Introduction of the system of management in the service of public catering establishments

Introduction of the system of management in the service of public catering establishments

To improve the quality of the product sold or service in catering, effective will be the introduction to the management of such a concept, as a service management. The catering establishments are very important, that services are at the highest level, it would show a qualitative and responsible work not only staff, but also the kitchen staff and department managers. The introduction of service management in a restaurant or cafe includes a survey to assess the quality of services sold. Considerable attention is paid to the loyalty of the guests and their feedback, analyze the strengths and weaknesses predpriyatiya.Chasto tools used to assess companies act:

  • "Mystery shopper" campaign
  • SWOT-analysis, which identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • filling in questionnaires guests
  • questioning members of social networks.
service management

Receiving the result of the carried out activities listed above, you can analyze the possibilities and shortcomings of institutions, which need additional adjustments. Visit places catering, the client may be satisfied with the quality of food and feed and to be frustrated because of the low range of beverages, or to express dissatisfaction with the lack of choice of main dishes. To determine the loyal customers and clients expressing criticism, you need to use a cross-sectional analysis, which will allow to further distribute the services and offerings of consumer needs.

After identifying weaknesses in the enterprise, Project Manager service management, should start the system implementation in the enterprise, as well as producing its control.

How to build a quality management system

Quality control system can be divided into the following stages:

  • Preparing for the introduction
  • Finding information and methods
  • Human Resources
  • Development of changes in the system of staff motivation
  • Monitoring and adding adjustments
  • The holding of trainings, aimed at improving the quality of work.

Preparatory stage It consists in making the project "Service Management" and its implementation in the company's strategic plan, if necessary, highlighting this additional item of expenditure. Organizing a general meeting of employees, are presented to develop a plan to improve the level of quality. The plan includes materials: methodological information, quality control services project, motivation system project, budget and the calculation of the total project cost. Usually, resulting from the introduction to the company, "Service Management" project are raising the level of positive feedback, increase visitors and increase sales by an average of 20-25%.

Information search and development of methods, It can be carried out in the organization, both by a project manager, and with the help of experienced professionals (analysts, Personnel, marketers).

The most difficult and time-consuming step in the implementation of systems management is to close Human Resources. This is a major step, because not enough simply to clarify the usefulness of increasing the quality of products and services, you must configure the personnel on the importance of each of the employees to improve enterprise. In addition to basic training, which are held in the form of lectures and practical methods, provides additional motivation of staff, which consists in awarding employees of the quality of services. This stage involves the participation of psychologists and qualified trainers. motivation system must be well designed. Depending on the attendance of the institution and its profitability depends on the construction of bonuses and penalties. The main idea of ​​the introduction to the catering business system management, It is to increase the sales of goods and services.

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