shop selling coffee business plan

shop selling coffee business plan
Бизнес-план магазина по продаже кофе
shop selling coffee business plan

Among the fairly undeveloped niche development of domestic business in the trade occupies a special place the opening of the store on the implementation of the Coffee. If successful, the promotion of the commercial project is able to generate a substantial profit, but for this to happen, should draw up an appropriate business plan to open a store on the implementation of the Coffee.

business Benefits

The launch of this commercial project has certain benefits, consist:

  • the possibility of reducing the size of the initial capital at the expense of small lease payments at the opening of a mini-shop;
  • no need to set a large number of personnel, as well as cost savings on wages by hiring only 2 vendors to work in shifts;
  • a wide range of coffee, offers wholesale suppliers at reasonable prices.

Determination of the store format

To schedule a business plan to open shops for coffee realization format, should immediately determine the size of the initial capital.

If finances permit, it is recommended to rent a room for a shop area of ​​at least 15 quarter. meters in place, located either in the center of the village, or in place of the greatest cross-country in a residential area. it is recommended to conclude a contract with suppliers for business success, and carry out the implementation of coffee on the weight, or sell its packaging. In the future, this business can be expanded by opening the hall for tastings. This detail, undoubtedly, It will have a beneficial effect on the flow of trade and the overall profitability of the store, as the visitors of the store will be able to directly feel all the characteristics of each coffee variety and choose the desired option.

If a large starting capital, you do not have, something more simple and easy from the economic point of view option is to open a mini-shop or stall in the large shopping center or in the subway station. In this case, there is no need of searching suppliers of exclusive coffees, for the success of the business is sufficient to provide in the range of shops most popular and sought after variety of well-known trademarks.

The solution of organizational and legal issues

As part of the business plan for the implementation of opening coffee shops need to be resolved organizational and legal issues, on this sphere of activity, They are as follows:

  1. Registration of the legal entity. In this case, it is advisable registration Ltd., as in the framework of the business plan established with the adoption of workers on hiring (sellers).
  2. Matching store location with the sanitary-epidemiological service and fire. License to engage in the implementation of the coffee is not needed.
  3. Formation of the organization on the tax account and tax identification form.
  4. Purchase and registration of cash register.

In order to carry out these activities as soon as possible, It advised to contact the specialized companies legal orientation, providing brokerage services in the beginning of a commercial legal entity. These intermediary organizations capable for 2 weeks to coordinate all aspects of registration of the LLC in all instances, and provide the necessary documents for consideration of approximately 6000 rubles.

Договор поставки лучше заключать напрямую с производителем
Supply contract is better to enter into directly with the manufacturer

Addressing supply

The opening of the store in the capital offers the best horizons to establish business relationships with suppliers, rather than in regional towns, as it allows you to establish contacts with suppliers directly, without the involvement of intermediaries or representatives. This allows you to not pay additional instances in the implementation of bulk purchases of coffee.

Download the business of selling coffee shop plan for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

Selection of premises

As part of the business plan, special attention should be paid to the choice of the location of the store. In this case, the main criterion is the high cross places, since this depends on store traffic and its profits.

In terms of interior design outlet special requirements if there is no indication, the main thing - to create in-store atmosphere of coziness and comfort. To achieve such an effect can be achieved by exposure of the interior in muted tones and create a dim light in the room.


To open a shop selling coffee, you must purchase the appropriate equipment and furniture. This list should include:

  1. Shelves and racks for product placement.
  2. Tanks for the storage of coffee, blade-holders, spoons and other implements and accessories.
  3. Libra (if the implementation is planned in a coffee shop on the weight).
  4. Coffee maker, cooler, etc. (if you plan to shop with a tasting room).

selection of range

Picking up the range for the future of the store as part of a business plan, It should start from the selected format outlet.

The range should be chosen in such a way, to be able to satisfy the wishes of buyers with different incomes. Respectively, the store should be on the market as very cheap, and elite varieties of coffee.

At first coffee shop operation is recommended to import small batches, in particular this applies to the elite and expensive varieties. In the process of trading activity range can be adjusted by analyzing the preferences and wishes of the customer.

At the opening of the store in the commercial offer should be included at least 20 coffees. Also possible realization related products and accessories:

  • coffee pots;
  • cup;
  • grinder;
  • Turks, etc..
Бизнес-план магазина по продаже кофе
shop selling coffee business plan


If the business plan is defined outlet format like a mini-shop, the staff, working in 2 change, respectively, should be hired 2 Seller.

If you plan to open a large shop with a tasting room, while additional staff should dial 2 staff - senior seller and administrator.

With all the store employees should be trained knowledge of the range of point of sale, as well as the ability to kind and polite communication with customers.

Advertising and marketing programs

To open any business, including selling coffee shops need well-written advertising program.

In the first place it is to notice as many people about the opening of a new store. To do this, you can distribute flyers and business cards in the locations with the highest level of traffic (public transport and the metro station).


The size of seed capital to open a shop selling coffee is 950 000 – 1300 000 rubles.

profitability ranges 12-30%.

With proper preparation of the business plan for the payback period is from the store 6 to 18 months.

Download the business of selling coffee shop plan for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

In the presented video sanctified the basic nuances of doing business, associated with the implementation of the coffee.


With the proper preparation of a business plan, detailed analysis of the market and knowledge of some of the nuances of doing business in this area, business, based on the operation of the store for coffee, It is able to bring a good income, given the fact, that the trading margin in the amount can be set to some coffees to 100%.

For a better understanding of the topic of the page visitors an example of a business plan of opening a coffee shop.

Business plan coffee and tea shop

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