Business Plan paintball club

Business Plan paintball club
Business Plan paintball club
Business Plan paintball club

The business plan of the paintball club is designed to assess the economic efficiency of the commercial project and the prospects for its development in the current market conditions. Ready Business Plan paintball club with accurate financial calculations can be submitted to the investor or lender, why all the assessments and conclusions, as well as financial considerations should be made taking into account the actual state of the market and the possible risks and force majeure.

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Project paintball club: general information and business idea

The project to build a paintball club includes several items:

  • – with the creation of the high profitability of the enterprise;
  • – obtaining a high and stable profit - after 24 month rate of income must be at least a year 150%;
  • – satisfaction of the needs of the target audience.

The main activity of the future organization - provision of services to the game of paintball.

General facts and figures, which are presented in more detail in, on financial matters, following:

  • – the main source of financing - commercial loan in the amount of up to 5 millions 40 thousand. The same amount will be equal to the total value of the future project;
  • – loan terms - 24 of the month, during which the new business should be fully paid back and start earning a steady income. Wherein, by estimate, business will start to pay off after only 7 months after start-up;
  • – the interest rate on the loan - 16%, in the long term it is possible to decrease;
  • – the amount of interest payments on the loan amount from the 100 thousand;
  • общий экономический эффект от реализации запланированного проекта в течение 2 лет – от 758 thousand and more.

При планировании бизнеса будут учитываться такие риски:

  • высокий размер стартовых вложений;
  • ограниченная целевая аудитория, как результат – недостаточно высокий спрос;
  • высокий уровень конкуренции в отрасли.

Пейнтбольный клуб относится к объектам сферы развлечений. The essence of this sports-technical team of the game is as follows: players are divided into 2 command and receive air guns, shooting gelatinous balls, filled with water-soluble paint. Game process lasts 10 – 15 minutes and aims to try armed so both players weapons teams capture the flag, located in the center of the field, to move it on the enemy. In carrying out this task, participants have to hit with paint bullets maximum number of representatives of the opposing team. Number of lesions determined by the number of paint stains on clothes players. Usually play in open space - a forest area or in the field, оснащенном естественными или искусственными укрытиями.

Преимущество пейнтбола заключается в том, что для игры не нужны специальные навыки или хорошая физическая форма. It does not really matter the age and gender identity - in one command you can combine all comers.

The popularity of paintball - in and how, it represents a unique synthesis Sports and leisure activities. This is particularly important in the context of the growing popularity active recreation outdoor and mass entrainment healthy lifestyle.

Target audience paintball traditionally not very wide: usually they are engaged and active fans of adrenaline sports. But recently, the area of ​​interest of the game expands. For example, this type of activity is often used parents and teachers as a way to distract teenagers from street entertainment. The game of paintball can be a good option of corporate event. for example, many of today's team-building concept is based on a similar collective pastime.

According to the statistics of the relevant market segment, in recent years it is developing steadily, constantly expanding the range of services. Therefore, the new club, offering potential customers one or more types sports entertainment, It should be focused on the current industry dynamics and the level of competition.

The main features of the opening of the paintball club – video:

Stages of creation of the paintball club

The process of preparation for the opening and the start of work on a paintball club consists of several stages, not counting the preparatory - examination of the market segment, level of competition and pricing policy in the sector.

Кратко охарактеризовать процесс создания пейнтбольного клуба можно в таких пунктах:

  • аренда участка, оборудование соответствующим образом и подготовка к работе;
  • регистрация предприятия – ООО или ИП;
  • – recruitment;
  • – advertising campaign;
  • – opening and early operation.

Более подробно, в соответствии с установленными для каждого этапа сроками, процесс основания и развития клуба по пейнтболу можно представить следующим образом:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 days
selection of the location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 1 of the month
recruitment production activity To 30 days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 days
End of project 12 – 24 months

Equipment for paintball club

Приступая непосредственно к созданию базы для игры в пейнтбол, should start by finding a suitable area. Selected location must be large enough for the active movement of players and creating the necessary complex of playgrounds. Besides, участок должен отвечать ряду стандартных требований:

  1. комфорт и безопасность для игроков;
  2. близость к населенному пункту и удобная транспортная развязка – до города должно быть не более 30 minutes. but it is preferable, to base was in the city, as the only car owners will come to its limits, which significantly narrows the target audience;
  3. – minimum expenditure for the establishment and operation of the organization.
Business Plan paintball club
Business Plan paintball club

solving, whether or not to open a paintball club in the city, worth considering, that placing such an organization nearby settlements, предстоит обеспечить хорошую охрану имущества от постороннего вторжения, а также предусмотреть надежную защиту окрестных жилых кварталов от действия шума. В противном случае есть риск возникновения недоразумений с местными жителями или представителями власти. Помимо прочего, арендная плата в черте города на порядок выше, правда, It is less than the cost of shipping materials and equipment, conveying personnel and other technical expenses. Плюсом расположения базы за городом в первую очередь будут отсутствие возможных претензий со стороны соседей или местных органов власти и относительно дешевая аренда. Besides, opening a paintball club away from the city and to create appropriate conditions, можно рассчитывать на более элитный и платежеспособный контингент – такие клубы часто становятся местом отдыха для обеспеченных посетителей и корпоративных клиентов. Но в этом случае обязательно не только предоставить услуги элитного класса, но и оборудовать сопутствующую инфраструктуру – ресторан, теннисный корт и другие дополнения к основной услуге.

paintball club equipment is costly - it is characterized by the need to purchase large quantities of consumables.

In addition to the basic equipment it is important to take care of the musical accompaniment. Background music - an important element of the overall color of the club. It should not detract from the game play and create a certain mood.

Convenient for everything the club will be the territory of the former children's camps and boarding houses, поскольку они изначально оборудованы нужной инфраструктурой и имеют достаточно свободного пространства. Для игровых площадок подойдет сосновый лес, as there is good drainage and the soil promotes active movement. it's desirable, to the places were abandoned, possibly, dilapidated buildings - they fit well into the concept of paintball.

The total area will be from the paintball base 2 thousands of square kilometers, or more depending on the scale of the planned organization. Good, if the rented or purchased land allows for the possibility of expansion of playgrounds in the future, Therefore, the more space will initially, all the better. Besides, in some situations, eg, in the event of the tournament, It may need a one-time extension platform. It is therefore important, the club has ample free space.

For the convenience of visitors to the territory of the club and outside it is desirable to place pointers and useful designation, additional benefits would be equipment locker, shower, as well as a cafe or small restaurant. А если дополнительно предложить посетителям расширенную развлекательную инфраструктуру (стрельба из лука, billiards, волейбол или мини-футбол), это позволит привлечь и удержать большее количество клиентов.

В данном проекте рассматривается возможность создания 2 – 3 площадок в черте города (or 3 – 4 за его пределами), а также одного тира. Each of the sites will have a size of 50x80 sq. m. it's desirable, to the site had different terrain and different in nature landscape. For example, one of them may be in the woods, the other - to be fitted with artificial shelters, etc.. Important, on the grounds that did not get outsiders during shooting, для чего обязательно предусмотреть наличие хорошего ограждения и охраны территории.

Сразу нужно оборудовать и закрытые помещения для раздевалок и душевых. It is desirable, and the availability of appropriately equipped receiver, where there will be a reception and a recreation room for clients. There you can open a small cafe or buffet. Additional income bring water sale, coffee and other beverages, which will come in handy after intense relaxation. Another mandatory group - technical facilities, где будут храниться и обслуживаться маркеры. Под навесом должна быть заправочная станция для оборудования. Отдельно располагается раздевалка и комната для отдыха персонала, head office and, if necessary - other offices.

The next important point of making the paintball base - the purchase of equipment. Главным обязательным инструментом будет специальный маркер – прибор, из которого участник стреляет шариками с краской. Вопрос о том, стоит ли считать его оружием, It remains open for many clubs visitors. But the law clearly defines, that such weapons, and in accordance with the official definition, Markers can not be attributed to arms. According to the same law, paintball guns belong to sports instruments, having a design similar to the weapon. This information was not immediately convey to visitors and potential customers. for example, you can place this information on the club's official website, as well as on the territory of the organization, in the rules of use of the club facilities.

Business plan free paintball club
Business plan free paintball club

A basic list of equipment for the paintball club includes such items are required and exemplary rates:

  • – masks - designed for entry-level players, equipped with a new system of lens shift - from 2 300 rubles;
  • – markers of different types and calibers - 25 thousand;
  • – gloves, kneepad and nalokotniki - from 800 rubles for a pair of gloves and more;
  • – feeders - from 1100 rubles;
  • – Receivers cylinders high pressure volume 10 - 2 100 rubles;
  • – safety vests, camouflage complexes - 2 400 – 2 600 rub.;
  • – gas stations - from 1 700 rubles;
  • – Ramrod - from 140 rub.;
  • – paintballs - from 1 500 rub.

Additionally, you will need your own vehicle - preferably minibus. To reduce costs may purchase a used car.

Availability of quality markers - one of the most important conditions for the success of the club. That is the number of tokens on the balance sheet will affect the throughput and turnover of the club. purchasing markers, следует обращать внимание на их надежность и легкость в использовании. Для удобства эксплуатации стоит отдать предпочтение полуавтоматическим устройствам, желательно приобрести также помпы, или маркеры с ручным досыланием шаров, и маркеры пистолетного типа. Каждая из этих разновидностей имеет свои особенности использования и свою целевую аудиторию. В комплект к маркерам предстоит закупить ствольные заглушки, which are mandatory for safety requirement.

Necessarily and cylinders - gas sources. Minimum volume of the container for paintball - 12 g. The most capacious of the currently used are considered to be 0.8-liter capacity, which is enough for 600 shots. By marker is fixed feeder - shop for balls, изготавливаемый из пластмассы и также имеющий различную емкость. Для помповых маркеров обычно используют фидеры на 40 – 50 шаров, а для полуавтоматических – на 180 – 200. At the time of purchase of the equipment necessary to acquire several different containers for different applications.

Safety of the players provides a protective mask - one of the most important elements of equipment, without which no output member to the site. The mask should be easy to use and comfortable for daily cleaning. Purchasing a mask is necessary, based on a command from 10 players and 2 judges. In this way, minimum number of masks must be 12 pcs. In this case, judges should buy an excellent color and design masks - as they spend more time in them, the device should be easy and comfortable.

The next important point - the purchase of a gas station for gas cylinders. It is a set of, consisting of hoses, valves and taps, and is attached to the balloon. it's desirable, in addition to the primary filling station it was on the basis of replacement, since the output of its failure to suspend operation of the club and bring a significant loss.

Purchasing equipment and supplies for paintball clubs, it is important to pay attention to the presence of a sufficient number of parts. Mandatory set of gaskets, keys, screwdrivers and other standard tools for repair work. For the work of judges will need a special tool - the ramrod, intended for cleaning the barrel with a split ball. Acquire them by the number of judges at the club - only judges working with them, and they are also responsible for the safety and integrity of ramrods. In addition, need to monitor the scale cylinder filling, chronograph measuring ball speed, and a protective mesh, enclosing box.

Since the player before the start give pure form, to purchase a sufficient number of sets - for each marker must be present 2 sets of clothes with protective masks and bandanas.

All equipment and tools must undergo regular monitoring of compliance with quality and safety. If necessary, be sure to carry out a systematic repair and replacement of individual elements of equipment.

On technical providing club paintball – in the video below:

Selection of staff and marketing business plan paintball club

The number and qualification of the staff of the club depends on its shape and scope of services provided. Usually needed in the initial stages 2- 4 Instructors judges, 2 administrator, the settlor, который обычно выполняет роль руководителя и бухгалтера, а также технический персонал. Если в клубе будут открыты дополнительные зоны, кафе или другие заведения для отдыха и развлечения, you need to attract more labor. Wages for most employees will consist of a minimum rate and the percentage of the income of the club. For any size and composition of the state of the most important condition for success is the high level of professionalism of the staff. Select employees should not only work experience, but also taking into account their personal qualities, first and foremost the ability to find an approach to every client.

marketing campaign It will be based on the general state of the market and the level of demand in the selected area. Учитывать нужно и недавний кризис 2014 of the year, который отбросил назад многие предприятия, специализирующиеся на спортивных развлечениях. В их числе – и пейнтбол. In recent years, the market appeared new organizations, offering this kind of leisure, due to the increasing interest among the population.

Developing a marketing plan business, It should identify the main contingent of the target audience. Potential clients of the paintball club will be young people aged 20 – 35 years old, prefer leisure sports and recreation. according to statistics,, the highest number of target audience (45%) account for customers aged 25 – 35 years old, a quarter of visitors are age group 20 – 25. With about half of the visitors - corporate clients between the ages of 20 to 35 years old.

To increase traffic to the organization, should conduct a comprehensive study of the sector and explore the features of the proposals, the advantages and disadvantages of competitors.

Assess the competitive enterprise on such criteria:

  1. – convenient location, including remoteness from the city, transportation and parking available;
  2. – schedule;
  3. – quality and utilization of platforms;
  4. – price policy;
  5. – degree of service.

After you have determined the general level of the representatives of the relevant market segment, will develop a strategy to promote the new company on the market. The first thing to consider, to any segment of the future will belong to the club - economy class, middle-class or business. The most popular and promising standard price segment. In these clubs play paintball middle class, They refer to them as and corporate clients.

Further, the complex of measures on formation of consumer opinion.

To do this, you need to promote a new business in several directions:

  1. – in an online format: create your own website and start promoting it online; advertise their services in social networks, forums and sites ads;
  2. – develop attractive offers for corporate clients;
  3. – used for advertising purposes existing media;
  4. – distribute flyers, small, place banners and billboards advertising the club.

The best way to promote the services of the club will be to maintain high levels of service and availability of lucrative offers for loyal customers.

Registration and tax registration of the business plan of the paintball club

The legal basis for the club, specializing in providing services to sport and active leisure, can be any. In this case, fit and physical, and entity. But most entrepreneurs are taking the decision to open businesses in the status Ltd.. In comparison with other legal entities, this format provides a minimum organizational and tax burden and at the same time giving more powers, than SP.

Possible further profit organization format, but in this case, the main goal of the company grounds - to achieve social goals, not profit. Therefore, in this case, will be some bureaucratic nuances. for example, Any income received by the organization, can not be distributed among its founders or participants - their income will be formally charged wages. Non-profit organization, it makes sense to draw, if you plan to mainly work with students or special social groups, as well as for the opening and development of the company is allocated a government grant.

In this way, с учетом всех нюансов наибольший смысл имеет открытие ООО. Такая структура требует небольшого пакета учредительных документов, перечень которых можно получить в отделении ФНС или соответствующих нормативных актах, а также копии личных документов каждого из учредителей. Besides, обязательны уплата госпошлины и внесение уставного капитала в размере 10 thousand. Turnaround time LTD - up 2 – 3 недель при условии подачи полного пакета документов.

Так как вопрос о принадлежности пейнтбольных маркеров к категории оружия четко определяется законодательством, то и специальная лицензия на владение и эксплуатацию оружия пейнтбольному клубу не нужна. Эту информацию можно уточнить, изучив специальный закон о лицензировании: 99-ФЗ О ЛИЦЕНЗИРОВАНИИ ОТДЕЛЬНЫХ ВИДОВ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТИ.

Налоговая нагрузка организации, предоставляющей услуги развлекательного характера, не представляет никаких особенных сложностей или дополнительных требований. Перечень обязательных налогов включает такие пункты:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

financial calculations

После изучения существующих на рынке предложений и средней ценовой политики в отрасли предстоит составление примерного прайса на услуги клуба. Примерные расценки на основные услуги будут следующими:

Вход с 1 man 240 – 290 rub.
Вход после 23.00 420 – 470 rub.
Прокат оборудования (маска, маркер, камуфляж, защитные перчатки, бандана) Is free
Заправка газом в течение игрового дня Is free
Вход в будние дни (пн. – чт., кроме праздников) Скидка 50%
Вход для детских и юношеских спортивных организаций Is free
Вход для именинников в день рождения Is free
Вход для постоянных клиентов с 4 посещения from 175 rub.
Вход для постоянных клиентов с 7 посещения Is free
100 PC. from 290 rub.
500 PC. from 870 rub.
1 коробка (2 000 PC.) 3 500 rub.
Дымовая граната РДГ from 250 rub.
Граната с краской Ф1 from 270 rub.
Граната с краской РГД from 290 rub.
Ствол 14” 240 rub.
Спортивный маркер 410 rub.
Рация 350 rub.
Прокат защитного жилета (девушкам может предоставляться бесплатно) from 120 rub.
Прокат мангала 300 rub. in a day

Общий перечень расходов на открытие пейнтбольного клуба, включая стартовые инвестиции и затраты, которые учредителю предстоят в течение первого месяца и года работы клуба, It can be summarized in the table:

item of expenditure 1 month 1 year One-time costs, rub. Total for the year, rub.
lease of a building, room (from 60 m) 60 thousand 720 thousand 120 thousand 840 thousand
Buying equipment (from 10 units) 2 million. 268 thousand 2 million. 268 thousand.
Приобретение микроавтобуса (1 PC.) 1 million. 300 thousand 1 million. 300 thousand.
Shop for Supplies (about 100 u) 143 thousand. 1 million. 716 thousand. 1 million. 716 thousand.
Create site, payment hosting, scripts purchase 135 thousand 135 thousand
Constant advertising costs 45 thousand 540 thousand 100 thousand 540 thousand
Salary (on 12 months) 477 thousand 5 million. 715 thousand 5 million. 715 thousand.
taxes (12 months) from 143 thousand 1 million. 718 thousand 1 million. 718 thousand.
Unexpected expenses from 392 thousand from 392 thousand
in total 725 thousand 8 million. 690 thousand 4 million. 315 thousand 13 million.

Структура прогнозируемых доходов рассчитывается с учетом ориентировочных цен на основные виды услуг. Следует учитывать также сезонность бизнеса, возможные форс-мажорные ситуации и существующие риски.

В целом прогноз продаж услуг пейнтбольного клуба делается на основании нескольких основных критериев:

  1. анализ спроса в интересующем сегменте рынка;
  2. анализ общего состояния рынка;
  3. выводы о состоянии выбранного сегмента рынка и продаже соответствующих услуг.

Принимается во внимание 2 основных этапа ведения бизнеса – первые 12 месяцев с начала деятельности, составляющие период инвестирования, and 13 – 24 – этапы функционирования.

Period Type of service The volume of sales per month (pers., PC.) price, rub. Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment Вход в клуб from 900 person 290 – 500 for 1 people. 261 – 450 thousand
1 – 12 monthly investment Продажа шаров from 1000 PC. from 290 for 100 шаров/от 3700 за коробку 290 thousand. – 1 million.
1 – 12 monthly investment Прокат защитного жилета from 100 people. from 120 for 1 жилет 12 thousand
1 – 12 – месяц инвестирования Прокат мангала (3 – 4 PC.) from 75 orders from 290 за день 22 thousands
13 – 24 month operation Вход в клуб from 1125 people. 300 – 650 338 – 698 thousand.
13 – 24 month operation Продажа шаров from 1250 people. from 300 for 100 шаров; from 3600 за коробку 375 thousand. – 1 million. 250 thousand.
13 – 24 month operation Прокат защитного жилета from 125 person 120 for 1 жилет 15 thousand
13 – 24 month operation Прокат мангала (3 – 4 PC.) from 94 orders from 300 in a day from 28 thousand

Если обозначенные в плане тенденции будут действовать на протяжении первых двух лет проекта, в том числе прирост объемов услуг и потребления будет составлять 4 – 20% in year, рост реализации за 12 месяцев составит более 14 million rubles.

Проведение исследования позволяет сделать вывод о высоком уровне перспективности пейнтбольного клуба как субъекта предпринимательской деятельности. Этот вид бизнеса относится к высокорискованным по причине значительной затратности и ограниченной целевой аудитории. Но при грамотной маркетинговой политике, достаточных финансовых вложениях и наличии необходимых знаний и навыков у руководителя этот бизнес будет приносить стабильную прибыль уже к окончанию первого года работы.

Подробно об экипировке для пейнтбола – video:

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