Sample lease of non-residential premises

Sample lease of non-residential premises

D. Volgograd. 01 January 2019 g.

Ltd. "Real Estate", in the person of Ivan Petrovich Ivanov, acting under the statute, hereinafter referred to as lessor, on the one hand and individual entrepreneur Petr Ivanovich, acting on the basis of the certificate on state registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur hereinafter referred to as Lessee, on the other hand, collectively referred to by the parties, We have entered into this agreement as follows: .

1. subject contract

1.1 Lessor owner or sublessee in the presence at its disposal permission of the owner of real estate leases residential premises (an object), located at z. Volgograd, etc. metallurgists, d.1, office 345 for use as office space.

1.2 Non-residential premises (office), leased are present according to the project documentation, with attached hereto a copy.

1.3 The object of this contract is in good condition, for use for the intended application, as well as engineering and other network related equipment.

2. The lease payment and settlement procedure

2.1 The monthly rents for the operation (using) property, is an amount equal to 10 000 (ten thousand) rubles 00 cop.

2.2 The rent is paid monthly by bank (cash) calculation, but not later than 20 of each month.

2.3 When changes to the points 2.1 and 2.2 this contract approval by the parties, this circumstance is as an additional agreement to the contract.

2.4 The costs of the Lessee on the contents of the property, equipment and utilities paid by the Tenant separately and are not included in the amount of rental space, mentioned in item. 2.1. actual agreement.

2.5 Date of performance of the Tenant obligations imposed on him, provided by clause 2.4 occur nepozdno 3 days of receipt of the last invoice for services rendered.

3. Terms of the contract

3.1 This agreement is for a period of 2 (two) year and 6 (six) months, with 01 January 2019 city, by 01 July 2021 g.

3.2 In case of prolongation of the present agreement, Tenant must apply to the Landlord in writing, but not later than one month, to the expiry date of the contract, unless otherwise specified additional agreements.

3.3 The present contract is considered to be prolonged automatically if not statements of changes or termination of this agreement, both with the Lessor, and the Tenant, in the period preceding the end of this Contract, but no later than 1 (one) month.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1 Tenant's Responsibilities:

4.1.1 Timely introduction of payment for the rented property, according h. 2 actual agreement.

4.1.2 Operate the leased property in accordance with clause. 1.1 actual agreement.

4.1.3 Eliminate and compensate for the damage caused to the Lessor, which is caused by an act or omission, like most of the Tenant, or third parties acting (inactive) with the permission of the Lessee.

4.1.4 Timely implementation of the planned, unscheduled and overhaul of leased premises, in terms of, established under the agreement of the parties by drawing up additional agreement.

4.1.5 Do not perform actions, affecting the layout of the leased premises, without notice to the Landlord and coordination of these actions by the signing of an additional agreement.

4.1.6 Observe fire safety rules.

4.1.7 Provide unhindered access to the Lessor on the territory of the leased premises, as well as third parties acting on the instructions of the Lessor and the person, based on certified according to the law permits, indicating the presence of authority.

4.1.8 Submitting a rental unit on means receiving report- transfer, in proper sanitary technical conditions for 3 days from the date of termination of this contract or in the event of early termination.

4.2 Tenant's rights:

4.2.1 To use the property in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

4.2.2 Be able to prolong hereof, if appropriate execution terms of the lease.

4.2.3 To carry out alterations to premises and leasehold improvements, only upon receipt of written consent of the Lessor. The cost of improvements can be taken into account when paying rent, p.2.1 established by agreement between the parties, which is reflected in the form of additional agreements and attached hereto.

4.2.4 Terminate this agreement early, notifying of the decision in writing Lessor in writing, not later, than 30 days before the expected date of termination of the agreement. This period may be reduced by agreement, by signing an additional agreement to the hereto.

4.2.5 Donate the leased premises in the sublease, with the consent and written permission of the Lessor.

4.3 Obligations of the Lessor:

4.3.1 Prepare and submit to the rented premises to the Tenant in accordance with the act of reception and transmission, a reflection of the sanitary condition of real estate.

4.3.2 To carry out a census and inventory jointly leased real equipment and other assets.

4.3.3 Carry out building repairs, in which the rental unit, at least 1 (one) times a 3 (three) of the year.

4.3.4 Provide Tenant report information about the amount of rent cost for the maintenance of buildings and engineering networks.

4.4 lessor:

4.4.1 Monitor the performance of duties by the Tenant, stipulated in this agreement, and demand from the Tenant of their performance.

4.4.2 Receive compensation or total damage for the wrongful act or omission of the Lessee or third parties, admission to the leased property are allowed by the Tenant (employees of the Tenant, Visitors and TD), which resulted in property damage or leased premises.

4.4.3 Not more than once a month to monitor the technical condition of the premises and utilities of the leased premises in the presence of the Lessee. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to the situation, not terpyashtie otlagatelystva (fire, emergency message, -mazhor force, etc.).

4.4.4 Terminate the contract in case, this contract and certain additional agreements intermingled hereto, as well as other legal and regulatory acts of the Russian Federation.

5. liability of the parties

5.1 The lessee is fully responsible to the Lessor for late payment of rent and other payments, provided for part 2 of this contract, in the form of a fine in the amount of 0,1% the amount of debt for each day of delay of payment established by this agreement.

5.2 In the case of non-compliance with the requirements of this contract p.3.1.8, The tenant pays the rent and compensate for the costs of the Lessor for the maintenance of the leased premises and utilities, as well as jointly leased real equipment, for each day of delay in payment.

5.3 In the case of detecting flaws, arose through the fault of the Lessor, preventing operation of premises for other purposes, provisions of the present agreement, they are eliminated due to the Lessor in the terms, defined by agreement of the parties and appointed by means of a supplementary agreement to the present contract.

5.4 If there is any disagreement between the parties to this contract, they are resolved by agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant, and in the absence of consent - by going to court, in order, provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

6. cancellation, extension and amendment of the present agreement

6.1 contract terminated, extended or changed only by agreement of the parties, what in writing and an additional agreement attached hereto. The requirement of this paragraph does not apply to cases of termination of this contract unilaterally, due to non-compliance with one of the parties of the contract conditions additional agreements, or the requirements of the present contract.

6.2 additional agreements, concluded between parties, They are an integral part of this contract, and stipulated requirements are binding on the parties.

6.3 Early termination of the contract unilaterally is allowed only in the following cases:

6.3.1 Operation of the leased premises wholly or partly for their intended purpose, contemplated hereunder, including the transfer of the property for sublease, transfer as collateral or deposit or registration of any other encumbrances on the leased property, without obtaining the written consent of the Lessor or such actions in violation of the provisions of this Treaty.

6.3.2 for construction – finishing works affecting the layout of the leased premises by the Tenant without the written permission to carry out these actions Landlord.

6.3.3 Violation of the requirements of this contract by the Lessor, provided for by paragraph. 2 for over 3 (three) months.

7. additional terms

7.1 The lessor warrants, that the leased premises by the Tenant is not in renting, pledge, under arrest, and are not burdened with other liabilities, contributing to the loss of use of the object to the destination property.

7.2 The state registration of the contract is carried out at the expense of own funds of the Lessor no later than 5 (five) working days from the date of signing of this contract. Violation of this requirement implies the recognition of the contract null and void (not concluded).

7.3 If you make any changes to the terms of this agreement, part 2, such as the agreement of the rental amount for the operation of the leased property, they come into force from next month from the date of signing of the agreement and the assurances of the additional agreement to the present contract.

7.4 This Agreement is made in 2 (two) duplicate, each of which has the same legal force from the moment of its signing.

8. Details of the parties

8.1 landlord: 8.2 Tenant:

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