Business plan "Coffee machines"

Business plan "Coffee machines"
Бизнес-план «Кофейные автоматы»
Business plan "Coffee machines"

Business, associated with the installation of vending machines for hot drinks and other food products worldwide recognized as sufficiently profitable kind of business. In Russia, this sphere of commerce was extended not so long ago - around the beginning of the 2000s.

Advantages of activities

The current situation in this area is composed in such a way, that the overwhelming share of vending machines (65%) owned equipment for coffee. This is due to the following factors of business:

  1. High profitability of the coffee machine business, investments that can pay for itself 1 year of operation. By virtue of certain properties of coffee, in machines for the realization of the beverage the margin can be set at 100%, vending machines for the realization of other products (chips, nuts, cold beverages in cans and plastic bottles) margin of this size it is not possible to install.
  2. Easy maintenance coffee equipment: in such a machine can be taken over 300 plastic cups and filled in an appropriate volume of coffee, cream and sugar, and an amount of product sufficient for a week machine uptime. For other machines change and replenishment of products must be carried out more often. In general, a businessman involved in the entrepreneurial process is only required to be loaded into the machine and the product batch purification equipment from spilled beverages, all the rest of the equipment can be operated autonomously.
  3. Saving cost of the project at the expense of small lease payments, since to accommodate the machine requires only 1 square meter.

Market analysis

To start business, related to the organization of coffee machines, should draw up a mini business plan in this sphere, which calculate and identify the main economic parameters of the project - investment, payback period and projected profit.

As part of the business project should analyze the market of similar activities at a particular locality. Basically, this niche is not well developed, other businesses, That is why the right things for the development of business success is not long to wait.

Target business audience consists of the following groups:

  1. students;
  2. office workers;
  3. children;
  4. tourists.

After determining the target audience should be specified place of greatest congestion of representatives of these groups and target audience to find out the possibility of installation in places vending coffee.

Удачное месторасположение увеличивает прибыль в несколько раз
Convenient location increases profits several times

Choosing a location

Since in the previous paragraph of preparing a business project coffee machines were designated main groups targeted business audience, the selection of the location of the machine should be carried out in areas with the largest attendance was such representatives. such places can be:

  1. Schools (school, Universities and Susa), as well as children's entertainment.
  2. Office buildings.
  3. Shopping and entertainment centers.
  4. Medical institutions (hospital, clinics, etc.).
  5. Train stations and airports.

It should be remembered, that the more popular place chosen for the placement machine, the higher the price 1 quarter. m, for example, price of this size in the area of ​​the shopping center will be at least 9 000-10 000 rubles per month.

In the process of selecting locations for placing the machine can not forget about the appropriateness of the criteria. For example, if in an educational institution, in which you plan to install automatic, already arranged several similar devices, such a choice would be inappropriate places.

Also, be aware of the seasonality of the work of some institutions (in particular this applies to educational) and a significant decrease in revenues in the "off-season". To prevent this situation, saving time machines from educational institutions recommended to move to a more profitable place for the period.

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Выгоднее закупать новое оборудование
More profitable to buy new equipment

Purchase of equipment

To successfully start a business it is recommended to buy some coffee machines, can be second-hand, but working properly. For the purchase of new equipment needed to run the business start-up capital of approximately 600 000 rubles.

Besides, periodically requires the purchase and automatic loading in the following ingredients:

  • soluble (or natural) coffee;
  • sugar;
  • cream;
  • chocolate;
  • tea (if you plan to expand the range of the machine).

Also needed procurement followed by loading into the device plastic cups.

Definition of organizational and legal forms and types of taxation

To reduce the cost of staff salaries in the initial startup phase of the project is recommended to arrange an individual entrepreneur, and all the work of loading products in vending machines, their service and make your own collection.

Further, the expansion of business and the purchase of additional devices can be register Ltd., and hire staff, carrying out the same functions, wages which is not less than 10 000 – 20 000 rubles. By choosing a candidate for such a position should be approached carefully, emphasizing the character traits such potential employee, honesty and integrity.

Determining the type of tax (fixed rates, or are dependent on profits) also should be approached on the basis of that, where the machine will be located. If you plan on placing the coffee machine in a large shopping center, where the demand for the products in coffee preparation device is a year-round, it is recommended to choose the first option of taxation. If the coffee machines will be placed in schools, and in the summer to move to a different location, it is better to choose the form of taxation depends on the profitability of the business.

Бизнес-план «Кофейные автоматы»
Business plan "Coffee machines"

financial calculations

The size starting investment is about 600 000 rubles.

Purchase of the equipment at the initial stage of business development in the form of 3 coffee machines is 380 000 -400 000 rubles (in case of purchase of new equipment). Further, this amount is recommended to expand to increase profitability.

It can be purchased and used equipment, the cost of which leaves no more 49 000 rubles per one unit, However, the introduction of such equipment in the business it is fraught with breakdowns and costly repairs.

In addition to purchasing coffee machines themselves must be acquired money receiving device - Coin- and a bill validator. The price of one such device is about 49 000 rubles.

Optional materials, serving for cleaning and maintenance of equipment, the cost of such material is not less than 5000 rubles.

When installing the coffee machine in a location with high traffic and demand for such services business payback takes approximately 12 months.

Consumable costs up 60 000 – 80 000 rubles per month, but remember, that the price for 1 serving coffee, including margin exceeds the cost price 4-5 time.

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The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

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niche business, associated with the launch of machines for making coffee and other hot beverages in Russia is not fully developed, and are essential prerequisites to promote business in a given direction.

For a better understanding of the subject site visitors provided a sample business plan to launch coffee machines, which can be downloaded free of charge.

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