Business veterinary clinic plan

Business veterinary clinic plan
Business veterinary clinic plan
Business veterinary clinic plan

Veterinary Clinic - a promising and potentially profitable project for aspiring entrepreneurs, having a desire to open a lucrative and profitable business in the industry of treatment of domestic animals. Introducing business plan free veterinary clinic – sample. Pre-prepared business plan, which assesses the cost-effectiveness of such a startup and its viability on the market of veterinary services.

Veterinary Clinic Business Plan

Business, based on the provision of health care and care of pets, in recent years, is on the rise. After the start of the recession crisis - roughly 2015 of the year, the number of private veterinary hospitals in the country increased. Increased prices for basic services, provided such agencies. According to statistics, currently only residents of the capital annually spend on content, care and Treatment of pets more 16 billion rubles. In the capital and other major cities is a large part of the country's veterinary clinics. It is in metropolitan areas, according to research, profitable company to open such profile. Studying Pet culture across the country found, that in small towns this kind of activity is under development and has broad prospects. However, the ability to earn a veterinary clinic while significantly higher in metropolitan areas.

If we analyze the data from studies in the past 2 of the year, we can conclude about the relationship of supply and demand on the market dynamics. The result of the following: the number of potential customers has remained about the same level. The number of proposals gradually increasing. It means, that competition in the sector increases, and therefore, new to the participants need to offer better and innovative services. Then they will be able to occupy a favorable position in its niche. To this end, develop a set of measures on formation of consumer opinion at an early stage of starting a business. This will serve as a high-quality advertising and the high level of service.

When planning the opening of a private veterinary clinic, you need to create a resume and plan future project. The main features are as follows:

– period of creation and development of the project, during which the company must reach self-sufficiency - 2 of the year;

– scale operations - one clinic, offering comprehensive advisory, therapeutic and surgical services;

– customer audience - cat, dogs and other small pets.

According to statistics, the most promising at the start of the project will be a separate multi-disciplinary clinic, offering some of the most popular types of services:

  1. – primary health care;
  2. – initial examination and consultation of patients;
  3. – conduct a comprehensive or special survey;
  4. – therapeutic treatment, including hospital;
  5. – vaccination;
  6. – surgical intervention;
  7. – departure on call at home.

To increase the profitability of the clinic can be added hotel services for animals, grooming, Sale feed, goods for pets and other care. Very popular different cosmetic treatments for animals: veterinary clinic may offer cleaning, Grooming of dogs and cats, four-legged customers do manicures and pedicures. For these purposes it is possible to extend the state of the organization of experts nevrachebnogo Profile, possessing the right skills.

Seasonal factor is present to a small extent in veterinary clinics. This should be considered when selecting a period for opening companies and professionals in the receiving State. Including the period from spring to autumn - usually the most active time for veterinarians, because that's when there is increased invasiveness of animals, increases the number of infectious diseases, frequent attacks snakes, ticks and other insects.

Special attention is given to the idea of ​​opening the hotel animals at the clinic. It requires sufficient space and human resources, because for every guest to be full daily care. But this idea has become increasingly popular, and therefore brings high enough additional profit, while allowing for the minimum cost.

The development of future clinical strategy will be the first step to its opening. Next you need to obtain a special license, without which the organization does not have the right to practice veterinary activities.

Basics Veterinary Clinic business plan – video:

stages business plan veterinary clinic

One of the initial stages - Search, renting or buying and equipping the future premises Clinic. Even a small veterinary clinic requires multifunctional rooms ranging in size from 100 m and more. This is due to the need for zoning premises, Equipment for the reception of several rooms, animal viewing, of medical and surgical actions, as well as the high requirements for the availability of all necessary communications. In addition to the minimum area, veterinary clinic must meet certain minimum requirements:

– building, in which the hospital is located, should apply to non-residential premises;

– a mandatory list of communications: stationary water, cold and hot water, sewerage and heating. Supply requirements include the need for three-phase connection to the mains. Necessary to have telephone numbers of at least two.

In addition to the main area of ​​the clinic dolzhnavklyuchat area for use by persons, warehouse for medicines not less 10 m and the equipment and other technical facilities.

Vetkliniku any scale must include several function blocks. The standard will be the following:

  1. – registry;
  2. – cabinets for patients receiving;
  3. – ordinatorskaя;
  4. – treatment room;
  5. – operating;
  6. – Ultrasound study;
  7. – X-ray room;
  8. laboratory, which will be held analyzes of studies (this separation is not necessary - the clinic may contract with other laboratories, where to send material for research);
  9. – room for physical procedures (not necessary);
  10. – inpatient unit;
  11. – animal board;
  12. pharmacy;
  13. – warehouse for medical supplies.

Separately need to allocate territory for walking of animals, staying in hospital, B & B and just waits to receive or procedures.

Business plan free veterinary clinic
Business plan free veterinary clinic

The area of ​​the receiving room should be between 10 m and more. There will accommodate seating visitors and space for their pets, as well as information stands on the prevention and treatment of diseases and proper nutrition. Here the attention of waiting customers can be represented animal feed and veterinary drugs, provided for informational and advertising purposes.

For therapeutic separation need not take the zone size smaller 12 quarter. m, surgical - from 8 m, as much - for postoperative department.

Cleanliness - one of the most important tasks of any health care institutions. And as will constantly be in the room vetkliniki animals, This process will require special attention. therefore, equipping the hall for the reception of visitors, it is important to choose the right flooring, which is easily cleaned and does not collect dust, hair and dirt. At the initial stage, you need to buy washing vacuum cleaner, which will help all year round to maintain cleanliness. pet owners be sure to give out shoe covers to reduce pollution. To disinfect the inspection of premises to purchase high-quality disinfectants and quartz lamps. Daily and disinfect the floors, using safe non-toxic agent.

Equipment for veterinary clinics

Basic equipment, without which it can not do the activities of medical facilities for the animals, following:

– digital X-ray;

– specialized device for ultrasound;

– ventilator;

– kardiomonitor;

– biochemical analyzer for analyzing blood;

– comprehensive laboratory and diagnostic equipment.

To sum up all of the above equipment, it can be combined into a single table, which is a calculation of the value must be set out in the list of financial accounts.

Business veterinary clinic plan
Business veterinary clinic plan

When operating the equipment at the clinic will need a professional table for surgical procedures. Mandatory specialized sets of surgical instruments, lamp, electric sterilizer. The operational need and a freezer to store biological waste.

Availability of diagnostic services will be an important advantage for the clinic. But the equipment for X-ray- and ultrasound-cabinet, as well as creating our own laboratory would cost quite expensive. An additional complication in this issue - the need for a mandatory drawing up the preliminary draft diagnostic cabinet, to be agreed in the CSES, and have a special license.

For a survey of animals and buy a bronchoscope, fibrogastroscopy and other medical equipment to study the state of the internal organs of animals and to identify various pathologies.

As for the furniture for personnel, there will be no special requirements: Administrator and each specialist to purchase tables and chairs. Necessary furniture to fill ordinatorskuyu, treatment room and other working spaces. If the clinic is a hospital or a hotel for overexposure animals, You need to purchase cages and cages of various sizes. Animal purchase beds and places for recreation, and (also in the event of a mini-hotel equipment) toys for entertainment and development.

Staff for veterinary clinics

Business veterinary clinic plan
Business veterinary clinic plan

State Size and specialization of the clinic doctors depends on the initial profile. mandatory therapists, cardiologists, surgeons, it is desirable to have a staff specialist in rodents, parakeets and other small and exotic animals. Mandatory two - three nurses and one or two physician assistant. These positions may hold the students of veterinary colleges or recent graduates of, who need work experience.

Usually in the middle of the clinic it is enough to hire two specialists generalist, a cardiologist, one or two surgeons and one skilled in the other categories. Often Virtually all of these qualifications combine two or three professional therapist. If the clinic has its own laboratory, one of the employees should be assigned to it.

In the selection of staff is not some fundamental criteria, in addition to the profile of higher education and the necessary personal qualities. Experience in the field of veterinary medicine is desirable, but it can be purchased in the process. To find a good specialist, You can use ads on the Internet or the press, but it is possible to apply to the specialized high schools, whose students are often looking for Veterinarians in practice.

Promotion and Advertising

The main goal of any advertising is to attract potential audience. First of all it is necessary to evaluate the target audience. Within it there are several major categories:

– conventional animal lovers, who keep animals as a hobby. Usually, of such customers is never more than one or two pets. they are often inbred, Consequently, they turn to the veterinary clinic only when a need;

– rich people, which give birth to expensive breed dogs or exotic animals. This category is ready to pay a lot of money not only for the treatment and prevention of diseases, but feed, grooming and beauty care of pets. However, this group is not numerous, and rely on these clients should only clinics elite class;

– professional pet breeders. The most promising in terms of potential profit category. Such owners are regularly vaccinated, vitaminize animals, do all the necessary tests and preventive examinations. In this case, professional breeders and dog handlers are not demanding service level and rarely served in VIP clinics. For this category, the most important professionalism of doctors and the quality of medicines. therefore, opening of the middle class clinic, We should rely mainly on such clients.

Thinking campaign, you need to carefully choose methods. Most pet owners are looking for the information you need to provide veterinary services in the internet. In this regard, the official website of the clinic is required to submitted to it the list of services and price listom.Chtoby website is not lost in the Internet space and was functional, maintenance and promotion need to professionals. So, You need to optimize resource for search queries, make the clinic address in online maps and specialized directories.

The second important advertising method -use of printed products: business cards, of leaflets, brochures or calendars. They can distribute in the streets, in the pet shop, on dog walking areas. Advertising in the media also retains its relevance - the opening of a new clinic can be reported in the local newspaper, on one of the television or radio. It is important to consider methods of information dissemination so, that it has reached the maximum potential audience.

Traditional and effective method of promotion - bonus and discount system for regular customers, discounts for opening or holidays, action on a variety of additional services and the like.

Registration and License

For veterinary clinics presented fewer claims in terms of registration of constitutive documents and obtaining permits, than it is peculiar to the conventional private clinics. But some features still there. First of all, compulsory license is, granted by the State Veterinary Inspection. The procedure and rules for obtaining a license in this case defines a special regulation by RF Government Decree 5 July 2002 g. N 504 "On Approval of the Regulation on licensing of veterinary activity".

Be sure and receive full market status of the participant, for which an application for registration status LLC or other entity format. The package of documents in this case will be standard, but it can be somewhat enlarged in relation to the specific activity. So, in addition to standard application, charter, decision to establish a company and the appointment of the head may need to verify ownership of your room, permits from the main control services and some other documents, a list of which is defined in the Federal Tax Service.

Fill in the registration statement, codes indicate activity of the future company, which is used for current classifier OKVEhD ( = 531A0ADD02D5E5977A5D30D2A7730043&mode = splus&base=LAW&n=306370&rnd=0.20344624780427134#09221236921830753). Standard veterinary practice will match code 75. But if the service range will be wider, during registration, you can add additional codes.

Guarantee of reliability of the company is authorized by the size of capital 10 thousand. It is made before the registration, applying to the package of documentary evidence documents. Getting Started veterinary hospitals will not be possible without official permission from the main control services - fire and sanitary. You also need to immediately enter into a waste disposal contracts, be disinfected, disinfestation and other preparatory procedures. Binding will be installing a cash register and order printing company.

To understand the process of licensing of veterinary activity should be familiar with the basic regulations on the subject, including letter “On licensing of veterinary activity in the Russian Federation”: On licensing of veterinary activity

The first steps in the veterinary business – video:

Financial plan

One of the first issue of the business plan will be to identify vetkliniki prices for basic services. They are determined by several factors, including -means market prices and the cost of each service and the work of the clinic as a whole. The wider the clinic profile, the more investment will have to make to open it.

The first thing to work out the price list of basic core services veterinary clinic. Indicative list with the average price for services looks:

Name of service Cost in rubles
Extract from the medical history 696
Extract Help 232
animal weighing, use bags latch 120
primary reception, clinical examination, registration of medical records 255
readmission 210
Admission cardiologist 465
Advice on general issues or the results of tests without inspection animal; vetpasporta clearance for primary vaccination is free
Making vetpasporta after vaccination in another clinic 80
Vaccination, comprising a primary examination, consultation and the cost of the vaccine 350 – 900 depending on the type of animal and type of vaccine
therapeutic manipulation (excluding the cost of drugs)
blood sampling Free - for a clinical laboratory. For another laboratory - 350 rub.
Injection 50 – 580 (depending on the type and complexity of the injection)

We should also consider the indicative rates for diagnostic tests:

– Abdominal ultrasound - 580 – 1200 depending on the characteristics of the survey;

– X-ray - 800 rubles per picture;

– otoscopy, ophthalmoscopy - 175 rubles;

– scrapings (of otodectosis, ectoparasites), glyukozometriya, rapid analysis of urine - from 230 rubles.

Surgery is not always included in the price list of veterinary clinics, since surgery - area, which many beginners clinics do not become involved at the start. Basic rates following:

– Pho wound depending on the category – 465 – 2000 rubles;

– secondary debridement - 120 – 350;

– autopsy abscess - 350 – 930;

– surgical treatment of cellulitis - 1200 rubles and more;

– esophageal intubation and gastric - from 800;

– castration of healthy cats - 1200 rubles;

– castration Kotov available at kritorhizma - from 3500;

– castration of males without pathologies - 2900 and more, with pathology - over 4600 rubles;

– Hernia treatment - depending on the type - over 2300 rubles and a number of other procedures.

In view of the general market conditions and the planned volume of medical services to approximately their volumes can be defined in the table:

Period Name of service The volume performance and implementation in a month price revenue, to rub.
1 – 12 month Medical services 1500 750 rubles and more 1 million. 125 thousand
1 – 12 month Cosmetology services 700 from 75 rub. from 52,5 thousand
1 – 12 month Zootaksi services 250 from 740 rub. 185 thousand and more
13 – 24 month Medical services 1695 870 rub. and higher from 1 million. 474,7 thousand.
13 – 24 month Cosmetology services 812 from 87 rubles 70,6 thousand
13 – 24 month Zootaksi services 720 from 860 rub. 619,2 thousand.

If the specified conditions are fulfilled and the company will continue to increase the volume of services provided (the desired scope of services growth - 13 % in year), then at the end of a year-long period of growth in sales volume of services reached 21,16 million. rubles.

The average price for an additional, beauty services, is as follows:

– Grooming cats -2500 - 5000 rubles;

– Standard washing and dog grooming - 500 – 2000 rubles depending on its initial state wool;

– Grooming of dogs of small breeds (Yorkshire Terrier, pekines, Scottish Terrier) - from 2500 to 4000 thousands depending on the complexity;

– Trimming procedures - 2 – 3 thousands;

– pedicure - 50 – 1000 rubles (4 feet).

Of the additional services, that it is desirable to introduce a price - Zootaksi. This is due to the fact, that many dog ​​owners find it difficult to challenge conventional taxis, to bring the animal to the clinic - standard service often deny clients with pets. Price by taxi will include about such rates (in rubles):

Weekdays Weekends
To 10 km 1550 – 1700 (depending on the time of day) To 10 km 1700 – 1800
To 25 km 2100 – 2300 To 25 km 2300 – 2440
To 50 km 2900 – 3100 To 50 km 3100 – 3300

Zootaksi gives many advantages to customers with pets. The main thing - is the ability to quickly order the car in the shortest possible time to get to a clinic, or other destination. The price Zootaksi include a mandatory disinfection of interior and create comfortable conditions for the man and his pet. Besides, Unlike conventional taxi services, clients are given a specific time for the loading of the animal in the car, that does not provide the usual services.

After the price will be developed, you need to figure out all the costs of opening a veterinary clinic, including start-up costs and regular maintenance work on the company's. The most significant costs following:

Name 1 month 1 year One-off costs Total for the year
Purchase (rent) building 2,5 million. 2,5 million.
Purchase of equipment 1,6 million. 1,6 million.
Purchase of furniture 700 thousand. 700 thousand.
Consumables 100 thousand. 1,2 million. 1,2 million.
Execution of documents 10 thousand. 45 thousand 45 thousand
Purchase of computer equipment 60 thousand 60 thousand
advertisement 100 thousand 100 thousand 100 thousand
Communal payments 18 thousand 216 thousand 216 thousand
Salary 878 thousand 10 million. 10 million.
taxes 264 thousand. 3,1 million. 3,1 million.
Creation and promotion 45 thousand 120 thousand 45 thousand 120 thousand
Unexpected expenses 505 thousand 505 thousand
Total 1, 151 million. 10,6 million. 5,6 million. 11,1 million.

tax payment amount will depend on the specifics of its level of income of the company. But in general, the structure and the principle of tax deductions determined by the norms of the law. The basic information can be summarized in the table:

Name base Period Rate
Tax on profits Profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property In accordance with established payment schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social payments wages fund 1 month 30%

Making financial calculations, should consider all possible risks, typical for this type of activity. The main negative factor -high entry barrier: to go to the market, We need serious initial investment. This factor can seriously throw clinic payback period of a few years, if not previously provided all items of income and expenses. Another serious obstacle - the high level of demands of potential customers to the professionalism of the doctors and the level of service. Even with low competition, this criterion can be a major, Therefore, a set of professional veterinarians should be given considerable attention. If the selected area is already ready consumer market, take a decent position can be difficult - it is necessary to offer very favorable conditions, combined with a high level of qualification.

All advanced calculations based on the existing risks to the following conclusions. Taking credit for the foundation and development of the business in the amount of approximately 6,7 million rubles at an interest rate 16 % on 24 month and following all the calculations, set out in the business plan, you can reach the break-even point for the 13th month settlement. It was then that profit will reach over one million rubles. The size of the monthly cost will be well in excess of 1 million. A total gross profit of the project will be equal to the declared 42,3 million or more, depending on the characteristics of a particular project.

To sum up the plan presented, its main essence is to analyze the viability and cost-effectiveness of the veterinary clinic as a business object. In view of its potential audience, and a tendency to develop it presents rough estimates for the start, further maintaining and enhancing. Thanks to the calculation of initial investments and the expected profit can assess in advance, in what period of time the company will enter the break-even point and in what direction should develop business. According to the results of the business plan a veterinary clinic can be attributed to the potentially lucrative and promising project with an average risk. In general, the success will depend on a complex of factors, including the availability of highly qualified employees, successful pricing and demand for the services offered on the market.

Financial conclusions on the business plan of the veterinary clinic in video:

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