Business-plan studio repair and tailoring

Business-plan studio repair and tailoring
Бизнес-план ателье по ремонту и пошиву одежды
Business-plan studio repair and tailoring

The idea of ​​opening their own business establishments, engaged in tailoring and clothing repair is quite promising commercial project. the idea of ​​attraction is a large mass of people's desire to put on a unique and exclusive clothing, sewn and custom tailored, even in spite of the abundance of shops and boutiques, offering fashionable clothes. Besides, advantage of this business idea is a small start-up capital. AND, provided operating time constant clientele, the business in the future will be able to bring small, but a steady income.

studio services Proposal for sewing and repairing clothes, increases in volume by an average annual rate of 10%. It should be noted, that this area of ​​business is clearly segmented and includes the following segments:

  1. Atelier clothing repair;
  2. Atelier tailoring;
  3. company providing comprehensive services.

Currently, the more popular are clothes repair services, but, company, making and repairing are also in the area of ​​increased customer demand. Other popular and profitable areas of this sector are the company, making curtains, curtains and other fabric surfaces of furniture and interior items.

An exemplary business plan company, making and repairing clothes

General characteristics of the project

Plans to open a studio complex services for sewing and repairing clothes.

The orientation of customer service - a mass middle-class clientele.

For the studio chosen legal form - PI in order to reduce taxes and simplification of storage and accounting.

Prospects for the development of business project are estimated as high, because the potential customers of the line of business can be found in almost every village.

Отдельная услуга - подгонка новой одежды по фигуре
a separate service – fitting new clothes on a figure

Description of services and activities of the organization

In the list of planned to provide services includes studio:

  1. Taking orders from customers in the sewing of new clothes according to individual customer orders.
  2. Restoration and repair of clothing, of used.

Reception and customer interaction will be produced through the point of order entry. In the future business development by expanding its customer base by placing several items acceptance of the order in large shopping centers.

market structure study

In this study, we investigate the structure studio market segment, making and repairing clothes, in a selected locality, It considered the possibility of starting a new project and its development prospects. Also as part of the studio market analysis, making and repairing clothes, discusses common errors and deficiencies of competitive firms business in order to avoid such shortcomings in managing your own business. Besides, on the basis of errors competitive atelier new marketing courses and programs can be found and developed.

Drawing up a production plan


For the company, making and repairing clothes choice of accommodation may occur according to two desired options:

  1. Combining point of reception orders and sewing shop within the same area.
  2. Placing the item order entry and sewing shop in different areas.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. In the first case the advantages are the convenience and efficiency of the production process, and receiving orders Customer Interaction. but, in this case the lack of a significant amount of rent, since it takes a room large enough space to accommodate the sewing workshop.

Under the second option a sewing shop located outside residential areas, and the point of reception of orders - at the mall high attendance. The advantages of this option is the low rents and the possibility of attracting more customers at the expense of clothing shoppers at the mall, requiring it fit.

Подбор оборудования лучше доверить опытному управляющему
Selection of equipment are best left to an experienced manager.

Download studio business plan for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

for the opening of the studio equipment

The total cost of the equipment is not less than 200 000 – 400 000 rubles. This includes:

  1. Sewing machines next destination: – hem; – Lockstitch; – knitted; – Furriery. Either all these machines can be replaced by a machine multi-purpose and multioperational sewing machine.
  2. overlock.
  3. steam generator.
  4. Furniture: – tables for cutting and installation of equipment; – chairs for staff and customers; – furniture for the working place control equipment; – clothes hangers, etc..
  5. Lighting.
  6. Mirror.
  7. dummy.

If a businessman, plans to open a studio, It does not have the experience and knowledge of the desired sewing equipment, it is recommended to immediately hire manager, possessing appropriate knowledge in the art.


Minimum list of studio employees includes:

  • face, take orders;
  • fashion designer;
  • tailoring and clothes repair master.

The recruitment process should take great care, favoring not only the professionalism of the staff, as their integrity. First of all it concerns the seamstress, execute orders, as well as the company receiving orders and fashion designer, in their responsibilities should be included taking responsibility for the poor performance of their professional duties, and therefore damage the materials or things of clients.

Бизнес-план ателье по ремонту и пошиву одежды
Business-plan studio repair and tailoring


In order to promote business within the promotional program to attract a variety of tools can be used - bright and noticeable sign, putting up ads on the entrances, distribution of leaflets, etc..


Expenditure part:

  • lease payments - from 10 000 rub. / month;
  • equipment and furniture - 10 000-100 000 rub.;
  • Consumables (thread, cloth, findings) and repair equipment - 8 000 – 15 000 rub.;
  • wages of seamstresses - 10 000 – 15 000 rub. / month or it can be set piecework payment in the amount of 30-40% the cost of the completed order.

The profitable part:

  1. The average cost of clothing repair 300-400 rub. for an order, the day goes to the studio 7-15 orders for repair. If the studio is located in a shopping center, the bulk of its orders is urgent fitting garments to suit the dimensions. The average cost of such orders 500-600 rub. The total amount of profit for these types of orders averages 30 000 rub.
  2. Prices for sewing new clothes are set based on the professionalism of the staff and the financial viability of a permanent clientele. Revenues from the tailoring of new clothes are about 80 000 rub.

Download studio business plan for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

In the presented video budding entrepreneurs can learn useful tips on doing business in this market segment.


Based on the calculations in the example of a business plan of opening company, making and repairing clothes, we can conclude, that investment in the business will pay off in less than a year. Therefore, this project is quite promising. However, we must not forget, that only approximate calculations are given in the example. For the real parameters of the project company revenue must be calculated according to the level of supply and demand for these services in a particular settlement punkte.Polzovateli this resource can download free sample submitted a business plan of opening the studio repair and tailoring.

Download an example of a business plan of opening the studio repair and tailoring.

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