Business plan karting club

Business plan karting club
Business plan karting club
Business plan karting club

A business plan is an example of the calculations of the project for the opening of karting club for aspiring entrepreneurs. A business plan allows you to make a rough financial calculations, Determine the size of upfront investment, considering the scale and size of the future activities of the club. The plan also considered the most important organizational issues, to avoid risks and to cope with the complexities of, which can reduce the effectiveness of a startup. The purpose of a business plan - to calculate the prospects, efficiency and the level of profitability of the project, it can be submitted to creditors and investors as confirmation of the reliability and solvency. It is also recommended to read the article, on the opening of tennis court from scratch.

Business plan karting club: basic information

The project is a plan of opening a private carting club, acting for 24 months. It should include all the key aspects of this type of activity, including timelines for each stage and their cost.

Founder puts such 3 the main objectives of the project:

  • – the creation of a highly profitable organization;
  • – Receiving a profit;
  • – the satisfaction of the relevant market segment.

Financing of the project involves obtaining loans for a period of 24 of the month. During this period, the organization should breakeven level and bring stable profit.

Project Karting Club is designed to provide a popular variety of sports entertainment services - high-speed driving on a special vehicle equipped for the road. At the same time on the road may be a few participants. The main contingent - active, sports people, mostly young or middle-aged visitors, extreme loving and seeking to get a thrill.

To determine the range of the target audience, should examine the reasons, which potential customers come in karting clubs. Most visitors tend to relax and unwind, get a shot of adrenaline, or simply spend time with friends. Many clients come with the desire to learn to drive a map, acquire new skills and knowledge. In this regard, you need to provide for the possibility of single and pair skating, and of machines for large companies. It should enter service training card management basics, parallel providing all the desired information about the technical and operational characteristics.

Given the characteristics of the potential audience and range of services, which will offer the company, should be considered two different versions of the future of the club:

– Karting Club, designed primarily for a pleasant leisure activity. The main contingent of schools - provided customers, so these clubs usually have an indoor multi-level format and combine as the karts, and other types of recreation and entertainment - Bowling, billiards, a restaurant;

– school-karting. Designed to teach the art of driving customer card. Therefore, there is a greater value routes are the length and quality and the size of the fleet. For high-quality training kartodroma minimum area should be between 40 square meters. Fleet in this case, includes a large number of machines, to be timely pass inspection and repair.

Given the size of the financial investment in the preparatory phase will determine the future of the club level:

– Economy class: usually it provides rent open the finished asphalt pad. Such a platform is often shielded by conventional rubber tires, and for the fleet may be purchased used cars. Pricing policy in this case, the most loyal - the main contingent - customers low or medium financial situation. Investments in the opening kartodroma economy class will cost up to 25 one thousand dollars;

– the average level - the entrepreneur acquires or leases of land and own asphalt and equips length track 300 – 400 m. The total level of such kartodroma area should be within 3 thousand square meters, also require the administration building, fleet of at least 10 new machines, a small staff and an initial investment within the 25 – 35 one thousand dollars;

– Karting Club elite class will require the road from materials duration of not less than the highest level 900 m. For the creation and development of such a project, in addition to the administrative building, optional timing on the track, several full-time mechanics, administrators and instructors. high-end club provides for all the necessary equipped with locker rooms and showers, a cozy lounge for waiting or relaxing after a workout. To compete in this market segment, customers need to provide the most comfortable conditions. Among the important advantages - the availability of qualified and attentive instructors, ability to attract and keep visitors.

The main difficulties in creating karting club - in a constant increase in the level of competition and sufficient the high cost of the project. The first factor is due to the intensive development entertainment and active rest in our country, which in turn leads to an increase in the number of proposals. As for the financial aspects of, the main drawback will be a long process of payback karting club - for organizing medium enterprises have to spend large sums of money on cars and the construction of the administrative building. To correctly calculate all financial matters, the development of the project takes into account the possible contingencies and the risks.

Main features Outdoor Karting Club – video:

Plan the organization Karting Club

The procedure for opening the club, regardless of its scope includes several mandatory steps:

  • – track rental, auxiliary and utility rooms;
  • – highway equipment;
  • – purchase of machines;
  • – business registration;
  • – reception staff and its training;
  • – premises equipment for future events, including kitchen and bar organization for delivery and supply of beverages;
  • – marketing campaign.

When selecting a site for the equipment tracks for karting tracks or finished, should be considered, how convenient it is geographically – there are no direct competitors nearby and how good transportation. The track is selected, taking into account its area - initially enough to rent an area of 6 to 40 square meters. In this case, it is possible to create a line not less than a length 700 m. A smaller length of undesirable, since such conditions experienced clients can not meet.

Quality of Service, as well as the technical condition of the machine depends on the coverage of trails. Standard coating material - asphalt, stowed in accordance with the requirements of the highway of the fourth category. Including the existing norms should correspond to the coating on the corners and in braking zones. Depending on the destination track can make turns with constant or increasing radius. On the inner side desirable to set concrete curbs. The first month after laying the asphalt, the operation of the track is prohibited, what to consider when drawing up a plan for opening a club.

Free karting club business plan
Free karting club business plan

The standard route will have a width of 8 (for lovers) to 13 m - for training and competition. Depending on the same figure the maximum slope of the road may be 5 % for longitudinal and 10 - transverse. The length of the individual route sections will also depend on various features, including its purpose and performance cars. Including the maximum length of the straight sections using karts without gearbox - 170 m, for vehicles with manual transmission no such restriction.

If the path length is not more than 1 thousand meters, safety at the same time on it can be a maximum of 26, and during the training process - to 40. When the length of the track 1500 m - the maximum number of vehicles - 34 (or 51 in training), and if the length exceeds 1500 m - up 60 karts. At equipment routes are suitably prepared and the roadside. It should be at the level of the blade tracks. In this shoulder may consist of gravel or sand, but often it is seeded with grass. Be sure to take care of the observance of safety: limits 6 – 10 m of the track should be no trees, buildings and other obstacles. If it is impossible to remove obstacles track should be protected by protective devices of straw bales, foam blocks or other lightweight material.

Audience seats should be at a safe distance from the road - not less than 10 meters. And by placing them near the track radii, you need to create the fender wall height to protect more 1 m.

If the track to be used for karting competition, necessary to satisfy the special requirements, set out in the National Sports Regulations Karting (on the basis of the International Sports Code FIA):

Ming. length slopes (Max.) Long straight Coating Shoulders necessary facilities
700 m longitudinal 5%, cross 10% For karts without gearbox - 170 m, gearbox - without restrictions Asphalt on the highway length according to the requirements of not less than, than to the road 4 categories On a straight - on the roadside routes are leaf level. The shoulder may consist of sand, gravel or sow grass. On the side of the road in 6 – 10 m should be local obstacles (trees, buildings). Application of tires for separation colliding streams is not allowed. Seats for spectators - no closer 10 m to the highway Park stand (on 1 Driver - min. 6x8 m, from 160 places);

– parc fermé for scrutineering, prelaunch and other advanced features;

– repair area;

– Indoor facilities for judges;

– Indoor playground for weighing;

– the post of medical care - at least 2 car;

– sanitary facilities.

Enforcement of these rules requires considerable financial costs. All the necessary amount needed to accurately calculate and make the business plan for the organization.

An item of preparation for the opening of the business plan – the official registration of the company. Karting Club rational to register as a legal entity. To open Ltd., You need to apply for a special form, producing a number of constituent documents. The basis of registration of the LLC – Federal Law №14 “On Limited Liability Companies” (,0&rnd=0.1115669842986382#01794759982594527).

For supplying respective constituent documents, you can use samples:

Technical equipment: cars and equipment

Specifications kart - one of the key points of the future of the project plan. So, all cars must be of high quality and be fully serviceable. Therefore desirable to acquire machines, second hand - the quality and reliability of the fleet will be one of the factors of success of the club.

In most cases, cars are used at kart circuits, equipped with motors of the brand "Honda", as technical and price parameters, they are ideal for beginners, and experienced amateurs and professionals. must be considered, even buying a high-quality and new cars, with them it is necessary to repair and change over time, because due to equipment wear quickly fails. With this feature is associated one of the major problems - the only one new car is worth at least 1,5 thousands of dollars, if it is equipped with a powerful engine and is designed for professionals, its value comes to 2,5 – 4 thousand. Replacement and purchase of individual parts - even more problematic moment, because our market is currently a shortage of parts and spare parts. Therefore, it makes sense to establish cooperation with one of the trusted experienced suppliers..

Cartodrome, where the competition will take place, should be equipped with an electronic timekeeping system. For this, sensors are installed, determining the speed of vehicles, and scoreboard, where the results are displayed. Planning sensor installation, it is better to do this even before laying the asphalt - the device rolls up under it. This simple technical equipment will not require significant financial costs, but it is useful for clubs, where no competitions - many fans of high-speed driving are trying to fix and improve your results, therefore, the presence of additional technical features increase the popularity of karting club.

The next item of equipment of the club - the ventilation system – It will be necessary only in enclosed spaces. If the road open, there is no need. If the club has a proprietary format, definitely need air handling unit, which will ensure the elimination of harmful exhaust gases, and high-quality ventilation of the area.

Technical equipment of the club provides for purchase of overalls - need summer and winter overalls, helmets and other equipment items for customers. In these parts it is better not to save money and acquire branded products. For comparison - the Italian branded overalls cost about 60 dollars, while Chinese-made clothes - 500 rubles. choosing overalls, make sure, that they are made of shielding material, preventing fires and providing high-quality mechanical protection for the driver. For the purchase of equipment is better to conclude a contract with a specialized, known companies in the market. Continued cooperation and bulk purchase will save on the purchase of the necessary equipment.

Size shtata and qualified personnel depend on urovnya kartings. For the elite club need to choose the best specialists - from engineers and ordinary workers to instructors and administrators. Since the elite club may include a few tracks and some extras, a team can be a few dozen divers specialists. In this regard, a draft medium-sized. Therefore, the need to approximate 10 professionals to ensure the smooth operation of kartodroma.

Features of karting as a sport – in the video:

Marketing plan

Drawing up a marketing plan for the new company starts with the analysis of the current market, its current state and dynamics. As well, as well as other aspects of business, the sports and entertainment sector was affected by the crisis 2013 – 2014 years. Then the demand dropped significantly, as a result - a decrease in the efficiency of previously successful enterprises and the closure of many small and unprofitable kart circuits. Now this trend is gradually becoming a thing of the past., but demand has not yet reached pre-crisis levels. Taking into account the growth in the performance of the entertainment industry worldwide, it can be concluded that the potential audience is steadily increasing interest in the chosen direction.

The corresponding conclusions will be served by statistics.. According to official information, with a population of more than 146,5 million. the total number of karting clubs today exceeds 1 320. If we take into account the increase in the consumption of this service by 5 – 10 % in year, then in the near future it is expected to open approximately 70 new karting tracks of various levels.

Taking into account these factors, it is important for new market participants to immediately declare themselves and form a positive image., which will allow you to immediately take a competitive position. Considering methods, which will be used to attract potential customers, first of all, you need to use the capabilities of the worldwide network. According to preliminary estimates, the growth rate of advertising on the Internet is about 13 %. therefore, despite the effectiveness of media advertising, outdoor methods of company promotion, the main focus should be on finding clients in an online format.

A karting club of any size must have its own website. It will provide all information about the services offered and pricing policy. New and regular customers should be offered attractive conditions for visiting the club, having thought over discount and promotional programs.

In order to form consumer opinion regarding the availability of karting for everyone, it is necessary to additionally resort to such methods.:

  1. – distribution of advertisements in corporations and companies of various sizes;
  2. – outdoor advertising, including the use of banners and extensions;
  3. – advertising in the media, including in thematic magazines;
  4. – related infrastructure.

The main advertising method traditionally can be considered the creation of a positive image in the market, which will attract new customers. Having received quality service and service, clients not only come back, but also share their impressions with their friends. This type of advertising, as known, – one of the most effective.

With regard to specific terms, the list of the main stages of creating a karting club is as follows:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit The availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Track construction The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment testing Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
recruitment production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

In this way, all the main stages will have to be completed during the first year of the karting track. For business development and consolidation in the market, 24 of the month.

financial calculations

One of the important points of the project business plan is to determine the price list of the services offered. This indicator will be influenced by two main criteria - the size of investments in starting a business and the cost of providing services in the future., as well as an approximate pricing policy on the market. If we analyze the prices actual for Russian clubs, then the average indicators, taking into account some important features, can be presented in the table:

Rental cost 1 map Duration 1 arrival (10 min.) Power card
Monday – Thursday 240 – 350 rub. 6,5 HP.
Friday – Sunday 350 – 585 rub. 13 HP.
Holidays 410 – 1 000 rub.

In this way, analyzing the existing price indicators, we can conclude, that a ride on a smooth surface lasting 10 minutes in Moscow will cost from 300 – 1000 rubles. In terms of income, this is a fairly high indicator., meaning high financial prospects for a budding entrepreneur. But before making a conclusion about profitability, it is necessary to calculate the expenditure side of the business at the start-up stage and in the process of business development.
Taking into account the established investment period in 24 of the month, during which the project must reach the level of self-sufficiency, you can make a preliminary forecast of the volume of services provided and the amount of profit received:

Period Type of service The volume of sales for 1 months. price, rub. revenue, rub.
1 – 12 months. investment Rental cost 1 map, Weekdays from 3 500 people. 300 – 1 thousand. 1,050 – 35 million.
1 – 12 months. investment Rental cost 1 map, out., holidays from 3 700 people. 500 – 1 thousand. 1,85 – 3,7 million.
1 – 12 months. functioning Event services from 5 meals. from 50 thousand from 250 thousand.
13 – 24 months. functioning Rental cost 1 map, Weekdays from 3600 people. 350 – 1 500 1,3 – 1,6 million.
13 – 24 months. functioning Rental cost 1 map, out., holidays from 3 900 people. 550 – 1 500 2,15 – 5,9 million.
13 – 24 months. functioning Event services from 10 meals. 55 thousand from 550 thousand

If the current market trend is (5 – 10 %) will remain throughout the entire duration of the project, by the end of the year, the company will be able to achieve growth in sales volumes up to 43,5 million. rubles annually.

The implementation of this project requires obtaining a loan of an amount of 26,7 million rubles, subject to the provision of a loan for 24 months at a discount rate 14 %. Making rough calculations, we can conclude, that the break-even point will start from the 13th month after the start of the enterprise. By this period, the profit should be about 2,6 million rubles.

Other financial indicators, which should form the basis of the financial part of the business plan, following:

  • – the amount of profit after the end of the crediting period will reach 1,8 – 1,9 million. rubles. The bank will make a profit up to 1,5 million. for the first 24 of the month;
  • – monthly payments for all expenses - 1,4 – 1,5 millions;
  • – the total gross profit of the project - 87 million rubles;
  • – profit of the project as a whole - 23,4 million. rubles.

Detailed and accurate calculations for all the main costs of equipping the karting track with everything you need are presented below.:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs Total for the year
Purchase or lease (from 4000 m) from 2 million. 333 thousand. 28 million. 2,8 million. 30,8 million.
Construction of the complex and equipment of the track (from 40 thousand. m) 240 million. 240 million.
Buying equipment (cards - 40 PC.) 2 million. 155 thousand. 2 million. 155 thousand.
Purchase of workwear 44,8 thousands 44,8 thousands
Creation and maintenance of website, hosting 120 thousand 120 thousand
Constant advertising expenses 150 thousand 1,8 million. 200 thousand 1,8 million.
Salary (calculated per 12 months) from 379 thousand 4,548 million. 4,548 million.
payment of taxes (for 12 months) from 114 thousand 1,4 million. 1,4 million.
Unexpected expenses (for 12 months) 24,5 million. 24,5 million.
in total 2,9 million. 34 million. 348 thousand 270 million. 304 million.

In this way, during the first two years the total cost of renting or acquiring and preparing the slopes and the surrounding area, the purchase of machinery and equipment and other obligatory expenses will be spent about 304 millions. This amount can significantly increase or decrease depending on the scale and level of the future club.. Calculations, produced in the plan, can be considered average and optimal for this type of activity.

The tax part of the financial plan for the karting club will be traditional - the reporting period begins annually in January, and after its completion, deductions should be made to the Federal Tax Service, appropriate to the selected tax system.

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Since the main goal when opening a karting club will be to overcome barriers to entry into the market, it is necessary to create all the appropriate conditions for this. First of all, you need to purchase high-quality equipment, considering its cost in financial calculations. It is this item of expenses that will constitute the main cost item at the start-up stage and in subsequent periods.. To successfully start a business and prevent unaccounted costs in the project plan, you need to take into account the indicative wage fund and other mandatory cost items.

Planning the opening of the go-kart track, take into account the main risks, inherent in this market segment:

  1. – high level of injury risk, requiring additional security measures;
  2. – high cost of consumables;
  3. – possible difficulties with finding the location of the karting track;
  4. – high levels of investment capitalization.

After conducting a full analysis of the chosen direction and comparing the level of costs and projected profit, conclusions can be drawn. The karting club is one of the most profitable and promising projects., but with a significant degree of risk. To factors, which will determine its success, well chosen location, high-quality technical component, on which the safety of customers depends, as well as the professionalism of all employees. If the new organization meets all of the listed requirements, and its founder will show sufficient dedication and attention to all strategic and material issues, karting promises to be successful, developing and making a profit in accordance with the indicators presented in the business plan.

How to start opening a karting club – in the video:

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