Business Plan Equestrian Club

Business Plan Equestrian Club
Equestrian Club Business Plan
Equestrian Club Business Plan

Horses and all related areas of sports and entertainment in the minds of the people associated with prestige and belonging to the upper class. Despite, that such representation is not quite correspond to reality, this activity is still very costly and has a high degree of risk. However, thoughtful and a calculated business plan equestrian club will start their own business, turning it into a profitable project. Less costly designs are considered such as for example tennis court and Karting Club.

Equestrian Club as a line of business. Project Summary Business Plan Equestrian Club

Business Plan Equestrian Club is a project of creation and development of sports entertainment facility. Duration of the project - 2 of the year. The business plan provides for that period to achieve several major objectives:

  • – satisfaction of target audience needs to communicate with horses, provision of horse riding and training, additionally – satisfaction of requirements casino customers through the provision of betting services;
  • – creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  • – getting stable profit.

Duration of the project - 2 of the year. To start it has become possible, It plans to ask the bank lending. basic calculations, Regarding the need of the loan amount, interest rate, you have to pay to the creditor, and net income of the company, They will be presented in the financial part of the business plan.

Equestrian club as a business idea – video:

Equestrian Club as a line of business

Riding clubs are very diverse. They may have different specifics and scope of action. In addition, it is important to distinguish between the concepts and terminology, existing in the industry. for example, the very notion of "club" implies the presence of a strict organizational structure with a package of integrated offerings and provide customers with a comfortable environment visits. The market is now dominated by a different type of organization - a hastily built stables, offering rental of horses, often of poor quality and low prices. There are also horse-riding school, but they specialize in the preparation of future professional athletes and require more serious logistical and theoretical framework.

This project involves the opening of the Equestrian Club medium scale, containing a small number of horses and offering the most popular services sector mainly in amateur. In the specific case of the new organization Indicative activities will include:

  1. – horseback riding lessons for beginners and amateurs;
  2. – horseback riding instructor-led;
  3. – conducting training for customers, planning careers in equestrian sport;
  4. – providing stalls for rent to private horse owners.

These main directions with the respective demand can expand and complement. For example - enter the service of paid photo shoots and video footage, of horses for weddings and other events, etc..

Opening the equestrian club, it is important to provide perspectives and ways of attracting and retaining customers. So, if visitors are offered a simple rental and walk without sports prospects, customers eventually will go to a professional institution. Therefore, initially it costs provide for the development of sports and the future for the most motivated and talented pupils. true, to achieve this level only if you have appropriate training horses, quality equipment and professional trainers. It is with recruitment recommend starting the, who plans to open a full-fledged school with a sports bias.

The founder of the plans could be more ambitious goal - to open a wide-profile club, that will attract not only those wishing to learn the art of riding, but gamblers, those wishing to try their luck, and fans of the brightest sights. In this case it is necessary to organize a database, on which, In addition to training in the core disciplines - dressage and jumping, will be held still and jumps or presentations of national sports, which also attract many visitors.

It should be borne in mind, the more activities and services will be included in the project, the more expensive the cost of its creation and implementation will be difficult. The best option in the first step the inclusion of such services:

  1. – a one-time rental of horses;
  2. – selling monthly subscriptions;
  3. – children's riding school;
  4. – corporate events;
  5. – special events - weddings, photo shoots, etc..

The pre-study the situation on the market. Will be interested in the total number of training offers horseback riding, providing horses for hire or photo sessions and competitions or other events, as well as specific information - service level, pricing, etc..

Answers to questions about the basics of riding and equestrian business – video:

Despite the increasing popularity of equestrian sports and related recreational activities, This sector of the market is still relatively free. The main reason - lack of confidence in the business start-ups, that the business does not become unprofitable. However, as the analysis of trends, demand for horseback riding lessons, walks and all kinds of entertainment, associated with horses, constantly growing. The main condition of success is to provide quality services and well thought-out marketing policy.

It is important to choose a suitable and entrepreneurial activity log format. For such a large-scale project will be the most appropriate legal status. Details about the registration of legal entities can be found, familiarized with the Federal Law number 129: Federal Law of 08.08.2001 N 129-FZ (row. from 03.08.2018.

Stages of discovery and development of the project business plan Equestrian Club

Before the opening of the club need to make a tentative plan for basic and additional services, indicative timetable and consider pricing. Indicative list of services will be as follows:

Name of service use period average cost, rub. of time
1. main
Rent a plot 1 time 400 9.00 – 13.00; 15 – 21.00
A trip in the park 1 time To 400 9.00 – 13.00; 15 – 21.00
Walk around the neighborhood 1 – 3 o'clock About 300 for 1 time 9.00 – 13.00; 15 – 21.00
2. sports mileage from 1 o'clock 500 – 1 000
3. The hunt for imaginary fox To 3 hours from 500 to read. for 1 no On request
4. Services of horses Stipulated in the contract between the parties 18 – 76 thousand According to the contract for services
5. groom services, forging and other service According to the contract for services from 4 thousand and more According to the contract for services
6. Providing stall rent Stipulated in the contract from 18 thousand According to the contract for services
7. Horse riding lessons Stipulated in the contract For subscription - 18 – 390 thousand By agreement, according to the price
8. Rent locker According to the contract 4 thousand a month According to the contract for services
9. commercial Inspections, participation in show According to the contract In accordance with the estimate According to the contract for services
10. Various club events According to the contract It is estimated According to the contract for services
11. Use store for members Stipulated in the service contract according to the price list According to the contract for services
12. event, other suggestions for breeding According to the contract for services according to the price list According to the contract for services

The standard and obligatory for clubs at all levels will be training services horsemanship adults and children 4 years old, rent horses and walk in the park, forest or surrounding areas, as well as providing stalls for horses and owners of rental services of specialized professionals - groom, blacksmith and veterinarian. Suggestions to visit Count's hunt or participate in special events will relate to individuals only - it requires additional costs and pre-treatment. But the opportunity to provide additional services to enhance the level and prestige of the club, raising it to elite organizations rank, designed to provide customers. Also As for totalizator - before introducing such a service, you need to analyze the state of the current market and to make an assessment of financial possibilities and interests of the target audience.

Milestones on the discovery and promotion of equestrian club before going on a break-even point:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Construction of the complex, arena, other structures The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
recruitment production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

Organization of the Equestrian Club: land acquisition and creation of infrastructure

The first major stage, the success of which will largely determine the future of the organization - to find a suitable location for the Equestrian Club. Usually it is a large area, located in close proximity to the city - a maximum of half an hour. picking location, It should take into account transport interchange - this will not limit the potential audience of only visitors, Have your own car. Picking up a piece of land, should pay attention to the presence of the forest or parkland, and ponds - a landscape that is very important for horse riding.

Despite, that the land acquisition cost is quite expensive, and the majority of the founders of horse clubs rent the land, more rational still acquire ownership. If the land is to be used under a lease agreement, there is always a risk of, that the local authorities will terminate this agreement and will withdraw plot.

The required area is determined by calculating 1 horse - 0,5 ha. And since the club opened with livestock on less than 30 horses considered unprofitable, site should be from 5 hectares or more. This item costs will be the most important in the business plan, since the minimum value portion of such size, if it is located close to the city, will be 120 one thousand dollars.

The next important stage - the creation of the necessary infrastructure. The basic list will include a variety of areas open and closed. Open areas following:

  • – several golf training and competition, including grass field for Equestrian Games (their number and the area determined by the scale of future activities);
  • – a race track on 500 m and the route for the race over rough terrain - if the plans include the organization of races;
  • – Levada - their number is determined by the number of horses;
  • – barrels for training horses and novice riders;
  • – summer stables;
  • – a device for automatically paddocks;
  • – parking for cars and horse transport;
  • – children playground.

Of covered area equipped with such facilities:

  • – office club;
  • – if necessary - training center, including a sports hall and several classrooms;
  • – restroom customers;
  • – stables with the necessary number of stalls;
  • – riding hall, equipped with at least 500 spectator seats and tribune;
  • – playpen size 60H20 meters predmanezhnikom;
  • – hangars for storage of hay and sawdust, garage;
  • – veterinary station and a pharmacy.

Construction of stables and its equipment - the most important points of the business plan: Horses content requires the creation of good conditions for them. The building should be well protected from the cold and outsiders. Number of stalls is calculated on the initial amount of horses, but with the expectation of an increase in population in the future with the ability to expand the stable. Good, if the building stables will be located space for training of animals (approximate size - 80 m), Washing, feed, viewing room, if necessary - a solarium for horses. The total area will be approximately stable 390 m. When constructing desirable to take care of the presence of wide passages, which will facilitate the process of feeding, harvesting and transportation of horses. As for the stables, they should be spacious and bright, with the obligatory presence of windows to ventilate.

Apart from the basic premises in order to expand the range of services and generate additional income can be added to a range of services several zones of leisure nature - billiards, restaurant or sauna.

One of the main problems of any of the areas of the horse business - an acute shortage of qualified personnel. Due to the decline in the economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the past 25 years in the country were closed or barely functioning, many equestrian school. In addition, due to lack of development and non-profitability of the industry, many graduates of these schools have changed the type of activity. The same applies to veterinary surgeons, farriers, and other professionals working with animals. As a result, there is a shortage of specialists in all areas. therefore, opening an equestrian club, even at the stage of preparation is necessary to seek qualified personnel. Depending on the specifics of the club is to be professional athletes for training and training of horses, instructors to teach horsemanship, grooms, groom, veterinarian, Koval and others. staff size is determined by the specific needs of, especially a variety of services, provided by the club, and size of livestock. If in the first phases of the horses will be slightly, part of experts (blacksmith, veterinarian) you can not take the staff, causing them if necessary. But as the scale is better to have your own employees.

Before recruitment is necessary to find out the average level of wages in the industry. As known, turnover can be an obstacle to the development of the new organization, as a permanent and cohesive team is one of the quality marks. It is worthy of payment can hold employees to permanent jobs, stimulating them to the maximum commitment and professional development.

The acquisition of horses and ammunition business plan Equestrian Club

Download a business plan equestrian sports club for nothing
Download a business plan equestrian sports club for nothing

About half of the investment in opening a business takes the acquisition of horses. For this purpose, refer to the studs, to private breeders, horses often sell other clubs and just individuals. On the question of the choice of animals should be treated, Using no cost considerations, and relying on the state of health of the horses and their skills. Prices for young horses start 1 thousands of dollars, but these animals are usually not suitable for novice riders, therefore it is better to buy more expensive, but experienced horses, do not require special training. For each such an animal will have to pay a few thousand dollars. Choose the best horses with the help of a veterinarian and an experienced coach, who will be able in time to determine the state of health and the training of animals. For the elite clubs are buying horses from abroad, in particular, from Germany, which today is the leader in this field. But the import of animals includes the need for registration of mass documents, so this option is not the most convenient.

purchasing horses, immediately calculate the approximate cost of their content. The estimates for each head lay on 1 thousands of dollars for ordinary horses, and 3 thousands - for sports.

A detailed list of ammunition, gear and equipment to work with horses and equestrian club operation includes:

  1. – equipment for horses. First of all - Jumping saddle, dressage, universal, for ponies;
  2. – bridle, reins, headband for various disciplines, protective equipment for feet, nedouzdki, chembury and other equipment;
  3. – brush, hooks and other care products for horses;
  4. – blankets, conveying equipment;
  5. – means for cleaning and washing of animals, hoof care and hair;
  6. – holders for saddles and other ammunition, brackets and more.

One important element arrangement Equestrian Club is a high-quality primer. It must meet current standards and do not pose a danger to the joints and hooves. To do this, all training Platz and meadows equipped with special shock-absorbing soil. Professional covering sports fields requires maintaining a constant level of humidity. For this purpose, should be equipped with an automatic watering system. Especially good internal humidification device, do not interfere with the process of training.

If the equipment Equestrian Club to pay attention to the automation of many processes, including soil moisture, feeding, singing, walking and training horses, you can save on human resources, and consequently, monthly salary and tax deductions.

marketing campaign

A crisis, which was the peak for 2013 – 2014 years, reflected in the field of equestrian sports. Due to the collapse of the ruble, price increases and a general decline in living standards, many small riding clubs closed or stagnant for a long time, operating loss. The crisis primarily affected small companies, is focusing on walks and activities for fans. Horse and sports complexes, focused on the sport, Least susceptible to crises - they, usually, It has a capital reserve, investors and sponsors.

Opening mid-sized club, should be considered, what now, in the post-crisis stage, them on the market are relatively few. It means, that the chosen niche is relatively free, and therefore, all, that it is necessary for the promotion and popularization of their business - quality advertising. Particularly advantageous can be tote the club, where are racing or running. This not only means additional earnings, but also an effective method of attracting customers - in our country a lot of people gambling, ready to put large sums of money at the races. By implementing this type of activity, It should make a good advertisement to attract potential customers.

The main problem of the modern horse breeding and equestrian sports - the industry has not yet fully recovered from the decline of the 90s. To develop its, you must actively involve all interested in horses and active lifestyle, as well as to look for sponsors and investors. The main advantage can be considered the democratization of this hobby and the active involvement of the middle class. therefore, advertising planning, the focus should be including in this layer of the population.

The study of these features lead to the conclusion, that the key to success will largely depend on the ability of business creator cause the interest of potential customers and create all the conditions for the retention of this interest.

With regard to specific advertising techniques, used to promote equestrian club services, will be effective:

  1. – Development of your own logo and other symbols, increasing awareness of the club;
  2. – the creation of the official website of the structure. It should be detailed information about the services offered, conditions of visits and training, Privacy policy, systems, subscriptions and possible discounts and promotions. developing website, It should be placed on information from the club life: photo and video training and competition, informative facts about the horses and the horsemen, and similar information, which can attract fans of these animals ;
  3. – advertising in a variety of Internet sources. The first will run ads on niche sites and forums, and groups in social networks. Effective contextual and banner advertising. It is advisable to order SEO-promotion in search engines, which will allow the target audience to freely see ads while searching the information of interest;
  4. – advertising in the media - usually, it includes special editions for athletes equestrians and fans;
  5. – related infrastructure.

Despite, that interested people often learn about the existence of the Equestrian Club and without massive advertising, better to take care of public awareness of their city. But for more safeguards should announce a new equestrian club on the site of the sport and public organizations. At first, the main income of the Equestrian Club will be formed on the basis of new, often casual visitors, and then formed a stable customer base.

Effectiveness of promoting equestrian club depends on the territorial factor: the largest number of potential customers will definitely be in Moscow and other large cities. It is in the capital and metropolitan target audience is generally longer, also has large financial capacity.

financial calculations

Business Equestrian Club free plan
Business Equestrian Club free plan

The important point of the business plan - the issue of funding a new project. Since the horse club refers to the types of costly business, own funds of the founder to open it will not be enough. When planning the creation of a large-scale project, should refer to bank lending. If we take into account the optimal amount of the loan, of between 99 million. 991 thousands, by estimate, must take into account the financial items:

  • – estimated interest rate on a commercial loan - 14%;
  • – the investor's income for a specified period - 6 million. 435 thousand;
  • – total amount of interest, accrued on the loan, will be from 6 mln.434 thousand rubles;
  • – payback period from the opening of the organization - 10 months;
  • – the overall economic effect - 199,5 million. rubles.

At the same time the implementation of the interest payments must begin with the first months of the club's activities. This will help simplify the understanding of the flow discounting calculation structure, and will also help in controlling the flow of funds.

One of the items of the financial part of the business plan - projected revenue structure of the new organization. Specific or approximate amount of profit determined by such indicators:

  1. – analysis of consumer demand for services in selected sectors;
  2. – analysis of the market of this type of services;
  3. – general conclusions about the state of the relevant market.
  4. The plan of the projected profits, is considered, the lowest threshold of profitability. With all these features and an indicative timeline for investment (1 – 12 of the month) and functioning (with 13 by 24 of the month), you can make a plan of volumes of Service:
Period Type of service The volume of sales per month (kol. person, kol. working hours horse) price (with 1 man, at 1 time, for 1 horse) Revenues from sales, 1 months.
1 – 12 months. investment The content of the horse (normal package) 20 stalls = 20 owners 14 – 22,5 thousands of 1 horse 280 – 450 thousand
1 – 12 months. investment The content of the horse (luxury package) 10 stalls = 10 owners 58,3 – 66,1 thousand. 528,4 – 661 thousand rubles
1 – 12 months. investment Horse riding lessons 5 working hours per day 1 horse 16,8 – 302,4 thousand. 1 million. 680 thousand. – 30 million. 240 thousand.
1 – 12 months. investment specialization (dressage) 3 working hours 1 horse 170 – 1100 rub. for 1 time 336 thousand. – 20 million. 160 thousand.
1 – 12 months. investment Rent cabinet in the locker room 30 people per month. from 3,4 thousand. rubles per month 100 thousand. 600
1 – 12 months. investment Rental of horses 5 working hours per day from 230 rubles per hour 448 thousand and more
1 – 12 months. investment commercial Inspections, show To 3 hours a day, 2-3 once a month 450 – 1 700 rub. in hour 1 people. 40,5 – 151,2 thousand.
1 – 12 months. investment Club events, a restaurant 100 person, 4 – 8 once a month In accordance with the contract and price 120 thousand. – 3 million. 300
1 – 12 months. investment Shop for members The range of goods and souvenirs To 120 thousand rubles. 1,2 million.
1 – 12 months. investment events, frozen semen 1 – 2 once a month according to the agreements (120 thousand rubles. and higher) 120 – 220 thousand
13 – 24 months. functioning The content of the horse (normal package) 25 stalls = 25 owners 14 – 22,5 thousand. rubles for 1 horse per month 350 – 560 thousand
13 – 24 months. functioning The content of the horse (luxury package) 15 stalls = 15 owners 58,3 – 66,1 thousand rubles. 873,6 – 991,2 thousand.
13 – 24 months. functioning Horse riding lessons 5 working hours per day 1 horse On loan 16,8 – 302,4 thousand. 1 million. 680 thousand. – 30 million. 340 thousand.
13 – 24 months. functioning specialization (dressage) 3 working hours 1 horse 170 – 1100 rub. for 1 time 10,1 – 604,8 thousand.
13 – 24 months. functioning Rent cabinet in the locker room 40 people per month. from 3,4 thousand. rubles per month from 134,4 thousands
13 – 24 months. functioning Rental of horses 5 working hours per day from 230 rubles per hour from 448 thousand
13 – 24 months. functioning commercial Inspections, show To 3 hours a day, 2-3 once a month 450 – 1700 rub. in hour 1 people. 50 000 – 300000
13 – 24 months. functioning Club events, a restaurant 130 person, 4 – 8 once a month In accordance with the contract and price from 150 thousand. – 5 million.
13 – 24 months. functioning Shop for members The range of goods and souvenirs To 120 thousand rubles. from 1 million. 800 thousand
13 – 24 months. functioning events, frozen semen 2- 3 Order per month according to the agreements (120 thousand rubles. and higher) 220 thousand. – 330 thousand. and more

At the moment, the industry trend of volume growth at the level of 10%, consumption is on record 20% annually. If this trend will continue, the end of a two-year project annual sales will reach more businesses 215 million. rubles. Such an indicator is determined after taking into account the likely risks, which include a high amount of initial capital, lack of suitable land for rent or purchase, as well as the problem with the search for highly qualified personnel.

Key to the opening of business expenses can be shown in the table:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs Total for the year
Purchase or lease (from 4-5 it) 1 million. 250 thousand 15 million. 30 million. 30 million.
The buildings (stable, riding hall), from 4 thousand. m 30 million. 30 million.
livestock (30 heads) 20,8 million. 20,8 million.
The content of the horses (for training / sports) 60000 – 500000 720 thousand. – 6 million. 720 thousand. – 6 million.
Purchase of equipment for horses and humans 3,3 million. 3,3 million.
Purchase of equipment for ground handling (1 u) 2 million. 330 thousand 2 million. 330 thousand
Payments animal husbandry services, vet (2 pers.) 50 thousand. 768 thousand 768 thousand
Buying equipment, computer equipment 850 thousand. 850 thousand.
Creation and maintenance of website, hosting 12 thousand 12 thousand
Fixed costs of online advertising 45 thousand 540 thousand 540 thousand
Salary (calculated per 12 months) To 2 million. 23 million. 664 thousands 23 million. 664 thousands
payment of taxes (for 12 months) 413,7 thousand. To 5 million. To 5 million.
Unexpected expenses (for 12 months) 8 million. 738 thousand 8 million. 738 thousand
in total 3 million. 877 thousand 47 million. 96, 113 million. 128 million.

In terms of tax payments equestrian club is no different from other types of businesses. The system of tax reporting standard: fiscal year begins in January, and with few exceptions the main taxes, which go forth from the business founder, following:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

The study of this sector of the market shows, that riding clubs belong to the very expensive and risky types of business. But the good organization and the availability of pre-thought-out business plan and Equestrian Club will be very cost-effective. The main factor of success are increased interest in this type of activity and the fashion for equestrian sport among all segments of the population. Business Plan The result was the following conclusion: equestrian club belongs to the direction, flourished and lacks the high-quality services. Therefore, it is cost-effective type of business, who pay for itself in 1 – 2 years after opening.

The main aspects of the opening of the Equestrian Club – in the video:


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