Business greenery cultivation plan

Business greenery cultivation plan
Business greenery cultivation plan
Business greenery cultivation plan

How to start a business plan for the cultivation of greenery

For a start it is worth noting, that the cultivation of greenery, like any farm work, Despite the seeming simplicity, It contains many pitfalls. This - the purchase of equipment, planting material, registration of all necessary papers, if the land is leased and many other. but arrangement of greenhouses or a decision to grow vegetables and berries for sale will bear fruit, and considerable. First of all, gotta love this kind of work and have at least some degree of knowledge in farming.

Modern technologies allow to grow herbs and other crops hydroponically, which will be discussed later.

General information about business in growing green

  • The size of seed capital - average.
  • Business Payback - very high.
  • The complexity of business process management and manufacturing part - above average.
  • The volume of the competitive environment - Intermediate, depending on the markets of the region.

A brief summary of the business plan for the greenhouses for growing fresh herbs for sale

business plan for the project includes

  1. The costs of starting a business.
  2. The calculation of the cost of acquisition and construction of greenhouses and equipping them with all the necessary (Connection to utility systems), as well as the costs of the process of growing the product and receipt of the necessary documentation.
  3. The greenhouse allows to grow fresh herbs all year round and sell it to the local shops and catering points.
  4. This approach will reduce the payback period and allow to calculate the landing and harvesting, to supply in terms of sales took place smoothly and the products remained fresh longer.

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Main characteristics of the company

Name Characteristic
Form of incorporation IP (individual entrepreneur)
Kind of the tax burden USN 6%
NACE codes 01.12.1
recruitment, accounting support Accounting outsourcing, some positions may be substituted for the businessman - to start a business
Wage-earners 1 assistant
Schedule with 9.00 to 17.00, seven days a week

The relevance of business in growing green

The relevance of this kind of business is, that today there is an increased demand for products to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as products for vegans, raw foodists and vegetarians. Fresh vegetables in the winter - it is now the norm rather, than a luxury, and the consumer is very meticulously applies to that product, and carefully selects the supplier, that the product is environmentally friendly and grown without the use of pesticides and nitrates.

Good, if the infield will be located close to the city - it will reduce the logistics costs of goods and daily site maintenance. Important, portion to have access to the power and water supply and sanitation.

Demand for this type of product, like dill, parsley, cilantro and spinach among urban residents is always - fresh greens rich in vitamins, especially their lack of people feel the autumn-winter period. Therefore, demand for the product will be substantially constant. The advantage of this type of business is mainly in the, that to start will require a minimum of effort and money. Grow herbs best in the greenhouse or on private land. Growing green can be a source of additional income for farmers, as such activities do not require too many resources and the acquisition of additional equipment.

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The advantages of this activity can also be attributed:

  • Small seed cost, fertilizer, minerals and planting material.
  • Simple enough care of plants, However, in order, to prepare the land for planting, it must be pre-plow and qualitatively fertilize, as well as take care of the destruction of possible pests.
  • Unpretentious enough greenery to create good care and proper conditions.

If the process of growing greenery will take place in the basement, Think in the business plan of such an item of expenditure, as the purchase of energy-saving lamps and payment of utility bills for the supply of electricity. Besides, in the classic version will buy everything greenhouse foil is necessary - it will be an additional source of heat for seedlings and reflect light.

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business Registration

For, to grow and sell fresh herbs lawfully, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur, and send to the Federal Tax Service of the request for registration under the simplified system of single agricultural profits, rate 6%. NACE codes – BUT.01.12.2.

necessary documentation:

  • State certificate of registration.
  • Decorated by applicable law employment contracts with employees, staff list.
  • lease agreement.
  • Conclusion SES on environmental goods, permission for its sale.
  • Certificates for the sale of products with quality assurance in retail outlets (they can be issued more quickly through special centers).

Watch carefully, to land you rented documented been issued under selhozpolzovanie.

Sales market

To sell their delicious products you can in supermarkets, and wholesale customers in the markets. Most importantly - remember, that the shelf life is very short - fresh herbs lose their consumer properties and attractive presentation very quickly. You can expand the business, acquiring new greenhouses and growing more species vegetables for sale.


Optimal for business start is the area around 15 000 quarter. m. Greenhouses is best to choose from the Polycarbonate, on a metal frame - they require less maintenance, besides, they are easier to warm. In the greenhouse, you can also set the unit hydroponics. In addition to the apparatus, It needs expanded clay and planting material itself.

cultivation method Benefits
ceilings method The most effective allocation of the free area greenhouses, the possibility of zoning.

The possibility of selecting the optimal microclimate.

The ergonomic layout and most staff productivity

It does not require a lot of manpower

The effectiveness of the crop above.


Watering by the "tide, low tide ' Uniform distribution of nutrients

Eliminating the need for manual labor when watering seedlings

Automating the process of watering and irrigation convenient process control.

The nutrient solution for watering / irrigation can be used several times

This method is suitable for most green crops

Installation of lighting systems (daylight or infrared) Uniform lighting plants

The natural increase of productivity level

Reduction of terms of vegetation, and as a consequence, a shorter release period to a level of self-support business

Product range

Choosing the type of planting material, Preference was given undemanding crops:

  • Luke pen,
  • parsley,
  • dill,
  • radish lettuce (sheet),
  • kinze,
  • sorrel,
  • celery and arugula as the most frost-resistant.

Basil, although it differs in high demand, It is much more susceptible to disease, and its working life is even shorter, therefore, this culture is much more expensive than others.


the main thing, so that your products are marketable, and had not had rotted leaves an unpleasant smell - Packaging can take care realtor. but, if required by the scale of production, you can come up with creative packaging for lettuce and dill, which will keep longer marketable product and will attract a buyer.

To occupy a profitable niche in the market, needs to offer a better price, than competitors, and excellent quality products. You can try to include in the range of exotic herbs, which is also a demand from the population.

The level of service is also important, so the service and timely delivery of orders over the Internet fresh greens will have a good return.

The first list of potential clients should be ready by the time the green landing, as the main feature of the product - a very short shelf life. So you can avoid the risk of product damage and loss of funds.


The production plan of growing green business plan

The main equipment for the greenhouse will be the installation of light structures and installations for the cultivation - pallets, special pots, help to preserve the leaves fresh and appealing, and other

If the size of the greenhouse are about 10x5 meters, and the height is up to 3 m, the need to equip at least 60 pieces of LED lamps. Lamps is better to buy a good quality - so you can save considerably on the payment of utility bills and provide the greenhouse with light and heat for a long period of time.

Equipment for the greenhouse

The issue of equipment is also mandatory for the consecration of the business plan of greenery growing. The equipment in this case refers hothouse. It can be made of:

  • glass;
  • polyethylene;
  • polycarbonate;
  • acrylic.
Name price, rub.
Greenhouse (foundation, wall polycarbonate, basic services - water, electric power supply), 3 PC. 300 000
drip irrigation system 30 000
Lighting (180 lamps) 180 000
infrared heating (60 modules) 120 000
Works on installation of equipment 90 000
TOTAL: 720 000

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On 1 quarter. m of soil, you can grow up 2 kg for lettuce 30 days. On 50 quarter. m production will give up 100-150 kg of production per production cycle. The month can be grown up 300 in a greenhouse kg (three to 900 kg). At the start of the business, you can do a minimum number of employees, but as the business manager will need to scale services, which will execute all orders and be responsible for the timely delivery, as well as the staff of part-time workers. Schedule of fixed costs will include such items as utilities, planting material procurement, buy fertilizer, staff salaries and payment of tax deductions.

One-time costs

View sum, rub.
Register business and choice of legal form 5 000
Purchase and installation of 1 units of greenhouses with drip irrigation system, installation of lighting and heating 271 000
Create site 25 000
TOTAL: 300 000

In the greenhouse, hydroponic system can be installed - some businessmen say, that its maintenance is much easier, familiar to us than the methods of growing vegetables and herbs. hydroponic system provides all the essential plant nutrients without soil. Only the water necessary to saturate a special solution. This type of business will be more environmentally friendly, and will significantly expand the geography of search for suitable premises (eg, under gidrofermu can rent the former premises of the mushroom plant)

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The advantages of hydroponics

hydroponics method compares favorably to the usual farming, what

  1. It gives higher yields and the possibility of higher-quality goods turnover.
  2. Increases the shelf life and the attractiveness of the product, it is easier to collect and transport.
  3. Do not use chemical additives and nitrates.
  4. Significantly reduced the cost of payment of utility charges for water supply and for the purchase of fertilizers.
  5. Plants are less prone to diseases - most pests and bacteria live in the soil.
  6. The risk of weeds reduced to the minimum possible.

List of permanent (monthly) of expenses

Name sum, rub.
The salary of employees and accounting services outsourcing agreement 35 000
Payments to the budget for employee 8 000
Utilities (water-, electric power supply) 5 000
TOTAL: 48 000

business risks

  • bad harvest
  • Delivery gap with the partners of the contract
  • Interruptions in water and electricity (humidity levels, temperature and lighting must be permanent, otherwise the crop may be lost or rendered unusable / lose attractive appearance)


  1. Fresh green onions. specifications
  2. Guidelines for the technological design of greenhouses and greenhouse combines for cultivation of vegetables and sprouts
  3. Occupational safety and health of workers greenhouses. Guidelines
  4. Conservatories and Greenhouses. The updated edition of SNIP 2.10.04-85
  5. The primary documentation-on-opening-activity
  6. Devices irradiation with LED light sources for greenhouses. General specifications

Financial plan of growing green business plan

The financial plan for the future of the enterprise for growing greenery includes both expenditure, and the revenue side.

start-up costs the project include:

  • Making registration and payment of state duties – 5 000 – 15 000 rubles.
  • Purchase of materials for the construction of greenhouses - 150 000 rubles.
  • Purchase of equipment.
  • Rental or purchase of land - from 100 000 rubles annually.
  • Purchase of consumables (seed).
  • Staff salaries - 240 000 rubles per year.

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