Business newspaper plan

Business newspaper plan
Business newspaper plan
Business newspaper plan

Internet popularity greatly influenced the development of the state and the media. The last few years, many publications have closed or reduced circulation. Nevertheless, most people continue to read newspapers in the traditional format, and therefore, This sector has the prospects and opportunities. Given the high level of competition and some objective factors, will carefully consider the concept of a planned tirazhki and based on that information to make a business plan papers. In the presented calculations take into account the average financial performance and condition of the industry 2018 year.

Review of business project

The purpose of the project - providing a wide range of target audience you need it to information, profit at the expense of retail sales, advertising and sponsored listings.

The project is designed to 2 of the year. During this period, the company must pay back spent on its opening means and reach the breakeven point. Nature of the enterprise will be formulated as the production and publication of the newspaper information and advertising.

Key financial features of the project:

  • – the total cost of starting a business - 1 million. 225 thousand;
  • – the main source of financing - commercial loan in the amount of 1,225 million. rubles;
  • – the interest rate on the loan - 14%. In the long term may reduce the rates for commercial projects;
  • – start making payments on the loan - the first month of the project;
  • – the total amount of accrued interest, to be paid on the loan - from 78,5 thousand. This sum will be the total income of the investor;
  • – payback period of discounting - 2 of the year
  • – the overall economic effect for the specified -18,800,000 lifecycle. rubles.

Further details of the financial plan of the enterprise - in the appropriate section of the document.

entrepreneurs, who decided to focus on the issue of advertising paper – video:

Stages of opening the newspaper

Given that the term be used in 2 year for the discovery and development of new companies, the main steps will be applied to terms implemented approximately as follows:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 of the year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Office rent for the editorial staff, his preparation for the opening The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Acquisition and installation of computer equipment and office equipment Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
recruitment production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

If we consider all the stages in more detail, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • – the creation and development of a concept paper based on the data on the state of the industry, the level of demand and the nature of the target audience;
  • – seeking funding for the discovery and development company: conclusion of agreements with creditors, advertisers. If possible - to provide sponsorship;
  • – rent office edition and its equipment, electronics purchase;
  • – conclusion of the contract with the printing house, order edition;
  • – recruitment;
  • – advertising campaign.

Creation and development of the concept paper provides a number of important steps in technical terms:

  • – design the printed edition, define its scope, format, edition release rate, the availability of additional applications, etc.;
  • – solve, some headings will include edition. Which of them will be the main, any - optional and additional.

In the first stage you need to decide, where will come the main profit newspaper. Best is such a profit structure:

  • – support of regional authorities, budget financing;
  • – sponsorship. It may be provided by any commercial or industrial group or private entrepreneurs;
  • – income from the sale and circulation of private customers of advertising space;
  • – delivery of individual strips for rent to businesses;
  • – Proceeds from the special applications.

Selection of premises and purchase of equipment

The next stage - renting or buying office for the editorial staff. more expensive, but beneficial in the long term will be the purchase of premises in the property. But in most cases, when opening a periodical from scratch, renting an office is easier. The best option would be any room in an office building. You can pick up and the room on the first floor of an ordinary apartment building. The main conditions - a separate entrance, availability of telephone and Internet connection. The area may be amended from 20 to 200 m, it depends on the scale of the newspaper, above all - the size of its staff, as well as the size of the investment.

There are no special requirements for the equipment and design of the editorial office itself.. If the room was previously used as an office, probably will need a slight cosmetic repairs and equipment necessary technical means.

Business newspaper plan
Business newspaper plan

To create and layout need to purchase the newspaper:

  1. – computers (by number of employees);
  2. – office equipment (printers, scanners, apparatus for pre-printing the newspaper strips, etc.);
  3. – Furniture for editorial staff;
  4. – safe;
  5. – if necessary - the cash register;
  6. – landline phone (if one is missing).

Computers will be equipped with special software for the layout of newspaper pages. Software professional level rather expensive, so this item of expenditure is required to take into account in the financial part of the business plan. Cash will need first of all editions, which offers accommodation paid ads. In this case it is necessary to purchase the equipment, which will make it possible to give customers payment checks.

If the newspaper has a full-time photojournalist, need a professional camera, which will also be a significant cost item. true, in the case of a freelance photographer, this specialist will work with his own camera.

With the further development of the enterprise, well-known public and political figures can be invited to the newspaper office, therefore, the editorial staff should be up to standard. Therefore, over time, should equip the press center and for receiving important guests of the meeting, sponsors and partners.

business Registration

Before you open a newspaper, new businesses must register as a business entity. The optimal form is a legal entity. To open Ltd., you must first prepare the set of documents established by special regulatory acts and submit an application to the Federal Tax Service.

If the circulation of the newspaper is more 1 thousands of copies, her registration in Roskomnadzor will be required. A number of basic information remains to be provided in this structure., including the full name of the future newspaper, information about its founder, circulation and format, as well as the form of distribution and frequency of publication, editorial address. Detailed information on the legislative framework and the package of documents required for registration can be found on the official resource of Roskomnadzor:

Pre-need to be familiar with a number of case laws, defining the rules of the establishment and functioning of the media:

Marketing strategy

The business plan of the newspaper involves the study of market monitoring and the development of the idea of ​​publication. The first step is to choose the thematic area tirazhki. Population surveys show, that they are the most interesting newspaper:

  • Free classified ads with different orientation,
  • entertaining newspapers,
  • from the life of media people;
  • helpful tips (traditional medicine, gardening, building, breeding poultry, cookery).

Well-sold circulations with information about vehicles, repair and real estate.

Survey data makes it possible to determine, what headings to make the main ones and what to focus on readers. First you need to find out, what will be the target audience of the future newspaper. If a newspaper will be primarily informational in nature, focus primarily needed Managers, representing the middle and senior, as well as entrepreneurs. When placed in the newspaper wider, including entertainment, category of potential consumers will be expanded: the target audience will include employees of other industries and citizens of retirement age.

Properly selected services of the opened project can become the key to its continued success. Even a thematic newspaper should reflect the socio-political life of that region, which will be published.

Well put rubrics:

  • about weather,
  • horoscope,
  • humor,
  • free advertisements.

The business plan assumes the newspaper as profit from retail sales and advertising, so is the revenue from paid population ads. Therefore, at the very beginning it is worth declaring the newspaper as a publication for various social and age groups of the population.

Competent advertising will be one of the most important stages in the development and popularization of a new publication. High competition of the publishing business does not allow novice entrepreneurs to achieve rapid success in its promotion. Readers show little interest in little-known publications. Only good preparation, which includes advertising, can give the project a go. At the stage of opening an enterprise, you need to create your website and communities in social networks, which will maximize the audience and attract the younger generation. Usually, publication is promoted throughout the year. With an integrated approach to promotion over this period, the newspaper will win the attention of not only readers, but also advertisers, which will bring significant financial benefits.

The fast promotion of the publication needs the correct organization of labor of printing workers and a competent production plan.

For success, it is necessary to hire professional journalists with creative intentions. Also need a newspaper editor, proofreaders, distribution and advertising managers, layout and printing specialists, System Administrator, secretary. The number of staff depends on the type of activity of the newspaper, number of pages and circulation. But to start in a team business, which will include all of the listed specialists, will be sufficient. At this stage of work, it is better to entrust accounting to specialists, using the services of an outsourcing company. The same goes for cleaning, but you can immediately hire a full-time cleaner. One of the most important success factors for any periodical is its journalists.. Therefore, it is important to immediately find professional professionals with an innovative and creative approach.. To attract such employees to a beginner newspaper, and then be able to hold them, it is important to provide decent financial motivation. Salary of a novice specialist in the capital - 15 thousand, in more remote regions, this indicator starts from 10 thousand. Usually, The income of article authors and reporters consists of a bid and a fee. Non-staff members receive only a fee for published articles. Editor’s average salary is about 30 thousand.

In general, the marketing plan includes several stages. The first, preceding the opening of the enterprise - the study of the relevant market segment. Primarily interested in the number of market participants and the type of information product, which they produce. Learning about competitors helps in creating a newspaper strategy.. Having analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each existing media, conclusions can be drawn.

During the crisis, started in 2014 year, many publishing businesses closed or reduced circulation. The economic situation of subsequent years also did not contribute to the development of this business.. However, since 2016 years the situation in the country is leveled, and, according to research, newspapers and magazines are once again very popular among citizens.

Additional positive factor, contributing to the relevance of opening a new newspaper, can be considered the continued commitment of Russians to traditional media. Even taking into account the dominance of the Internet in the modern information space, at least half of the citizens, especially older, prefer to draw the necessary information from print sources.

The same statistics report, that the most widely read media today are sources of a socio-political nature. Them, according to official data, interested in about 35% readers. Nevertheless, in the overall structure of the market for information publications in total 10%. Other newspapers and magazines are entertaining in nature or are a means of political propaganda..

In general, the total interest of citizens in Internet sources, combined with the crisis, contribute to a significant renewal of the market: low-demand and outdated publications leave it, not meeting the requirements of modern readers and not withstanding competition.

When planning a marketing campaign, it is necessary to determine the markets for the distribution of printed materials. Their modern structure looks like this:

– sale through kiosks, the shops, specialized press pavilions - average 42% circulation;

– subscription distribution - 36%;

– sale in FMCG networks and gas station points - 14%;

– other commercial facilities for the sale of press (trays, stands and stuff) - about 8% selling.

In total, there are more 41 thousands of shopping facilities, who sell the press, of these, specialized kiosks and pavilions account for approximately 30 thousand.

An important point in the plan when developing a marketing campaign will be to obtain public funding.. According to statistics, In the past few years, Rospechat has provided material support to more than half of the existing state and local newspapers..

The popularity of the Internet in the information space of the country and the world requires a reorientation of print media to a new format. So, must be created online version of the newspaper with the possibility of feedback from the reader. Maintaining a new media source will also be the maintenance of its official page in one of the social networks.. That the Internet will become the main method of attracting potential audiences and increasing the number of readers and subscribers.

The feature of the press is, that its popularization among the population of the city, region or the whole country contributes primarily to its image and opinion of readers. Having established itself as an objective and informative source, the newspaper can count on a constant increase in audience. To speed up this process, you can use outdoor advertising - place billboards and pillars around the city, to advertise the beginning of the subscription season in various public and private organizations.

New newspaper worth participating in city and regional fairs, presenting your product and giving away free copies to visitors.

Newspaper management may contract with local businesses, who will offer a newspaper subscription to their employees. For collective subscriptions discounts and bonus offers are possible..

One version of the development of the press, put forward by analysts - to 2020 Newspapers will be free for citizens, and such enterprises will exist mainly through sponsorship injections. However, as of 2018 year there are no prerequisites for such drastic changes. Therefore, in terms of sponsorship, it is only one of the sources of investment funds.

The technical part of creating a newspaper – her layout – in the video:


The business plan for opening the newspaper consists of an expenditure side and a profit plan.

Costs are divided by:

  • the original,
  • current.

Initial expenses include the following:

Acquisition of office equipment and software 450 000
Office furniture purchase 250 000
in total 700 000

The nature and size of the running costs of publishing a newspaper depends on several factors in the number of pages., newspaper circulation, color and print quality, the number of specialists involved in creating the newspaper.

If we summarize the calculations regarding current expenses for maintaining and developing activities in the first month and year, conclusions will be as follows:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs Total for the year
Buying or building lease (room),from 20 m 12 500 150 000 25 000 175 000
Buying equipment (from 10 units) 34,8 thousands 34,8 thousands
Acquisition of computer hardware and software (14 u) 407,4 thousand. 407,4 thousand.
Purchase, website maintenance, hosting 49 000 49 000
Constant advertising expenses 45 000 540 000 100 000 540 000
Salary (calculated per 12 months) 485,1 thousand. 5 million. 821 thousand. 5,821 thousand.
payment of taxes (for 12 months) 155,1 thousand. 1 million. 861 thousand. 1 million. 861 thousand.
Unexpected expenses (for 12 months) 61,6 thousand. 61,6 thousand.
in total 542,6 thousand. from 6,5 million. 677,8 thousand. 7,089 million.

Revenues of the enterprise consist of proceeds from the sale of circulation, advertising and paid ads. With good advertising of the project, you can expand its capabilities. Part of the newspaper’s pages can be determined for rent by organizations that are interested in cooperation, and you can also get good profit from this article..

Good to use application release, thanks to which the profit from sales increases and the interest of the reader grows, and therefore, circulation and profit increase.

Newspaper’s profitability level depends on, how much quality product does she create, readers' interest and, Consequently, sales volumes and circulation sizes. Significantly increase profits and additional revenue items - placement of commercial articles and advertising on the newspaper. With competent financial investments and a pre-planned marketing strategy, the level of profitability of a periodical by the end 1-3 years can reach 100 %. Depending on the scale and type of activity, the enterprise will reach full payback approximately after 2-3 of the year. Business or legal editions pay off already within the first 12 months of work.

With the active implementation of four runs, you can receive income in the following amount:

Wholesale price 1 newspaper, rub. 4
Revenue for 1 month 640 000
Net profit for 1 month 90 000

The forecast revenue structure will be made based on:

  • – analysis of consumer demand in the relevant market sector;
  • – general market research results;
  • – data on the volume of services provided by enterprises in this category.

To maximize the accuracy of your earnings data, the lowest margin threshold will be taken into consideration. The plan must take into account all existing risks.:

  • – high competition;
  • – the transition of information and advertising in the online format;
  • – consequences of the economic crisis of previous years, current problems in the country's economy.

Volume of service provision in relation to the first 24 months of work, newspapers can be presented in the table:

Period Type of service The volume of production and sales of 1 months. (PC., places) price, rub. Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment The implementation of the circulation of the newspaper from 12 thousand copies 50 rub. and more from 600 thousand
1 – 12 monthly investment Advertising on the pages (modular, lowercase) from 1 thousand. quarter. mm 1 000 – 700 000 rub. from 1 million.
13 – 24 month operation The implementation of the circulation of the newspaper from 12 240 copies. from 54 rubles from 661 thousand.
13 – 24 month operation ad placement (modular, lowercase) from 1 thousand. quarter. mm 1100 – 710 thousand rubles. 1,1 million. and more

The indicated volumes of sales of services can be achieved while maintaining the current dynamics of the newspaper business in the country. At the moment, the increase in circulation and consumption of services by potential readers is at the level of 2 – 7 % annually. If the industry growth process will have the same indicators, annual sales growth will reach almost 20 million. rubles.

According to analysts, at least until 2020 years, this figure will not decrease. The main conditions in this case are maintaining a high quality of the created information product and a fairly active campaign to promote the enterprise.

In this way, based on the calculations, we can draw the following financial conclusions:

  • – subject to a commercial loan of 1 million. 225 thousand with an interest rate 14% for 2 year break-even point of the enterprise will begin with 2 months of activity;
  • – the first profit of the company will be equal 943,8 thousand rubles;
  • – monthly expenses of the enterprise - 542,6 thousand rubles;
  • – the amount of profit at the end of the lending period - 1 million. 218 thousand;
  • – total gross profit - up to 38,8 million. rubles.

Bank total profit, that is, the total amount of interest paid on the loan for the indicated period will be 78,5 thousand rubles. Project profit, less investment and credit costs, in this case will be within 18,8 million. rubles.

Tax payments are an obligatory cost group.. Each reporting month begins in January, and from this period the founder of the company will have to make such mandatory payments:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

The business plan has calculated an indicative plan for opening a newspaper from scratch, subject to a commercial loan. It is assumed, that the newspaper will cover expenses and make a profit in part through the sale of circulation, partly due to the sale of advertising space. With such an organization, the publication will justify itself through 8 months due to retail sales. Full newspaper promotion takes place during the year, in the presence of adverse and crisis circumstances, the payback phase can last up to 2-3 years old. The main task for a newcomer to the market is to attract the attention of readers and advertisers. For this, from the moment of opening to the full payback of the enterprise, it is necessary to conduct a high-quality marketing and advertising campaign and pay considerable attention to promoting the organization in the market.

Media role, including newspapers, in modern society – video:

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