How to open Ltd.. Step-by-step instruction

How to open Ltd.. Step-by-step instruction
How to register a company

To register a business entity as an LLC or Limited Liability Company requires more time and documents, when compared with the registration of IP.

First step: We need to study regulations.

Before you go to register a society, should review regulations, that will regulate its activities. These are the basic documents:

• Federal Law number 14 from 08.02.1998 , "On Limited Liability Companies";

• Federal Law number 129 from 08.08.2001 , "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs".

The second step: It is necessary to prepare a package of documents for your future LLC.

but, before you start to prepare the necessary documents will need to decide on several important points, rather:

• With the value of the authorized capital;

• The list of founders, their number;

• With activity;

• With the name of the future company.

All of the above need issue properly. If one of the company founder, it is necessary to draw up a memorandum of association, if there are several, the founders of the protocol drawn up. All fixed by the company charter.

The third step: must submit a package of documents for registration of the company.

To register a company in the tax authority shall submit the following list of documents:

• Statement on Form number R11001 on state registration of legal entities;

• The decision to establish Ltd., a single founder, a meeting of founders. You must submit the original document;

• Charter of the society. It is necessary to provide two original copies;

• Receipt of payment of the fee for state registration of the Company in the amount of 4000 rubles;

• Statement on the application of the simplified tax system;

• The original copy of the guarantee letter from the owner of the legal address of the company. This document is not included in the list of mandatory documents, However, tax can check the authenticity of the legal address and in the case of, if it does not correspond to reality, you get the refusal to register;

• Document, confirming payment of the authorized capital. Given either the original payment, or appraiser's report.

Do not forget, that the signatures must be notarized. Also, company name specified in the statement must match the name specified in the constituent documents. A commission for the payment of state duty can be created online at the IRS website, direct payments, having made at any bank.

The fourth step: It is necessary to obtain documents.

For review by the tax inspection takes 5 days, After this time,, you will be issued confirming the registration of public documents;

• Certificate BIN;

• Extract from the register;

• Charter with the stamp of the IRS;

• Either failure.

It should be noted, that received documents, worth checking the correctness of the specified data, especially passport details and name of the institution. In case of error detection, the documents are given to the correction.

fifth step: You need to get additional documents.

After receiving and checking the documents of registration of the LLC, must take the following steps:

• Get statistical codes Society, contacting NSI.

• Order printing for society;

• Embark on account of extra-budgetary funds;

• Open an account.

The preparation of all required documents, required to open Ltd. requires about 3-4 weeks. All these documents you can prepare yourself, or you can contact the specific company, dealing with registration. The cost of such services is about 10-15 thousand.

To date, the Internet appeared online services, which allow independently prepare all necessary documents for registration of the LLC. Preparation of documents with the help of these automated services, so you need to choose the ready-made versions of the texts, the process of formation of documents is automatic, thus avoiding errors arising in the preparation of constituent documents.


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