Coffee business plan

Coffee business plan

Coffee business plan: how to open a coffee house from scratch

The algorithm of action in the organization of a business plan coffee shop

  1. Coffee business plan begins with a study of regulations, concerning the opening public catering in our country, a decision on the format of the institution and its basic concept, refusal to sell or the emphasis on selling alcohol containing coffee drinks. Creating a business model places.
  2. The study of supply and demand volume, analysis of the fullness of the region directly target audience, studying its needs and challenges. Competitive environment analysis and their basic marketing courses.
  3. business Registration, the choice of form of taxation and ownership, depending on the size of the initial capital and number of founders.
  4. Search, purchase or lease of premises.
  5. Drafting of the project plan, order REFURBISHMENTS, registration of all necessary technical documentation, technological development, engineering, design project, promotional materials, Merch.
  6. selection, purchase and installation of equipment, utensils and other consumables.
  7. Design and creation of corporate identity and logo establishments, installation of indoor and outdoor advertising.
  8. accessories establishments.
  9. Selection and production (purchase) necessary furniture, bar, - finished or design custom.
  10. Design and sewing of uniforms for employees (optional, depending on the chosen concept of institution, its mission and target audience requirements).
  11. selection, purchase, adaptation and implementation of automation systems of accounting and statistics.
  12. Collection and preparation of necessary Rospotrebnadzor for documentation and other regulatory authorities.
  13. Opening the institution and profit.
Design coffee shop in Frankfurt
Design coffee shop in Frankfurt

Stages coffee business plan

How to open a coffee shop business plan from scratch

stages of the project Test conditions Deadlines
start of the project 1,5-2 of the year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month 1-30 banking days
Getting credit The presence of the respective package of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities conclusion



1-30 calendar days
Selection of locations and documentation preliminary


1 month
Buying equipment conclusion



1-30 calendar days
Equipment installation reception



1-30 calendar days
recruitment production


1-30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process 1 -30 calendar days
Conducting marketing company 360 calendar days 1-360 calendar days
End of project 1, 5-2 of the year
Coffee business plan: Business concept and design
Coffee business plan: Business concept and design

coffee profitability according to the business plan

coffee reaches the level of profitability 60 percent with the right marketing and successfully chosen place of business location.

Full payback period - 24 of the month.

What coffees prefer Russians
What coffees prefer Russians

Plan the volume of services and selling coffee business coffee plan

the volume of a plan to provide services to the settlement period

Period type service name volume

production and sales in a month (t)

price Revenue from sales in the month (rub.)
1-12 monthly investment Selling coffee from 200

people in


from 150 to 550 rubles from 900 000 to 3 300 000 rub.


1-12 monthly investment





from 100

people in


from 350 to 1 200 rubles from 1 050 000 to 3 600 000 rub.
13 – 24 month functioning of Bani Selling coffee from 260

people in


from 175 to 650 rubles from 1 365 000 to 5 070 000 rub.
14-24 month functioning of Bani Sale



from 130

people in


from 400 to 1 250 rubles from 1 560 000 to 4 875 000 rub.


Main trends in the development of the coffee retail in Russia

general trend, which is observed during the last five years in the development of coffee businessbut in Russia- a significant reduction in coffee shops with an eclectic concept and business shift towards business models monokontseptualnoy. Market consolidation coffeehouses still ongoing, so this trend is observed in the regions and cities, and in the capital.

Today's consumer knows the value of their money and seeks to visit those coffee, where high quality raw material is cooked really high-quality noble drink.

Today, it is clear, that a narrow target audience of connoisseurs of coffee does not bring such proceeds, both abroad, and Russian businessmen should pay close attention to the ordinary customer and talk to him in plain language that.

experts stress, what franchising as one of the most popular among novice businessmen ways to start a business, gradually losing ground in popularity due to lower confidence in the franchisor. Many retail outlets under the franchise ceased operations in regions.

Developing culture brewing Cold: purified water in a special way during 6-8 hours. For the citizens of America, and Australia this trend has already become a familiar, we only get its development.

Indicators of tea and coffee markets
Indicators of tea and coffee markets


Shares of tea and coffee in the structure of retail trade
Shares of tea and coffee in the structure of retail trade
The structure of the tea and coffee market
The structure of the tea and coffee market

How to open a coffee shop and start writing a business plan today?

A few years ago it was considered the most fashionable trend of opening speshalti-kofeni, when V60 and aeropress were something new and unusual. It attracts the most new customers. If earlier it was possible to design the interior with minimal investment, using pallets, plywood, and other available and inexpensive building materials, but today this is not enough - the interior should have a vision and the whole model institution should be subject to a single idea or style, without forgetting as the major product and when. People are willing to pay not only for the product, but also for emotions, which gives them the space itself places.


Business plan of the project costs

project costs (in rubles.)

Name expenditure cost of


per month in year Единовре­



Total expenses


rent (purchase) building, room from 50


2 400 000 2 400 000
Repair of premises 400 000 400 000
Buying equipment 10 497 073 497 073
Acquisition of software 1 12 000 12 000
acquisition of dishes 1 120 000 120 000
Communal payments, phone 1 75 000 900 000 75 000 975 000
Costs for the purchase of coffee, baking products zlya, fresh pastries 1 750 000 9 000 000 750 000 9 750 000
Constant advertising costs 12 70 000 840 000 70 000 910 000
Salary 12 534 820 6 417 840 6 417 840
including. taxes 12 160 820 1 929 840 1 929 840
Unexpected expenses 432 407 432 407
in total: 1 429 820 17 157 840 4 756 480 2 191 4320



A business plan from the ground coffee for free
A business plan from the ground coffee for free

Taxation coffee shop business plan

The main taxes paid in rubles as the main currency of the project

Name base Period Rate
Tax on profits Profit Month 20%
NDS added

cost of

Month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule of payments 2,2 %
podhodnyh tax wages fund month 13%
Social payments wages fund month 34%


List of useful documents:

  1. Basic Documentation for the opening activities.
  2. Federal-Law-on-08.08.2001-N-129 FZ-red.-of-31.12.2017
  3. Federal-Law-on-04.05.2011-N-99-FZ-red.-of-31.12.2017.
  4. Federal Law of 03.07.2016 N 290-FZ (row. from 27.11.2017.
  5. About licensing.


The customer is always interesting, how is this or that product - modern coffee machines themselves seem to be very creative and sometimes unusual, and their work is very interesting to watch. Developments, occurring inside the coffeehouse industry, yet understandable and interesting only to lovers and businessmen, but little by little they are interested in and ordinary people. However, while talking about such interest as a universal trend, it is too early.


Catalog of coffee machines for coffee business plan
Catalog of coffee machines for coffee business plan
Coffee business plan: equipment
Coffee business plan: equipment
What equipment to choose for coffee (Business Plan, tips)
What equipment to choose for coffee (Business Plan, tips)
How to choose equipment for coffee
How to choose equipment for coffee

Download catalog of professional equipment for coffee shops


The main focus of successful coffeehouse owners today do on quality grain and how to fermentation. Conducted and new technologies are being introduced, experiments on status and taste of coffee at various different stages of fermentation, It is produced by a special stability and new flavors. Another breakthrough in the use of the coffee industry has been preparing and serving quality coffee in restaurants - to expensive dish is served with really exquisite drink.

Fashion on coffee with a generally defines youth and millinialy: they are used to get your coffee in a convenient cup and continue their journey on urban locations more, rejoicing life and quench their thirst. Good return for the year showed a small, cozy coffee shops in unusual locations of the city, coffee point in theaters, museums and other similar places. Cozy Speakeasy bars (a place, where the bartender will give the client the attention of not only serving coffee, but also to entertain him in a low conversation), also go to the next level. Experts call such institutions fourth wave coffee.

As for tea, the matte powder today added to many fancy desserts and customers are increasingly asking to be included in the order of grass, bathing, tea composition, Cold-Brew, tea lemonade, Kombucha and its derivatives. Tea cards are becoming more diverse, and this applies not only sweet drinks, including have become more popular among consumers of high teas, despite their price.

Coffee and wine are still at the height of the consumption frequency, because of the quality and management of communities, the presence solid support of technology partners and cohesion within networks, but the tea professionals have something to strive, today they are rethinking many concepts and subjects adjusting experience with tea and by the consumer.

Statistics of consumption and export of coffee and coffee products in Russia

UN statistical data on Russia, food supply – major crops

imports of coffee in the RF regions
imports of coffee in the RF regions

food supply – Crops

Common code statistics Country code country In sector Sector statistics Product code


Product results of the study
SS food security, food products by groups Russian Federation 641 Food groups 2630 Coffee,



260 872.99
SS Ukraine 641 Food groups 2630 Coffee,



76 668.6
SS United Kingdom of Great Britain 641 Food groups Coffee,



162 339.76
SS USA 641 Food groups Coffee,



1 367 201.07

Given the number of people in Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, per person for approximately an equal amount of coffee supplied product. At the same time in America, consumption figures are several times higher.

  1. RF: 260 872 tons per year;
  2. Ukraine: 76 668 tons per year;
  3. United Kingdom: 162 339 tons per year;
  4. USA: 1 367 201 tons per year.

Coffee has become one of the most popular products in the international bidding. The world's largest exporters of coffee are Brazil ($5,08 billions), Vietnam ($3,29 billions), Colombia ($2,57 billions), Switzerland ($1,99 billions) Germany ($1,96 billions). Top importers are the US ($5,49 billion.), Germany ($3,43 billion.), France ($2,13 billion.), Italy ($1,65 billion) and Japan ($1,39 billion). Best quality coffee supplies Ethiopia. Coffee is also provided specific types – cafein free, green, fried, kofezameniteli, coffee husks, and derivatives.



The number of coffee imports to Russia amounted to 481 million US dollars in 2015, the year. If we compare the number of coffee material supplies in the United States and Russia, the supply to the United States more in 13 time. At the same time the number of US residents only 2 times more.

Where Russian imports of coffee
Where Russian imports of coffee

As a result,, the average American drinks in 7 times more coffee, than the Russians. Russia exports coffee material in Belarus (50% of imports) in Ukraine – 29%. The main suppliers of high-quality coffee to the territory of Russia is Vietnam and Indonesia, 20% and 14% respectively. One-third of the supply of coffee in Russia is in Europe.

Leader in the production of coffee is now Brazil. Its share in the global community is about 35%. Second place goes to Vietnam, third – Colombia.

Where often supplied coffee to Russia
Where often supplied coffee to Russia

The most popular varieties of the drink considered:

  • Grain;
  • Soluble;
  • Soluble (granulated, sublimated, powder and coffee-mix).

According to statistical studies, 30% inhabitants of our country drink per day 1-3 cups of coffee a day, 60% – much smaller and less. Only 4% drink coffee at night, the vast majority prefer to start with your morning coffee.

Format "coffee with a" choose only 8 percent of the residents of the capital. In European countries, the normal practice is on the way to drink a cup of coffee - in the car, by bike or on foot.

The share of Moscow and St. Petersburg account for about 25% all instant coffee sales in Russia.

imports of coffee by country / type

The coffee grain market Russia ranked first with a score of 65%.


Russia also exports coffee, purchasing coffee beans and processing them, reselling other countries in the finished product.

Deliveries of coffee from Russia to other countries

Deliveries of coffee from Russia to other countries

Prospects for development of the market of coffee in Russia

On average, the market volume shows an increase of 6-8% every year the last 10 years old, and the production capacity is gradually increasing. The market is not seasonal, that is, fluctuations in demand are not significant at different times of the year (2-4%). According to statistics from RBC,in 2016, the year of coffee sales in Russia once again showed a positive trend, whereas the crisis 2015 and 2014 an extremely negative impact on sales of the drink. While gradually decreasing the consumption of tea Russians.

Forecast of consumption of coffee is quite favorable, against the background of the return of people in the catering - people are tired of saving and occasionally allow themselves to eat out. Russia is still far from developed countries on culture and the frequency of use of coffee, so there is much to seek the chances of finding a special niche, take it and shoot with your business and the unique idea.

Low and middle price segment is chosen by people with low income, However, the culture of consumption of drinks, and comes to such segments - people increasingly prefer to buy a quality product, but rarely, than low quality and with a high frequency. Analysis of the situation on the coffee market and economic situation, prevailing in Russia, It gives the right to conclude, that the coffee as a business will be in demand in one way or another, and only by correctly chosen the location of business startups and experience will depend on his subsequent career as a founder of the coffee shop.


The volume of the coffee market segments
The volume of the coffee market segments


according to research, the creation of a coffee house from scratch in your city provides a legitimate high income in a fairly short period of time. Commercial and financial risks at the same time remain at a high level, but the prospect of development and the opportunity to take a profitable niche is present.

Coffee belongs to the HoReCa segment (Horeca) of the services and goods distribution channel with the direct consumption of goods to the point of sale.

The main factor for success in this type of business is correctly matched the location and the concept of institution. For registration of these activities require a lot of permits and documents, a list of the most important of which can be found in our article below. A business plan is a document, which is necessary not only to novice businessman, who had just picked the idea to generate income and the opening of the business, it is really interesting, but also the, who is going to open a representative office or branch of the already hyped brand. Business plan coffee shop with all calculations, economic feasibility, Conduct market research in their region, attract investors and will quickly collect the required amount on business.

Financial plan for coffee

  1. rent: from 40 thousand. to 400 thousand roubles (the sum is doubled - must pay two months in advance);
  2. repairs (no furniture): from 400 thousand. to 1 million rubles;
  3. coffee and two coffee grinders: from 200 thousand. to 700 thousand. rubles;
  4. corn: from 30 thousand. to 180 thousand. rubles;
  5. refrigerators, showcases, stand: from 500 thousand. rubles;
  6. dishes;
  7. accessories;
  8. electricity, garbage, cleaning and water - approximately 30 thousand. rubles per month;
  9. FROM: from 50 thousand. to 500 thousand. rubles.

commercial risks

  • Increasing the level of competition.

According to the capital of coffee last year opened without exaggeration, a few hundred meters from each other. This is the result of, that the percentage of the growing popularity of coffee worldwide is growing exponentially, Secondly, This trend highlights the potential of the domestic coffee market and the desire of Russian citizens to be consumers of the European level.

  • The need to invest large sums of money in the purchase of equipment.
  • Carelessness in market research.
  • the need to rent or purchase premises in the city center or in the busiest areas - within walking distance of subway stations, next to the shopping center, on the first line of houses with separate entrances, and having an area 20-70 m, with the ability to place a sign and equip "French" windows.
  • The risk of participation in food festivals and other pop-up projects due to the inability to predict the profits.
  • The need for precise calculations for the first six months of the. Output rate 0 in the first months of work - this is an excellent result considering the economic situation in the country.
  • sum, required to open a coffee house from scratch – from 3 to 6 million rubles. Wherein 1 000 000 rubles - unforeseen expenses.

The urgency of the opening of business in the coffee shop

Eating out was for the Russians have something familiar. However, as a result of the crisis, occurred in the country and the world economy, over the past few years, an increase of only 2,5 percent of Rosstat, In monetary terms, this amount 1,4 trillion rubles (general data on networks catering - Cafe, restaurants, fast food and coffee shops).

Some statistics to compare. In the Nordic countries the average inhabitant consumes up to a year 13 kilograms of coffee beans, America - up 11. European figures more modest - in the person has to 6 kilograms of coffee per year. In our country, this figure reaches one to two kilograms per year. According to statistics – 1,69 kg


The frequency of use of the Russians coffee
The frequency of use of the Russians coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular types of earnings in the global trading, conceding the first position on the value and volume of production of oil only. coffee shop customers do not have refused from visiting schools altogether, but significantly reduced the amount of average check, so marketers need to work on the concept of good places. According to forecasts of the amount of average check increase in the coming years on 7, 2 percent.

The growth of the catering market in Russia has led to a number of reasons:
  • First of all, Restaurant Visitors have altered more democratic segment - coffee. Today, the customer is interesting, how to prepare, not just serve coffee, therefore, all equipment must be perfectly clean and possibly the best in quality.
  • Secondly, observed in the segment growth “coffee bars” (coffee to go, coffee to go).
  • Thirdly, the emergence of new formats of stores adjusted to customer needs and the emergence of new technological innovations, allows you to make audit and accounting services, but also greatly facilitate the conduct of statistics. As a result,, They have become increasingly popular mobile coffee, coffee - Cofix (with fixed-price service and all the menu items), coffee delivery (catering).
  • Fourth, a significant increase in consumption of coffee Russians and fashion for the drink.

Supplier search

Most often, novice businessmen use cupping method, or tasting samples of suppliers. Coffee beans can be found in the network, at specialized exhibitions representatives, as well as thematic festivals. Before, to conclude the supply contract, Check the supplier that all the necessary documents.

Among them:


compliance with food safety certificate
compliance with food safety certificate
The declaration of conformity of production requirements of the Customs Union
The declaration of conformity of production requirements of the Customs Union


Hygienic product characteristics
Hygienic product characteristics
Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion
Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion
The certificate of conformity GOST Russian
The certificate of conformity GOST Russian


Indicative rates:


Green coffee quality standard cost 500 rubles per kilogram. After treatment, the cost increases to yourself 800 rubles. For, to prepare a standard serving of espresso, you need to spend 9-11 gr. grains. A kilo of raw material - about a hundred cups of fragrant finished strong drink. Coffee type speshalti worth 1300 rubles (a pronounced taste and aftertaste interesting, pleasant notes). Speshalti low price segment - from 1000 rudders per kilogram. Specialty coffee – this fantastic, who know the taste of coffee, collected at different plantations in various parts of the world.


The choice of places format

Coffee is one of the simplest formats restaurant business (catering segment).
A small list of formats to choose from coffee novice businessman.
  1. Coffee with a takeaway ( coffee to go).
  2. Coffee on wheels (Coffee-Mobile).
  3. stationary coffee shop (with or without kitchen facilities), coffee-type or conventional varieties speshalti, unusual concept of institution and creative business models. You can also think about the format of the premium coffee with an assortment of self-baking, desserts and other sweets.
  4. classic coffee house, the main focus - Confectionery, a quick snack cakes or confectionery.
  5. Coffee shop - shop with coffee products and a professional / home equipment. Possibility of tasting and testing equipment in action. It also held a presentation of new products tasting.
  6. themed coffee house (reading, musical coffeehouse), Viennese coffee, Coffee Time Cafe, which often hosts business meetings and work freelance.
  7. Business at a vending coffee machines.

Today, the rapid development of regional projects are. to understand, how profitable to open a coffee shop in a particular city, you must pay attention to the differentiation of the pricing policy of the restaurant business: if there is present segmentation into three classes of customers at least, the coffee shop will receive a return, The presence of a dense layer of citizens with incomes above the average is welcome – in this way, one can infer the presence of the middle class. The presence in the franchise restaurants or food chains such as McDonald's, also suggests there is demand for such products.

EXAMPLE premises zoning in coffee shops of various types:


Disposition of business premises coffee plan

Disposition of business premises coffee plan

Analysis of the target audience

The vast majority of customers of coffee shops - students and young people under forty years with high or above average, level of income. These clients are suited to the selection of a product consciously, and can afford to buy a cup of coffee for 150 rubles. Most often the main consumers of coffee have higher education, 34% coffeehouse customers surveyed are conservative and selecting one of the types of coffee your selection will not change.

85% coffee consumers in Russia today acquire buy it in supermarkets. according to research, People try not to skimp on the coffee, and continue to acquire it, even if their income falls.

Coffee entrenched in the minds of our people as a quality drink, brand and history. It is - part of the consumer basket for people with middle and high incomes. Profitability and efficiency level coffee shop can be calculated using the indicator "revenue per square meter". Revenue per square meter - a measure of the average, which gives an insight into the effectiveness of the project impact on the development stage. catering segment and other public places (hairdressing, beauty salons and other), can significantly increase the percentage of revenue and increase profitability through the seal landing visitors and increase the amount of average check.

Download a list of documentation coffee business plan
Download a list of documentation coffee business plan

Feasibility study of investments

  1. To implement the project the company needs to take out a loan in the amount of 6 186 300 rubles to 24 settlement months discount rate 14%.
  2. break-even point is reached, starting from the 12th month settlement. During this period, the first amount of profit will be 4 655 rubles.
  3. At the end of the crediting period will be the amount of profit 1 495 180 rub. In this case, the bank's profit will be 398 088,41 rub. for 24 settlement period.
  4. Monthly payments as expenses 1 429 820 rubles.
  5. The total gross profit of the project was: 58 695 000 rubles.
  6. Project's profit amounted to: 12 735 483,28 rubles.

Properly compiled for the bank or investor coffee business plan also helps predict the levels of supply and demand, and plan further development of the project.

A realistic business plan usually contains information:

  • Financial business indicators.
  • The target audience, portrait of the ideal customer.
  • start-up costs.
  • operating costs.
  • sales plan.

Useful tips for beginners businessmen

  1. Even if you have the opportunity to spend the opening of the coffee house from scratch (or franchise) own savings (Income from the sale of movable or immovable property), should not be doing that. First of all, in case of failure you will lose property, Secondly, the need to pay the banking institution or investor interest make you a much more disciplined, and stronger focus on results. The need to pay on the loan in time makes to be responsible and careful. Therefore, the best solution would be to take exactly half of the required amount in the bank or under a contract with a private investor.
  2. Hiring too many the number of personnel or incorrect distribution of responsibilities and job stress. wage must correspond to the best proposals in the city, adjusted for the competition offers - job literate barista must be paid appropriately. On the other positions can be saved and perform the work at the start of their own or outsourcing agreement. Significant amounts of hired SP workers pays funds and tax service, of this serious expenditure and do not forget.
  3. Another serious mistake startups considered overreliance free promotional shares to attract customers and charity. Part of the rooms or spaces of stores is sometimes provided free of charge for different kinds of board games for fans, musical performances, of literary evenings and workshops. This works well for advertising, but causes damage: rent for the area still have to make, and the audience, who come to the restaurant to watch the show, do not always make the order even minimum average check.
  4. Search for suppliers with the most favorable conditions - another risk in business. Some competitors in your city can buy the products in the capital or the approximate regions, but thence margins are not always profitable coffee shops in small towns. Too complicated logistics do not bring anything, except for additional costs and the need to debug the timely supply of raw materials.
  5. If you plan to sell to drinks and even desserts, it is useful to buy them from local bakeries and pastry shops - so the table will always be fresh and inexpensive product. If some kind of dessert would not be popular with the customer, it can always be replaced by another, or to abandon this type of baking at all.
  6. It is inadmissible to save on the most important raw materials - coffee beans.
  7. An error is also considered the acquisition of second-hand equipment. If funds are insufficient, coffee machines can be rented or to negotiate with suppliers on mutually grains leasing.
  8. Increase the number of seats due to the comfortable furniture and its correct placement. The most profitable customers for a coffee shop in that case - those, who buy takeaway coffee.


Coffee business plan download

Analysis of the needs of the target audience and structuring their preferences will help determine the final choice of the concept of institution. Today's consumer expresses certain connotations and ideas about, what should be the ideal institution.

First of all, that characterizes a perfect coffee house:

  1. Atmosphere (cosiness, romance, certain selection of music collections, lighting, furniture)
  2. hidden associations.

coffee house, located in the city center, can create comfort atmosphere unhurried, relaxed stop - here the visitor in no hurry, and quite another thing, if the coffee house is located in a residential area - here run up to cheer up a delicious flavored drink before a working day, so visitors no time to sit around and have breakfast slowly. The advantage of this type of institutions is a significant reduction in price, repair and decoration business, as well as the need to purchase a smaller number of desserts and equipment.

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