Business Plan pasta

Business Plan pasta

makaronvRecently, the most profitable business becomes production in the food industry. entrepreneur, who wants to open your own profitable business, it is worth considering the idea of ​​pasta. Importantly initially, that this business does not require low capital investment. the main thing, that remains unchanged, It `s that, that pasta is one of the most popular foods in the course of business, there is no difficulty in realization of the product. In stores you can see different kinds of pasta, rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins of group B. To create a quality product, even at the stage of planning and forecasting is necessary to think about the raw materials of the highest category, calculate all the risks and favorable conditions, market competition and the market.

Evaluation of the possibilities

To start, you must explore the market of competitors in the selected region. How many producers on it and whether the production volume enough for the population? It is worth noting, the opening production of pasta in a small town, will provide you with the opportunity to more earnings, as in this embodiment,, collision with larger competitors is minimized. When many competitors, you should not be premature to think of a failed business, since when choosing the right tactics, identifying weaknesses manufacturers, improving the quality of the starting material, you can easily surpass even the largest competitor. If preliminary estimates and forecasts are you sure, that is the entrance to the business, do not stop, and immediately proceed to establish their own production lines.


If the matter is resolved with the choice of production, Start by searching the premises. Special requirements for the size of the building is not, the main thing that it was equipped with water, gas, electricity, and its size was sufficient for production lines, warehouse storage of the finished product and raw materials. Under storage area size must be removed in 100 m². Solving the problem with the lease or purchase premises, proceed to decision paper files. For the reason that, that is supposed to manufacture the food industry, you must have permission to use the premises of and documentation on the hygienic conditions of the production area. After the step of put option, followed by step search and purchase of equipment.

The manufacturing process and equipment

Production of pasta involves performing a series of successive processes:

  1. Cleaning and sifting flour
  2. Kneading dough, basic ingredients which act water and flour. Failure to comply with the composition according to GOST, there is a risk of marginal production. The dough is kneaded by a kneader
  3. Sealing and molding with a screw press
  4. Obduvka
  5. cutting
  6. layout
  7. convective drying
  8. packing
Flowsheet pasta

Based on these processes, Macaroni production will require the following equipment:

Flour sifters

Flour sifters

Screw press with dies for pasta shapes


Drying cabinet

drying cabinet

Fasovochno-makers uvakovochnыy

automatic packing machine

There are many options for the purchase of macaroni Lines. You can buy the expensive equipment of the Italian manufacturer, and it is possible to give preference to domestic producers.By estimate, line cost for the production of pasta from raw material to finished product will cost the owner in 1 million. rubles. Regardless of manufacturer, all lines are automatic and require for the minimum number of employees, the production line can run smoothly - around the clock.


After the purchase and adjustment-launchers work, is to do the selection of personnel. Business plan of the enterprise producing the pasta for the staff needed following staff:

  • accountant
  • technologist
  • manager
  • workers for maintenance of the production line - 3 man
  • driver

Person, from which the quality of the finished product directly depends - Technological. For the marketing of products in response manager. Product sales work is multiple-choice:

  • conclusion of agreements with grocery stores and databases
  • the signing of contracts with retail chains
  • participation in tenders and win, which allows the supply of pasta to child care centers
  • Delivery pasta bars, restaurants, canteens and cafeterias.

Calculation of financial indicators


flow name Cost in rubles
Renting or buying premises from 600 000
Purchase and installation of equipment from 1 000 000
Purchase of raw materials 250 000
Remuneration of staff 800 000
Registration and other expenses 200 000
Total expenses from 2 850 000

To start the production of pasta business will require annual investments ranging from 2,8 million. rubles.


On the basis of the nominal load line, whose performance 150 kilograms of pasta per hour, which corresponds to the production of 27 tonnes of finished products per month. If we assume, the wholesale price per kilogram is equal to 25 rubles, monthly revenue will be 675 thousand. rubles of which 150 thousand – profit. Based on these calculations,, we can conclude, that the deadline for the production of pasta business payback is 18-20 months.


Well-organized business plan, It helps to avoid the risks associated with competitors in the market and will help to predict the level of profitability and profit. At the initial stage, many manufacturers because of the large number of competitors, it is difficult to market produce, To make it clearer, we offer download business-plan the production of pasta, which will help properly organize and find its niche in a competitive market.


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