The business plan of the ice rink

The business plan of the ice rink
The business plan of the ice rink for free
The business plan of the ice rink for free

Ice skating - wholesome entertainment, demanded today in light of the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The task of a business plan - an estimation of investment project efficiency ice rink, the development of the indicative quotation and calculation of the financial aspects in starting a business. Taking into account the indicative financial investments, various risks and force majeure factors can make a comprehensive business plan, which may be brought by the lender or investor. Also, be sure to check with business plan Karting Club and tennis court.

Ice rink as a business

The project is to develop a plan for creating an ice rink with a medium-sized cash turnover 2 of the year. Briefly describe the purpose of, are put before the project founder, you can:

  • – the creation of a highly profitable organization;
  • – Receiving a profit;
  • – satisfaction of the needs of the target audience.

Occupation of the new enterprise can be formulated as an organization to provide rental services of skates and skating rink in the use.

Key financial aspects of the creation of the roller include:

  • – duration of the project - 2 of the year;
  • – the main source of financing - trade credit. The estimated amount of the loan - 30,6 million. rubles. It was the sum estimated total cost of the project;
  • – interest rate on a commercial loan - 14%. In the future, this figure may be reduced;
  • – payback period - 2 of the year. During this period, all investments should pay off in the opening, and the company - to enter the stable profit;
  • – investor income after loan repayment amount 1 million. 968 thousand. So many, According to preliminary calculations,, will be the total amount of accrued interest on the loan;
  • – mortgage payments begin with the first month of operation of the enterprise;
  • – the overall economic effect of the project over a specified period - 5 million. 528 thousand.

The ice rink as an infrastructure entity is fitted in a certain way territory, equipped with ice covering (usually artificial, but it is possible and natural covering), designed for training and leisure activities. The basic range of services includes skate rental and lease of rink for a fixed period of time.

The main contingent of clients - people of different ages, social and financial situation, seeking to obtain the necessary physical exertion or emotional satisfaction. Among the potential customers - both advanced amateur speed skating, and simple visitors, Travelers wishing to spend time in the open air or in the company of friends. Another common group of target audience - children, studying figure skating with sporting prospects, children's and adult hockey clubs.

With all the main categories of potential customers can identify several potential options for the ice rink:

  • – skating rink in the open air - the least expensive on the opening stage, in the long term this rink will offer services Budget;
  • – rink, under equipped inflatable structure;
  • – skating rink metalwork.
Business plan for an ice rink
Business plan for an ice rink

The last variation - the most expensive for the founder. However, this design provides reliable protection against adverse weather conditions and looks more presentable, that can count on the most demanding and affluent customers. Opening the rink in the capital, it is better to give preference to the coating of metal, as in this case it is easier to compete and survive in the market. If a small town, Visitors are likely to be less demanding, so you can get air supported structures.

When planning the opening of the ice rink, should take into account the high costs of electricity, will be required to continuously maintain the necessary temperature conditions, as well as the human factor.

Ice rink undoubtedly has important advantages - its regular maintenance and the cost price is relatively inexpensive, and for the activity of the enterprise does not require a large amount of equipment and supplies. But there are significant drawbacks and risks. One of the main disadvantages - the seasonality of the business. Despite, that the rollers work in summer, at this time of year, attendance usually drops to a minimum. Correct this situation can be with the help of competent marketing techniques - in unpopular months, it is important to step up campaign, offer customers attractive terms of visits and favorable subscriptions. Another notable drawback - the company long enough to pay off. The main reason - the high costs of creating the project and the lack of mass interest in skating or speed skating. Nevertheless, this niche is relatively free, so even in the big cities in the new organization will be virtually no competition.

Ice rink: opening plan

Open plan includes an ice rink:

  1. – build or rent the ice rink and prepare it for the opening of;
  2. – advertising campaign;
  3. – hiring and training of staff.

The geographical location of the rink - one of the important features, who need to pay attention long before the start of the company. Speaking about the opening of the rink in the capital or other metropolis, worth considering as the location is one of the densely populated residential areas or the area directly outside the city if there is a good transport interchange. The central location of the ice rink can be economically viable because of the high cost of rent. Besides, receive permission for the device ice rink is much more complicated in the city center.

The basic list of equipment, to purchase for the opening of the ice rink, It includes:

  • – refrigeration unit - depending on the required capacity consisting of a single compressor or tandem on 4-cylinder compressors;
  • – ldouborochnaya machine. It can run on fuel, diesel or electricity, depending on the required power;
  • – Dryers for skates - conventional or wall, with one, two rows of hooks. Depending on the selected dryer models can be calculated for a certain number of skates - from 60 to 280 steam. The choice depends on the load roller and the average number of visitors;
  • – Machine for sharpening skates;
  • – machine for riveting and stretching skates;
  • – holders skates. Better to buy a universal device, suitable for all types of skates;
  • – for transportation box.

Just buy the skates themselves in sufficient variety and diversity: should be shaped, and hockey skates for free skating, suitable mainly for beginners, who are on the ice for the first time.

Key actions, needed to create a natural skating rink -in video:

To overcome the barrier of entry to the market and to avoid the loss of the enterprise, it is important to purchase high-quality equipment at once, whereby the roller can quickly reach the competitive level.

Process equipment rink, including the creation of ice cover, manufacture of boards and other technical details, usually, not made "turnkey". This process takes at least 1 – 2 months, therefore, the order of all the necessary equipment you need to take care of in a timely manner. Pricing issues also need to be thought out in advance. For example, Only one brand new ice machine production cost 100 – 200 one thousand dollars. You can save, buying a used car (which nevertheless must go through a special presale) - in this case, the costs would amount to 30 – 50 one thousand dollars. Because the reliability of technical equipment of the rink will guarantee the safety and convenience of customers, this point of the plan will have a weighty importance when starting a new project.

The professionalism of the staff should be one of the Fundamental factors - ranging from administrators and instructors, welcoming visitors and shaping the company's image, and including technical staff, that will guarantee the quality of services offered. The staff will be needed administrative staff, advising and selling tickets to visitors, instructors for beginners and coaches for children's sports teams, employees, working on special machines and are responsible for a smooth and high-quality ice cover. For the average ice rink will need staff for a total of 30 person, while expanding the range of services necessary to increase the staff to 40 – 50 person. Decent competitive salary - one of the conditions to attract and retain highly qualified personnel. This item will be one of the major companies in the financial plan, which will most accurately take into account the monthly labor costs of personnel.

A prerequisite for the opening of businesses of all sizes - registration with the tax authorities as a business entity. For such an organization, as the ice skating rink, more suitable option would be a legal entity format. For its registration you must submit a set of documents with the duly completed application to the territorial authority, court fees and making mandatory the authorized capital. The deadline for registration LLC - to 14 working days.

When filling out the application for registration LLC necessarily indicate activity code. For the ice rink should choose one or more codes in the section 93 “Sports activities, recreation and entertainment”. When expanding the specificity of the organization code quantity could be increased – activities indicated in accordance with the NACE: OKVED2_10052018.

Stages of the project on the discovery and development of the ice rink in the first 24 month include the main points:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 days
choice of location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Construction of the arena The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 1 of the month
recruitment production activity To 30 days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 days
End of project 12 – 24 months

If the founder of the business rents a ready-made ice arena, equipped with all the necessary, individual phases can be skipped. But keep in mind, in this case the rent will be more expensive, although the work of the roller may start earlier, and therefore, Net income is received in the first months.

Marketing plan

Like many other business sectors, including in the entertainment segment, beginning with 2014 year there was a major crisis here. In connection with the economic downturn of potential customers it has become quite less, so new entrants almost did not appear, and operating losses suffered. In recent years, the overall situation has improved, which affected the growth of interest of potential customers to the services of ice rinks and other facilities of sports and entertainment destinations.

At the core of any marketing plan should be based on the desire to attract potential customers. To do this, the target audience must be convinced, that the services offered are valuable to them. Moreover, you need not only to popularize among the residents of the city or area such entertainment, as ice skating, but also a certain form of consumer opinion, according to which the prestige, associated with figure skating or hockey should be linked precisely with the ice skating rink. This goal will serve quality advertising campaign, which is also developing a view of features and composition of the target audience.

As known, most potential customers of the ice rink - people young or middle-aged. For these categories of ice skating - the opportunity to spend time with family or friends. Therefore, for them an important part of not only the quality of the ice cover and ice skates, atmosphere how institutions, level of service and, for many of our citizens - pricing. Another group - advanced amateurs or professionals skating, hockey or skating. They are more demanding of myself and quality ice skates. To meet the interests of all potential customers, must not only provide them with the relevant conditions, but also to focus on all the positive qualities, advertising their services.

Another significant category of potential visitors - corporate customers. Such activities are often carried out on weekdays, that allows you to fill it unpopular time. Corporate orders will become more profitable and permanent source of income. Therefore it is necessary to establish contacts with their city companies, offering them lucrative corporate proposals.

Another aspect - social importance of major sporting areas, associated with ice. So, ensuring appropriate conditions, we can conclude a contract with the local education or extracurricular organizations for joint development of a particular sport. To do this, apply directly to the relevant territorial state bodies.

To attract the mass of visitors should be used first of all advertising on the Internet. The main tool is to create their own online resource. Rink on your own site can not only invite potential customers relax and spend time with benefits, but also provide information about pricing, discounts, bonuses and additional services. As the practice shows the existing organizations, today in the general structure of the industry a little more 68 percent rollers are open structure. Respectively, if the new organization offers gated rink, it can become a big plus, what is necessary to inform potential visitors.

In addition to online advertising, effective methods of promoting the rink will serve:

  • – advertising in the media - in newspapers, on local television and radio;
  • – placing ads on the streets of residential areas, in schools, kindergartens, various enterprises and institutions;
  • – handing out flyers and business cards.

The very construction of the ice rink can generate income on advertising services - the presence of a large number of designs enables us to offer partners accommodation bright and prominent outdoor advertising. for example, for an agreed payment, you can place banners on the sides, print logos on entrance tickets of partner companies.

According to the findings of experts, any service becomes profitable, if it uses more 1 percent of the economically active population. With regard to our country, the minimum number of interested people from the total number of citizens will be approximately 710 thousand. The great city will be placing the rink and the higher the standard of living in it, the greater the prospects awaiting a new organization.

Financial characteristics and risk assessment – video:

financial aspects

accounting plan, you must first outline the approximate scale and sequence of actions. The process of creation starts with the rink lease the finished building or creating the necessary structures. Construction of high-quality outdoor ice arena will cost about 15 million. rubles or more, depending on the chosen strategy. Acquisition of the basic elements of the roller - the refrigeration unit, will require investments of more than 6 million. rubles. Setting the arena by special boards - about 2 thousand. An item costs - ldouborochnaya machine, for the purchase of which in the financial plan is necessary to lay at least 3 million. rubles (or about half, if you purchase a used machine). These estimates relate to the most budget option of the enterprise - an open-air skating rink. If you plan indoor design, be added the additional costs, in this way, the total cost will increase at least twice.

The next part of the plan expenditure - skates. They just need to purchase a sufficient number of, which would require certain expenses before the opening of the rink. for example, for rent area 1800 m will need to acquire 750 pairs of skates. A third of them should be in the, one third - in reserve, and still the same - in the drying. To not make the wrong choice, better to buy skates proven firms, are of high quality. Each pair in this case would cost about 100 dollars - they should last for a season of active use. If the buy cheap skates, prices starting from 20 dollars, that their life is no more than a month. To simplify the work with horses it is desirable to buy a dryer and an antibacterial Ionizer, but these devices can be purchased later - at the beginning you can do without them.

Revenue part of the project will include a first rough analysis of prices, operating in the industry, and a forecast of future profits. As known, the overall growth of the industry at the moment is in the range 20 – 30 percent annually. Considering, that the main profit will come from public skating, calculate the approximate amount of the ticket on the basis of statistics of visits. Approximate price of tickets will be equal from 50 rubles on weekdays and from 150 rubles and more - in the output. More detailed rates for access to the ice rink in relation to the category of public skating:

Name conditions cost of, rub.
mass skating Adult ticket with rental skates (input + hire) from 250 h
Children's ticket to 12 years with rental skates (input + hire) from 350 h
Adult ticket with his skates from 200 h
Children's ticket to 12 years with his skates 150 and more.

Organizing children's collective lessons, should provide separate price categories. The cost of lessons in figure skating or hockey teams for children starts at 550 rubles per person per subscription for 10 – 12 training. adult, those wishing to spend their free time playing hockey, one-time costs of about 5500 rubles per hour visit to the rink.

If the roller is available for rent for corporate events, This service will depend on the spatial factor. for example, Moscow hour rental on a weekday will be from 1 thousands of dollars and more, in the regions - to 5 thousand. At the same rent at the weekend or holidays in the capital is not profitable, because it is economically more rational to accept a greater number of visitors.

When calculating the overall structure of the planned future project revenues are taken into account such criteria:

  • – analysis of demand among potential consumers of the ice rink;
  • – analysis of the current proposals of the relevant market segment;
  • – general conclusions, which make on the basis of market analysis.

Considering, that the two-year period, which is taken into consideration in the project, It includes investment period (1 – 12 of the month), and the period of operation (to 24 month inclusive), draw up a plan of volumes of Service:



type service name The volume of production and sales in a month (pers., PC.) price Revenue from sales in the month (rub.)
1 – 12 monthly investment skate rental from 80 people per hour 250 – 350 rub. per hour and up from 4 mln.800 thousand. – 6 million. 720 thousand.
1 – 12 monthly investment Letting rink rental companies from 3 hours 26,5 thousand. rub. per hour and up 79,5 – 2,4 million.
1 – 12 monthly investment Advertising services: banners from 10 days 40 thousand. for 1 banner 40 thousand and more
13 – 24 month operation skate rental from 80 people per hour 300-350 rub. per hour and more 5,8 – 6,8 million.
13 – 24 month operation Letting rink rental companies from 3 hours from 28 thousand. for 1 time 840 thousands - 2 million. 520 thousand
13 – 24 month operation Advertising services: banners from 10 days 45 thousand. rubles per hour and above 450 thousand and more

These figures are calculated on a minimum, subject to the minimum market to market entry, It is taken into account and the availability of all possible risks and force majeure. If the current market trend will continue in the coming 24 months after the start of business (Service volumes growth is 15 – 25%), annual sales reached more 66,1 million in the near future will significantly exceed this figure. In total, the company will make return 2 year.

Exact figures start and the monthly cost of opening, maintenance and development of the ice rink are presented in Table:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs, rub. Total for the year, rub.
Construction of the arena (from 150 m) 15 million. 15 million.
Buying equipment 3,7 million. 3,7 million.
Constant energy costs and maintenance of the technical condition of the ice rink 2,4 million. 28,5 million. 28,5 million.
Purchase of skates for the project 849,5 thousand 849,5 thousand
Constant advertising expenses 75 thousand 900 thousand 100 thousand 900 thousand
Salary (calculated per 12 months) 545 thousand 6,6 million. 6,6 million.
payment of taxes (for 12 months) 164 thousands To 2 million. To 2 million.
Unexpected expenses (for 12 months) To 2 million. To 2 million.
in total 2 million. 996 thousand 35 million. 950 thousand. 21,6 million. 57,5 million.

In view of all the calculations it is possible to conclude that the necessary amount for the start of business investment, the expected payback period and the level of profitability of the enterprise. The implementation period of the project 2 year requires a loan in the amount of 30 millions 600 thousand. At an interest rate 14 interest and have followed the financial plan the break-even point comes to 13 month since the opening of the rink. During the first year the estimated amount of income will be more than 4 millions 50 thousand. In this case, the total monthly costs of the enterprise will reach approximately 2 millions 996 thousand.

In this way, the total gross profit of the project will be equal for the specified period 132 million 116 thousand, and the total profit after deduction of all major expenditures will reach more than 5 millions 258 thousand.

The reporting period for the ice rink will be standard - it starts in January. Following the results of the prescribed period, regardless of the tax forms of business tax payments coming, required by law. The tax component of the cost to the ice rink includes standard items:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

When planning the organization of the ice rink, necessary to draw conclusions about the prospects for economic and business efficiency. During the development of the project must take into account conditions, operating on the market, including the level of demand and competition. According to the survey the ice rink will be profitable and promising, but high-risk because of a long payback period. Nevertheless, the high relevance and popularity of this type of leisure, as well as the implementation of financial calculations lead to the conclusion that, that the start of the project and investments in its opening justified.

Technical features of creating a skating rink – video:

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