication in small houses, it is better to spend just, even before the repair will be made.

Administrative building, kitchen and dining room are located in the same building. There also must be an uninterrupted electricity, water and heating, as well as the ventilation system.

To meet all the basic needs of most holidaymakers, It will be equipped with a dance floor, which may be contests and other events. Approximate its area - 300 m. Dance floor may be more spacious. Its size depends on the total area of ​​the base and its fullness, and also features a contingent of tourists. Dance floor will have a concrete frame, making it durable, durable and resistant to mechanical impacts and adverse weather conditions. It is advisable to put a fence at once and booth for selling tickets - in this case, the database will provide additional income, selling tickets to the dance floor residents of nearby settlements and the neighboring recreation.

If the base is located on the waterfront, can offer clients a sea or river trips. Therefore, the plan provides for the purchase of a few units of water transport - boats, katamaranov, boats, water bike. Boats and catamarans is planned to pass in the rent, and on a boat or a motor boat - to conduct guided tours. The introduction of paid services will not only make customers more vacation fun and memorable, but also improve the income of the company.

Entertain tourists as possible and arranging a platform for active sports games. To do this, you need to buy inventory - table tennis table and sets for him, balls, kits for tennis and tennis courts. Usually visiting sports and playgrounds are available on a separate price list as additional paid services. But in some cases it is possible to include them in the list of the main services.

One of the most important points of the recreation equipment - Voltage stabilizer. Usually, outside the city electric network is not powerful enough, therefore can not withstand significant loads. To avoid interruptions in voltage, You should get one- or three-phase regulator with sufficient capacity.

Of the mandatory items of equipment to start a business - specialized equipment for the kitchen and dining room. All devices and equipment must meet safety and quality standards, It is a necessary condition for a highly efficient and profitable operations.

recreation center staff

Due to the remoteness from the city and active leisure activities on the basis of safety must be maintained permanently. Therefore, one must have a well-equipped first-aid kit and a permanent full-time paramedic. All other employees, except for the cook, may be unqualified. can attract students or local residents for services having a rest in the summer. If the recreation center will operate year-round, better to give preference to hiring local residents, since when accepting students to the enterprise will be a large turnover of staff.

Based on the characteristics of the organization and its scope, you can define a list of core staff positions. At the initial stage, it consists of about 10 points:

  • – cook;
  • – Assistant to the kitchen;
  • – health worker;
  • – waiters - 2 man;
  • – administrator (depending on the work schedule can be 2);
  • – Instructor;
  • – animator (if necessary, it can function as a guide or instructor);
  • – Electrical Fitter;
  • – security guard.

Employ your own driver is not necessary - if necessary delivery holidaymakers can hire a bus. If companies need to work accountant, its functions can be performed with the chief executive, but at an early stage can be trusted with the task of outsourcing professionals.

Marketing plan

Market analysis is an assessment of the general state of the market and study the competitive environment of the chosen direction. First, you need to consider, at what stage of development is chosen market sector. For example, for 2013 – 14 years there was a decline in the tourism sector, so many recreation became unprofitable. In recent 2 , the industry is actively developing, including a demand the so-called eco-tourism, and many citizens are consciously choosing to holiday resorts in their own country. In connection with such dynamics, as well as some reduction in incomes of Russians after the modern recreation of the crisis are in an advantageous position.

Now statistics show, that only 30% people do not plan a summer holiday or a rest "savages". All the other inhabitants of the country become potential customers of tourist facilities. And given the fact, that about 80 % inhabitants of the country, according to statistics, do not go abroad and prefer to stay in their own country, potential domestic recreation centers significantly increased.

As well, as well as any objects of tourist industry, recreation centers in the Russian market are represented by three main groups:

  1. – Economy class;
  2. – average level;
  3. – elite organization Suite- or Business Class.

The first category in most cases, are converted with a modern twist Soviet sanatorium, dispensaries and recreation. They are designed for people with low income and offer rooms with a minimum level of comfort for daily or long-term at low cost. Base standard class represent average comfort level. Such organizations are located in the converted and upgraded Soviet-era sanatoria, and in new buildings and have higher levels of equipment and comfort.

The most expensive and prestigious – newly built base. They are created in accordance with modern standards, Rooms are bound to have hot water and heating. Base class "luxury" offering vacationers a wide variety of entertainment: They are usually equipped with a swimming pool, sports fields, It can also be a gym, sauna, massage parlor. true, luxury-class organizations require much larger investments in the discovery and development of complex, whereas the target audience for them is significantly less.

To sum up the results of marketing research, you can come to a conclusion about the growth of the industry, is about 10%. In perspective, with the active development of the tourism industry and the sphere of services in the country, this percentage may be much higher.

This is followed by an analysis of the target audience recreation center: considering the creation of institutions of secondary level, you can count on having a rest mid-level social status and income. Obligatory stage of development and its promotion in the market will campaign for the formation of consumer opinion.

This will serve as such advertising methods:

  • – advertising in a variety of public places. It is effective to transport, on the street, in office buildings and densely populated residential areas;
  • – advertising in the media - in newspapers, on the radio or local TV channels;
  • – Internet - by far - the most effective method of promoting services. You need to develop your own website, disseminate information on the forums, niche sites. Advertising in social networks in recent years has the highest efficiency, so it is advisable to entrust this task to specialists in internet promotion.

Registration and permits

Recreation center - major infrastructure, therefore, its activities provides for mandatory compliance with fire safety standards. Confirm this fact, feeding the fire department a list of documents:

  1. – documents on delivery of the building in operation;
  2. – confirmation of the right section of the property and buildings;
  3. – certificate of registration of the LLC or IP;
  4. – document on tax registration;
  5. – an order appointing a person responsible for compliance with fire safety;
  6. – an order appointing the person responsible for the availability of the primary means of fire extinguishing;
  7. – an order appointing responsible for the power outage at the end of the working day, as well as in cases of fire;
  8. – an order appointing the person responsible for the notification of people in case of fire;
  9. – an order appointing a person responsible for the fire alarm;
  10. – Journal of Accounting extinguishers;
  11. – for the instruction on fire safety log;
  12. – confirmation of fire safety training;
  13. – an act of receiving signaling devices in operation;
  14. – an agreement on maintenance of fire alarm;
  15. – act on inspection of fire alarm condition;
  16. – protocol on collection of measurements of insulation resistance of cables.
  17. Service for Civil Defense and Emergencies should also give a few types of documents:
  18. – order on creation of on-site management and several special annexes;
  19. – Order concerning the organization of training on the topic of civil defense and emergency situations;
  20. – events and training schedule plan;
  21. – plans to carry out specialized training of staff;
  22. – notification in case of any threat to the emergency circuit;
  23. – accounting training with the staff magazine, Plan, an outline of such employment;
  24. – Personnel action plan in emergency situations;
  25. – magazine, which made information about briefing the tourists;
  26. – the presence at the base of the information stand of action in case of any emergencies;
  27. – Memo to the public.

Separately, you need to prepare a list of documents in accordance with the requirements of SES. The most important of them - the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion for conducting medical activities, compliance with existing requirements of the medical unit, contracts with local hospitals for medical treatment, results of drinking water research, staffing personnel and medical records for each employee.

Required documents, which should have any commercial infrastructure facility:

  • – agreements disinfestation, treated against ticks and disinfection;
  • – Finally, a special, allowing to use the well for drinking and industrial water;
  • – reports on climate research and the room lighting residential purpose;
  • – project construction of sewage treatment facilities of local character.

In the list of mandatory typically include an agreement on dry cleaning of bedding and some other documents.

The main regulatory document, regulating the activities of any recreation – FZ About bases of tourist activity” ( The relevant activity code before registering pick Classifier NACE: OKVED2_10052018.

Financial plan

The level of income of the enterprise affected by the presence of these or other risks. In the case of the creation of recreation you need to remember about the action of such risks:

  1. – tall, the ever-increasing level of competition;
  2. – need for substantial investment on start, due to the high barriers to entry to the market;
  3. – business seasonality, dependence on weather conditions;
  4. – gaps in the legislative framework, as a result of frequent problems with the tax business registration;
  5. – lack of specialized professionals;
  6. – lack of necessary public information content on tourist infrastructure and related resources of the country;
  7. – high prices for transportation;
  8. – lack of foreign tourists because of existing stereotypes abroad.

Before doing financial calculations of the project, must take into account all of the risks and try to avoid their occurrence.

The financial part of the recreation project includes the calculation of the loan amount to the opening of business, calculation of interest payments on the loan and the determination of net income for a specified period of time. According to the calculations, Break-even point of recreation begins with 14 month settlement period. At this point, the first profit may reach 1 million. 257 thousand. For opening and initial development of the company will need to obtain a loan in the amount of 9 millions 88 thousand. When the current is now 14 per cent rate on the loan monthly payments will be from 104 to 514 thousand rubles, depending on the conditions of the credit agreement and other features.

One of the important components of the financial part of the recreation business plan - determining the average price policy in the industry. The approximate price for the rental of rooms, proposed major market participants:

kind of rooms Number of seats placement, people. price, rub.
Accommodation in panel house with amenities 8 -12 8 – 12 person from 550
2-Double standard 2 1 from 20 500
2-Double standard 2 2 from 1 844
Economy Room 2 1 from 2 500
Economy Room 2 2 from 2 444
No standard 2 +2 additional. 2 from 1 985
Economy Room 2 +2 additional. 2 1 965
No standard 2 +2 additional. 2 1 945
Comfortable cottage with amenities and additional services 1 1 from 10 thousand

These price levels and the industry average, usually, include standard services. When included in an offer extended services and high comfort rooms the price range can be extended.

Forecast of recreation revenue - the next stage of the financial plan

sales forecast is done on the basis of:

  1. – analysis of consumer demand related services;
  2. – analysis of the market of services in selected market sector;
  3. – general conclusions about the state and prospects of the chosen direction of the market.

Thus must be considered, the lowest threshold of profitability, as well as all possible risks, inherent in this type of business activity.

According to plan, a conditional settlement period will consist of the first 9 months of the enterprise, until, while the company will not bring the first net profit. Accordingly, the volume of service plan for the next investment period:

Period Type of service The volume of services provided for 1 month price Revenues from sales, rub.
1 monthly investment Therapeutic 12 man 7 weeks 11 500 rub. for 7 days 966 thousand
1-12 monthly investment equipment rental Average costs 12 – 22 people. 25 thousand 550 thousand
2 monthly investment Therapeutic 12 man 7 weeks 11 500 rub. for 7 days 966 thousand
3 monthly investment Therapeutic 12 man 7 weeks 11 500 rub. for 7 days 966 thousand
4 monthly investment Therapeutic 12 man 7 weeks 11 500 rub. for 7 days 966 thousand
5 monthly investment Therapeutic 12 man 7 weeks 11 500 rub. for 7 days 966 thousand
6 monthly investment Therapeutic 12 man 7 weeks 11 500 rub. for 7 days 966 thousand
7 monthly investment Therapeutic 12 man 7 weeks 11 500 rub. for 7 days 966 thousand
8 monthly investment Therapeutic 12 man 7 weeks 11 500 rub. for 7 days 966 thousand
9 monthly investment Therapeutic 12 man 7 weeks 11 500 rub. for 7 days 966 thousand

Considering, that the total gross profit under these conditions is approximately 47,5 million rubles, the total profit of the project is to reach for the specified period 1 million. 186 thousand.

In terms of the future of the company analyzes the current state of the selected market sectors, but at the same time necessarily assessed the prospects for this type of activity. So, at the moment the annual growth of consumer services is offered by 17 to 61 percent, depending on the season, which means an optimistic perspective for the selected type of business. If this dynamics will continue in the coming years, the overall growth of sales of services to reach more 23 million per year with a tendency to increase.

One example of a successful recreation of the business project:

The expenditure part of the project at the initial stage, as well as during the first year of work includes the following main cost items:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs, rub. Total for the year, rub.
check in 25000 25000
allot land, coordination with regulatory agencies - fire, health 180000 180000
Salary 514,3 thousand. from 6 million. 171 thousand. from 6 million. 171 thousand.
taxes from 170 thousand. 2 million. 41 thousand. 2 million. 41 thousand.
Construction of 1,2 million. 1,2 million.
Finishing work 3 million. 3 million.
Purchase of equipment (Table, chairs, kitchen utensils, etc.) 1 million. 1 million.
Construction of water supply (or buying ready-made units for water injection), pipelaying 180 000 180 000
Wiring 220 000 220 000
Billiards, catamarans, volleyball and other equipment for recreation 1,8 million. 1,8 million.
Unexpected expenses 760,5 thousand. 760,5 thousand.
in total 514,3 thousand. 6 million. 171 thousand. 8,4 million. 14,6 million.

A list of the main taxes, which must necessarily be paid at the end of the tax period:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

The tax period for each enterprise begins in January of each year. From this month, the company reports on the income received during the year.


In this way, given the general socio-economic conditions, conclusions can be drawn regarding the opening of the recreation center from scratch. Remembering, that the crisis continues in the tourism business sector, you can count on the influx of tourists in the domestic recreation centers as a more a summer holiday. However, this area has its own risks and disadvantages, among them - the high cost of entry and a long payback period. If the entrepreneur responsible approach to the choice of location for future recreation and give enough attention to its promotion, it can take a leadership position in the relevant market sector and a stable income for several decades. At each stage must be taken into account the specific risks and negative factors, including the change of seasons, increased competition and possible changes in legislation.

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