Business service center plan

Business service center plan
Business service center plan
Business service center plan

In connection with the demands of modern life, many people decide to buy their own transport. It means, that the more popular are garages and garages. And since most of the city acquires second-hand cars, car service becomes even more relevant. After all, as practice shows, these machines often require repair.

opening the car wash, We have to rely primarily on the repair of used cars. But in general, the target audience is very wide - potential customers are all car owners. And not to be mistaken in the financial and marketing issues of starting a business and to choose the right size and scale, should draw up a business plan and stick to it at all stages of.

The properties and characteristics of the project

The business plan is designed to 2 year - the start of the project and bringing it to the level of stable income. It can be used for presentation to potential lenders or investors. Therefore, when developing a business plan must take into account the current market price trends, crisis, risks and force majeure.

The main objectives of the project:

– meet market needs in the provision of maintenance services and repair of cars;

– creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability;

– high profits;

Key financial data of the project include such calculations:

– the estimated turnover of funds - 2 of the year;

– Project financing is carried out by obtaining a commercial loan in the amount of 6,9 million rubles. This amount can be considered as the total cost of the project;

– interest rate, is forecast - 14%, it may decrease;

– income of the investor (the total amount paid for a designated period of interest) - from 315 thousand. To simplify the process, must begin repayment of the loan with the first month of the project;

– payback period since the beginning of the project - 4 of the month, taking into account the discount rate will be 2 of the year;

– the overall economic effect for the specified period of time determined by the amount of 75 thousand.

Service stations for repair of cars aimed, the extension of their service, and all kinds of vehicle maintenance. Consequently, the target audience is indicated quite accurately. They are owners of private vehicles or drivers, working on a service transport.

One of the main points of the business plan - develop a set of services, which will offer enterprise. This list depends on the company scale, the size of the investments and the technical equipment of the new organization.

Shop usually has two main categories of services:

– locksmith Services;

– Modular work.

The first kind of work includes repair of chassis vehicles, engine, powertrain, suspension, etc.. In carrying out the work of aggregation is carried out major repairs of the engine, diagnostics and repair of automotive electronics, Repair transmissions.

Driving may also be a specialized or unspecialized. Specialized shop is considered to be more reliable, as it has highly qualified employees, who have considerable experience in strictly defined areas. Usually, specialized workshops clients trusted more, whereas in non-specialized services the same master performs various kinds of work, it often fails to achieve a high level of skill and craftsmanship. true, in the absence of a large number of customers, and consequently, under orders deficit, more favorably not specialized body shop open type. Usually, specialized organization, it makes sense to open in the city, or the capital. For a small town is more relevant multidisciplinary workshop.

The main services of a particular plan will:

  • – diagnostics and repair both domestic cars, and imported;
  • – scheduled maintenance;
  • – tire;
  • – body repair;
  • – installation of specialized equipment;
  • – welding and lathe repairs;
  • – replacing components and assemblies;
  • – car painting (fully or partially).

The total cost of opening a service center – in the video:

open-plan service centers

The choice of location for the construction of a service or rent - this is one of the points of the production plan.

The whole process of organizing the garage includes the following stages:

– business registration. Only on the basis of evidence of the presence of a PI or open legal entity duly possible opening of direct object;

– organization of space for the future of the auto-service. Due to the nature of activities to be a number of specific measures to permit. So, if the shop will be located near the residential area, will obtain the consent of tenants. Are required official permits SES, fire and energy service, independently, what form of organization will be registered.

Rent and preparation of premises. workshop area – minimum 300 quarter. m. And to reduce the pressure of competitors will help competent location: Nearby there should be no other service centers and garages;

– provision of equipment and spare parts. Since difficult to anticipate in advance, what volume of orders to be immediately after the opening, purchase of equipment is calculated as, that it was enough for at least 1 month. Then you can buy more gradually, eventually finding a reliable and profitable supplier;

– advertising companies, market promotion.

Each of these steps need to be given before the opening of the workshop - development strategy and financial plan must be thought out in advance.

A separate important step will be registration of enterprises and preparing the necessary constituent documents. For SP only such document is a specialized certificate, which issued founder provided filling the registration application form.

Before signing up and opening service centers need to be familiar with the specialized decree №290 «On approval of the rules of service (performance of works) Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles:,0&rnd=0.2919330811070828#020655337974655463. Documents, which will be useful to open a service center from the ground up:

decree №290

Federal Law of 08.08.2001 N 129-FZ (row. from 03.08.2018

Equipment and training workshop

The right choice of a territorial arrangement and proper preparation of the premises car service are of paramount importance for the future of business. Auto Service does not have to be located in the prestigious area - you can open and out of town, it is desirable along the route of regional significance, where a lot of cars passing daily. Besides, if the shop will be successful among customers, Motorists will come from other areas of the city.

Preparing selected room provides some difficulties with the paperwork and bureaucratic nuances. So, future workshop should comply with, established specialized state regulatory agencies. If the room is not previously used in the industry, it is desirable to load the architect, who decide on the necessary redevelopment. Among the most important rules - there are several functional areas, separated from one another, unhindered movement of vehicles. All rooms, which will undergo renovation works, should be kept away from the head offices, Manager and other staff, and reception, where customers can get advice and make the payment. It is important to properly plan the space, to use it as efficiently and compactly, as the technique mostly bulky and large.

The ideal option would be to rent or buy premises, which has already served this same purpose. In this case, the changes will be minimal.

If you plan to build a room from scratch, it is better to give preference Prefabricated metal, which are often used for the rapid and inexpensive creation of industrial sites.

Once built or converted premises, We need to carry out a general check for all required communications and proper quality of the internal structure of service centers. for example, electricity supply must be at a high level, obligatory protection against power outages, reliable system of water supply and sanitation, as well as ventilation and other mandatory conditions for industrial-type premises.

To open a service center require a minimum set of equipment:

  • Hoists various types;
  • Semi-automatic tire changer;
  • balancer;
  • Instruments;
  • diagnostic equipment (motorized tester, scanner);
  • cargo equipment for mounting;
  • crane, providing engine removal;
  • Equipment for oil change;
  • installation for an automotive service;
  • Vehicles for the transport of goods and spare parts.

The more modern and ambitious plans to make car wash, the higher the quality must have equipment. You should regularly update and refresh it, expanding the range of services and their levels.

Personnel policy should be thought through in advance. If the state is not enough filled, the company will not meet deadlines, which is fraught with the loss of customers. If too extensive state possible downtime, it means too much wage costs. This project provides a collective dimension, which will be relevant in the first year of the company:

  • director (they can be the settlor),
  • 2 Administrator - work on two shifts,
  • Handymen - at least 2 person;
  • Automaster - at least 2 employee;
  • Cashier (may be regular or coming).

Many beginner auto repair shops contain only 2 – 3 employees at the first stage of their activities. This is primarily due to the savings in investments in the opening and initial development of the company.. Besides, if the settlor is competent in this area, it can perform many functions independently. In particular, the simple will initially accounting and enterprise management of all financial and organizational issues.

Features opening service centers – video:

marketing of the

Marketing research begins with a study of the industry. According to statistics, every year the number of cars owned by citizens increases. This means expanding the target audience. However, since 2013 the year the crisis began in the economy, which had a negative impact on the proper scope of: due to lower incomes of citizens, exchange rate shocks and a rise in price of fuel, many Russians have limited use of the car and almost completely switched to public transport. Beginning with 2016 the economic situation began to improve, the number of car sales began to increase gradually. According to the forecasts in the 2019 year, car market of the country expect a positive outlook. It means, that service garages and other businesses, serving the industry, will be more and more relevant.

At this stage it is necessary to examine the content and dynamics of the market. At the moment, the market capacity is from 500 to 600 billion. rubles. This amount consists of the annual services sales volume of repairs and maintenance, performed as an authorized dealers, and independent stations. This may also include car wash services, tire fitting and repair work on the body. At the same services and car body repair, according to statistics, lead: about 23 and 22% respectively fall into these categories. In territorial terms, the largest market capacity is traditionally observed in Moscow and the region, as well as St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Choosing the location of the future organization, need to consider, that the capital and megalopolises have a wider target audience and high prices for services. However, the level of competition is also very high, therefore, it is important to monitor the maintenance of a high level of quality and constantly pay attention to the promotion of the enterprise and increase its rating.

Regarding the specialization of the auto repair shops of the country, at the moment, organizations of a universal type prevail - there are about 70%. By 20 and 5% enterprises, respectively, work exclusively with machines of Soviet and foreign production. Naturally, that only 1% Service stations provide repair and maintenance services for a particular brand of cars. Car repair shops are in the best position, who are officially licensed. There are about 7,5 thousand, and Moscow accounts for a third of this amount.

The current car maintenance and repair market includes almost 12 thousands of objects of various sizes. Taking into account the official population of at least 146,5 million people and the current state of the economy, it is possible to predict the growth of the industry in the amount of 4%. The forecast for the opening of new enterprises in the near future is from 475 to 500 units.

This preliminary work is important to, to know the approximate number of customers and their financial capabilities at the time of opening a service station, as well as the potential of the main competitors. It is this information that helps to make accurate financial calculations of the future project and develop a competent and competitive pricing policy.

Advertising is that, what you should pay attention to long before the opening of the service itself. To succeed, need to promote active dissemination of information about the new workshop. Before starting an advertising campaign directly, need to define, what will be the audience of potential customers. First of all, the target audience will include private car owners and motorists, service transport users, as well as enterprises, engaged in road transport of any format.

You can use all kinds of advertising - the more methods will be used, the more likely it will hit the target. Traditionally the most effective types of advertising – local media, distribution of leaflets, business cards, ad on the Internet, distribution of invitations through ordinary mailboxes to the homes and apartments of car owners. A bright billboard indicating car service services and a colorful signboard work well. Therefore, the facade must be designed like this, to be visible from afar.

In terms of effectiveness, the main advertising methods can be arranged as follows:

  • – outdoor methods: placement of information about a car repair shop at car washes, crossroads, use of stretch marks, banners and other outdoor advertising methods;
  • – advertising in periodicals;
  • – advertising cooperation with stores, selling auto parts: placement of advertisements on advertising stands and partner sites;
  • – development and promotion of your own website.

To make advertising work, and the organization quickly earned a good reputation, need to create a logo, think over a catchy name and corporate colors. Staff uniform will perform an additional advertising function, made in a certain color scheme and with the obligatory presence of a logo.

Given the great competition, it is important to consider holding promotions and offering discounts and bonus systems. This can be, for example, provision of every seventh service free of charge; of three services, one 50%. Service stations are often offered to every hundredth visitor per day - a bonus. Such gimmicks do not bring significant costs., but attract customers.

Yet, despite the importance of advertising, the main "trump card" of any workshop is highly qualified auto repairmen. If all specialists of the company can fix any problem quickly and efficiently, and also know how to communicate politely with the client, flattering reviews about the workshop soon. Therefore, word of mouth is worth making significant bets..

Planning business expansion, you can additionally offer clients to relax during diagnostic or repair work. If you open a bistro next to, cafe or small coffee shop, demand will be much higher. Wherein, offering additional services, take care of proper registration. When beverages and foodstuffs are included in the list of services, it is necessary to indicate the relevant areas of activity in the registration application.


The highest risk in this area is high competition. Opening a car workshop is a profitable and relatively inexpensive project. Therefore, enterprises in this direction are constantly opening.. It means, that before starting a project and after launching it, you need to carefully monitor the competitive environment, find out the dynamics of the industry and find such marketing solutions, which will keep the organization competitive.

Financial risks are possible from several aspects at once:

  • – lack of professionals in the industry: many car mechanics and other specialists do not have sufficient education and work experience. Unqualified car mechanics, many of whom are actually self-taught, able to scare away customers, which in turn badly affects the reputation of the company;
  • – dependence of the success of the enterprise on the territorial location;
  • – the need for large production areas, which is fraught with high costs;
  • – seasonal dependence;
  • – expensive equipment and high costs for starting a workshop from scratch.

Considering all of the above points, several constructive conclusions can be drawn. For a successful start and development of an enterprise, it is necessary:

  1. Find decent staff. Qualified craftsmen can be former drivers with extensive experience, and good at versed in automotive engineering. An additional advantage – if they have their own car. Auto repairmen are also suitable for this role., who worked in the former vehicle fleets.
  2. You can reduce competition by carefully analyzing the market and opening your workshop in the most neutral territory., as far as possible from possible rivals.
  3. Consider a parking lot at the workshop and an option for a partially covered part of the workshop, so that repairs can be carried out in any weather. It is not bad to include additional services in the price - the sale of spare parts and other auto goods, paid parking and the like.

All these measures will strengthen the business at the start and help mitigate possible risks., minimizing financial losses.

Financial questions

The financial part of a business plan consists of two main components - items of expenses and income.

The calculation of the income of the future enterprise must be made even before the start of its work. First, they study the pricing policy in the industry, taking into account various factors when planning a price list for your services. Since the list of car service services will be very wide and may provide for certain changes, for example, consider the average prices for painting a car:

Painting type cost of, rub.
Local acrylic painting of one element with surface preparation (normal color) from 3 300 (price without material)
Local painting 1 element with preparation (metallic, varnish) from 4 000 (without material)
Local painting of one element with preparation (nacre, varnish) from 4 000 (without material)
Body painting without openings with preparation, metallic from 65 500 (with material)
Body painting + preparation and painting of internal cavities from 91 800 (with material)

As for the full list of prices for auto repair services, the preliminary price list will be approximately as follows:

service cost of, rub.
High pressure fuel pump diagnostics 1 260
Replacing injectors, 1 PC. from 390
Exhaust manifold replacement (with head removal) 10 000
Replacing the temperature sensor from 130
Oil change + removal of protection from 1 100
Replacing the head gasket 7 400
Gearbox repair 7 800
Fan sensor replacement 400
Replacing the alternator belt tension roller 1 500
Checking the oil pressure 630
Replacing the heat exchanger O-ring 2 200
Alternator belt tension 130
Replacing the intake manifold gasket, with head removal 9 700
Replacing the pump from 3 200
Replacing the pallet gasket from 3 400
Removal and installation of the pump 2 800
Glow plug diagnostics from 390
Computer diagnostics 1 200
Replacing the alternator belt tension roller (with belt) D 1 100

This list of services over time or in connection with the specifics of the enterprise can be expanded and supplemented. But these services and price indicators will be taken as a basis at the start of the business..

The sales forecast is based on such aspects:

  1. – level of demand for auto repair services in the country, in your region and locality, including the dynamics of demand for certain types of services;
  2. – analysis of the market for the provision of services of the selected category;
  3. – general conclusions about the current state of the market and forecast of existing prospects.

To ensure that the data used is as reliable as possible, it is necessary to take into account the lowest profitability threshold and take into account all possible risks.

In accordance with the specified features, the plan for the volume of services provided for the billing period will be:

Period Name of service The volume of production and sales of 1 months. price, rub. revenue, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment repairs, garage workshop services from 100 cars in one post According to the price list from 3 000 000
1 – 12 monthly investment Realization of auto parts According to the assortment list According to the price list from 2 000 000
13 – 24 month operation repairs, garage workshop services from 100 cars in one post According to the contract from 3 120 000
13 – 24 month operation Realization of auto parts According to the assortment list According to the price list from 2 080 000

At the current stage, the increase in the volume of services provided in the market of auto repair and maintenance services is from 4 % per year or more. If during the first 2 years of the project, this level will remain, Annual sales volumes grow by 59 million. rubles.

To determine the timing, in which the company will reach the level of self-sufficiency and become consistently profitable, you need to calculate the cost of creating a car workshop. For this, calculations of all basic and additional investments are carried out during each of the main periods of business development.:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. expenses for 12 months, rub. lump-sum costs Total for the year
rent (or purchase, building) room 2 400 000 2 400 000
Purchase of equipment 2 590 250 2 590 250
Procurement of the computer technology, software 120 000 120 000
Regular cost of advertising on the Internet 45 000 540 000 100 000 540 000
Wage 1 122 600 13 470 600 13 470 600
taxes 337 600 4 050 600 4 050 600
Additional expenses from 521 000 from 521 000
Total 1 167 600 14 010 600 5 731 280 19 641 880

The cost part of the plan includes the mandatory payment of taxes at the end of the reporting period, which starts in January every year. The main list of taxes is as follows:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

After making preliminary calculations and analyzing the state of the market and its prospects, following conclusions. Car service is a potentially profitable and highly promising endeavor, with certain risks. The main conditions for success are well-equipped premises and highly qualified personnel, as well as a strictly thought out financial plan and personal dedication of the leader.

What to look for before starting a business – video:

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