The procedure for drawing up a business plan

The procedure for drawing up a business plan
Порядок составления бизнес-плана
The procedure for drawing up a business plan

In order to understand, Why do I need a business plan and the order in which it is made, It should define the notion of commercial determination.

Proper business plan, is a step by step guide to open a new commercial project with a description and listing the methods and means, used in the process of achieving this goal.

With it, all employed able to detect the possibility of risk, as well as ways to control and reduce the impact of business development.

Due to the preparation of a business plan the entrepreneur before the project can start to predict the total size of the investment and the required amount of seed capital. Besides, with the help of well-written business plan increases the chances of additional funding for the project at the expense of other investors.

In a business plan of opening the wellness center will be given as an example.

competent registration

Great importance must be brought to execution of the business plan, as it plays an important role in the decision of investors to finance the project. Making a business plan It can be compared to writing a thesis in a serious state university, implying:

  1. Cover on letterhead, containing the company logo;
  2. registration in a folder on a spring, and a transparent cover;
  3. sequentially numbered pages throughout the document;
  4. business plan lists properly formed only on one side;
  5. use only for text font Times New Roman and Arial, size 12-14;
  6. the selection of headings and subheadings;
  7. correct registration of the title page, specifying the details of the organization - name, legal address, phones, e-mail box, contact person.
  8. next page after the title page must be content with putting the page number of the business plan, which begins each document title.
В составлении бизнес-плана существуют основные пункты
In the business plan are the main points

The content of the business plan

specific template, in which is the content of any business plan, It does not exist because of the diversity of businesses and specificity of each particular species. However, there are common to all types of management Items Contents of the business plan, to be sanctified. These include:

1. Project Summary

In this section, in a concise and laconic, but, in the most interesting form for the investor, describes the discovery of a particular type of business project, highlighted the objectives and tasks of the project, projected production volumes and turnover, are predicted main economic indicators:

  • volume of sales;
  • profitability of the project;
  • net profit margin;
  • investment amount;
  • payback period, etc..

Usually, a brief description is made after the writing of the entire business plan and carrying out the relevant calculations, for, to most accurately capture all the key points of the project and present them in a favorable light for investors. As all experienced investors in the first reading is a brief description of the project.


As part of this example in the description of the health center should indicate the main purpose of its opening - the provision of rehabilitation services and assistance in maintaining physical fitness.

The main the benefits of the project are:

  • high quality of services;
  • use this process only high-tech equipment;
  • a high degree of uniqueness given to the provision of services in comparison with competitive rehabilitation centers.
Для успеха проекта обязателен глубокий анализ рынка
depth market analysis required for project success

2. Market research

As part of the description of the item should disclose the situation, evolving in the chosen market segment, and describe the main features and development prospects of the project. Primarily this characteristic of the market conditions is given to familiarize themselves with their investor, since it is not necessary, that the investor is well versed in the specific conditions of the selected segment.

In addition, it should be given a detailed description of the target audience of the opening of business. It should be segmented according to certain features:

  • geographical position;
  • demographics;
  • type of consumer behavior;
  • type of user behavior;
  • income level, etc..

Also in this section should be anticipated possible changes in market conditions, as well as identify trends and factors, could affect the success for businesses.


In our example, the target audience of the health center can be divided into sections of the population with different income levels. This fact creates a significant advantage for business success, since the center is aimed at a clientele with a different degree of material prosperity.

Considering the expectations of the consumers of services provided can be identified, Almost half of the visitors establishments of this kind (45,6%) prefer other services is swimming, and correspondingly, pool available in the center significantly increases the target audience of the test business.

By sex the ratio of potential visitors 71% – woman and 29% – men.

According to the pessimistic forecast, traffic volumes on weekdays amount 10 person, on the weekend - 20 person. In an upbeat assessment of the volume of weekday amount 30 person, output - 40 person.

In order to deal with competition (which in this village is located at a high level) It planned an active marketing program to increase the number of clients by implementation of marketing programs, consisting in:

  1. establishing affordable prices for services;
  2. the uniqueness of the equipment used;
  3. the introduction of coupon and promotional offers;
  4. a unique approach to each visitor center;
  5. benevolent behavior of staff;
  6. effective impact applied recovery procedures.
Детальное описание проекта необходимо для инвестирования
Detailed description of the project is necessary for investment

3. Characteristics of the goods or services

This section provides a detailed description of products or services, describes the advantages of using. If any of the products or services exist patents, that fact must be indicated.


As part of this example as a the benefits of the opening of the wellness center can be called:

  • convenient location in relation to public traffic lines;
  • the possibility of car parking near the center of the building;
  • offer unique and unusual center services.

The disadvantages of doing this type of business can be described:

  • the high cost of rent payments (if the building is not in the entrepreneur's property);
  • inconvenient location (if any);
  • the limitations of the target audience by gender (Most fitness centers customers still women);
  • high competition and elaboration of this branch of business.

Also as part of the wellness center features should result in a description of specialized equipment (tonicity tables, vibroplatform, klaymb-simulators, etc.), used in the provision of services.

4. Ways to Promote Business

This item of the business plan comes to pricing issues, it describes ways to promote the project in the market segment, The ways of sales and marketing courses are designated market promotion services.


For the current health center refers to a broad market for the supply of services, including both individuals, and corporate clients.

As part of the marketing program scheduled the main business emphasis:

  1. Landmark high quality services.
  2. The development of professional design design wellness center facilities.
  3. Time between serious project's image and the establishment of its own brand, achieved through high-quality customer service; affordable prices for services; establishing a system of discounts; development center of club cards (subscriptions).

For the calculation of prices for services must be designed cost of service provided on a per client, including:

  1. electricity costs;
  2. staff salaries;
  3. social Security contributions;
  4. depreciation deductions;
  5. lease payments;
  6. administrative and general expenses.

Information on the amount of expenses charged VAT, and then carried markup, amount received and the cost of services of the center.

For successful communication policy and attract more clientele Center decided to actively use a variety of promotional tools (print and through the media), as well as negotiations with various organizations in order to attract corporate clients.

Описание производственного процесса в бизнес-плане - это важно!
Description of the production process in the business plan – it is important!

5. Description of the production process

In this section of the business plan is a detailed description of the business of accommodation facilities, equipment used and the need to engage in the manufacturing process resources and current should be sredstv.Takzhe describes technology, as well as its circuit implementation.

Drawn up schedule of opening and the start of business operations until it reaches the return on investment.


At this point, not only is the production and technical characteristics of the equipment used, but an outline of spending borrowed funds.

6. Company structure. management. Staff

This clause specifies the legal form of organization, describes the division of responsibilities between services within the enterprise and the direction of their interaction. For greater clarity, the description may be utilized schemes.

As part of the description of the second subparagraph of the characteristic of the head of the opening of business, his responsibilities, functions, as well as a short biography and work experience.

In the third subparagraph determined by staff, responsibilities of each team member, professional requirements to it, appointed by the level of wages for all staff.


Ltd. - legal form may be selected to the wellness center, staff is set at 5 person. It was decided to carry out the selection of personnel by means of the employment agency, followed by interviews.

7. Risk assessment and risk mitigation

In this section of the business plan should list all the risks likely to arise in the process of doing business, as well as to identify ways to reduce or prevent.

If you plan to risk insurance, it should be specified insured amount and types of risks, to which it will apply.


For health center risks should be divided into external and internal.

The external risks applies:

  1. increase in the cost of utilities;
  2. changes in tax legislation and increasing tax rates;
  3. emergencies and disasters;
  4. increasing the amount of lease payments;
  5. tougher competition.

The group internal risks includes:

  1. lowering the quality of services;
  2. unprofessionalism center staff;
  3. breakdowns and coming into disrepair equipment.

Ways of reducing the impact of risks identified:

1. insurance;
2. reservation;
3. by avoidance measures;
4. actions of a preventive character.

В бизнес-плане дается общая оценка целесообразности открытия проекта
The business plan provides an overall assessment of the feasibility of the project opening

8. Prediction of financial flows of the project

This item of the business plan involves drawing the predicted opening of financial statements of the enterprise, including:

  1. balance;
  2. Profits and Losses Report;
  3. cash flow statement;
  4. achievement temporally break-even point and recoupment;
  5. Size of investments;
  6. Profit and profitability of the project.


specific term of the loan is given for the opening of the health center and provides a schedule of repayment.

Part of the budget of income and expenses, for the first year of business detailed on months, further - by year.

Calculated payback period (the definition of break-even point) and its profitability.

It provides an overall assessment of the feasibility of opening a business project.

9. apps

At this point all the extras included, used in the process of drawing up and the correct calculation of the business plan. Such materials can be:

  • scheme;
  • graphics;
  • Photo;
  • copies of contracts and agreements;
  • clippings from news sources;
  • biography;
  • reports, etc..

On the presented video below provides useful information for business, seeking to start their own business in the field of wellness and fitness services rendering.


The article gives a rough outline of a typical business plan preparation to bringing a particular example of opening health tsentra.V to greater understanding of the topic here is an example of preparing a business plan for the health center with the above calculations, which can be downloaded free of charge.

Download an example of a business plan of a fitness center with gym

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