The business plan for the implementation of the tea shop

The business plan for the implementation of the tea shop

Everybody knows, that country is the founder of tea China, Currently, however, this drink is firmly positioned in the everyday life around the world, including in our country. This is evidenced by the sales of the world tea market, that reach 130-150 million. dollars. The data volumes increase annually 15%. According to such statistics can conclude, that the opening of his tea shop for tea sale, coffee and accessories, It can become quite successful under certain peculiarities of doing business in their chosen field. However, for such a commercial project it was successful, should draw up a competent, corresponding store business plan, on the implementation of tea in bulk, preparation of tea drinks, Sell ​​other tea products and accessories.

Determining the size and location of the store

Бизнес-план магазина по реализации чая - это вполне подходящий бизнес зимой и летом.
The business plan for the implementation of the tea shop – it is quite the right business in the winter and summer.

At present There are three formats for the implementation of the trade point of teas. These include:

  1. Close tea shop with a tasting room. This format outlet has several advantages: It allows visitors to shop on the site of the store to try the range in taste and choose your favorite varieties; expand the range of the store itself, and rapidly deploy new products in the market sales, and also forms the background to open a specialized cafe, the bulk of which will make regular customers tea shop. Selling more, tea accessories, Dummies, Tea kettles, mugs saucers, etc..
  2. Score, implements tea and coffee as weight, and packages. To accommodate this store format requires no more than an area of ​​the room 15 quarter. meters in the city center or shopping center business. The range of such outlet is formed based on the average value of teas.
  3. Mini shop selling tea, located in the largest shopping center, metro station or other busy area of ​​the city. This format is a commercial project, the most popular among businessmen due to easier start-up conditions. Within this format tea shop visitors, preparing a tea beverage on-site it may be prompted. Assortment of tea mini store is formed in a very narrow variety of grades, gleaned on the principle of maximum demand.

Which would not have been chosen to open stores format, the main criterion for the choice of its location is the high level of traffic, contributing to an increase in profits.

Tea Interior Design

On store premises thinking through the interior is not worth spending a lot of effort, emphasis in creating an atmosphere of comfort and peace of mind should make tea flavor. Half of the room surfaces will be occupied by shelves with products range, and the remaining unoccupied walls can give dull shades, ending the execution of the dim lighting.

Основную часть оборудования магазина составляют стеллажи
The main part of the shop equipment racks up

Tea shop equipment

In drawing up the business plan of opening for sale of the tea shop, special attention should be given to equipment or accessories outlet. The vast majority of such equipment up racks and shelves for product placement.

Favorable impact on the development of business accommodation in store presentation cabinets (in the presence of the relevant area), stimulating natural selling ancillary products (Dummies, cups, spoons, sitechek brewing, etc.).

In addition to the purchase of furniture, for selling tea shop must be purchased a variety of accessories: storage tanks for tea, shoulder blades, spoons, stand, etc..

If you plan to sell tea on weight, then you need to purchase the balance (desirable electronic).

cash register must be purchased and registered for the shop.

It can be purchased as a hardware store for a tasting room: coffee machine, cooler, etc..

The range and delivery of products to the store

shop range is formed depending on the format of the outlet. If the business plan laid store opening large or medium-sized, in this case the range of the selection is entirely dependent on the financial capacity of the entrepreneur.

Whatever I was not elected to the tea store format, the emphasis in the formation of the range should be on the most popular teas, usually, they are also the most well-known and. Very popular among the target audience of this business are blends of tea, fruit and flower focus. The average value of these mixtures is up 5 dollars for 100 gram.

The main requirement for personnel – the ability to communicate with customers

Expensive teas should be included with caution in the store range, since not every potential buyer agrees to purchase products at a tea price 200 dollars for 100 gram. For this reason, expensive varieties should be introduced gradually, parallel to the process of finding out the demand of buyers shop. but, to offer a shop recommended to immediately include several varieties of tea (3-5), which is slightly larger than the average value of (to 50 dollars for 100 gram).

If you plan to open a mini-shop and tea accessories, then its range should be formed of the most popular and sought-after varieties. Usually, for each type of tea is typed 4-5 products from reputable manufacturers, wherein the products can be presented for sale as weight, and in packages.

Regarding the organization of deliveries of production, the search providers you can start on the internet. In this case, if the launch of one outlet is planned, in the regions sufficiently to develop relationships with local representatives of large organizations-suppliers. If the business plan is fixed project of opening a network of tea shops, it makes sense to sign the contract for delivery directly with a major supplier.

tea shop staff

The number of store employees forms the basis of the selected format.

If you plan to open a mini-shop or a tea stall, in its staff enough to type 2 sellers, working in shifts.

For a large shop with a tasting room in addition to the two vendors have to dial a senior administrator or seller. His responsibilities will include the preparation of visitors for tasting tea shop and conduct advisory conversations.

Future store employees should be selected independently, conducting personal interviews with candidates. The main criteria for selection of employees is good looks and ability to dispose of his. Besides, Resources recommended training knowledge store range and the ability to verbally convey to the buyer's taste characteristics of different varieties of tea.

Advertising and marketing program

The business plan for the opening of the shop selling tea is recommended to include advertising and marketing moves to attract more customers and translating them to the rank of permanent. This may be accepted:

  • introduction of bonus programs for clients, made purchases at a certain large sum;
  • the introduction of promotional offers to clients, made a purchase over a certain amount (for example, to the purchase of more than 30 USD is in a gift 20 gram store assortment news);
  • introduction days free tastings liked teas for visitors.

Such advertising and marketing leverage over consumers do not bear the costs of a major, however, contribute to the formation of a positive image of the store and increase the number of loyal customers.

The plan is advertising influence on potential buyers may be used such funds, how small, flyers and coupon flyers, handed out near the public transport stops and metro stations.

Download a business plan of a tea shop for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

The financial part of the business plan

To open your own shop selling tea is necessary to have initial capital of around 30 000 – 40 000 dollars.

If the business plan will be drawn up correctly, the payback period for the implementation of the store teas range from 6 to 18 months.

Since tea is included in this product group, trading margin which can reach 100%, then this niche business is very attractive for the development of. In this case, the profitability of the tea business 12-30%.

Download a business plan of a tea shop for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

In the presented video, readers can become familiar with the location of tea products in the store and how to sell tea correctly:


Statistical evidence suggests, that the amount of loose tea sales worldwide reach 130-150 million. dollars, annually increasing by 15%. According to this, we can conclude, that the opening of the business in this area can be quite successful and generate substantial profits. To be successful, the case should be made competent business plan subject to certain peculiarities of doing business in their chosen field.

The attention of visitors to the page can be offered the option of a business plan of opening stores for the sale of tea and coffee, Available for free download, different from, that is presented in this article.

Download sample store business plan for the sale of tea and coffee from scratch.

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