Business tour plan

Business tour plan
Business tour plan
Business tour plan

Tour operators offer business plan free. The active development of tourism contributes to the demand for the services of travel agencies and tour operators. Opening the tour operator provides certain organizational nuances and complexities, however, if done right, you can achieve fast payback and high profitability. tour operator business plan provides for the assessment of the economic efficiency of the investment project, its prospects and trends. The same document can be offered as a commercial offer in the negotiations with potential lenders or investors.

Features of the tour operator business plan

The project is a series of steps to create a tour operator for a period of 2 of the year. Objectives of the project can be described as:

– creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;

– high profits;

– meeting the needs of the relevant market segment of consumers.

For the creation and development of the company founder need more financial support bank lending. Therefore, before the opening of the company it planned to take a commercial loan. Details of the financial plan set out in the relevant section. Defining the moments following:

– the required size of the loan - 3 million 610 thousand rubles - the amount, which estimated the total cost of the project;

– term return on investment (with discount) – 2 of the year, initial investments pay off in the first 3 months;

– the interest rate on the loan - 16%. This rate is in the process of revising downward;

– The yield of the investor (the total amount of interest paid during the period) - from 316 thousand. Payment of interest on the loan will start from the first month of the company;

– the overall economic effect of the project specified expiration date reached 43 million rubles.

In general, regardless of the scale of the company and especially its work nature of the organization can be defined as an enterprise, providing tourism services.

Tour Operator: general characteristics

The activities of the tour operator is in the drafting stages and complex services for users. The tour operator creates and offers offers various nature lovers leisure and travel, developing tourist routes and sets the pricing policy, It is engaged in the preparation of promotional and informational publications and sometimes organizes weddings abroad. In this case, the tour operator is not engaged in direct sales of services to the end user - generated transmit tours travel companies for their further sale. In this function, and the difference between the tour operator and travel agency, which sells ready-made tours.

Sometimes a company can expand its activities, combining the functions of operator and travel agent. But in most cases on the market today, these areas are divided. It cooperates directly with an operator of tourist facilities - hotels, resort facilities, sanatoriums, parks, as well as airlines and other actors, providing transportation services. Creation of the tour operator requires large material costs: the estimated cost of starting a business - 20 millions of dollars, whereas the establishment of travel agencies - within 60 one thousand dollars. Nevertheless, a travel agency essentially performs only mediation function, Operators also actually take a decisive position on the tourism market of the country.

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The responsibilities of the tour operator is to inform customers about the details of the specific tours - living conditions, the availability of additional services, Privacy policy. All those interested provide advice on the choice of hotel, provide leaflets and other printed information and advertising products. These functions are performed by the CEO or sales manager.

The process of working with clients involves several phases:

– during the initial client visit travel agencies to inform him about the rules of tourism services;

– in the presence of the client company's specialist tour operator makes a request, the results of which are informed about the number of free places;

– if the voucher in the chosen direction is available, the customer is invited to book a journey, making a 50 per cent advance payment or paying the full trip.

After that, the representative of the tour operator travel agency sends the booking request, which is processed within 3 days. After confirming the acquisition of the tour operator receives an agreed payment amount minus commissions, which is paid by the travel agency. Next, the operator sends all documents, required for travel - ticket, a voucher for accommodation, health insurance and other, specified in the contract. The package of documents also send all recommendations, which may be useful in the tourist trip.

All market participants, with tour operator status, in Russia have to pass special registration. They bring in the Federal Register and are assigned a unique number, identifying them in the system. In addition to recording the tour operator to enter the market need to have a financial guarantee. It usually provides a bank or insurance company.

The success of the tour is determined by several major factors:

  • – properly fitted frames;
  • – good technological base;
  • – advertising campaign.

Technological base determines the quality in many ways tourist product, which will be offered to the consumer. Since all work is based on the base tour operator reservation system, you must pay attention to the establishment of the working site and other technical components. Pre-need to establish cooperation with the tourist infrastructure abroad, to ensure customers maximum reliability and quality of service.

Tourist business is full of pitfalls and unexpected complications. Existing factors most influence:

  • – weather, natural disasters;
  • – changes in the political situation in the countries tourist destinations;
  • – changes in the visa regime;
  • – changing customer sentiment.

To minimize the impact of these factors and reduce risks, should immediately begin work in several directions at once. It is considered to be the most profitable choice 10 – 15 sought-after tourist destinations. By choosing such a strategy, during the first half of the year you can go to certain levels and achieve business payback. Besides, the company should be structured in such a way, to cover all the main areas and already in the first year became a full participant in the market. Therefore, the very first step is to get out of the category of small suppliers of travel services and take a leading position in its category.

In this regard, consider the option of opening a tour operator from the ground while many entrepreneurs are turning to buying a franchise. Franchising gives some assurance, avoiding many of the risks. At the same time, only the creation of their own organization from scratch gives you the opportunity to fully realize their own business ideas and give the company a unique and unique character.

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Stages of creation of the tour operator

A brief tour of creating characteristic provides several steps:

– selection of premises for office - rental or purchase;

– the official registration of the company in the Federal Tax Service;

– organization of tourist service process, networking with partners;

– advertising campaign.

Business plan free tour
Business plan free tour

office of the future tour operator It can be anywhere in the city, since it advantageously works with travel agencies, and not the end user. However, more to enhance the prestige of the company and to ensure a more comfortable working with partners better lease or buy office in the city center, its business side. Area office space may be small - enough space 30 m. The office should consist of a few small areas separated from each other - the head office, jobs for other employees, and a reception area for visitors, Technical buildings.

Material and technical equipment of the company will include:

– furniture for staff and visitors;

– computer technology;

– Copiers;

– phone, Internet router and other means of communication.

Technical equipment of the office does not provide for special requirements - it must be of high quality, meet the safety standards and comply with the desired reputation. Subject to compliance with the existing criteria of quality, the company will be able to successfully overcome the barrier of entry to the market, and for a brief period to take a worthy place.

Selection of a highly skilled workforce - the next important stage of the organization of the tour operator. From the outset to express themselves on the market, required skilled managers Tourism, that need to offer competitive wages and decent working conditions. To find qualified employees for all positions will be allocated 1 month. The wage level is set out in the financial part of the business plan.

detailed step by step opening plan tour with the timetable for implementation:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
The choice of location preparation of a full package of documents preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
recruitment production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
marketing campaign, advertisement 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

business Registration (tour operator business plan)

The legislation does not impose strict requirements to the format of most businesses. However, as the tour operator is working with foreign companies, more rational entity would, ensuring the reliability and solvency of the company. At the beginning of the activities necessary to study requirements, set out in the Federal Law "About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation":

One of the most important authorization documents will be a special license, for which refer to a specialized state agency.

The company - tour operator planned to register as an LLC. This format requires the preparation of the set of documents:

  • – charter;
  • – the decision to establish Ltd.;
  • – the decision to appoint the head;
  • – if there are several founders - Minutes of meeting of founders;
  • – personal documents of each founder;
  • – receipt on state duty payment.

It is sure to make the authorized capital in the amount of 10 thousand and fill out an application on a special form. The statement says NACE code, corresponding to the selected occupation. In the specific case of this code 79.12 "The activities of tour operators" (

Before submitting the application should explore regulations, dictating the order of activity of tourist infrastructure entities. One of these documents - the Russian National Standard (

Before opening should examine certain regulations and standards. Among them are the national standards:

On-approval of administrative regulations, (1)

GOST-R-55318-2012-Tourist-uslugi.-General requirements-to-staff, and tour operators, travel agents,

In the presence of all these documents and the implementation of established rules Ltd. will be established for 2 – 3 weeks after the submission of the application to the Department of the Federal Tax Service.

Marketing plan

tour operator marketing plan consists of several basic tasks. The first - the analysis of the current state of the market and its dynamics. In connection with the crisis in the 2014 year and some external economic problems the tourist market, especially focused on holiday abroad, I experienced a noticeable decline. Despite the gradual return to pre-crisis level, which is observed with 2015 of the year, many market participants still have not regained their former positions. However, the crisis has brought some significant changes in the industry: schemes and business methods have become more transparent and modern, and barter process is now significantly simplified. The entire tourist system under the influence of the actions of international standards has undergone positive changes.

The second aspect, which has an impact - the study of the target audience. As a consequence of the crisis it has also become significantly less. Including as a result of negative economic processes, an increasing number of people prefer to rest within their own country. This fact can also be used with advantage, proposing several areas of domestic tourism. Market research shows, that he was in the whole country has not decreased in recent years, whereas after the crisis reduced the number of market participants.

If we take into account the number of market participants in the capital and across the country as a whole, you can draw some conclusions on the current state and dynamics of the industry:

Moscow Russia
population 12,3 million. person 146,5 million.
Number of services provided, consumed in 2013 g. 23,58 billion. rubles 312,79 billion. rub.
Number of services provided, consumed in 2016 year 22 billion. rubles 297 billion. rub.
The share of foreign trips, 2013 year 88% turnover 88% turnover
The share of foreign trips, 2016 year 40% turnover 40% turnover
Natural market volume, 2013 780 thousand. turpaketov 9,62 million. turpaketov
Natural market volume, 2016 271,78 thousand. turpaketov 3,352 million. turpaketov
The average cost of package 2013 g. 50 – 57,98 thousand. rubles 50 – 57,98 thousand. rub.
The average cost of package, 2016 65 – 75 thousand 65 – 75 thousand. rubles
Number of Tour Operators, 2011 year 286 1439
The number of tour operators in the 2013 year 510 2580
Number of Tour Operators, 2016 515 2606
The growth of the tourism market to the 2015 year from 33% from 33%
The reduction in market 2016 year 10% 10%
The reduction in market 2017 – 2020 gg. from 5,5% from 5,5%
Prefitsit enterprises 214 682

According to experts on, that the socially significant, and therefore, potential demand will be any service, the number of users which is at least 1 % of the economically active population. In Russia, this figure is about 710 million. person. It means, that to attract the required number of customers is enough to provide a high level of services and develop competent marketing policy.

Assessment of the competitive environment will help shape the development strategy, compile a list of promising areas and to establish pricing. Number of tourism businesses in the country is growing steadily. So, with 2009 until the present moment, the number of participants has doubled, true, the number of operators is increased not so fast, as it relates to the direction of the costly and risky.

The following is planning an advertising campaign. Advertising is necessary in order, to form in the minds of potential consumer the idea, what to get this kind of service is more profitable in a particular tour operator.

Such effective advertising methods:

– development and promotion of its own website;

– dissemination of information on social networks and other popular Internet resources;

– advertising in the media, including specialized magazines;

– the establishment of branches in major cities.

A greater number of potential customers you can attract, presenting their services at fairs, exhibitions and various thematic events. Also helps promote the publication and dissemination of printed materials - brochures, directory, business cards. If the travel services are provided professionally and in good faith, It will operate a so-called word of mouth - one of the traditional and effective advertising methods.

Financial plan (tour operator business plan)

The financial plan includes several aspects:

– study of mid-market policy in the sector;

– calculation of investment, required for the opening and development of the enterprise;

– calculation of expected profit and determination of the level of profitability;

– forming their own price on the tour operator.

The average cost of the services of tour operators in the country:

Product name (services) cost of 1 tour (15 days / 14 nights)
Tours in Europe from 16 thousand
Tours to exotic destinations from 13 thousand
Tours in Russia and the CIS countries from 15 thousand
Reservation of hotels and tourist accommodation from 5 thousand
order flight from 500 rubles
Provision of services for the provision of transport from 500 rubles
Guided tours from 5 thousand

Forecast revenue structure made based on several factors:

– analysis of consumer demand;

– market sector analysis, occupied by tour operators;

– general conclusions about the state of the market.

To the company's revenue forecast was as accurate as possible, take into account the lowest threshold of profitability, and also takes into account all the risks. Among them - a high level of competition, costs on entering the market, decline in demand for foreign tourism areas and currency jumps.

volumes Plan Service based on the first 24 months of the tour operator:

Period Type of service The volume of production and sales, 1 months. (PC.) price, rub. Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment Tours in Europe 5 directions from 80 permits from 16 thousand 1 million. 280 thousand
1 – 12 monthly investment Tours to exotic destinations 5 directions from 90 permits from 13 thousand 1 million. 117 thousand
1 – 12 monthly investment Tours in Russia and CIS countries 5 directions from 100 permits from 15 thousand 1,5 million.
13 – 24 month operation Tours in Europe 7 directions from 100 permits from 19 thousand 1,9 million.
13 – 24 month operation Tours to exotic destinations 8 directions from 110 permits from 15 thousand 1 million. 650 thousand
13 – 24 month operation Tours in Russia and CIS countries 9 directions from 110 permits from 17 500 thousand. 1 million. 914 thousand

According to preliminary estimates, in the present moment, the volume of services provided and increase their consumption is between 10 to 34 per cent per annum. If this dynamic will be maintained throughout the two-year duration of the project, annual growth in sales volumes will be 22,9 million rubles with a tendency to increase.

After you have compiled a phased plan for the opening of the tour operator, will calculate all costs in the initial stages and throughout the first year of organizing activities:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs Total for the year
Buying or renting premises (from 30 m) 24 thousands 288 thousand 48 thousand 336 thousand
Purchase of technological base 1,4 million. 1,4 million.
Creating infrastructure serving abroad 120 thousand 1 million. 440 thousand 1 million. 440 thousand 2 million. 840 thousand
Acquisition of furniture and equipment in the office (10 u) from 7,6 thousand 183 thousands 183 thousands
Purchase of computer equipment (4 u) 247 thousand 247 thousand
Creation and maintenance of website, hosting, purchase of the necessary scripts 45 thousand 540 thousand 90 thousand 630 thousand
Constant advertising expenses (12 months) 100 thousand 1,2 million. 1,2 million.
Salary (calculated per 12 months) from 327 thousand To 4 million. To 4 million.
payment of taxes (for 12 months) 98,5 thousand 1,182 million. 1,182 million.
Unexpected expenses (for 12 months) 337 thousand 337 thousand
in total 624,1 thousands 7,4 million. from 3,7 million. from 11,1mln.

so, estimated costs, which are coming on the plan to create a tour operator from the ground, in the amount achieved during the first year more than 11,1 million. This amount can be significantly reduced or increased depending on the scale of activity, the number and nature of selected tourist destinations, as well as internal and external economic factors.

According to our calculations, a detailed financial analysis of the discovery tour, the cost of its creation and development, as well as estimated earnings and other financial figures can be characterized as:

  • – It is made in the size of the loan 3 million 610 thousand with an interest rate 16% on 24 of the month;
  • – the total cost of monthly payments - over 624 thousand;
  • – the amount of profit after the end of the crediting period - 2 million. 926 thousand;
  • – Bank profits 24 month lending (the amount of interest payments for this period) - over 316 thousand;
  • – break-even point of the enterprise will start from the third billing month;
  • – the total gross profit of the project - 67 million. 100 thousand, net profit - within 43 thousand.

The tax portion of the plan includes several basic types of payments, mandatory for the enterprise, any form of ownership and taxation:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

All possible types of additional payments to the Federal Tax Service or tax breaks, if they can be put to individual entrepreneurs, negotiated separately with the registration of the enterprise.

Developing a business plan and financial settlement, as well as marketing analysis leads to the conclusion about the high economic efficiency of this line of business. Phasing out of the country out of the economic crisis and the increase in interest in overseas travel permit tourist areas of business to become more profitable in spite of the tightening of the market activity. In this way, financial investment in the business will be justified and economically motivated.


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