Business security agency plan

Business security agency plan
Business security agency plan
Business security agency plan

Starting business in the field of, We need to develop a detailed business plan, thought through every detail. In this case, the enterprise will be profitable and give good results..

Like any private enterprise, the security agency is controlled and, Besides, governed by public law "On private security activity". According to this law, the company can take on their own responsibility protection of individuals and their property, installing alarms. The competence of these companies is to maintain order in areas of heightened conflict. Knowing the law and plan all stages of business, you can create a security company from the ground up with a high level of profitability.

Objects and features of the project

The business plan has as its purpose an assessment of investment attractiveness of the project to create from scratch the security agency, calculation of funds, required for the opening and development of the enterprise, as well as the possibility of offering it as a basis for negotiations with potential investors or creditors.

security firm The project is designed to 2 of the year. During this period it is assumed:

– creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;

– to obtain high and stable income from the provision of security services to individuals and businesses;

– filling the corresponding market niche and meeting the existing demand in this sector.

Key financial indicators of the business plan

– for the financing of the future project is supposed to use a commercial loan in the amount of 4050000 rubles. This amount is estimated the total cost of the project. When you make certain changes to the plan, this amount may be more or less;

– the interest rate on the loan - 17,5 %. Payments on the loan will be carried out from the first month of the company;

– investor's income for the period amounted to 276 thousand. This is the total amount of interest paid on loans;

– payback period based discount period - up 2 years old;

– the overall economic effect for the specified period - 23 million. 387 thousand.

In view of the designated project type of employment – providing protection and services of organizations and individuals, It determines the range of the target audience. This is primarily individuals, requiring personal protection, as well as the organization, hiring security guards to ensure the safety and order in the office and production areas.

experts say, that the main condition for the successful opening and further functioning of the security company is to have a sufficient customer base. Therefore, the founder of the business, it is desirable to have certain connections in business circles, and personal.

Security Agency: activities

Business security agency plan
Business security agency plan

Service list, which will offer a Security Company, It may include a variety of different proposals:

  • – private security, protection kollektrov;
  • – Panel protection;
  • – cargo tracking;
  • – collection;
  • – technical means of protection;
  • legal services;
  • – information technology services;
  • – profile training.

Each of the directions requires separate training and technical support. So, for service support of cargoes need to take care of the procurement of weapons and equipment with room to store it. Mandatory installation of safe, iron doors and bars for safety, as well as the presence of clock protection. Preparing a room in the current environment will cost approximately 300 thousand.

More serious investments will be required for the panel protection - more 1 million dollars for the installation of the console and to ensure sufficient supplies, including buying a car, means of video surveillance, overalls, and other non-lethal weapons. More detailed calculations are set out in the financial part of the plan. Following the results of the financial conclusions drawn will complete enterprise concept opens.

The main features of the sector protection – video:

Stages of creation of the security agency

The main stages of the opening of the company to ensure all types of security activities following:

– the development strategy of the enterprise;

– rooms for rent of office;

– enterprise registration and obtaining a special license for security activity;

– to find the financial means to make the charter capital and other needs at the opening of business;

– find and train staff;

– purchase the necessary equipment and technical facilities;

– an advertising and marketing campaign for a client base of recruitment and business development.

With reference to the established two-year term on the development of business in more detail the steps of starting a business will be as follows:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit The availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, paperwork, a license for security activity preliminary work 1 month
Rent office and technical equipment, preparation for the opening The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Purchase of computer equipment and office equipment Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
recruitment production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

Premises and equipment

selection of premises, its equipment and establish the basis for the work of the security company will be one of the key steps. the security office of the company at the beginning will be small. But initially it should include two separate rooms. In one, which can also be divided into several rooms, employees will work, held reception of clients. Second room, well protected from outsiders – designed for storing weapons. There may also be a task force. The total area of ​​the premises will be from 40 to 500 m. In the beginning, the office can not be more than 40 quarter. m. This will save funds for rent. When the project picks up the pace, office can be transferred to larger premises.

Office furniture is necessary to ensure, computer, phone, to establish an Internet connection. Special attention should be paid to the placement and protection of foreign weapons and specialized equipment.

The equipment of a private security company has a specific purpose. Including including – devices for communication between employees (a walkie-talkie is needed here), and for communication with management (mobile or landline phones required). And indoors, and on the street it is important to wear symbols on clothes, indicating the view of the private security company. The presence of all these parts will need to take care in advance.

Basic equipment includes security firm office:

  • – landline phone (several devices);
  • – portable radio;
  • – special equipment to conduct professional surveillance;
  • – mainstream remedies;
  • – forms for each security guard;
  • – medical kits in sufficient quantities;
  • – car to move guards.

Important items of equipment of the security agency will be a few units traumatic weapon, firing rubber bullets, protective body armor, gas canisters and other special equipment for the security company.

Weapons for security activities

wearing the rules and the use of weapons is strictly regulated by specialized laws. The management and employees of security firm must know and strictly comply with them. So, in some cases, it may be the presence of the guards firearms of different formats.

For the protection of individuals in all cases, other than those designated by law, guards have the right to only use gas, traumatic guns, gas cans, stun, handcuffs and truncheons. For each weapon responsible individual worker. If it must be certified and licensed to Weapon.

Security agencies are also hired to protect businesses or a separate facility. The hired organization organizes a workplace for the guards, with subsequent payment of utilities. The rented premises are paid by the company, which also provides insurance security personnel, makes payments to the tax office, pays for communication services, pays wages and provides the necessary weapons.

Necessary documentation

When registering an enterprise, you need to decide, what format is the company to open. IP form for security organization is not available, therefore, it is imperative to obtain the status of a legal entity. In most cases, a decision is made to establish an LLC. Since changing the form of management involves unnecessary bureaucratic difficulties and registration first, you should immediately decide on the format of the company.

A security company can only be opened with a special license. Draw it up at the GUVD. This structure has a department for permitting and licensing.. To obtain a license, you must apply to the registration address of the enterprise. This document is valid 5 years old, then it must be received again.

The list of documents for obtaining a license includes:

– an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;

– copy of LLC charter, certified by a notary;

– a certified copy of the memorandum of association;

– copy of identification number;

– notary certified copy of the charter of the LLC;

– copy of the founder's passport, notarized;

– certified copies of the founder's education diploma and his work record book;

– copies of identity cards of all employees of the company.

Obtaining a license also provides for the mandatory payment of a special state fee in the amount of 1300 rubles - 1000 rubles to pay for the application and 300 - the license itself. Should be considered, that the process of obtaining a security license takes up to 2 months.

Federal law "On private detective and security activities in the Russian Federation" (,0&rnd=0.4846892407321899#0373353888085338) requires written agreements on the terms of service with each client. In accordance with this legal act, security license for each client. You can simplify this process, recruiting into the team only applicants with an already issued license or former law enforcement officers. Representatives of the second category do not need a license.

If a business leader recruits employees without a security license, he should take care of, so that all of them pass a special exam in the department of licensing and authorization work of the ATC and receive the appropriate authorization document. List of documents, which must be submitted for each of the employees, following:

– application form with photographs;

– medical certificate;

– document, confirming the Russian citizenship of the applicant;

– passing special training in the security profile;

– confirmation of the presence of a minimum (3-summer) work experience in the internal affairs bodies or the security service.

The same list of documents contains information on the need to provide the employee with special technical or communication means, as well as details of their further use.

Another prerequisite for every employee of a security company is the availability of insurance. The amount of insurance depends on the employee's occupation and the level of danger of his activity.

Subdivisions of this organization and control the activities of security agencies. No other activities, apart from the main, such companies cannot deal with.

Besides, manager and all employees, performing certain tasks, must have their IDs with them at all times.
These documents confirm their right to engage in security activities..

Useful regulatory documents for opening a security company – following:

RF Law of 11.03.1992 N 2487-1 (row. from 05.12.2017) About private security activities

Federal Law of 04.05.2011 N 99-FZ On Licensing Dep. Business

Rules for obtaining a license for a security company – video:


In the beginning, there is enough manager in the staff of the enterprise., dispatcher and several guards. When hiring an employee for the position of a security guard, the manager negotiates the working conditions with him. The main conditions of the agreement can be the obligatory presence of a license. If there is no license at the time of acceptance, the applicant will have to undergo training. true, training is often paid for by the company.

If the prospective employee does not agree with such terms, then, without a license, he will be formalized as an intern and work together with an experienced employee. If the company is interested in more qualified personnel, it can initially recruit properly trained professionals. Many security companies hire employees to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic procedures, already licensed and insured.

As the expansion progresses, it may become necessary to introduce the position of a deputy manager.. This specialist will conduct business negotiations with potential and existing clients.. When the collective exceeds 30 person, you can enter the vacancy of the HR manager. An accountant will also be needed, although at the first stage this function can be performed by the founder himself.

marketing. Customer

Marketing research of the selected industry begins with researching the current state of the market. One of the most important factors, influencing this indicator - the economic crisis, lasted for several years starting from 2008 and then resumed in 2013. true, statistics show, that the market for security services has suffered less, than other directions. According to experts, in times of crisis, entrepreneurs are more than usual worried about safety, saving on other expenses. According to official data of recent years, more 77 percent of domestic companies turn to the services of security firms and resort to the use of technical security equipment. One of the objective reasons for this situation is the increase in the crime rate in the country..

Second positive factor, regarding this market segment - lack of strong competition. So, there are only a few strong enterprises in the security sector operating in the country, offering comprehensive and quality services. according to statistics,, 80% enterprises operating on the market are small companies, unable to offer a full range of security services. Wherein, according to research, demand for personal and console security, collection and other services are constantly growing. The annual turnover in Moscow and St. Petersburg alone today is more than 3 billion. dollars. true, planning to open a security company, to be understood, that it is in both capitals that the demand for all types of security services will be greatest.

Planning a company advertisement, you need to focus on, что современный охранник или телохранитель – это в первую очередь высококлассный профессионал, able to make quick decisions and ensure the safety of the client or his property in any situation. It is presentability and reliability that will become the main advertising in the modern market..

The success of a security company largely depends on the management's ability to find and carry out the necessary work with clients. Be able to convince them of the need for security services. It's good to have prospective clients even before opening the agency itself, in order to cooperate with them on a mutually beneficial basis. Anyone can open a private security company, but the former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are better at this business – they have certain connections, weapon experience, skills and flair.

If the founder does not have the necessary connections in this area, ему придется уделить больше внимания маркетинговой политике и рекламе своей деятельности. При этом стоит избегать любых нелегальных или полулегальных форм работы и связей.

Работа по формированию потребительского мнения, должна закрепить в сознании представителей целевой аудитории вывод о том, that the company is best placed to meet all existing security needs.

Key advertising techniques, which will be used to attract and retain customers, following:

  1. – placement of information in public and private enterprises of the city;
  2. – distribution of booklets, business cards and other types of advertising printed materials;
  3. – creation and promotion of the company's website;
  4. – advertising on the Internet - contextual, banner and other;
  5. – TV advertising, radio, newspapers and magazines;
  6. – distribution of address invitations to cooperation. В том числе можно начать с предложений охраны небольших государственных и частных объектов, в том числе детских садов, Schools, nightclubs. Зарекомендовав себя в этих направлениях, you can try to work with larger objects.


Starting the calculation of the financial component of a business plan, minimum and average financial calculations should be made, and also take into account all possible risks and additional costs. It is important to know, that the certificate must be replaced every five years, the cost of obtaining such a document - 1,5 thousand rubles. Additional information on the financial component of opening a security agency:

  1. The most simple walkie-talkie, without which the everyday life of many security workers does not do, costs 2 thousand. rubles.
  2. Охранники без лицензии получают 600-800 рублей за час, лицензированные специалисты – 800-1500 rubles.
  3. About 100 thousand. рублей понадобится на закупку достаточного запаса оружия для предприятия.
  4. Контроль ОВО помещения, which will contain the weapon, costs monthly in 10-30 thousand. rubles.

Some security agencies also practice private investigation under an additional license to increase the profit of the enterprise.. This item allows you to increase the company's income, but requires large financial investments and additional documentation.

The profitability of an enterprise depends on the number and size of services, number of clients, contact the agency, and the reputation of the company. May be, least, 15%, but can reach and 100 %. In most cases, adhering to the indicated rules, the security company has 100% profitability. The security agency pays off, usually, in five to seven months.

Console security is considered the most profitable area.. She is very much in demand, in addition, it has a low cost.

If we consider the cost part of the financial plan in more detail, main items of expenditure will be as follows:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs Total for the year
Buying or building lease (room), 40 – 500 m 360 000 4 320 000 72 000 4 392 000
Registration documents, obtaining a special license 30 000 30 000
Buying equipment 1 068 080 1 068 080
Acquisition of computer hardware and software 120 000 120 000
Buying a car (1 PC.) 850 000 850 000
Sewing overalls for employees (15 pers.) 1 320 19 800 19800 39600
Purchase of non-specialized means of protection (gas cartridges, traumatic pistols, etc.) 35 000 420 000 210 000 630 000
Internet connection, website development and maintenance, hosting (1 year) 2000 24000 120000 120000
Employee life and health insurance (1 year) 150 000 150 000
Constant advertising expenses (1 year) 25 000 300 000 300 000
Salary (calculated per 12 months, 23 pers.) 696 780 8 362 000 8 362 000
payment of taxes (for 12 months) 222 780 2 673 360 2 673 360
Unexpected expenses (for 12 months) 263 980 263 980
in total 1 120 100 13 445 160 2 903 860 16 325 020

In this way, average costs for the first year will be more than 16 millions. The broader the activity of the enterprise, the more financial resources need to be invested in its creation.

The tax part of the cost can be summarized as follows:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Usually, охранные компании не уплачивают дополнительные налоги. Поэтому такой перечень станет базовым для любого начинающего предприятия.

Прежде чем составить прогноз доходов охранного предприятия, необходимо рассмотреть средние цены, operating on the market:

Type of service cost of
Объектовая охрана Без оружия С оружием
1 круглосуточный пост from 66 000 from 82 000
1 дневной пост с пятидневным режимом работы from 56 000 from 66 000
1 дневной пост с ежедневным режимом работы from 82 000 from 100 000
Начальник охраны объекта на полный рабочий день from 66 000
1 ночной пост (from 6 hours) from 300 rubles per hour
Личная охрана, с оружием
1 круглосуточный пост from 350 000
1 дневной пост с пятидневным режимом работы from 100 000
1 дневной пост с ежедневным режимом работы from 210 000
Водитель-охранник с оружием
Around the clock from 280 000
Daily from 250 000
Пятидневка from 130 000
Сопровождение материальных ценностей
Сопровождение 1 вооруженным сотрудником (from 2 hours) from 3 000 rubles per hour

Структура доходов компании будет рассчитываться на основании таких показателей:

анализ спроса среди целевой аудитории охранной фирмы;

анализ рынка предоставления услуг в соответствующем секторе;

общие итоги состояния рынка по предоставлению охранных услуг.

Порог рентабельности при этом будет рассчитываться на минимальном уровне, с учетом всех возможных рисков и форс-мажорных обстоятельств.

Применительно к 2-летнему сроку открытия и развития предприятия план объемов предоставления услуг расчетного периода будет следующим:

Period Type of service The volume of services for the 1 months. (people, часы.) price, rub. cost of, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment Объектовая охрана from 10 from 56 thousand from 560 thousand
1 – 12 monthly investment Личная охрана (с оружием) from 5 people. from 100 thousand. from 500 thousand.
1 – 12 monthly investment Сопровождение материальных ценностей from 30 objects (from 100 hours) from 3 000 h from 900 thousand.
13 – 24 month operation Объектовая охрана from 20 from 63 thousand from 1 million. 260 thousand
13 – 24 month operation Личная охрана (с оружием) from 10 people. from 112 thousand. from 1 million. 120 thousand
13 – 24 month operation Сопровождение материальных ценностей from 50 objects (150 часов и более) from 3 360 h from 990 thousand.

Если действующие тенденции развития рынка сохранят свои показатели на протяжении всего срока проекта (а это ежегодный прирост в размере 10%), то рост объемов реализации может достигнуть 32 million. rubles per year. Одним из условий преодоления барьера вхождения на рынок и успешного закрепления в нем будет использование оборудования высокого качества, а также подбор профессиональных специалистов. Для поиска и подготовки высококвалифицированных кадров отводится 1 month.

На этапе составления финансового плана следует предусмотреть и существующие риски. Самые существенные следующие:

наличие значительных административных барьеров;

постоянно растущий уровень конкуренции;

значительное влияние государства на охранную отрасль;

кризисные процессы в структуре рынка;

высокая затратность на старте.

Проект охранного агентства, по результатам предварительного анализа и финансовых расчетов, может быть прибыльным и перспективным. Несмотря на наличие неблагоприятных экономических обстоятельств, численность целевой аудитории постоянно растет. Финансовые вложения в открытие охранного предприятия оправданы и выгодны, because, по выполненным предварительным расчетам, все инвестиции окупятся в первые 1 – 2 of the year.

Общие особенности получения лицензии в России – in the video:

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