Business gift shops plan

Business gift shops plan
Business gift shops plan
Business gift shops plan

What information should contain a business plan for the shop of souvenirs

Summary of business plan to open a business plan from scratch giftshop

This project is a plan for creating a private enterprise for organizing a business plan for a souvenir shop for 24 of the month. First of all, list the key points of the process of creating a business plan for the launch of souvenirs and gift shop from scratch.

In the first place there is the project idea, and objectives of the project, such as:

  1. Creation of an enterprise with high level of profitability.
  2. Receiving a profit legal way, indicating the legal address, Head of passport data and project founder, Employee Information.
  3. Satisfaction of consumers demand to fill a niche organization of sales of souvenirs and gifts
  4. Providing the opportunity to organize a shop of souvenirs and gifts, and to cover part of the demand for hand-made items and gifts, formed in the production of.
  5. Finding and conclusion of contracts with investors.
  6. Project cost: 1 300 000 rubles.
  7. financing of the project: By obtaining a commercial loan in the amount of 1 300 000 rubles.
  8. To implement the project the company needs to take out a loan in the amount of RUR 24 settlement months discount rate 17,5%.
  9. payback period: 2 of the year.
  10. the investor's income will be 88 573,33 rubles.
  11. Payment of interest on the loan starting from the first month of this project.
  12. Repayment begins with the first month of the project. This fact is entered in this business plan to facilitate understanding of the structure for calculating the flow regulation discounted cash flow and. Repayment begins with the first month of the project. This fact is entered in this business plan to facilitate understanding of the structure for calculating the flow regulation discounted cash flow and.
  13. Implicit interest rate on borrowings 17,5 %. Should be considered, that at present banks are reviewing the rate of interest for investment projects downward.
  14. The total amount of accrued interest will be 88 573,33 rubles.
  15. The payback period from the beginning of the project 4 of the month.
  16. Payback period with discounting 2 of the year.
  17. The overall economic benefits of the project for the life cycle of a conditional 19 689 602 rub.

During holidays like to present your family and friends something extraordinary. And where do you find the most unusual gift? That's the main problem with the onset of significant dates. Therefore, the idea to sell the original and designer items and souvenirs, who always find a buyer. In this connection, souvenir trade in recent years has become a very popular and successful business. Competent souvenir shop business plan, help organize business, It allows to calculate the necessary capital investments and establish stable financial situation.

stages of the project

stages of the project Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1-2 of the year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month 1-30 banking days
Getting credit Having a proper set of documents 30 calendar days
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities The conclusion of the investment agreement 1-30 calendar days
Selection of locations and documentation preliminary work 30 calendar days
Purchase of souvenir and gift products The conclusion of the investment agreement 30 calendar days
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement 1-30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds 1-30 calendar days
recruitment production activity 1-30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process 1-30 calendar days
Conducting marketing company 360 calendar days 1-360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 of the month

algorithms action, prescribed in the business plan of the shop of souvenirs and gifts

In terms of business gifts and gift shop are registered following actions algorithms for starting a business:

  1. The methods and techniques of analysis target audience, drawing up a portrait of the ideal customer, its solvency ratio.
  2. Business Registration in the state regulatory and tax authorities.
  3. Hiring qualified employees, able to fulfill customer wishes and be ready to work. Another item of expenditure considered hiring employees. Specialists will take the vacant positions on a competitive basis, As employees of the total, maintenance and temporary nature with a decent competitive pay. Nominations applicants for the position will be reviewed within 30 calendar days.
  4. services, now rendered.
Business gift shops plan
Business gift shops plan

competitive market

Souvenir business is just starting to gain momentum, despite the great demand, the market is saturated with low souvenirs, and this suggests that, that competition in this segment of the market is not great and there are great prospects for further development. This gives rise to the opening soon and take up his place in the field of trade. The presence of the gift shop business plan will allow you to be confident, and you will know exactly step by step sequence of actions.

Services offered

The purpose of this business plan is to open shop, which will provide customers a wide range of quality products at an affordable price. That goods were in fact unique, you must find a serious supplier. But do not forget about the talented craftsmen, who made a truly unusual and unique souvenirs. Such masters can a long time to supply your store Shopping. Work rukodelnikov often paid in 50% the retail value of the product. Gifts and souvenirs are divided into expensive, wedding, design, budgetary. To accurately define the concept of your business, namely, what product you want to sell, eg, Presents for men (ties, belts) or national (Nested, magnets, plates), consider all the offers on the market, vote consumer demand and forward to the opening of a shop income. On the eve of the holidays, everything from small icons is in demand, which bring good profit, to paintings, crystal vases, decorative clocks and soft toys.

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It is important to note, that to open a souvenir shop will require less investment, than for a different type of store, but this does not mean, that start their own business from scratch, you can do without means. The main item of expenditure will rent premises. trade area size of the room will depend on the financial capacity of the entrepreneur, but it is much more profitable to rent a room the size of not less than 10 square meters. For a department in a large store, will be enough and 5 m, located at the entrance to the shopping center or in places of the greatest traffic. When you choose the right place for trading success in provided.


to store, Realized souvenirs necessary equipment in the form of shelves, shelving, marts. This is a standard set of equipment, which does not require individual production. In order to save shop windows, counters and racks can be purchased second-hand, because of this quality selling figurines and gifts does not deteriorate. The main thing to check all the strength, and after purchase.


The business plan provides for the hiring of a souvenir shop 2 sellers, who will offer customers to purchase gifts, as well as provide an additional service for registration. Sales volumes directly depend on the competence of employees and on the ability to win over a client.. After all, it is very important to establish contact with the client., identify his needs and offer him the most suitable souvenir on the occasion of the holiday.

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At the very beginning of the business, your business needs to be advertised. Without advertising, you will not be recognized, and therefore there will be no customers and sales. Run a radio ad as an advertisement. Create notes, groups in social networks, enter contact information. The sign - is also advertising, than it is brighter, the faster it will be remembered for customers. Create a good impression of your store and one customer through time, your store will be visited by all his relatives and friends. Possible discounts to lure customers, gift certificates and shares, eg, "Bring a friend get a discount, or buy souvenirs in the amount of 500 rubles and get a free gift design ".

project costs (in rubles.)

Name expenditure cost of
Qty (PC) per month in year One-time purchase Total costs per year
lease of premises from 30 to 250 m 22 500 270 000 45 000 315 000
Buying equipment 1 280 142,24 280 142,24
Utility costs and to pay the cost of electricity 20 000 240 000 20 000 240000
Site, hosting, purchase of the necessary scripts, website creation 1 120000 120 000
Purchase of goods for the store (1 on a quarterly basis and, if necessary) 63 000 252 000 252 000
Constant advertising costs 12 24 000 288 000 288 000
Salary 12 258 830 3 105 960 3 105 960
– including. taxes 12 77 830 933 960 933 960
Unexpected expenses 46 517,76 46 517,76
in total: 388 330 4 155 960 511 660 464 7620


Download the business plan and the gift shop of souvenirs for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

Calculation of financial indicators

A preliminary calculation of costs and revenues will make it possible to assess the real level of income and business payback. Calculations are presented based souvenir shop, trade area in 10 m².


The main taxes paid

Name base Period Rate
Tax on profits Profit Month 20%
NDS added

cost of

Month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule of payments 2,2 %
podhodnyh tax wages fund month 13%
Social payments wages fund month 30%

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item of expenditure The cost in rubles per month
lease of premises 15 000
Buying equipment 50 000
Purchase of the original goods 300 000
commodity stock 100 000
Advertising and Marketing 10 000
Wage 50 000
in total 525 000


supposing, that the value of the average check is 200 rubles, the monthly flow of customers around 800. Total out, that the average monthly revenue of 160 thousand, of which 15 million net profit. Based on these calculations, it can be assumed that the initial investment will pay off a half later,.

Period type service name The volume of sales per month (PC.) price Revenues from sales (rub.)
1-12 monthly investment Implementation of souvenirs and gifts from 1 800 meals. commodity from 145,6 rubles from 262 080 to 1 800 000 rub.
1-12 monthly investment Packaging, design and delivery. from 1 000 meals. commodity from 56 rubles from 56 000 rub.
13-24 Month operates van Ia Implementation of souvenirs and gifts from 2 070 meals. commodity from 167,44 rubles from 346 600,8 to 2070 000 rub.
13-24 month operation Packaging, design and delivery. from 1 150 meals. commodity from 65 rubles from 74 750 rub.


Download Business gift shops plan for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings


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