Business plan brokerage agency

Business plan brokerage agency
Business plan brokerage agency
Business plan brokerage agency

Russian credit market is growing. Banks compete with each other, each year bringing new credit products. With the expansion of the range of offered loans increased demand for services intermediaries between borrowers and banks - credit brokers. For this reason, a very profitable undertaking brokerage activities will. Unlike private specialists, working as independent intermediaries, full agency have more confidence in the consumer services. Therefore, it makes sense to develop a business plan brokerage agency, in which all the financial calculations and marketing analysis will be made.

design feature

to create a brokerage agency project envisages the creation of the enterprise and its development in the period 2 of the year. Nature of the activity is formulated as a company to provide professional brokerage services in the financial market.

Objectives of the project can be defined as:

  • meeting the demand of the segment of the consumer market;
  • – creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  • – obtaining a high and stable earnings.

Key financial details on the creation and development of the following project:

  • – Funding will be provided by obtaining a commercial loan. The indicative amount of the loan - 9 millions 700 thousand. In addition, it is assumed the presence of the founder's own funds of about 5 millions;
  • – cost of the project amounts to US 9 millions 700 thousand;
  • – The project lifetime - from the start of the enterprise to enter the profitable level - 2 of the year;
  • – the interest rate on the loan - 17,5 % with the prospect of a reduction in future;
  • – mortgage payments will start from the first month of the company;
  • – the investor's income for the entire loan period, accounting for the total amount of interest paid - 660 900 rubles;
  • – payback period from the date of business start - up 16 months. Given the discount - 24 of the month;
  • – the overall economic effect for the specified period will be equal to 13 million. 85 thousand.

In calculating these data should take into account all possible risks. More detailed data on the financial component of the enterprise - in the financial part of the plan.

How a broker works – video:

Brokerage agency as a business

Brokering is advantageously in operations with securities based on instructions or commission contract. This activity is conducted for the benefit of the customer under the terms of, pre-specified in the contract.

Each market participant must be sure to have a special license to conduct brokerage activities. For her turn to give the Federal Financial Markets Service. Even a small company, is engaged in providing brokerage services, It must have the appropriate license. requirements, applicable to brokerage agencies of any size and scale, set out in current regulations.

Work credit broker is implemented in two embodiments,. The first - the company is limited to the provision of consulting services. They, in turn, is to help the client when choosing a bank and loan conditions, preparation and drafting of the necessary documents. direct contact with the bank agency at the same time should not.

The second category of brokers specializing in collaboration, including with banking institutions. The main difficulty of this kind of business - careful choice of partner banks. A credit institution would agree to cooperate with the broker, if it already has positive experience with banking institutions, and his experience on the market has more than one year.

In this way, the organization of the scheme can provide several options for development. The first - to provide consulting services, working with private customers, and it does not have direct relationships with banks. The second way - to enter into a contract with a particular bank, and work directly on this brand. The second embodiment is technically a little more complex, but it is more profitable, and therefore popular in the industry brokerage services. In the second case, cooperation with the customer will be wider, rather than simple advice. This option provides for the issuance of tickets, reception and transmission of money.

Approximate agency work plan includes the following action plan:

  • – obtaining professional securities market participant license;
  • – conclusion of the contract with the management company on the implementation of agency activities;
  • – obtaining a power of attorney from the management company. It is this document will give brokers the base to carry out their duties;
  • – reporting on the activities and obtaining the agreement provided for the payment.

The new agency's history of successful relationships with credit institutions until. To the structure of the intermediary banks concerned, necessarily guarantee him a steady stream of customers. So, must promise monthly cause a certain amount of borrowers, backed promise serious arguments.

The spectrum of the new organization would include the main directions:

  • – management, financial consulting;
  • – marketing, including research and consulting activities;
  • – audit;
  • – advertisement, PR;
  • – evaluation;
  • – selection, staff development;
  • – educational activities and other destinations.

The wider is the scope of the agency from the beginning, the more competitive it will be in the future.

One of the potential sources of revenue for the brokerage agency - obtaining additional commission percentage, who will accompany the redemption of shares. According to the law, when shares redemption, brokerage company is entitled to deduct a certain percentage of shareholders. The maximum rate of such a commission - 3%. A particular rate of interest will depend on the rules, established a specific fund and investment terms.

Important aspects of the work credit broker – in the video:

Steps for opening a brokerage agency

When planning the development of the brokerage agency from scratch, should consider incremental steps since the business plan until they reach the break-even level. Schematically, this process can be described as follows:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, preparation of documentation preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
hiring employees production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
marketing campaign 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

In this regard, there may be some changes, including those relating to the timing of. However, this model will be used as the basis of the plan.

Location. Office

Having your own office - one of the most important arguments, able to convince the bankers that, that the broker is reliable, and therefore, be able to provide an adequate flow of customers. Market operators are using two different approaches. In the first case, the room is selected in close proximity to places of accumulation of potential customers - large retail outlets and automotive markets.

The second popular option - to open in the city center. There is located the majority of office centers and banks. The central location allows you to not tie yourself to a particular outlet and thereby increase the flow of customers, by place, accessible to all. in the center of the rental price is usually higher - 800-1200 rub. for quarter. m. (in sleeping areas - about 600 rub. for quarter. m.). It is possible to save on office space. Too large room credit bureau does not need initially quite 15- 20 quarter. m.

Office equipment enough:

  • – Workshop furniture and computer for every specialist;
  • – cabinets for documents and personal belongings of experts;
  • – furniture for visitors and customers

Be sure to equip an office-quality computer and office equipment, as well as internet and telephone connection.


Square 20 quarter. m will be enough to accommodate three managers, brokers. It will be part of key personnel agency.

The salary of managers is composed of salary (6-10 thousand. rub.) and the percentage of the transaction. The average manager receives from 0,5 to 1% the amount of each loan granted. Each of the managers need the table, chair, computer, phone. handy scanner, printer and copier (one for all). On the improvement of the workplace will have to spend about 40 thousand. rub. In addition to managers, the state will need a system administrator and an accountant. Tasks, dealing with these experts, you can outsource. IT-specialist may be coming - the duties he can perform 1 every 3 of the month.

Accountant better to take on the staff. Thus it is necessary to provide him with a good salary, to this specialist agency paid sufficient attention.

Search qualified manager can sometimes be difficult. Since the manager's job is associated with the filling of multiple documents, the key qualities of a good employee - Care and accuracy. The specialist should have a good deal in the loan processing procedure, be able to assess the solvency of the borrower.

The most common way out is to hire former employees of the credit departments of banks.. Another option - to take on the post graduate majors manager close (economic faculties) and teach them to practice independently. In any case it is necessary to develop its own system of training specialists.

Documents: registration and license

The need to obtain a brokerage license provided special Decree number 739 (,0&rnd=0.4590929293458641#029216484927093567. According to regulations, It must be the presence in the company's balance sheet equity (in addition to credit funds). The amount of such capital must be at least 10 million. rubles. In cases, when the agency is engaged in brokerage services on the securities market, a minimum rate of 50 million rubles. Besides, at registration of the license will pay a state fee in the amount of 20 million rubles.

Basic Rules, concerning brokering, set forth in the Federal Law № 39 "On the Securities Market" ( It defines the concept and measures broker qualification.

Valid license for 3 years old. Then it must be upgraded.

The package of documents, submitted to obtain a license, following:

  • – application with a completed application form;
  • – copies of all the constituent documents in accordance with the form of registered enterprises;
  • – copy of a document, which confirms the statement of the new company registration in the tax authority;
  • – payment order on the founder of the state fee;
  • – copy of the balance sheet at the time of the last reporting date, including a copy of a report of all income statement until the last reporting date;
  • – copies of documents, which confirm the presence of all employees and relevant qualifications, if necessary - a brokerage license;
  • – Help on persons, which are part of the board of directors or other governing body structure;
  • – copies of personal documents of the founders and a number of other documents. The exact list can be changed according to the new regulations, or depending on the spatial factor. Therefore, the package of documents in each case is to be recognized separately.

Another important requirement - according to Resolution № 32 (), brokerage company is obliged to maintain strict internal records of all committed for the benefit of customers' transactions.

In addition to special license, will design the company as a business entity. In the case of a brokerage agency only option would be a legal entity. The most appropriate form - Company. Register company with limited liability involves a separate procedure, performed by referring to the Federal Tax Service. There also need to fill out a form. it, in addition to the personal data of all founders, you need to provide the official name and address of the company, specify the type of activity, which is confirmed by the provision NACE code. The desired code can pick up on the current classifier.

The basic regulations, which will apply before opening a brokerage company, owned:

Resolution N 739 fine. market

Federal Law of 22.04.1996 N 39-FZ on the Securities Market

Financial part

Forecast revenues - an important part of the plan. Income is determined on the basis of cost calculation and analysis of the existing pricing policy on the market.

The average loan amount, issued through brokers, According to experts, reaches 250-350 thousand. rub. By Credit brokers are turning people, interested in large loans in this regard, you need to immediately develop an optimal credit product, which will be profitable and in demand for all parties.

The most popular consumer loans. On the second place in popularity – loans for the purchase of used cars. The lowest demand at the moment - for services in support of mortgage lending.

Credit bureaus are two payment system services extended. The first is to be credited to the client per cent of gross loans. The second involves a flat fee. If the bank refuses to lend to the customer, the company does not receive payment for services. This is one of the main risks. On average, full support until the loan costs to the customer in 5-10% of the loan amount.

The forecast income is based on the following factors:

  • – analysis of the demand in the market of brokerage services, study of consumer needs;
  • – the results of the market analysis of the relevant services;
  • – general conclusions about the state of the market of brokerage services.

In calculations using the lowest threshold of profitability, in order to avoid serious errors in determining the cost and terms of the business payback.

With reference to the first 24 Agency monthly earnings forecast activity will be as follows:

Period Type of service The volume of sales of services for 1 months., PC. price Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment for trading Reward 2 – 3 0,094 – 1,5% 2 220 000
1 – 12 monthly investment broker Fee 2 – 3 from 13% per annum 1 200 000
13 – 24 month operation for trading Reward To 10 0,094 – 1,5% 2 500 000
13 – 24 month operation broker Fee To 10 from 13% per annum 1 345 000

If the current market growth trends remain the same (12 – 15 % in year), Annual sales volumes grow by 41,6 million. rubles. It will be possible subject to the availability of highly qualified specialists and a well thought out strategy of the company.

The expenditure part of the business plan involves payments start-up costs and all further expenses for the maintenance and development of the company.

The content of the agency will cost somewhere in the 300 thousand. rubles per month. More detailed data on all projected expenses - Table:

item of expenditure Costs per month Expenses for the year lump-sum costs Total expenses for the year
rent (purchase) room (from 100 m) 1 500 000 1 500 000
Purchase of equipment 2 500 30 000 30 000
The acquisition of the brokerage license 5 000 000 5 000 000
Own funds 10 000 000 10 000 000
Purchase of computer equipment 270 000 270 000
Create site, hosting, scripts purchase 120 000 120 000
Advertising costs 50 000 600 000 100 000 600 000
Salary 1 900 000 22 377 000 22 377 000
taxes 561 000 6 729 000 6 729 000
Unexpected expenses 702 000 702 000
Total 1 918 000 32 980 000 7 722 000 40 599 000

The payback period depends on the quality of the broker - it is the opinion of most experts have. According to experts, At first the new market participant can only count on 15-20 visitors per month. But provided a high level of professionalism and competent marketing campaign, customer base is growing rapidly. Good work managers, active advertising campaign and a good office location guarantee credit brokers increase in the number of clients on 20% per month. At this rate the agency will pay for itself in three to four months.

One of the points of the expenditure part of the plan - TAX. Usually, expenditure will be standard here:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Fiscal year traditionally begins in January. according to 1 January of each year is calculated all the tax deductions, that the company will pay to the budget.

What risks await brokerage agency?

Any activity, related to financial transactions, banking and securities, is a high-risk. The most significant risk to the broker agency will:

  • – unstable situation on the financial market;
  • – a high barrier to entry to the market;
  • – lack of confidence of potential customers;
  • – increasing competition.

The high level of cost and the possibility of financial losses - the most important and dangerous risks, which do not allow for many new companies to survive in the market for over a year. To prevent this danger, necessary to produce accurate financial calculations, taking into account the profit with the lowest threshold of profitability.

How to declare itself on the market? Marketing and Advertising

Marketing research will begin with a study of the relevant industry. Primarily interested in the development of this line of business and its prospects. So first of all drawn to the level of demand and competition.

A significant negative impact on the market have two strong crisis - 2008 and 2013 – 2014 years. Despite, that 2013 , there was a strong decline in the state of the industry, with 2015 there has been a rise and an increase in activity in this direction. And as a successful player in the brokerage market it depends on the state of the national and world economies, exchange rates and other economic and financial characteristics of, marketing campaign requires serious analysis of all possible directions.

Brokinga feature credit in our country is, that he was a few years ago, he only appeared in Russia. It means, that the development in this direction is necessary to make considerable efforts, as experience in this field among domestic enterprises minimum. At the same time in this business until a few strong competitors.

The second negative aspect - underdeveloped demand. Citizens privately ill-informed about the possibilities brokinga, so while rarely apply to the specialized agencies, in an extreme case, choosing private specialist services.

According to preliminary estimates,, really active at this time developed a mortgage brokerage. Other areas require intensive development until.

That fact, that the market offers in the country is developing a much more active, than demand. Therefore, the primary task for today - the development of a set of measures on formation of consumer opinions and create potential customers conviction, that they get the right service they can only in a specific agency. achieve this, in addition to providing high-quality services, possible using professional advertising campaign.

The most effective for brokering recognized outdoor advertising. At the start of the case to order quite a few billboards, which will be placed near the office. Similarly, work placement of advertisements in subway trains and other public transport. But such advertising attracts only a certain category of target audience.

The second effective way, which is actively developing its capacity - the promotion of its services over the Internet. Be sure to create your own agency website. It will have the placement of information about the services, contact the organization and "secondary" articles about the types of loans and their characteristics. Site to be working, should entrust its development and promotion specialist, who will be responsible for including search engine optimization.

Still working in the media and advertising. But here you need to choose those sources, who read potential customers. Usually, This specialized magazines and newspapers.

However, one of the most efficient and reliable ways of attracting and retaining customers is the creation of a positive reputation in the market.

Speaking about the growth of the industry now and in the future, As of today, analysts called the index 12 – 15% and to 20% projected to 2019 g. For Moscow, the deficit of enterprises of this kind of activity is estimated at 1500 units. In Russia as a whole, this figure stands at just over 5 thousand.

According to the business plan, project on the discovery and development of brokerage agencies will be profitable and promising idea. The main conditions for the successful establishment and operation of the company will be the availability of credit and own funds of the founder, as well as the opportunity to pick a team of highly qualified specialists. the main thing, it is necessary to head this business - good organizational and personal qualities, as well as deep knowledge of the chosen field. Success will largely depend on the ability to plan for all phases of the business and anticipate potential risks and difficulties.

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