How do we reconcile the room with Rospotrebnadzor

How do we reconcile the room with Rospotrebnadzor

Below is the detailed requirements of matching network to the premises by the Rospotrebnadzor for organizations catering. If the early initiation of activities for the provision of catering services took place in the regulatory order, to the 1 July 2009 procedure changed to a notification under the Federal Law 294-FZ dated 26 December 2008 of the year. Terms of receipt of the notice specified in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 584 from 16 July 2009 of the year, based on which CPS (previously referred to as SES) It is the body, authorized to accept notices from organizations catering.

Each enterprise in the notification ensures compliance of the premises, areas, buildings, equipment and staff requirements of the, which are set out in legal documents. In this way, non-compliance with specific legislation concerning the health requirements in the design of premises the company can not only be fined, but also excluded from the activities of. Moreover, in the absence of the conclusion of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare of, that the production facilities comply with environmental requirements, the company can not get a license for sale of alcoholic beverages.

therefore, despite the simplification of the opening of catering organizations in the law of procedure, the company's management requires the following steps when negotiating areas with Rospotrebnadzor:

  1. Coordination of project documentation, which must comply with all current requirements SanPiN, SNIP, PPB, regarding the location and size of rooms and areas, Use permitted finishing materials in carrying out repair works, production equipment layout, requirements for utilities.
  2. Submission of notices to the territorial authority of Rospotrebnadzor, that the organization starts its activities. This step should be followed only after, as the organization has to be registered and put on record by the Federal Tax Service, but be sure to order before the start of services. Notification form can be downloaded from the website, and, filling, submit in duplicate to the Federal Service for the actual location of the company. There are several alternative ways of notification: send mail or make a notification via the Internet at the site office

All information workers Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare contribute in a special register and, within ten days after the registration of a notice published in the open access on the official website of the ministry.

In that case, if the company does not provide a notice in the prescribed manner or within the required timeframe, management of the company may be fined in the amount of 5000 rubles, and for the organization imposed an administrative penalty in the amount of 20 000 rubles. If the company provides misleading information, the size of the penalty increases to 10 000 officials and to 30 000 rubles for legal entities.

In its early years the organization needs to sign contracts with other organizations for the provision of the following services:

Disinsection, disinfection and disinfestation according to the Federal Law, Federal Law of 52 30 Martha 1999 of the year. This contract is popularly referred to as "3D" and includes the provision of services for garbage collection, recycling of fluorescent lamps, cleaning of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, carrying out medical examination of personnel of the company.

Matching PPK. Production control program is individual for each organization, because, according to the Federal Law, Federal Law of 52 30 Martha 1999 of the year, SP 1.1.1058-1, SP 1.1.2193-07, enterprises catering production control is carried out on an individually developed plan. Important to remember, that AUC, negotiation which takes about four weeks, also must be ready before the start of the provision of services by, otherwise the company will be fined up to 20 000 rubles, and its activities may be suspended for up to 90 days.

These measures must be carried to all organizations, begins to work in the catering, to avoid conflicts with the supervisory authorities and to prevent the cost of fines. Each manager must also remember, that legislation in this area are often changed, so you should periodically check the relevance of the information in the territorial authority Rospotrebnadzor.

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