Business Plan WTO

Business Plan WTO
Business Plan WTO
Business Plan WTO

With the rapid development of business, many owners of "transplanted" to the public transport business on a personal, which allows better control of the company's performance and saves time. Consequently, to serve the ever-increasing flow of personal transportation is increasing and the need for service stations. This means, that the STR will start their own highly profitable. first, what should be done – begin to develop a business plan for your own business. It is necessary to develop the company's development strategy and perform financial calculations of investment and expected profit.

design feature

The upcoming business plan is a project for a period of 2 of the year. He suggests the discovery and development of medium-sized maintenance stations. The plan was created with the purpose of evaluating the economic efficiency of the investment project and can be represented by a potential investor or lender as confirmation of the viability of the business idea.

The nature of the enterprise is designated as an enterprise for the provision of car maintenance and repair services. The main goals of its creation can be designated as:

  • – the satisfaction of the modern needs of the market in the provision of maintenance services and repair of motor transport;
  • – creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  • – preparation of a stable and high profits.

Funding for the project will be almost entirely at the expense of commercial loans, for who will contact one of the banking institutions. Key financial aspects of the project following:

  • – the total size of the financing of the project - 10 million. 686 thousand. About this will be the amount of credit;
  • – the interest rate on the loan - 14%. time, during which the loan will be paid - 2 of the year. During this period, the total amount of interest paid, or income of the investor, will be up to 688 thousand;
  • – payback period, taking into account the discount period – 2 of the year. The project will begin to bring net profit later 12 months after opening.

More detailed financial calculations on investments in opening a business and its development, and approximate profit projections are set out in the financial part of the plan.

Features of starting a business of auto repair – video:

SRT as a kind of business

Service Station - a place, from time to time must visit any car owner or driver. With constant operation, cars wear out, many of their parts fail. The situation is aggravated by poor-quality roads in most cities of the country. In this way, all cars with a certain regularity need diagnostics and repair. It means, that this type of activity will not lose its relevance even in a crisis.

service stations are of different types:

  1. Services, specializing in serving a particular brand of car.
  2. network companies, branches that may be scattered across the country.
  3. Services single - the most popular type of service among motorists. Their prices are usually much lower, that allows you to attract a large number of new customers.
  4. personalized service. his offer, usually, home. They are motorists with lower income, because it is the cheapest service. The latter option has the most questionable quality, Therefore, despite the low prices, many car owners to choose more robust embodiments.

The future founder of the enterprise must immediately decide, where to start and what direction of car service to choose. This helps a detailed study of the current market conditions and the level of competition on it. Following the results of the most detailed business plan to be drawn up.

service automotive service success depends on many components and factors:

  • properly selected range of services;
  • the target audience;
  • technical component;
  • staff.

One of the keys to business success is to study the market and information about the competition (which focus their business, the demand for their services, the location of their service points), as well as personnel, which will work in the service of repair of transport services. What is important is not only the experience of workers, but their qualification, relevant to the task at hand, terms of their implementation.

List of proposals stations should be designed to meet the demand in the market and economic benefits. The business plan car service a wide variety of services should be taken into account, that may be in demand. Especially in demand today - repair car engine and gearbox. These trends bring significant revenue, since it is well paid. Much less advantageous from a financial point of view will be the repair service brake system. But despite this it is still necessary to provide in the plan and specify the price list, in order not to lose potential customers in the future.

range of services, which will be offered by the future service station, very wide. The list of services in a particular case is determined by the supply and demand balance in the market.

The basis will be taken this list of works:

Business Plan WTO
Business Plan WTO
  • – lubricating and filling works;
  • – control and diagnostic works;
  • – tire fitting and balancing;
  • – installation/dismantling;
  • – electrical works;
  • – Engine repair;
  • – Steering Repair;
  • – repairs of steering systems;
  • – can-welding;
  • – repairs, battery charging;
  • – painting works.

In general, the range of services of service stations includes up to 100 types of work. From this list, you need to choose the most profitable and popular activities. In addition to the main types of work, You can enable additional services, which will increase the income of the SRT. To such species includes a car wash and sale of various auto goods. On the territory of stations or close to it, you can open a small coffee shop or diner, where customers will be able to wait for the work. All of these additional types of services will bring big profits, allowing the company to more quickly reach the breakeven point.

However, at the initial stage of development of the business is better not to be wasted on a variety of activities and start with some of the most popular and profitable. Over time, customers will replenish, Business is actively begin to develop, and at this stage it is possible to expand the range of services.

Business opening stages

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, preparation of documentation preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
hiring employees production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
marketing campaign 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

Area and space for service

Service Station can only be legitimately subject to fulfillment of a number of important rules, established by the legislation. That they need to take into account, picking location. it's desirable, to stations located in close proximity to the motorway, garages and petrol stations. That such an arrangement will allow to be in close proximity to the target audience.

Including the company can not be located closer to homes, than 50 m. Do not open the vicinity of protected areas, reservoirs, education and health institutions. This provision is required to check the regulatory authorities.

STO necessarily should have a properly functioning centralized sewerage. But before opening it is necessary to pass the coordination of the traffic police services, SES, fire service. Each of these state bodies gives official permission to open, confirming compliance with all safety standards.

The area of ​​the company shall be not less 25 – 30 quarter. m. The required area is calculated so, that for every job had at least 5 quarter. meters, excluding equipment. But in the long run it is sure to consider the possibility of expanding to about 200 quarter. m.


A set of equipment to get started STO standard:

  • – Infrakar;
  • – stationary stand control of brake systems of cars, minigruzovyh minibuses and cars with load up 3 tonnes;
  • – elektrovulkanizatsionny unit, intended for the repair of damaged cells and automobile tires;
  • – rolling jack capacity in 2,5 t;
  • – piston compressor;
  • – painting and drying chamber;
  • – similarity collapse with cord connection;
  • – Stand for wheels with deformation restoration "eight";
  • – Electromechanical mobile lift.

In fact, the purchase of the required set of equipment will be one of the most expensive items of business plan STO. So, if the total area of ​​the premises would be about 300 quarter. m, must be equipped with both three points of service. At the same time it provides for a stand 3 a two-and 1 four-post. Each adjustment position is necessary to equip the stand "alignments". And for fast tire will need tire mounting and balancing machines.

On the square in 300 quarter. meters must be placed at least 5 verstakov, and a set of balancing and other specialized tool. the cost will be very high: only for equipment for car express service you need to spend 80 – 200 thousand right from the start, 8 – 12 thousands will cost jacks, set for balancing - over 15 thousand. Despite the high costs, necessary for the purchase of equipment, it is this component will be the best investment in the development of the company. Quality technical equipment will be the key to productivity growth, compliance with safety regulations and to obtain high profits.


Himself the founder of the business and employees of stations do not necessarily have specialized education. First of all, important to have specialized skills and necessary for the maintenance and repair of car knowledge. Since this area involves working with people, It is also important skills of polite communication with customers. The head of the station may not have the specialized skills - for it is important to have business acumen and knowledge in the field of business.

Key staff positions for the service station the following medium-sized:

  1. – avtoslesar ;
  2. – avtomehanyk;
  3. – -electrician diagnostician;
  4. – plumbing foreman;
  5. – paint shop foreman;
  6. – tinsmith;
  7. – Avtomalyar;
  8. – finisher and some other items - on request.

For the first time such a group would be enough. Accountant and administrator better to hire later, when the amount of profit and the number of customers reaches a high and stable level. Initially, these functions can perform the settlor.

check in

Create stations requires passing a series of bureaucratic procedures, designed to convince regulatory authorities that, that the enterprise will not violate security norms.

That the future service station safely passed coordination in gossanepidemnadzora bodies, you need to prepare the package of documents specified in the legislation. It must first be fed into the transport and inspection includes:

  • – application for registration stations;
  • – post scheme;
  • – certificate of registration of the enterprise, including bank details;
  • – Statute OOO (If this format is selected);
  • – document on the right to use the land or premises (lease agreement, etc.);
  • – certificate from Rospotrebnadzor;
  • – Resolution of the State Fire Supervision (during welding or painting works);
  • – Certificate of Conformity (with mandatory application);
  • – orders appointing responsible for the safety and security point, as well as the person responsible for the work performed by maintenance and repair services;
  • – certificate of tax registration of the State Tax Inspectorate;
  • – documents of professional fitness experts (copies of diplomas and work books).

Very important in this list of project documentation. Without her presence and coordination of Rospotrebnadzor service station opening impossible, so you need to pay attention to this point before the start of the enterprise.

With regard to the standard registration of the company as a taxpayer, in the case of the creation of stations suitable form of IP, that initially will reduce the package of constituent documents and reports. In this case, registration with the tax office standard: it requires the application of a special form, which is supported by a list established by a special law on the establishment of legal and natural persons.

For IP certification is not binding. But that the company was in the market konkrentosposobnym, better pay attention to obtaining a special license. Pre-need to examine the federal law number 99 "On Licensing Certain Types of Activities" (

It is important to examine as a special government resolution "On approval of the provision of services rules (performance of works) Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles ". The text of the document is attached to the business plan.

Planning activity stations, you need to determine the exact list of its services. Then, when registering indicate corresponding NACE codes. In this case, fit the code 45.20.

Useful regulatory documents:

Federal Law of 04.05.2011 N 99-FZ

Russian Federation Government Resolution 11.04.2001 N 290

Market analysis. Marketing and Advertising

the new service's success depends on the correct approach to the analysis of the market has provided competitive services.

We need a thorough analysis of competitors: what benefit, what losers, to know, on that first of all pay attention to the organization of their own business. Examine the list of services, compliance with the prices for services, customer base competition, to know, for someone in the future among potential customers more emphasis on your business.

The consumer market of the chosen direction depends on several factors, both internal, and external. Including the demand for services STO influences increase or decrease the number of car owners in the country. Economic crisis 2013 – 2014 s negative impact on the structure of the market repair and vehicle maintenance. During this period, many citizens due to the loss or reduction of income declined by own car, as a result of decreased target audience. Some car owners have gone underground stations, performing the same operation at lower prices. Many small stations closed under the influence of the crisis, to make room for the more powerful members.

Beginning with 2015 , the intensified market: the national economy began to gradually recover from the crisis, respectively sector maintenance car one of the first felt the expansion of the client audience. Since a serious decline in the economy in the coming years is not expected, industry forecast for 2019 year rather optimistic: Analysts noted an increase in the number of private cars, that promotes the growth of demand for their maintenance and repair.

Prospects for the stations of maintenance and repairs for the next few years promise to be optimistic also on the basis of statistics. According to official data, about half of Russia's fleet consists of vehicles older 10 years old. More 30% falls on cars aged 5 to 10 years old, to 20% – Newer machines. This information allows us to conclude the ever increasing need for repair work for such vehicles. An increasing number of car owners are interested in extending the service life of their vehicles, why do they select good service stations with qualified specialists.

But despite the growth of the industry, its structure and composition should be carefully studied., to determine, which of its participants will be the most promising. At the moment, the structure of the car maintenance market in Russia is as follows:

– about 60% – independent car services of small or medium format, as singles, and network;

– 25 % – Authorized, or dealerships;

– 15% – workshops of individual format.

Because to become an official dealer, a number of strict requirements must be met, established by international companies, These project provides for the organization of a medium-scale non-network independent car service.

After the current state of the service station market in the country is studied, it is necessary to make a forecast regarding its prospects. To date, the number of officially registered service stations slightly exceeds 33800 units. Taking into account the information, provided by analysts, it can be concluded that, that in the coming years, this number may grow by 2 thousands and even more. So, according to official data and depending on the state of the industry, the increase in consumption of services in this sector will grow by 6 – 60 per cent per annum. But when planning income, the least optimistic scenario is taken into account., which will help to foresee all possible crisis and force majeure phenomena.

Based on the results of analysts' data, the most successful for starting a business from scratch and attracting a client audience is the middle price segment. these companies, usually, offer comprehensive service, provision of services in all major areas. At the same time, for the success of the enterprise, high-quality advertising support and a flexible system of discounts should be developed.. In this way, the company will be as customer-oriented as possible.

Taking into account the main results of the study of the selected market sector, as well as studies of its dynamics in temporal and territorial sections, it is possible to identify such data of the potential of consumers of service station services in Russia:

Moscow St. Petersburg The whole territory of Russia
population 12,3 million. people. 5 million. people. 146,5 million. people.
Number of service stations in 2012 g. 8 088 3 745 31 165
Number of service stations after 2016 g. 9 039 4 226 33 871
Number of cars in 2012 g. 2,82 million. 1,19 million. More 35 million.
Number of cars after 2016 g. 3,2 million. 1,35 million. To 40 million.
Sales in the automotive market of Russia in 2012 g. 200 thousand. PC. 80 thousand. PC. 2,44 million.
Sales in the automotive market of Russia after 2016 g. from 3 million. 1,25 million. 36,7 million.
Volume of the service station services market (including sales of auto parts) at 2012 g. 3 693,5 million. 1 710,2 million. 11 207,3 million.
Volume of the service station services market (including sales of auto parts) after 2016 g. 5 897,6 million. 2 730,8 22 725
Regulatory services 1 Service station per year 100 cars 100 cars 100 cars
Pre-crisis growth of the industry 15 – 20% 15 – 20% 15 – 20%
Growth of the industry to 2015 g. 10 – 60% 10 – 12% 10 – 60%
Industry growth with 2016 g. To 12 % To 12 % To 12 %
Forecast of the development of the industry up to 2020 g. 6 – 60% 6 – 60% 6 -60 %
Number of service stations required 31,6 1,33 39,2

After the analysis carried out in this way, it will be possible to understand, which direction to choose is better, what niche to occupy.

Advertising of the service station should be designed for a specific target audience. Chaotic advertising in the end does not give high results, because it is seen by a large number of people, who are not potential customers. The main types of effective advertising are several:

  • Outdoor. Most visible to most motorists. Features of the target audience are as follows:, what, while driving the owner or driver of the car, sees a large number of banners, banners and other advertising and information objects. There is also a large and noticeable sign along the highway or near the garage cooperative.;
  • Mass media – city newspapers and specialized publications for motorists. Television and radio are still effective, although their target audience is primarily senior citizens;
  • the Internet: many services, including the automotive sector, promote by creating your own website, dissemination of information in forums, in social networks and free bulletin boards.
  • Distribution of printed materials on the streets, car shops and gas stations. Including business cards and flyers for discounts work well.

Loyalty to new and regular customers is one of the most important rules for attracting the target audience. You can offer bonuses when referring friends, Discounts, timed to coincide with holidays and other profitable offers.

Customers love attention: if the service station will inform them about the ongoing actions, send notifications about the need to undergo another diagnosis or show other signs of attention, this step will be very advantageous.

Financial plan

The financial part of the business plan is developed in two conditional stages - the calculation of the cost part and the profit forecast, which the company will receive during the main stages of its development.

Mandatory part of the spending plan – tax payments. The fiscal year begins in January of each year., and it is from this month that the tax period is counted.. The list of tax payments is as follows:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Preliminarily, all the main costs of the project are calculated at the initial stage and during subsequent development.:

item of expenditure Costs per month Expenses for the year lump-sum costs Total expenses for the year
rent (purchase) room (from 60 m) 3 000 000 3 000 000
repairs 3 600 000 3 600 000
Communal payments, depreciation (1 year) 150 000 1 800 000 1 800 000
Purchase of equipment 1 661 000 1 661 000
Purchase of computer equipment 210 000 210 000
Creation and promotion 120 000 120 000
Advertising costs 75 000 900 000 900 000
Salary 1 011 000 12 132 000 12 132 000
taxes 304 000 3 648 000 3 648 000
Additional expenses 859 000 859 000
Total 1 236 000 14 832 000 9 450 000 24 282 000

The forecast of the income structure is made on the basis of several main indicators:

– analysis of demand for car maintenance and repair services;

– analysis of the services market, provided in this segment of activities;

– general conclusions about the state of the market.

Calculations will be carried out taking into account the lowest threshold of profitability. At the initial stages – in the first 24 months of the company's work, the service volume plan will be as follows:

Period Type of service Volume of production and sales per month, PC. price, rub. Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment repairs, taking into account the services of a garage workshop from 100 cars in one post According to the price list for the performance of services 10 434 000
1 – 12 monthly investment Realization of auto parts By assortment list By price list for spare parts from 3 340 000
13 – 24 month operation repairs, taking into account the services of a garage workshop from 100 cars in one post According to the price list for the performance of services from 12 520 000
13 – 24 month operation Realization of auto parts According to the assortment list By price list for spare parts from 3 644 000

At this stage, depending on seasonal and other factors, the increase in consumption volumes is from 6 to 60% in year. If this trend continues., annual growth of the company's sales volumes will reach 180 million. rubles.

The basis for the calculations will be such an approximate price list for the main types of services:

Repair Renault Logan 109 000 rub.
Repair Daewoo Mathis 82 000
Car repair GAZelle from 68 000
Repair of VAZ cars from 219 000
Car repair Chevrolet from 69 000
Car repair Opel from 27 000
Car repair Audi from 30 000
Car repair Volkswagen from 15 000
Repair Hyundai from 65 000
Car repair Niva, VAZ from 160 000
Repair Ford Focus from 57 000
Prices for car body repair from 64 thousand

In addition to repairs, the plan provides for a number of other services. The pricing policy should be calculated taking into account the current market prices, as well as the cost of providing certain services.

Main aspects of the service station business plan, including financial calculations – video:

Risks associated with the opening of the service station

The success of the future enterprise depends on many factors, including how familiar the manager is with all possible risks and how he will overcome them.

Such aspects can most affect the level of profit:

  • – significant dependence on the territorial location;
  • – dependence of demand for service station services on the season;
  • – the high level of competition;
  • – high cost of renting and maintaining the building of the service station due to the large number of large-sized equipment;
  • – lack of highly qualified specialists. The deficit is especially pronounced when searching for car repairmen;
  • – high cost at the start of business due to the need to purchase expensive equipment.

Having foreseen all the listed risks in advance and having developed certain measures, you can reduce the effect of all negative factors to a minimum. In particular, it is possible to minimize the period of downtime of the company in unpopular periods by introducing additional services into the price list and developing profitable offers to expand and retain the customer base.

Based on the results of the research of the industry, it can be concluded, that the service station is highly profitable, highly profitable type of business, which involves significant risks. The success of these activities depends on correctly set and executed tactical and strategic tasks., business acumen of the manager and his ability to select qualified personnel and motivate him to work actively.

Important moments of starting a business – in the video:

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