FC Business Plan

FC Business Plan
Free business plan Football Club
Free business plan Football Club

The purpose of a business plan - economic evaluation of the football club project, its level of analysis of the viability and profitability, and - providing potential lenders or investors. The plan being studied market conditions and the level of demand for the selected activity, carried out financial calculations and to create an effective marketing strategy. It also assessed the possible risks of this type of business and are considered possible sources of funding for the project.

General project information

Term creation and implementation of the project - 2 of the year. During this period, several major objectives to be achieved:

  1. – creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  2. – obtaining a high and stable earnings;
  3. – meeting the demand of potential consumers in the chosen market segment, who are both professionals in the football industry, and fans of the game.

Detailed financial calculations enterprises are represented in a special paragraph of the document. The basic parameters, the underlying business plan, following:

  1. – period since the founding of the club to obtain a stable profits - 24 of the month. It is at this period commercial loan is issued in the bank;
  2. – additional sources of funding for the project - assistance to investors and sponsors, founder of the own;
  3. – The total cost of the project (and the approximate size of a commercial loan) – 73,5 million rubles;
  4. – at an interest rate, laid down in the plan, at the rate of 17,5 % mortgage payments (income of the investor) will be from 5 million rubles and more;
  5. – loan payments will be made starting from the first months of the club's activities;
  6. – payback period - about 11 months;
  7. – the overall economic effect of the project within the specified lifecycle - from 50 millions 85 thousand.

In this way, nature of the enterprise can be defined as an organization to provide services to entertainment by organizing sporting events. To expand the field of activity and increase in the income level, you can enter additional services.

Football club as a business

Football club applies to companies sports and entertainment. Its main goal - the organization of sport and recreational activities, intended for members and fans of the sport. The demand for companies in this kind of activity is due to the huge popularity of football among people of all ages and social groups.

Football Club - an expensive project, Therefore, despite the significant prospects and a high level of income, not many entrepreneurs choose for themselves a startup. This leads to a relative vacant niches, which in turn increases the chances of new organizations to take a leadership position. Nevertheless, the study of the relevant market sector and the level of competition will be the immediate stage. Next, be sure to assess the level of costs for equipment Stadium. Including worth consider the option of renting the stadium and ready to compare the costs with the costs coming, necessary for the construction of the complex from scratch. The second embodiment is uniquely more expensive at the start, but it gives more freedom in the design and technical equipment, and eventually begins to generate higher net income.

On the whole, the payback period of the football complex 1 year, but more precise calculations are presented in the financial part of the document.

The main aspects of the creation of a football school from scratch – video:

Stages of a football club

Aspiring entrepreneurs seem to many opportunities to build a sports complex, its equipment and promotion. To properly calculate the time and financial issues, kindly requested to paint all the stages of business creation and development.

The main stages of the creation of the football club, expired for the first 24 months of the, include:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 days
selection of the location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 1 of the month
recruitment production activity To 30 days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
marketing, advertising campaign 30 calendar days To 360 days
End of project 12 – 24 months

period 24 months is not accidental - the results of special investigations even in the presence of adverse conditions and under high demand with the right marketing campaign football club will become self-sufficient and will become profitable.

Preparation of material and technical base

When planning the creation of a football club, should immediately consider all possible ways of development in the future and focus on the conduct of serious matches and training future athletes. To do this, it is important to prepare a modern material and technical base. To this end, the description of the project include a plan for stadium equipment, spectator stands and other required attributes of any football club.

Key organizational steps are as follows

– development and creation of the stadium. His arena should be equipped in accordance with the requirements of UEFA, that is, to meet international standards with regard to size, as well as being light and dynamic;

– preparation of a football field. In accordance with the same international standards, field should be set by the UEFA regulations Sizes, It is equipped with a natural grass and lateral paths established parameters. To maintain the high quality of the lawn, over the stands with mounted sunshields translucent coating, and fresh air can be achieved, placing special ventilation corridors at the level of the field coverage. Besides, according to the standards, football field can consist of artificial grass of special composition. Usually the cost of creating a lawn includes a full range of, including folding and assembly of the coating by using special materials, filling with sand and rubber granulate, and the preparation of the markup;

– creation and design of stands. Arena standard parameters calculated for 2 tier spectator stands, which in total have 42 thousand seats. It is better, If the form is oval rostrum - so all spectators will be provided with good visibility. It is planned to divide the podium at 4 sector, one of which is provided to the visiting team fans. Separately it is necessary to place the elite sector for specific audiences and the press. Usually, This zone should be located in the western part, where a review is considered the best. It also will provide a greater distance between the rows (90-100 cm versus 80 See the rest of the ranks). The upper rows of the west stand to be prepared to accommodate press and commentators, Why create the necessary technical conditions. The stadium should be placed two video walls for the broadcast of the match;

– the creation of distribution galleries. On distance 8 m above the ground must be equipped with a distribution gallery, by which viewers will be able to move to the lower tier. It is important to follow, Gallery to meet safety requirements, including must be able to evacuate visitors. It is in the distribution gallery is conveniently open clinic, toilets, point of sale of food and souvenir merchandise. In addition, for fans visiting team should prepare not only a separate entrance on the sector, but separate toilets, canteens and other areas, as well as a separate distribution gallery;

– multilevel West Stand. At the top - the fourth, is located a place for the press, on the third - a closed and more comfortable presidential box, calculated on 36 places, one or two levels lower - other facilities for the press and VIP boxes. At the second level should plan business lodges, which differ less comfort level in comparison with the Presidential, but presented simultaneously in several sectors. At the first level, you can build a business club, in which to continue holding thematic events.

For special occasions it is desirable to further equip the sports-concert hall. The stadium had elite format, preferably on -1 level to equip underground parking for 110 Places with the prospect of enlargement. On the same level may be changing rooms for athletes and officials, press center and other areas of technical designation.

Availability of sports and concert hall provides the opportunity to conduct a number of activities, including press conferences and concerts, as well as the arrangement of the individual areas for other sports - tennis tournament or volleyball.

equipping stadium, provide separate areas to accommodate office space, which will operate the management and administrative staff.

Proper attention should be given zone around the stadium - there should be enough space for parking on 3500 cars. Geographical location of the complex is also important because, many spectators and participants come to their own transport, and therefore, each car requires easy access and the ability to quickly park. No less important and convenient transportation. Matches to attend as many as possible, it is desirable to open a nearby stadium to the city center or, if the complex will be located in the country, ensure convenient transport.

FC Business Plan
FC Business Plan

To sum up a list of equipment, which will be purchased for the opening of the football club and stadium equipment, the list is as follows

  1. – directly to the stadium and the equipment for it;
  2. – video walls and related equipment for maintenance. The choice of video walls and other electronics and communications should be made taking into account the current trends - the picture quality will depend on the state of the art, which sees the audience. Usually, recommend to get video wall well-known companies, among them - the Japanese firm NEC;
  3. – football field and its equipment. field quality largely determines the level of the stadium and the club as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to entrust the creation of specialized companies;
  4. – goal, balls and other equipment;
  5. – sportswear and shoes for football players;
  6. – bus to transport athletes.

All equipment, clothes, footwear and equipment must meet basic safety requirements - without the presence of the professional equipment the athletes will not be able to achieve success.

The next important stage - the selection of qualified personnel. The collective basis - talented and experienced players and coach. But the company's success also depends on the awareness and initiative of the governing personnel segment. So, it is the quality of the administration of the organization of the matches will depend on the overall impression, who will receive athletes and visitors. And that, how professionally conducted marketing campaign, a direct impact on the number of tickets sold, so - and on the level of income.

business Registration

FC Business Plan
FC Business Plan

Football club can not function without a number of constituent documents and permits. first, than you need to do before the opening of the company - registration with the tax office. The optimal solution will be the opening of a legal entity - it is better to issue the company into an open joint-stock company format, or OOO.

Creating Ltd. provides for the preparation of a number of constituent documents. Among them - the articles of association, the decision to establish the organization and appointment of the head, Minutes of meeting of founders (need, only if the founders will be some) and a number of other, the list of which is available from the Department of the Federal Tax Service. Preparing the required documents, must complete a registration statement on a special form and, making the authorized capital and pay the prescribed fee, apply to the experts tax service. When filling out the application shall contain the code Classifier NACE. To select a suitable occupation, necessary to examine the actual document: OKVED2_10052018.

If the list of documents is complete, as well as all requirements, fully decorated Ltd. will be considered later, 2 – 3 of the week, when the applicant will be given a ready-made constituent documents. starting a business can not be up to this point.

The second important aspect - design football club in specialized Football Association, which must demonstrate compliance with the new structure of the existing norms. If the club does not open in the capital, can get permission of the local football organization.

When the equipment and the opening of the stadium of any size and format required to obtain special permission of the controlling bodies - fire and sanitation service. Especially it concerns complexes, including not only directly stadium with several technical rooms, but also in terms of catering and other functional areas. If the stadium will be sold alcohol, necessarily before the activities get a special license.

Marketing Plan Business Plan FC

At the core of the marketing campaign will be a preliminary study of the market conditions, its current state, dynamics and prospects. One factor, influencing the development of sports in the country, including football, a crisis, which took place in 2008 – 2009 respectively, and then resumed in 2014. In the current crisis ebbed, whereas the main areas of the economy continues to develop. The same applies to football. This sports and entertainment destinations are not losing popularity among the population, so, according to statistics, experiencing a new phase of recovery. Despite, that our country does not belong to football leaders, the pace of development of the playing of the sport show good results. However, Leadership position even among the national sports complexes gives a high and stable income.

A successful marketing strategy involves the development of the sports market in the four major segments - sale of tickets for the event, the right to broadcast matches, sponsorship and merchandising. The more developed the football in the country and the more prestigious the specific sports club, the more income brings sponsorship. Placement of advertising banners in the stadium during the game - one of the most important items of revenue, therefore, this feature should be developed from the discovery of an object.

The most important way to increase revenue is traditionally the sale of tickets for the matches. To increase the volume of ticket sales, should make an effort to expand the target audience. In this direction, internet advertising is working effectively, mass media, distribution of leaflets and flyers, as well as promotions and discounts on tickets.

according to statistics,, the most effective advertising methods recognized:

  • – advertising in specialized media, to maximize the reach target audience;
  • – development and sale of products with the symbol of the club - T-shirts, accessories, cups and printing;
  • – placement sponsorship information at the stadium and video wall;
  • – development of the site with a further active promotion and the creation of a forum for fans, that provides an additional involvement of the target audience;
  • – broadcast games on television and radio;
  • – related infrastructure.

Particular attention in the club's advertising should focus on online promotion, broadcast of the match on television, and well-organized work with sponsors.

Developing a marketing strategy, should be specific and the number of potential audience. Considering, that the country's total population is about 143 million people, and the approximate number of currently existing football clubs - about 1200 units, conclusions can be drawn regarding the prospects of relatively high and the presence of a relatively free niche. So, Market research shows, that the global growth of this industry in the amount of 4,7% in Russia the same figure slightly lower at 3,5 %. According to the results of the same research, that service has become socially significant, the number of users is expected to reach by 1% of the total population and more. In this way, potential audience in our country is over 780 thousands of people. These data show, that the success of the football club will depend largely on the quality of the marketing campaign and a properly constructed reputation in the market.

One of the favorable trends may be the development of youth football, including the opening of the children's football school. About this theme – video below:

Financial plan business plan Football Club

The financial part of the several important points are considered business plan:

  • -industry pricing and predictable level of income;
  • – start and continued investments in business;
  • – level of profitability, the payback period of the enterprise and the overall profitability of the business.

The first will examine the ground state of the market and bases of activity of major competitors. Including - the existing pricing policy. Most football clubs have the following pricing policy:

tribune sector price, rubles
Article club Not a member of the club
D, C D3 900 Not for sale
C C2, C3 2 500 4 500
C C1 1 200 2 500
A VIP4 21 500
A VIP3 (family) Adult + child up 14 s = 1 600
A A3, A4 2 adults + child up 14 s = 26 000
C Business lodges (30 places) 110 000 – 1 a place
C Business lodges (15 places) 110 000 – 1 a place

Predicted structure of income will be calculated based on several factors, have the greatest impact on the level of demand and profits:

  • – analysis of the dynamics and level of popularity of football as a sport and mass entertainment games;
  • – analysis of the current market;
  • – general information regarding the state of the market in the country.

In drawing up the plan for the sale of services and calculation of benchmarks revenue will be considered the lowest threshold of profitability, taking into account the possible risks and force majeure. With these features of the plan of services for the settlement period (1 – 24 of the month) as follows:

Period type service name The volume of sales per month (PC.) price, rub. Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment Implementation of tickets for matches – Seats in a stadium;

– number of goals;

– Stadium filling percentage (42 thousand. seating seats)

1 700 – 10 000 1,7 – 10 million.
1 – 12 monthly investment Sale of club cards Regular contributions of club members 900 – 120 thousand 900 thousand. – 1,2 million.
1 – 12 monthly investment Sponsorship and Promotional Items Lump sum contributions of sponsors and patrons According to the price list for sponsorship services 55 million.
13 – 24 month operation Implementation of tickets for matches – Seats in a stadium;

– number of goals;

– Stadium filling percentage (42 thousand. seating seats)

1 900 – 120 000 from 5,5 million.
13 – 24 month operation Sale of club cards Regular contributions of club members 1 000 – 144 000 1,2 million.
13 – 24 month operation Sponsorship and Promotional Items Lump sum contributions of sponsors and patrons According to the price list for sponsorship services 55 million.

The plan provided for the condition, that this market segment will maintain its activity and high levels of demand and profitability over the 2-year term of the project. In this case, the pace of the popularity of football and the rate of purchase of tickets will remain valid indicator of 3,7 to 6,7 % in year, which will lead to an annual increase in sales volume in the amount of 805 million. and more. It is taking into account such factors, not forgetting the influence of foreign and internal negative factors, You can come to the main conclusions of the business plan.

The business plan and provide for the basic costs of opening and promotion of the football club on the market at the initial stage, and in the first month and the year of.

Overall project costs, calculated in rubles:

item of expenditure 1 month 1 year One-time costs, rub. Total for the year, rub.
rent, land purchase, premises 1,5 million.
Laying football field with artificial turf (M size 100x70) 6 million. 790 thousand
Purchase of equipment for soccer field 192,4 thousands
Buying shape and sports equipment (10 PC.) 159,5 thousands
Purchase of bus transportation for the team (1) 3,3 million.
Create site, payment hosting 120 thousand 120 thousand
Constant advertising costs 50 thousand 600 thousand 100 thousand 600 thousand
Salary (on 12 months) to 60 million. 719,5 million. 719,5 million.
taxes (12 months) Over 18 million. 216,3 million. 216,3 million.
Unexpected expenses 1 million. 216 thousand 1 million. 216 thousand
in total More 60 million. More 72 million. 13 million. 378 thousand 733 million. 346 thousand

The overall financial conclusion requires investments amounting to more than 60 million in the first month of the organization and over 733 million - in the first year. It was at this time it is necessary to realize the potential of the company as much as possible and to enhance interest in the potential audience to a new project, in turn, offering high-quality competitive services.

The tax will not be part of the main, but an important part of the overall project plan. Regardless of the specifics and scope of activities of the payment of taxes is required for each private enterprise. The tax period begins in January of each year, and from that moment it begins the deduction laid payment of such items:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

To summarize to the research your chosen industry and the prospects for this type of activity as a football club, Several conclusions. This company belongs to the high-risk and requires significant financial investments for startups. But at the same time with proper and competent marketing campaign Football Club a year later after the start of full return on investment and the end of a two-year period, under the project, It will be highly profitable and highly profitable venture. Throughout all stages, from preparation to active business development, should keep abreast of the dynamics of supply and demand, enabling timely response to market changes.

Creating a small football field with artificial turf – video:

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