Bowling business plan

Bowling business plan
Bowling business plan
Bowling business plan

What information should contain a business plan for bowling?

Summary of the business plan of opening the bowling with zero

This project - a plan for the creation of a private enterprise for the organization of bowling 24 of the month. First of all, list the key points of the process of creating a business plan for the launch of bowling business plan from scratch.

In the first place there is the project idea, and objectives of the project, such as:

  1. Creation of an enterprise with high level of profitability.
  2. Receiving a profit legal way, indicating the legal address, Head of passport data and project founder, Employee Information.
  3. The satisfaction of consumer demand for entertainment filling the niche by creating a bowling club in Russia.
  4. Finding and conclusion of contracts with investors.
  5. Project cost: 3 4200 000 rub.
  6. financing of the project: By obtaining a commercial loan in the amount of 3 4200 000 rub.
  7. payback period: 2 of the year.
  8. investor income is 2 198 179,91 rub.
  9. Payment of interest on the loan starting from the first month of this project.
  10. Repayment begins with the first month of the project. This fact is entered in this business plan to facilitate understanding of the structure for calculating the flow regulation discounted cash flow and.
  11. Implicit interest rate on borrowings 14 %. Should be considered, that at present banks are reviewing the rate of interest for investment projects downward.
  12. The total amount of accrued interest will be 2 198 179,91 rubles.
  13. The payback period from the beginning of the project 6 months
  14. Payback period with discounting 2 of the year.
  15. The overall economic benefits of the project for the life cycle of a conditional 147 387 904,24 rub.

Stages of the project business plan for bowling

stages of the project Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1,5-2 of the year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month 1-30 banking days
Getting credit Having a proper set of documents 30 calendar days
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities The conclusion of the investment agreement 1-30 calendar days
Selection of locations and documentation preliminary work 30 calendar days
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement 1-30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds 1-30 calendar days
recruitment production activity 1-30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process 1-30 calendar days
Conducting marketing company 360 calendar days 1-360 calendar days
End of project 1-2 of the year

algorithms action, prescribed in the business plan

In the business plan registered the following actions to start a business algorithms:

  1. The methods and techniques of analysis target audience, drawing up a portrait of the ideal customer, its solvency ratio.
  2. Business Registration in the state regulatory and tax authorities.
  3. Hiring qualified employees, able to fulfill customer wishes and be ready to work. Another item of expenditure considered hiring employees. Specialists will take the vacant positions on a competitive basis, As employees of the total, maintenance and temporary nature with a decent competitive pay. Nominations applicants for the position will be reviewed within 30 calendar days.
  4. services, now rendered.
  5. The choice of the enterprise size.

project costs (in rubles.)

Name expenditure cost of


per month in year Edikovre meline


in total



lease of premises from 800


500 000 6 000 000 1 000 000 7 000 000
Purchase of equipment for bowling, (depreciation) 10 1 25 000 30 000 000 30 000 000
Acquisition Bowling center control equipment 1 30 000 30 000
Site, hosting, purchase of the necessary scripts, 1 120 000 120 000
Constant advertising costs 12 750 000 9 000 000 9 000 000
Salary 12 735 930 8 831 160 8 831 160
including. taxes 12 234 800 2 817 600 2 817 600
Unexpected expenses 2 150 000 2 150 000
in total: 2 110 930 23 831 160 31 150 000 57 131 160

The main company risks

Business Plan Bowling Club – risks

business Urgency

Bowling is one of the most accessible and popular types of active entertainment in the capital.

The reasons for the popularity of bowling:

  1. Availability of opportunities to play for each. The game does not require any special skills, expensive equipment and long preliminary training. Features are learned during the development of well-aimed shots at the pins.
  2. clear rules.
  3. A good workout all muscle groups. Besides, train accuracy, eye and dexterity.
  4. Chances are good and have fun with your friends.

Bowling - a sufficiently extreme and safe entertainment for a broad target audience. This is an additional opportunity to socialize and compete with friends in a pleasant atmosphere. In these clubs, you can easily significantly expand the circle of contacts, including at the expense of advanced interactive technologies. All the rules and game consoles, and management as simple and understandable.

According to experts, Market bowling clubs today is undergoing a number of changes and is in a state of stagnation: many clubs bowling sports orientation ceased to exist in Europe, and in Russia. Becomes less sensitive sports clubs - are replaced by hybrid institutions - bowling boutiques and entertainment venues. After the renovation of institutions, their income has increased several times. So, furniture was purchased, indoor celebrations have been held, corporate parties and birthdays. In this case, in addition to bowling the hosts offer guests a number of other active entertainment.

In the United States Bowling firmly entrenched in the top ten of the most popular forms of sports entertainment. Student bowling segment developed very well - so, parents think through in advance the future of their child, when it is given in the section of sports of bowling - in children, which showed the highest results during training, It has a chance to get a grant to receive free higher education in selected higher education institution from the list of proposed.

In such European countries as Britain, Germany and some Scandinavian countries, Bowling is included in the compulsory program of school as one of the sports disciplines.

types of bowling

main (classic) Game types bowling

  • Bowling five pin. Different number of pins, the value of the throw and the amount of.
  • Kendlpin bowling, it uses a certain type of pins, shaped like a candle.
  • Dakpin bowling, where the shape resembles a duck pins. This form of pins gives it greater stability, it is more difficult to knock off 1 blow. Balls in this form of bowling used a little more light, than usual.
  • road bowling, in which the two participants compete. They both ride the same color ball. He gets the win, who shot down the larger number of pins in fewer shots.
  • bowling 10 kegley. The most popular form of the game, in which the pins are set in the form of an equilateral triangle. Weight of the ball in a game can be up to 7 kilograms, track – length 18 m. The maximum score for one player - all 10 pinfall at a time.

Necessarily the presence point of catering - it is important to, to food court area was opened directly by the owner of business - inviting subtenants in such a case is extremely risky. If such points are previously brought to 50% revenue, today they account for up to 70% profits from the total amount.

standard margin can be up 200%, and opening a small point of food and beverage (food and drink) It will mean getting more good profit - after active games played good appetite. It is possible to prohibit bringing drinks and sandwiches with a. food court format will depend not only on the concept of the bowling club, but also on the amount of funds invested by businessman - this can be a standard fast food with french fries and hamburgers, but can - a complete plant with hot and cold. Since the target audience bowling clubs - people from 25 to 45 years old, who are able to provide for themselves, We need to consider the availability of such parts, as a playroom for children. Its content can be very different - from soft labyrinths and a trampoline park format "mini" to the hammocks with free Wi-Fi and good internet, where teenagers can hang, who are tired of chasing balls. For, the club had the potential to expand, kindly requested to lease an area of ​​not less than 500 square meters.

According to experts, previously been popular places to the number of lanes from six to twelve. Today, the concept of business changes, and it is possible to remove the bowling club room for accommodation 2-6 tracks. Proceeds will increase the number of other forms of entertainment - to this type of business should be approached comprehensively today.

Changed the preferences of the target audience of clubs: if earlier bowling was considered extremely active type of activities, today you need to offer greatly expanded range of services, which should include a catering area and the opportunity to play on the machines.

Choosing bowling concept

Generally, experts are several general concepts bowling clubs.

  1. Family institutions.
  2. Clubs for professional athletes.
  3. Institution for youth.
  4. Bowling club with bar elements, restaurant, cafes, etc..

The most difficult part in this kind of business is to secure high-quality equipment and the selection of premises for the start. The main criterion for selection of the required space is considered to be its value and the absence of a number of direct and indirect competitors. Another desirable location near buildings, convenient transportation and proximity to subway stations.

Selection of premises

For the most favorable place all the necessary elements of the club will need room for at least 500 square meters, Some experts put the figure 800 premises square meters. Most often, to accommodate a bowling club business absorb the last floors of large shopping centers, however, there is need to pay substantial rent amount. Cheaper and more convenient option for beginners in business, you can call the premises of the former cinema, palaces of culture,

Primary requirements, you need to study and which are generally imposed by Roskomnadzor and SES premises for such purpose, We set out here:

  1. Basic Documentation for the opening activities
  2. On approval of the Guidelines on the application of the Russian Federation budget classification
  3. Federal-Law-on-08.08.2001-N-129 FZ-red.-of-31.12.2017
  4. Federal-Law-on-04.05.2011-N-99-FZ-red.-of-31.12.2017
  5. Federal Law of 03.07.2016 N 290-FZ (row. from 27.11.2017

among the features, which should be considered when renting / building space to accommodate a bowling center, are the following: Zone placement customers must withstand a load of not less than three hundred kilograms 1 square meter, basic equipment layout area must support the weight ot500 kg / square meter of premises. Bearing structures must be located at a great distance from each other. Especially important is this detail to accommodate the area directly tracks for the game. For, to serve 2-6 tracks, It requires the same number of employees. With the increase in the number of tracks you can install additional interactive console, that will govern the customer to change lanes and avoid so their downtime or uneven filling. Important! Pair number of tracks served by a single console, therefore, to establish a number of tracks will be cheaper.

experts note, that the greater the number of tracks in the club, the faster the business goes to the breakeven level and begins to make a profit. Besides, an increased number of tracks significantly reduces the cost of each of them.

For additional income, As we have already mentioned above, It can be equipped with a video game for children / adolescents and accommodate special track for children's / teen games. The main income of the club brings load game tracks customers. It is determined by the simplified formula: the average number of hours per day loading track. The most profitable time at the club is considered to be the night, Friday, and weekends. At this time, you can significantly increase the prices for the use of tracks. More 70 percent profit brings bowling bar and restaurant, but 25 - the use of tracks. In this kitchen organization, installation of slot machines and other forms of modern entertainment will create an additional source of income - so, Organization of corporate parties can fill the bowling club to capacity.

Financial Plan Business Plan Bowling

Accounting system

The financial year of the company starts in January. project Currency: rubles (rub.)

The main taxes paid

Name base Period Rate
Tax on profits Profit Month 20%
NDS added

cost of

Month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule of payments 2,2 %
podhodnyh tax wages fund month 13%
Social payments wages fund month 34%


Bowling equipment and miniboulinga

Choice and the cost of equipment for bowling

Track, completely renovated in accordance with the requirements of modern customers, It can cost up to a novice businessman 1 000 000 rubles. So, club in the area 500 quarter. meters with 4 lanes will cost about 10 000 000 rubles, it will pay for itself through 3 years at least.

Modern business can not be imagined without a set of programs, facilitating the work of the institution and ensuring its financial security

Forms and types of software for bowling

  • player entertainment system BES X.
  • Management Console bowling ConquerorPro.
  • Conqueror Universal.
  • MMS multimedia system.
  • Emergency call system TCS.
  • Ticket issuing system Redemption.
  • X console BES.


  • Пинспоттер Xli EDGE.
  • Пинсеттер TMS.


Professional track

  • Lanes SPL II and track MAD

    Bowling Club Business Plan
    Bowling Club Business Plan
How to choose equipment for bowling club business plan
How to choose equipment for bowling club business plan

equipping the tracks

  • Children bumpers Durabowl.
  • Detectors foul RADARY.
  • Multicolored running lights.
  • Systems ball vykata.


Care pathways

  • Machine care paths EZ Touch and Summit S-Series

masking panel

  • MASQ.


  • Harmony Infinity.
  • Harmony Synergy.
  • Floor coverings.

Minibouling New Highway66

Possible in order to save time searching for specialists to order ready-made interior solutions from various companies on the design of design projects


  • balls.
  • ninepins.
  • Professional footwear for players of any age, gender and level of training.


Business Plan Bowling Club
Business Plan Bowling Club

Modern technologies, used in the entertainment business segment, not only help to solve all the key issues of attracting customers, optimization of bowling, fixing the basic and indirect costs, but also the direct experience of many years of research and collaboration with leading Bowling Club America, Europe, and CIS countries.

The advantages of using the latest developments in the entertainment business:

  1. Fast and efficient operation of bowling and other entertainment in the entertainment center is provided.
  2. Fixation and control of cash and non-cash payment for the provision of services and good security at several levels against unauthorized hacking, replacing the data or the deliberate concealment.
  3. Fast and efficient creation of a complete customer database, effective marketing tool. Earning automatic bonuses and gifts to players, fixing liberated to play tracks and alert customers, waiting for their turn.
  4. The system also automatically makes SMS and mail-newsletter, notify you of new promotions and loyalty programs for clients of your bowling club

Recommend this also, to start a business on the following guidelines:

  • Scale of charges has been set up convenient and transparent as possible for the client - the people today are very demanding with regard to the, for which they give their money.
  • Providing the ability to quickly control the state of the tracks and the ability to book them at a convenient time for the customer via the Internet
  • Possibility to control personnel.
  • Organization and conduct of leagues and tournaments for professionals and amateurs.

Easy and quick control paths provide high-quality software equipment. modules, associated with the control track, interacts with the booking system, waiting lists, system "Emergency Call" and other modules, allowing real-time to see everything, what is happening in the bowling center, and to provide quality service and a pleasant pastime visitors.

Ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world guarantees a full control over all, what is happening in the center of, including income, in real time. Built-in R-keeper allows you to fully synchronize with a bowling alley management system authentication restaurants and entertainment complexes R-keeper.

Examples of equipment and price catalogs at it you can see here:

  1. Minibouling
  2. Minibouling 2
  3. Catalog of bowling alleys

Preparation of the design project business plan for the bowling club

For, that the business brings a stable and recurring income, you must pay attention to the following conditions of installation and preparation of the premises for the installation of equipment:

  1. Provide protection from the adverse effects of atmospheric phenomena, in other words, you need to fully protect the installation site from moisture, dust and other factors through the wall and other structures plasterboard.
  2. before, than sign a lease / purchase of premises, check the wiring condition. Stability requires the uninterruptible power supply. Powered by generators or electrical installation of temporary structures is not permitted.
  3. Needed constant light sources to ensure quality installation of lighting and other structures.
  4. Provide complete safety equipment, prepared for installation.
  5. such factors, as having serviceable heating, ventilation and air-conditioning is almost always, It will provide not only high-quality equipment installation, but also save you from future problems. Not well-established climate control systems in preparation for the opening of the business will result in equipment damage and reducing its performance.
  6. Be careful with the presence of parking trucks, Debris removal, expansion of doorways.

on the video: How does the bowling

Calculation of play equipment sizes


The generally accepted standard size 25,35 m. from the takeoff area to the rear of pinspotter. Zone Length of start usually reaches 4,9 m. Standard path reaches a length generally (from the foul line to the pin deck rear) – 19,2 m. The presence pinspotter requires additional 1,2 m.

Counting the total size of the equipment for bowling, it is also necessary to take into account the presence of variables such as the passage for personnel (is provided for the purpose of access to the rear of the pinspotter for repair and maintenance, also there is the presence of free space can be stored equipment for other equipment) and a seating area for players, which typically consists of several comfortable chair or sofa. For recreation area sufficient to provide about 2 m. This distance is directly dependent on the number of players on the track, number of tracks, variations in arrangement of furniture, and its dimensions. The best option is considered to be a relaxation area, which will allow players to not cross the playing field in the process of moving.

Visually expand the space, you can use design tweaks - placing on the walls along the walkway mirrors, paintings or even windows.



Calculation of the space width of the bowling club


experts note, that the best option would be the extra space in the form of a passage width 0,9 meters along both sides of a bowling green. Door for technicians, leading in the technical area, for convenience, can be positioned at the end of the passage. Without a side passage technicians have to do tunneling by cupping over bollretornom, escape by crawling decorative masking panel and climb over pinspotter. If a small common room, that such an arrangement will not escape. Each additional pair of tracks, It comes after the eighth, It requires the addition of 3,3 m.

Data, in Table, are indicative and minimum to ensure the normal operation of the tracks. Aesthetics in these tables do not take into account the. Area is desirable to make the widest possible, especially if it is placed before 4 tracks. Qualitative foundation is of great importance for mounting tracks.

The basis for the subsequent installation of the track can serve slab of concrete with a layer of moisture barrier material at least 100 mm, wherein the drop plate level must be not more 15 mm over the entire area of ​​the bowling area. If the slope parameters are different in a big way, It is directly under the structural frame of the track need to put a number of acceptable materials, thereby providing the necessary level of surface horizontality.

All the necessary communications and highways, providing further installation and operation of equipment, They must be checked before pouring concrete, otherwise the consequences may be irreversible and result in a number of unforeseen high costs.

The main types of concrete foundations

  1. flat.
  2. With the deepening of.
  3. With trench.

The flat base

The flat base is the most common among bowling clubs. Between the base of the concrete floor and the frame is a ball return system - a distance of 42 cm. enough to accommodate other mechanisms. The flat base is perfect to accommodate a bowling club on the second and subsequent floors of buildings, as well as for the installation of the tracks in the already-built premises. This system is perfect for areas with high groundwater levels or increased risk of flooding.


  1. Ceiling height is reduced by 40 cm.
  2. floor level in a recreation area customers, and in the side aisles zone have to raise artificially or need to install steps (ramps)
  3. The sides of the tracks require finishing frame.

Concrete substrates with a recess


  • It can be used in the construction of a new building.
  • If the application is inadmissible steps.
  • When, if nessesary, to track the level of match with the rest of the floor surface.
  • To maintain a consistently high level of ceilings.


  • more complex, Consequently, more expensive work of building contractors.
  • It may be difficult due to the narrow walls of the recess or uneven.
  • The need to more accurately calculate all internal communications

The base of the trench


The base of this type is suitable in cases:

  • To convert the flat base.
  • When the ceiling height does not meet standards (it is located just below).
  • When installing the platform on a small rise.
  • If you can not make a hole in 42 cm. the entire area of ​​the future path.


  • More expensive work contractor.
  • The need to finish the frame sides of the tracks.

The organization of work of the bowling club on the upper floors of the shopping center, under pinspotter zone must be properly strengthened and reinforced. At the same time allowed to have floors made of wood and other materials for the game, and the total areas under the condition, they can ensure the safety of players and equipment. floor system must withstand the weight of the equipment and its vibrations. So, pinspottter each may have a weight up to 1100 kg. To check the possibilities of sexual floors is better to invite an outside expert - civil engineer, a licensed architect or.

Additional outbuildings

It is necessary to provide a convenient organized storage for shoes, accessories and care products.


The main project ceilings bowling club - is the observance of proportions between the total width and length of the room. Typically, the optimal ceiling height reaches 3-3,5m in a recreation area in the run-up area.


Acceptable, to the foundation of concrete located at a distance of up to 40 cm. below the track surface, depending on the type of substrate. Low ceilings can prevent the installation of the playground of interactive monitors suspended. In this case the monitors are not better placed over the heads of players, and on the side walls.

ceiling height above pinspotter should be up to Z m, but also be not less 2,4 m. Design ceiling is most often chosen in the form of teeth - this method provides the most optimal light distribution. Installing beams, arches and slopes also fills the space and make it more comfortable. Many modern design styles allow you to perform an open ceiling, through which visible beams and supporting structures. However, it is worth remembering, that such a design will increase the noise level in the room. Well-proven installation of fans over the seating area. Ceiling made in light colors, create a relaxed atmosphere and expand the space. Dark ceiling will require additional light sources.

CURTAINWALL - wall type “false”

This element of the decor immediately performs two useful functions: restrict client access to the equipment and helps to strengthen the back elements of power equipment units.

Price policy

Modern technologies allow to adjust the price of each game almost without effort. So, you can charge clients money as during track use, and for the number of games conducted by them. Good return gives way to price flexibility, depending on the time of day, holidays and weekends - so your restaurant will be able to visit more customers. Experts also note, that the so-called "happy hours", conducted in entertainment establishments, significantly increase the level of customer loyalty to an institution.

The system automatically adapts to each client and issue a check for payment at the end of the session games. Discounts can be assigned to groups of clients: So, students will pay less per game, than middle-aged people in the same day and the same playing time.

Modern software for entertainment centers will allow to manage
  1. safety system.
  2. Financial statements including tax.
  3. Time and staff efficiency.

Some of the accounting system used for security purposes, not only login / password, but also fingerprint data of the owner of the bowling club.

Business Plan Bowling Club – pricing

Marketing plan

Today, To really succeed in the marketplace in the entertainment industry, must use all available methods and ways to expand its customer base. The owners of bowling centers in America and Europe for a long time actively used redempshen system, which is designed to build customer loyalty on the basis of distribution of prizes for their victory - most often, it tickets for additional games. Equipment for such a system is simple and compact: each unit is able to serve simultaneously 2 tracks.

Redempshen system works well in bowling, where the focus is on the target audience of children and adolescents - the spirit of competition and the ability to exchange the ticket for a game or a memorable prize from the institution makes the client to return to the club again and again. The ability to integrate the bowling area and slot machines (entertainment centers for medium format). issuance of tickets can be configured, the client to get a prize just for a winning combination - for example,, Strike or spэr.


To ensure the efficient operation of bowling you will require the following staff:

  1. technicians (mechanics), who will monitor the smooth operation pinspotter
  2. Operators Pro-shop (increase in the percentage of sales, counseling and communication with customers, you need to hire an experienced specialist). The duties may also include drilling balls for games.
  3. Managing a bowling center
  4. junior staff (change managers, instructors, administrators), specialists and other cleaning services.

The main task of management of the bowling club - is to see to it, to track and not idle time smenivalis wishing to play.

Installation and delivery of equipment should only specialists - scratches on the cover and shortfall when equipped adversely affect the timing of the launch of business and further income entrepreneur. If the equipment is purchased in the "second-hand" format, specialist should evaluate the level of wear and calculate the term continued operation and eventual repair of this equipment. Quality equipment will not require any maintenance for at least 20 years old.



The use of technology in the club

One of the novelties, which are relatively new to the entertainment market - an interactive bowling. It looks like this: computerized system tracks the movement of the ball and, accordingly, this changes to video track. This technology will add another 12 000-14 000 USD to the regular price of a track.

The target audience

According to statistical data, obtained by interviewing a popular bowling clubs, more 85% customers entertainment, think, that the main thing in bowling - have fun leisure. Wherein 38% respondents indicated, that an important part of the selection of the club is to provide gambling and the opportunity to compete. 79% respondents are happy to share pictures and videos with the bowling club with their friends in real-time.

factors, which influence the choice of the venue for leisure target audience bowling clubs:

  • 74% respondents indicated, that it is extremely important and comfortable atmosphere, where you can sit back and relax.
  • 58% the respondents said, what they like to do some light bowling game, It does not require too much nervous tension and physical strength.

Important, that your club has provided:

  1. Automatic display of information about the newly independent tracks.
  2. Convenient numbered tracks.
  3. Readability of the text lines on the screen (there should be at least two).
  4. customizable background.
  5. Information on modes, in which there is one or the other path: open play, your tracks, competitions.

Some modern console for bowling clubs have advanced functionality, allowing:

  1. Making instant photo and use the table next to your name, or as a background.
  2. You can upload photos using the host computer or from the web camera to the central rack.
  3. The possibility of image processing and simple import photos / pictures.
  4. The possibility of individual choice format tables and packages with animated screensavers.

Your target audience, regardless of age and level of affluence, wants entertainment, and people do not care, What technical or innovative means you will provide it to them. Customers need a modern game with a nice interface, the possibility of rapid response personnel and the development of new methods of communication. People are willing to pay for the provided service and pleasant emotions, but it is worth remembering, they have now become more selective and demanding.


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