The business plan of the marriage agencies

The business plan of the marriage agencies
Ежегодно возрастает спрос на 25-30%
Every year the demand increases by 25-30%

Marriage makes us better understand ourselves, and it's not the least his dignity, and not the smallest flaw in his. (Jean Growth)

The market is saturated with marriage agencies, However, annually demand increases by 25-30% receipt of services for organizing the creation of breeding pairs. This is probably due to the fact, that is, poor quality among the marriage agencies, semi-criminal enterprise, that, under the guise of marriage agencies, practically involved in pimping. This factor plays a negative role in relation to other marriage agencies. And credibility falls.

However, some of them are highly qualified companies, which with its task of formation of new couples do an excellent job. But such marriage agencies in the minority.

The purpose of this project – to create a small the business plan of the marriage agencies to organize real and high-quality services with a high percentage of wedding couples.


When you open a marriage agency an important role in the development of a primarily staff. After all, from its high-quality customer service depends on their interest in the project business and the number of members in the agency directory, so, and the income of the enterprise.

Engine of ideas and promote them into practice will play the role of competent psychologist. After all, only a psychologist is available to know the subtleties of the psychology of men and women! It was the psychologist will help the client to open up to their own personal desires and claims.

One of the reasons, contributing to the rupture of relations with the steam due to a long relationship in getting acquainted with each other, It is a complete lack of understanding of each other, in other words – incompatibility, Although the necessary work carried out in full with them.

Much in this case depends on the competence of the psychologist, his intuitive flair when working with couples, since not all respond sincerely to the questions of tests during the test, and their answers can be obviously false. And only an experienced psychologist can foresee the final result of the relationship of surveyed couples. And help those understand, that in their case the marriage is impossible (or possible).


The marriage agency will require 2-3 psychologist, their salary will be – 40-50 thousand rubles a month.

Another important element in the frame will be System Administrator (programmer) and well-designed online resource, on the basis of which will be held on the basic number of calls to a dating agency. his salary will be 25-30 thousand rubles a month.

The third expert – visagiste. Its task is to show the best partner external data suggest companion. Assuming, that men love with their eyes, makeup artist at work will be a lot.

In addition, the fee will be based on, basically, from the male side, contact the agency. The task of make-up artist for his work to please the male half of the customers. Salary will be make-up artist 25-30 thousand rubles a month.

Total expenditure on wages will be 90-110 thousand.


Нужно продумать все детали до мелочей
You need to consider all the details to the smallest detail

To ensure the success of the marriage agencies need to consider all the details in detail and taken into account even the smallest nuances.

for example, women like to consult with her friends in making important decisions for themselves. You can arrange for them to a private room, "the girls 'secrets'. This is the "highlight" of the project.

Still needed a separate room for a closer and likable communication between man and woman.

AND, of course, Reception for official talks. Customers need to understand, that this marriage agency is quite real project to resolve their personal problems, prolonged isolation.

Rent premises in the area 50 quarter. m. will be 1.5-2 thousand rubles 1 quarter. m. per month, and repair and design works – still 150-200 thousand (non-recurring expenses).

Download the business plan of the marriage agencies for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

office equipment

With a view to the good organization of work, each specialist must be equipped workplace. The equipment includes a computer and related office equipment (xerox, Printer).

For aesthetic design of the agency and to work comfortably marriage agency will need to purchase two sets of upholstered furniture. Expenditure on office equipment amount to – 250-300 thousand. rubles.


Marriage – a lottery, in which everyone hopes for a big win. (Pierre Buast)

Brides very close to man nooks – personal "zakoulochkam", personal issues. The task of each agency's experts deal with clients is very thin, with deep respect, soft and calm voice, without negative emotional colors. The client must feel secure.

In turn, customers are required to apply to the staff of the marriage agencies to return respect and gratitude for helping them marriage services.


Рентабельность бизнеса 20-40%
profitability 20-40%

Marriage agency receives income from various sources:

  1. Customers pay for access to the agency directory, which depends on the services performed by 200 rubles – for the placement of customer data in the catalog, to 5000 rubles – for the constant search for a suitable party clients,
  2. for ensuring the relevant databases, more in demand by foreign customers and averages – 5-10 dollars,
  3. for group tour organization abroad for the first real love of potential partners with each other – about 200 dollars from the same client,
  4. for design services and sending emails the customer liked the bride – foreign customers one letter will cost 5-6 dollars

2/3 amount going to a foreign agency, the remaining amount is for the marriage agencies.

Below are the numbers the financial affairs of a small marriage agency in Moscow.


  1. Placing customer data dating directory – 6.3 thousand rubles.
  2. Selling bride addresses – 90 thousand.
  3. Online communication of potential partners -60 thousand.
  4. Organization of marriage tours- 16 thousand.


  1. rent office – 12 thousand.
  2. Advertising company to promote business- 60 thousand.
  3. the Internet, phone - 1 thousand rubles.
  4. Salary (2 pers.) – 40 thousand.

profitability of 20-40%, and not even taking into account the cost of equipment, Services System Administrator and create a site for online communication, per month net profit of 59 thousand. AND during 1-2 years of marriage agency will pay off.



We can conclude, that with the right, competent, thoughtful the business plan of the marriage agencies, you can achieve good results.

example 1 - Download ready business plan dating agency

example 2 - Download ready business plan dating agency

Download the business plan of the marriage agencies for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

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