Business Plan medical laboratory

Business Plan medical laboratory
Business Plan medical laboratory
Business Plan medical laboratory

Medical laboratories - an essential component of the health care system. Whereas previously these organizations related only to the public sector, now open laboratory can any entrepreneur under certain conditions. The basic requirements - availability of specific skills and the necessary financial amounts for upfront investment. The business plan of medical laboratory for the study of marketing and financial issues, and helps to determine the potential economic benefits of the project.

Medical laboratory as a business object

Diagnosis - is one of the most promising areas of modern health care system. For the full development of this branch of medical laboratories need, which are used for carrying out tests and procedures. The main target audience of such a laboratory will be ordinary citizens, medical centers and clinics. Unlike the more simple and economical in terms of investments treatment room, laboratory will be quite expensive, but promising venture. First of all, this is due to the need to purchase a variety of professional equipment and equipment serious analytical framework.

Most entrepreneurs make the decision for a loan to the opening of the laboratory. The optimum period, during which the investment will pay off and the company will bring a steady income - 24 of the month. It is at this time to issue loans worth, Having examined the preliminary proposals, acting for small and medium businesses.

Main research areas, fall within the scope of most laboratories, following:

  • – clinical tests, which are conducted without using invasive method;
  • – biochemical;
  • – hematolohycheskye;
  • – immunological;
  • – parasitological;
  • – tsitologicheskie;
  • – toxicological and chemical-toxicological;
  • – bacteriological.

By opening a new facility in the field of medical research business, you can select a few main directions, further expanding the area of ​​activity. To determine the specificity of the future activity of the laboratory, previously studied the effect of the current market trends and industry dynamics, including the balance of supply and demand. Most laboratories specialize in one of the two main types of research:

– polymer chain reaction (or PCR) - Detection of DNA of pathogens of various infections, etc.;

– IFA, or enzyme immunoassay. This type is to detect antibodies against specific pathogens or proteins.

Both methods of investigation are applied equally active. The total investments in the opening of the laboratory of any type will be approximately equal, but in the first case, more investment will require the purchase of equipment, whereas the second type of study include an increasing number of technical requirements for premises.

services, which will provide medical laboratory

The list of essential services must enter the following methods of laboratory diagnostics:

  1. – biochemical, general blood analysis;
  2. – tests for detection of infections;
  3. – definition of immune and hormonal status, allergotesty;
  4. – gynecological, urological smears on the flora;
  5. – research on the subject of skin diseases;
  6. – rapid diagnosis of genital infections;
  7. – research on viral, bacterial and fungal infections;
  8. – screening for the presence of parasites;
  9. – study of feces, urine, other biological materials, including semen analysis.

Comprehensive provision of all services in one clinic may be one of the success factors of a new laboratory: greater comfort than in passing all the procedures and the results provide customers with, the more the company's chances of rapid promotion in the market. To improve service and attract customers may be possible to automate the process of patient notification of the results of surveys: enter personal account system on the site, or to report in the form of SMS.

The main activities of the leading laboratories in the country are represented in the video:

Business Plan medical laboratory: nand what to look for?

One of the winning aspects of any modern laboratory is performing the work in the shortest time. In connection with the increased demands of today's customers demand will be the organization, Outstanding test results within a few hours, and offers a full diagnosis of the organism during the day.

Price aspect - not less important factor, which draws the attention of all potential customers: in addition to the quality and speed of service, This criterion will be decisive for the majority of patients. In the first phase of the laboratory, it makes sense to set the price slightly below market, that will attract the target audience. But too understated the cost of services the organization can do the job unprofitable. So be sure to carefully plan all the financial costs of all existing risks.

At the initial stage it is important to organize the work of the laboratory and provide a stream of customers thus, to near the treatment rooms were not formed queue. Although the lab today still not common, customers are very demanding on the quality of comfort services.

By studying the level of competition, we can conclude, that the market is not sufficiently filled with this kind of companies - at the moment there are only a few large network of laboratories and a small number of small. Therefore, in a relatively free market in the new member has the opportunity to take its place. One factor, which was the cause of this slow filling of the industry - high costs combined with a long payback period. So, upon successful startup company will enter the break-even point only after 1 year. According to approximate estimates, to 2 years will, to fully return the invested funds (especially if used by a bank loan) and to achieve a stable level of income. More profitable option of financing the new venture will appeal to investors. Usually, such lucrative and popular destinations, as medical tests, have a chance to receive support from investors and participating in state scholarship programs. To get approval for loans, providing investment or grant, you need to have a well-informed financial calculations with comparison of future expenses and profits and taking into account the potential risk.

Business Plan medical laboratory
Business Plan medical laboratory

To start a successful business, its founder should not only have medical education, but also have some experience in the field of diagnostics, as well as knowledge in the field of modern health structure. A significant advantage is experience in a managerial position in a lab or a conventional hospital.

Stages of the medical laboratory business plan

The organization of such a structure requires some medical standard successive stages:

– medical license registration, Fire permits and sanitary services;

– rent or purchase of the premises and repairs in accordance with the requirements of SES;

– communications holding;

– purchase of equipment;

– reception staff;

– marketing, advertising campaign.

If you allocate all the coming stages of discovery and development of interim terms, they can be summarized briefly in the table:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
start of the project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 month first 30 banking days
Getting credit In the presence of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the Federal Tax Service A signed investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, registration of documents on the premises preliminary work 1 month
Buying medical and work equipment The presence of an investment contract To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining funds for the development of the project To 30 calendar days
hiring employees Start of production activities To 30 calendar days
Training The end of the process of organization of production activities To 30 days
marketing campaign 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

In this way, all the preparations for the opening of the laboratory, start its work and the first results will take time to 2 years old. If the range of services will be reduced, and includes only a few directions, a year later, you can achieve the output of the enterprise to self-sufficiency.

Putting labs: selection and preparation

Selecting the room would be one of the first and key tasks for the future founder of the laboratory. Its area shall not be less than 100 m. Be sure to have a separate entrance, ventilation, sufficiently powerful power supply, bathrooms, and uninterrupted water supply. Due to the nature of the laboratory necessarily a good layout of the water for sinks, so even at the stage of the lease premises or purchase contract signing is necessary to clarify, Is it possible to make. In medical laboratories should not be abrupt changes in voltage, so you need to check all electrical equipment and to get alternative sources of energy.

Technical requirements include also a question of proximity to the laboratory premises - the organization must be provided in non-residential premises. Allowed its opening and in a residential home. But in this case, a separate input required. When you open a medical appointment in a building structure requirements of controlling agencies to be more stringent specifications.

The location of the laboratory is also important - preferably, that it was not in a remote area of ​​the town. The best places for the opening of the center will be extensive or sleeping area of ​​the city, where potential customers will be able to easily get to any time.

Technical equipment and machinery

Laboratory equipment includes a standard list of instruments:

  • – medical microscope;
  • – thermocycler for nucleic acid amplification;
  • – Dry-air thermostat;
  • – distillers;
  • – analyzers;
  • – magnetic mixers;
  • – weighing equipment;
  • – Equipment for PCR;
  • – water thermostats;
  • – rotamïksı;
  • – lighting;
  • – leukocyte counters and other.

In addition to these major appliances, You need to purchase less expensive accessories and consumables: tubes, containers for different analyzes and laboratory ware, tips, pipette, cartridges, positioners for the X-ray film, electrodes, solutions, lipoproteins, etc.. To facilitate the acquisition of equipment, required for lab work, you can contact the experts, We are dealing with procurement. For a set fee these companies draw up the purchase of all necessary equipment, control its delivery and installation.

laboratory staff

The size and composition of the laboratory staff will depend on the extent of the planned work and the services rendered. Average team will include 5 specialized professionals (3 – 4 doctor, nurse) and one or two administrators. Sometimes, eg, working capital or large metropolis, it makes sense to expand the laboratory profile, including the staff of more specialists.

Each employee should have experience in the industry in a similar position. For each team member is required to design sanitary books. Besides, all the information about the registered employees served in the pension and insurance funds.

Register lab

Obtaining official status - mandatory conditions for the creation of any project. Structure, relating to the system of medicine, should be framed as an LLC - other options in this case are not allowed.

To register the company as a limited liability company, to go through a number of standard procedures and to prepare a package of documents. It consists of such items:

– application for registration Ltd.. It is filled by a special form, which includes data on all founders, official name, legal address, and other details, including the activities of the code of the current classifier NACE ( In this case, generally use code 86.90 "The activities of medical laboratories");

  • – the statute of the future organization, which registers its concept and the main features;
  • – the decision to establish Ltd.;
  • – decision on the appointment of the head - the document outlines all the personal data of the named person of;
  • – Minutes of meeting of founders, If the founder is more than one;
  • – making the authorized capital of confirmation (minimum 10 thousand);
  • – receipt of payment of registration fee.

Sure to be a special medical license, which is issued by the Ministry of Health of the preliminary statement of the founder of the laboratory. Before issuing such a license founder of the organization should align all technical conditions and to prepare the required documents. Preliminary it is necessary to examine the federal law “On Licensing Certain Types of Activities”: 99-FZ.

According to the rules of the relevant ministry, a package of documents for obtaining a license consists of the following items:

– the main founding documents Ltd.;

– registration documents, including a certificate of registration, registration with the tax authorities;

– Codes of the State Statistics Committee, corresponding to the selected activity;

– -Certificate documents on the premises of ownership or lease agreement;

– Evidence of material equipment, which provides for legislation (fixed assets accounting journal, a contract for the maintenance of medical equipment,

– SES resolution;

– documents on necessary qualifications manager, including the document on education, a special certificate and employment history, confirming the work experience;

– certificates of education and experience of laboratory personnel;

– receipt of payment of registration fee.

Term of registration of the license - from 30 to 45 days. cost of the procedure - 6 thousand. Before issuing this permit document for future space laboratory should be fully prepared to work - Ministry experts are studying the logistical preparations for and observance of safety standards.

A business plan from the very beginning of its activity is presented in the video:

Promotion and Advertising

The main task of advertising - the formation of consumer opinions in the population. With the increase in the number of participants in the advertising market has become an essential element of the company's development. The main goal in this case - to convince potential customers of the need to seek the services of a particular medical laboratory. This will serve as such advertising methods:

– site development laboratory and its promotion on the net;

– dissemination of information in places with a lot of potential customers - in schools, kindergartens, clinics. Very beneficial to collaborate with several companies, whose employees will be tested regularly and undergo the necessary health checks. Large groups of customers can be offered attractive discounts;

– thematic media advertising, as well as the usual city editions;

– outdoor advertising on city streets: bigbordı, ads, distribution of leaflets and brochures.

In order to disseminate laboratory services can establish cooperation with local private hospitals, who may refer patients to pass a specific structure analyzes. This method is very effective, as it is known, that on the recommendation of the attending physician client is ready to go to even more expensive and remote laboratory. therefore, as practice shows, this method would be the most effective promotion.

Financial questions

Financial aspects of the opening of the new clinic should be considered, with prices starting study, operating in the industry. Given the current price aspects of the industry's approximate price list for services will be the following:

service cost of, in rubles
plasma clotting time study, aktivirovannoe kaolinom or kefalinom 590
Investigation paracoagulation products 940
Research of procalcitonin 2 300
Determining the level of fibrinogen in the blood 440
General study of acid-base status 520
Koahulohramma 1 300

List of procedures, that offer patients medical laboratory, be much wider - specific pricelist can be modified and expanded. However, average prices for standard procedures do not differ materially from those available on the market. The price will depend on the size of the cost of each procedure. for example, if the standard test for infection at cost costs 50 rubles, then it is reasonable retail price - from 158 rubles. In this way, with net income from each such procedure about 100 rubles, after 12 months you can start to pay back all investments.

This is followed by calculation of the projected volumes of laboratory services and the expected amount of income. That financial information was believed to be accurate at the time of entry into the market, used in calculating the lowest margins. Basic data, that will be relevant at the end of the first and second year of lab work, are presented in Table:

Period Type of service Monthly volume of production and sales price, rub. revenue, rub.
1 – 12 month Conducting analyzes of the complex from 4 thousand 500 and more 2 million. and more
1 – 12 month analyzes outsourcing from 350 from 800 from 280 thousand
13 – 24 month Conducting analyzes of the complex from 4400 from 550 2 million. 420 thousand
13 – 24 month analyzes outsourcing from 615 1100 and more Over 670 thousand

According to preliminary information, on successful business development, the annual service volume growth and consumption in the sector should make 1 – 10 percent depending on a number of objective and subjective factors. Under such conditions, the annual sales volume reached 28,8 million rubles or more.

Costs, provides for the opening of medical laboratories, It can be divided into several main groups. If we consider all the upcoming costs of system, can be identified such a category:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs Total for the year
Buying or building lease (room) 104, 16 thousand. 1 million. 250 thousand. 208,3 thousands 1,45 million.
Repairs, Alignment with SES standards, communications holding 1,5 million. 1,5 million.
Obtaining SES licenses, fire service 245 thousand 245 thousand
Buying equipment 597,2 thousand. 597,2 thousand.
Consumables 10 thousand 120 thousand 120 thousand
Freight costs, courier delivery 45 thousand 540 thousand 45 thousand 585 thousand
Procurement of the computer technology 120 thousand 120 thousand
Creation and maintenance of website, hosting, purchase of the necessary scripts 120 thousand 120 thousand
Advertising costs 55 thousand 660 thousand 50 thousand 660 thousand
Salary 476,2 thousands 5 mln.714 thousand. 5 mln.714 thousand.
payment of taxes 143,2 thousands 1,7 million. 1,7 million.
Unexpected expenses 288,5 thousand 288,5 thousand
in total 690,3 thousands 8,3 million. 3,2 million. 11,4 million.


Tax deductions are mandatory item of expenditure from the first months of lab work. The main taxes for the following laboratory:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

After all the calculations of investments will be made, coming at the initial stage and later in the process of enterprise development, make calculation Loan amount, which the founders have to take out a loan. According to average estimates, development of the project will need loans of up to 3,9 million. rubles for 24 month interest rate 14 percent.

Insofar as, according to preliminary estimates, break-even point of the project will begin with 4 months of lab work, We are counting profits being from this moment. So, first profit dolzhnasostavit 1,23 million. rubles. By the end of the crediting period, to plan, profit should rise to 2,4 million. Considering, that the monthly payment costs reached approximately 690,3 thousands, you can make a forecast total gross profit - its size will be approximately 5,77 million. rubles. The total profit of the project, according to an exemplary business plan, will be equal to 33,16 million.

Counting approximate profit and evaluating the company's time-to-self-sufficiency, should pay attention to the main risks, that take place in the industry. They mainly belong to the high level of competition, expensive entry into the market and the existence of significant administrative barriers - the need to obtain licenses and permits numerous.

With all of the research and calculations, we can conclude about the high level of viability and profitability of the medical laboratory as an activity. However, there are a number of risks and technical difficulties, that lie founder of this structure. The main difficulty - high demands on the technical equipment of laboratories, as well as a high barrier to entry to the market.

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