The business plan of the construction company

The business plan of the construction company
Бизнес-план строительной компании
The business plan of the construction company

Market services for construction of buildings and structures has not lost its popularity. This market segment is developing dynamically, thanks to the development of technologies emerge and actively introduce new methods of construction works. Wishing to start a business in this area can be reversed at a relatively high level of competition in the industry. However, when a competent alignment of business priorities, and knowledge of the relevant nuances of business in this area can achieve steady business success and stable income. To achieve these objectives in the first place should be a business plan, which will be counted all the economic parameters of the project. After all, their value in the first drew attention to the investor, when he is given to the business plan. Following the procedure of business planning, based on the work of the construction company, this project has much in common with business plan REPAIR COMPANIES , as these, in fact different, business projects have a lot in common in terms of the equipment used, professional qualifications of staff, etc.. Returning to the project construction organization can be noted, that such a business you can run, sequentially passing three stages. These stages are composed of:

  1. The procedure of registration as a legal entity, and ensuring the business you want to print and forms.
  2. Obtaining permits.
  3. Writing a business plan.

Next will be described the order of passage of each stage.

Сразу нужно выбрать организационно-правовую форму организации
Right to choose the legal form of organization

1. At the first stage, related to the registration procedure, the entrepreneur should determine the organizational and legal form of legal entity. Most suitable are one or SP Ltd.. Next, you need to issue a round seal of the organization and purchase it forms. Also need to open a personal bank account. 2. Since a 2010 year abolished licensing activities for the construction works, the receipt of the relevant document abolished. For an organization needs to provide only the access to the CPO (self-regulatory organization). 3. Writing a business plan is crucial not only for the success of the organization in the future, but also a favorable presentation of the project to investors. A business plan is a detailed description of the opening of business to calculate the economic parameters of the project. It should give a detailed description of the proposed construction organization, name selected legal form, and list the types of services. among standard services construction company is required:

  • geodetic and survey work on the ground proposed construction;
  • work on finishing and repair of any complexity;
  • construction work of any complexity (including low-rise buildings and objects).

investor's positive assessment would cause remark about the possible expansion of services. It should assess the economic situation, developing in this market segment, which also allows us to understand, whether it is appropriate in this area to open the selected type of business, and how such a business will be successful.


Professionalism of employees depends on the company's image
Professionalism of employees depends on the company's image

By choosing future employees should be approached very responsibly, because of their ability to carry out high quality professional duties depends the formation of the company's image, and further demand for its customer service. However, it is not necessary to perform the entire spectrum of construction works take on a permanent basis employees, because it is fraught with significant costs on payroll. For a number of labor-intensive work, requiring the use of special construction equipment, workers can be involved on a temporary basis. These types of work are:

  • surveying;
  • geological;
  • the design work;
  • delivery and the rise of bulky goods, etc..

All other work must be performed by permanent employees of the company. Minimum operating crew It should consist of:

  1. Plumbing;
  2. plasterer;
  3. painter;
  4. an electrician.

it's desirable, the data position is not combined one person, and each specialized part of the work carried out separate work. Also, the state should foreman, directly controls all of the construction work, architect, as well as the office manager, which will deal with the reception of calls from customers and answer their questions.

Офис организации может размещаться в жилом доме
the organization's office may be located in an apartment house

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Premises and equipment

For construction firms need to rent a room, that will house her office. This room may be located in an apartment building and be flat, converted into an office. therefore, in addition to the standard pieces of furniture - tables and chairs for customers, office must be present:

  • phone;
  • computer;
  • printer / scanner.

So for specialized works buses can be engaged on a temporary basis, then acquire such facilities do not need to. For the success of the construction firm enough to buy a truck for transportation of construction materials to the site of their direct use. Besides, Workers must be provided the following tool:

  1. Cordless;
  2. fretsaw;
  3. drill;
  4. laser level;
  5. Tile;
  6. drill;
  7. hammers;
  8. tool sets, etc..

Advertising strategy

Реклама играет большую рол в успехе бизнеса
Advertising plays a large roll in the success of the business

The strategy for the implementation of promotional activities should also be present in the business plan of the construction firm. Advertising strategy may consist of:

  • opening their own company website;
  • advertisements in the media;
  • distribution of leaflets and brochures on the streets and near public transport.

Creating your own website is related to one of the most successful ways to attract more customers, as on the web-site can place samples of work performed, the approximate cost of services, to tell potential customers about new building projects and services, etc..


Mandatory step of preparing a business plan is to calculate the project's financial plan and related economic indicators. Expenditure part the plan includes:

  1. Purchase of specialized equipment - 10 000 000 rubles.
  2. Purchase of construction equipment and tools - 1000 000 rubles.
  3. Office rent - 250 000 rubles per year.
  4. Implementation of advertising strategy, the cost of transportation and entertainment expenses - 220 000 rubles per year.

When calculating costs is obtained, that the start-up capital for the opening of the construction company is 11 270 000 rubles. Future revenues of the company in the performance of the construction works constitute more than 1500 000 rubles per month. At this level of monthly income a business will pay off in less than 12 months of work.

Download a business plan for the construction firm for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

In the presented video gives some tips wishing to start a business, associated with the construction industry


The construction industry does not lose its popularity among consumers, which is why the opening of a construction company can become a successful business project, subject to the nuances of management in this area and the preparation of a competent business plan.

An example of a business plan of a construction company Readers pages can free download and use in the future when drawing up their own business project.

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