pension business plan

pension business plan
Бизнес-план пансионата
pension business plan

certainly, the question of rest from heavy and eventful daily life of inhabitants of cities and big cities is still one of the most pressing. Wherein, Many of these residents prefer calm and measured rest with his family and loved ones, passing amidst beautiful natural scenery, disposing to tranquility and relaxation. Based on these preferences, to commercial actors it appears a good idea of ​​opening their own facilities for outdoor recreation, - namely pension. Start a similar business easier with the opening of a mini-pension, since in that case the costs will be significantly lower.

To started the project in the future makes a profit, originally to be drawn up a business plan to the implementation of the pension corresponding calculations project.

Area Structure and boarding

As part of the business plan emphasizes the selection of the location of the future pension. The perfect place to do this is to place the facilities for recreation near, Visitors to the institution could reach by car or bus up to him for 1-2 o'clock.

Mandatory selection criterion is aesthetic appeal of natural space, scenic views, as well as finding the area near the forest or water body. However it is necessary to clarify the non-membership of a given area in a conservation area, otherwise it may lead to administrative responsibility of the owner of the boarding house.

To accommodate a mini-pension required land, whose area does not exceed 3-5 ha.

Choice of structure and organization of leisure in the boarding house is entirely dependent on the starting entrepreneur's capital.

Compulsory pension structure elements are:

  1. Holiday houses - at least 6. They can be placed in a wooden house and equip a minimum set of furniture for a comfortable stay. Modular desirably constructed as a 2-seater, and family plan, enclosing a few rooms for accommodation of guests families.
  2. Administrative buildings. It will be the administration of pension, and there can be located space for dining and entertainment - dining room, billiard room, conference room and stuff.

Making a set of entertainment, offered boarding, It should be based on its target audience, indicated in the business plan, and its income. These additional attractions I can be:

  • quality equipped beach (if the pension is located on the waterfront);
  • pool, built on the pension;
  • a small spa and sauna;
  • mini-gym, equipped with basic types of simulators;
  • rental of balls and other accessories for active games (volleyball, football, etc.), as well as the rental of inflatable mattresses for swimming;
  • boating, kayaking, ATVs;
  • fishing and shooting.

Introduction to the service pension data services improves image and popularity of such places of rest among potential customers.

Живописное месторасположение - залог успеха открытия пансионата
picturesque location – pledge of opening a boarding house success

Advertising and marketing program

In advertising and marketing strategy must be planned within the business plan of opening a boarding house. It includes both the direct route of exposure to the target market audience, and indirect.

Indirect advertising and marketing tools are: exchange of views on the pension between his lodgers, their recommendations institution friends, and forming corresponding image.

TO direct exposure techniques to potential consumers of such services include:

  • distribution of leaflets on the eve of the beginning of holiday season;
  • placing advertisements in the subway and taxis;
  • administering bonus system (for example, Accommodation Group more 10 a person can be put off 15%) And so on.

It should be noted, that if the corporate customer service is planned in the pension, then it is more convenient to register it as an LLC, as well as take care of the possibility of payment services such customers cashless.

Among other things, the formation of a positive image of great importance should be attached to service detail - the availability and uninterrupted operation of communication (shine, gas, water supply network); ability to deliver a rest in a boarding house and back.

Download the business plan of the sanatorium for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

Бизнес-план пансионата
pension business plan


If the business plan is scheduled to open mini-pension, whose capacity does not exceed 30-50 person, the need for maintenance is fairly small list of employees, including:

  1. cook and assistant cook;
  2. waiters;
  3. health worker;
  4. administrator (manager);
  5. worker, combined the duties of a locksmith and electrician;
  6. leisure and entertainment organizer (animator);
  7. watchman.

Should be considered, that such organizations, usually, They operate in a certain season, basically, it goes from mid-spring to mid-fall. season peaks in the summer. Winter is not a season, it is therefore appropriate at this time to preserve this business, and of the staff leave only watchmen.

In connection with this pension workers can be recruited for temporary work. Recruitment can be made of the number of students in specialized secondary educational institutions.


The result of a business plan is to calculate economic indicators should start commercial project, associated with the opening of the boarding house. These indicators are:

  1. The construction of the new building of the boarding house or renting an existing building with holding it decoration - 8-10 million. rubles.
  2. Purchase and installation of equipment - 2-5 million. rubles (depending on the declared level of service in the pension).
  3. Current business expenses - 1 million. rubles per month.
  4. Salaries of employees - 1-2 million. rubles per year.
  5. The minimum size of seed capital - 15 million. rubles.
  6. Payback of the project - about 2 years.

Download the business plan of the sanatorium for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

In the presented video business can glean some tips for doing business in this area.


Starting your own pension may well become a successful commercial project on the condition of drawing up a competent business plan and associated financial opportunities.

Example of such a business plan is presented below, which can be downloaded free of charge.

Download the recreation business plan

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