Business-plan pharmacies

Business-plan pharmacies

Аптечный бизнес обладает высоким уровнем перспективности в любой период развития экономики. Therefore, the creation of such a facility or an entire network pharmacies will be a good start own business. In comparison with the private clinic costs on the project will be considerably less, тем не менее предстоят свои сложности, в том числе с оформлением специальной лицензии.

Pharmacy: core business

Start a business you can create a small pharmacy. But the most profitable and perspective view of the pharmaceutical business is considered to create a network of institutions, united by a common idea, marketing, HR and the Privacy Policy, and common control. Network typically includes from 5 and more objects, with uniform standards of service, assortment and logistics.

Pharmacy business is very common in the country, and under constant pressure from competitors. Поэтому очень важно сразу после захода на рынок обеспечить своей компании хорошую репутацию и стать конкурентоспособным субъектом. Regardless of, whether to generate a single point of sale or just a network of enterprises, first, what you need to take care - consider the future range. For a successful start, he has to include at least 4000 positions, and it is important to add to the range of a sufficient number of additional, non-medicinal products, to increase the level of sales. It may be hygiene, mineral water and juices, herbal teas and baby food. It is important to consider the proposals in such a way, to all who have come to the pharmacy potential customers become purchasers.

Before starting a business plan, We must take into account the existing problems in the industry, which may hinder the development of the company:

  • – most of the population is not sufficient solvency;
  • – at the legislative level, there is full control of the direction;
  • – High levels of drugs falsification, as a result - lack of confidence of the target audience to the pharmacy products;
  • – a small amount of government funding programs sphere, no full support of domestic producers;
  • – the high level of competition;
  • – lack of qualified pharmacists, including young professionals.

Prospects of the pharmaceutical business depends on the locality: the most profitable this business will be in the capital and other major cities. Despite the high level of competition, purchasing power in metropolitan areas significantly higher than in small towns.

One of the major problems, associated with the deterioration of the economy - decrease profitability of pharmacies, in connection with which there is a reduction of sector enterprises in the domestic market. The strongest are traditionally considered the major network companies, whereas single pharmacies often can not compete. In this aspect, it makes sense to start a business by buying a franchise. In this case the company enters the market with a name already known and developed a marketing plan. Founder need only ensure compliance with the requirements established by the franchisor. These will include the name of the installed, design, style features, part of the assortment and pricing policy. At the same time the founder of the franchise receives assistance from the franchisor on many issues, including marketing features, training and formation of assortment.

What you need to start the pharmacy business – in the video below

Features and risks of opening pharmacies

Assessing the existing difficulties and possible problems, separate paragraph should highlight the risks of pharmaceutical business:

  • – increasingly competitive. Particularly serious competitors representing major pharmacy chains nationwide, offering a wide range and variety of discount systems, as well as discounts and loyalty programs for privileged categories of consumers;
  • – increase in prices of goods in the procurement;
  • – high levels of investment capitalization;
  • – many subjective factors of success, including geographical location, or work with the personnel.

All of these risks can significantly reduce pharmacy profits and even contribute to its bankruptcy. But if you make them at once to the original plan and take into account possible additional costs, such interference will not be too severe.

Success is determined by several factors chemists. One of them - business seasonality: traditionally the demand for medicines is increased with the onset of cold weather. It is starting in the fall at times increase the volume of sales of medication against colds, antibiotics and bracing means. summer sales traditionally decline, so in this period should devise a system of discounts and promotions for regular customers.

Opening businesses in residential areas, should offer customers a wider range of medicines and goods for children. Необходимо предоставить широкий ассортимент товаров для пенсионеров и льготных категорий клиентов.

The opening of the pharmacy: key steps

The main stages of creating and opening pharmacies based indicative deadlines can be summarized in this table:

stages of the project Test conditions terms
begining, project development first 2 of the year
The signing of the investment agreement 1 month To 30 banking days
Getting credit Preparation and filing of certain documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with administrative and tax authorities Opinion on the introduction of investment treaty To 30 calendar days
Choice of geographic location, registration of documents preliminary work 1 month


The signing of the investment agreement first 6 months
obtaining a license The conclusion of the investment agreement 2 – 10 months.
Purchase of equipment The signing of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation


Obtaining investment funds To 30 days
Hiring and training of staff production activity, before the end stage of the production process To 30 calendar days
marketing campaign 360 calendar days First year
Completion of the project Before the end of the second year

Location pharmacy point will largely determine its success. According to statistics, этот фактор определяет будущее нового субъекта бизнеса на 50%.Традиционно аптекам отводят проходные места, в которых ежедневно бывает множество потенциальных покупателей. А поскольку клиентами таких торговых объектов хотя бы иногда становятся все жители населенного пункта, никаких требований к их размещению нет – you can open a pharmacy near the large stores, shopping centers, health centers, metro stations, on the streets of major cities.

Free Business Plan pharmacy
Free Business Plan pharmacy

Помещение для аптеки подбирают еще и ориентируясь на его площадь и соответствие техническим требованиям. Оно должно быть не меньше 60 кв.м и содержать в себе несколько раздельных помещений. The main part - salesroom, should take 40 – 50 m. Be sure to also equip the utility room for storage and sorting of medicines, Head office, комната отдыха для персонала. Если аптека изначально будет иметь широкий формат, торговый зал может делиться на 2 или больше зон – так клиентам проще ориентироваться в ассортименте. It is worth to think in advance, what will be the cash zone - for a mini-format places only one workplace to the cashier. But in most cases, for the convenience of customers equipped 2 или более касс.

Так как продолжительность оформления лицензии составляет до 6 months, в этот период можно полностью подготовить будущую аптеку к открытию. For repairs and the creation of the desired design you want to select from 2 to 6 months. Usually, you need to not just make cosmetic repairs, but also completely replace all communications. In general, from the moment when the room will be rented before and, When the pharmacy will examine specialist of Licensing Commission, pass up 8 months. To save time, better prepare the company for the opening of a fully. true, prior to the issuance of the license can not buy goods, as this action is considered conduct pharmaceutical activities.

Of equipment - mandatory racks, cabinets and shelves for goods, fridge and safe for certain categories of goods, as well as a cash register.

Mandatory equipment pharmacies will:

  1. – glass display cases (bricks);
  2. – metal cabinets;
  3. – laser Scanner;
  4. – Cabinet for keys;
  5. – cash machine.

All equipment should be ordered from renowned, reputable manufacturers. It is particularly important to purchase high-quality metal fireproof cabinets, так как отдельные виды лекарств являются огнеопасными. Другие медикаменты, принадлежащие к категории наркотических веществ и предусматривающие ограничение в продаже, also require protection, Why buy reliable cabinets.

If the room had not fulfilled the pharmacy function, most likely will not only carry out repairs, but also to improve it according to the technical norms: supply or replace the necessary communications, to change the layout and the like.

Procure goods better through the largest suppliers - they guarantee the authenticity and quality of the goods. Besides, постоянные и крупные покупатели могут рассчитывать на существенные скидки и выгодные условия закупок. Закупая товары иностранного производства, it is better to establish contact with the official manufacturer's dealers. It will be much more economical, though technically difficult, than cooperation with intermediaries.

The largest companies, cooperates with all the representatives of the pharmaceutical business. Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer-Healthcare, Glaxosmithkline and several other – the main leading global brands. Part of the product will provide more low cost products, presented by local producer. In any case, all products must pass quality control and have the necessary certificates.

Business Plan pharmacies
Business Plan pharmacies

Forming a variety of goods, It should be guided primarily by the demand in the city - even within the same network structure offers various drugstore outlets could be slightly different. By the opening of the pharmacy it must contain a minimum stock in trade 4 thousands of items. In the future it should be extended to 7 thousand. total amount, you want to invest in a range of purchase, will be from 600 thousands to 2 million. 400 thousand. buying goods, should take into account the statistical data, according to which only 30% assortment is the proportion of sales. To obtain a guaranteed profit and at the same time keep the competitiveness of, should preserve trading margin within 15 – 20 percent.

Recruitment will be one of the important tasks, определяющих дальнейший успех компании. Именно от профессионализма сотрудников и их отношения к покупателям зависит уровень продаж на всех этапах развития торговой точки. Initially, you will need to hire qualified pharmacists, preferably with experience - depending on the scale of pharmacy can be 1-3 for changing. Duties of an accountant and a director can perform the settlor. Be sure to also hire a technician. As for the pharmacy manager, they can be the settlor, but only if, if it meets the existing requirements. Face, business executive, must have a pharmaceutical education and work experience of not less than 3 years old. it's desirable, to a specialist earlier held a similar position.

Marketing plan

Such a costly business, as the pharmacy chain, It requires the preparation of a full-fledged marketing plan with a preliminary estimate of the current state of the market and its dynamics. According to the research, уровень интенсивность отрасли постоянно падает. При этом цены на медицинские препараты стабильно растут, возрастает и уровень конкуренции. В связи с этим необходимо уделить внимание вопросам маркетинга и продвижения.

Маркетинговая стратегия требует применения активной рекламной кампании. Наиболее эффективными методами считаются:

  • видеореклама сезонных лекарственных средств;
  • размещение информации в СМИ;
  • изготовление собственной печатной продукции, в том числе буклетов, cards and calendars;
  • – development and maintenance of website information and advertising direction. It is desirable to develop a system of online ordering and home delivery. Такое предложение расширит клиентскую аудиторию;
  • создание дисконтной программы для постоянных покупателей.

Одним из важнейших методов продвижения компании будет высокий уровень обслуживания, для чего нужно уделить внимание подбору кадров и корпоративной культуре. Important, чтобы у аптеки – одиночной или сетевой, была своя маркетинговая политика, отличающая ее от остальных участников рынка. Professionalism and the ability to present to the client the necessary information related to one of the prerequisites for enterprise promotion.

Documents and business license pharmacy plan

Obtaining a license - an important stage in the opening of any enterprise medical direction. And since this process usually takes up to 60 days and it is the longest in the whole procedure of opening pharmacies, better start preparing documents at once. To do this, refer to the special committee of the Ministry of Health, whose representatives inspect selected room and study the documents submitted by the founder. Before applying for a pharmaceutical license, You need to be familiar with the relevant regulations. The most important of them - a decree "On licensing of pharmaceutical activity" (,0&rnd=0.9959323140832823#049232941124222807).Issuance of a pharmaceutical license, under the law, It requires the provision of the founder of the company to a special committee of documents Ministry of Health on this list:

– constituent documents (charter, memorandum of association, founders of minutes of the meeting with the decision on the appointment of the head, certificate of state registration, Certificate of Incorporation, a certificate of registration with the Federal Tax Service and the other on the standard list);

– documents on the premises for future pharmacy. Be sure to confirm the right to use the premises under the pharmacy, including a lease or certificate of ownership, Act of reception-transmission and BTI plan. Details necessarily indicative These documents, on the premises - the amount and purpose of all rooms, heating type, availability of specialized furniture, etc..

Detailed information about how to obtain a license – in a special federal law: Federal Law of 04.05.2011 N 99-FZ (row. from 03.08.2018)

Following the approval of specialists from the Ministry of Health to get permission to fire and sanitary services. If all of the existing requirements are fulfilled, Founder receives a positive opinion of these services and can proceed to the purchase of goods and the opening of the company.

In the context of these features should know, which is usually the first 10 months after the start of the rental premises to open a pharmacy will not work. During this period will be carried out audit, the results of which subsequently issued all permits.

In addition to special documents and permits, required to start a business, engaged in the sale of medicines, necessarily the presence of constituent documents, drawn up in accordance with the appropriate form of business activity. Any pharmacy, независимо от формата и масштаба деятельности, должна работать на основе статуса юридического лица – ООО или ЗАО.

Form Ltd. is a business entity with mandatory statutory capital, divided into several shares, whose number is determined by the number of founders.

Registration of a limited liability involves making the authorized capital of the 10 thousand, payment of state fees in 4 thousand rubles, as well as providing a standard set of documents:

  • – application for registration. When filling out the application required to provide detailed information about the new venture, first of all - the official name and business address, especially the distribution of the authorized capital by all founders, economic activities (indicate appropriate codes NACE and the selected tax system;
  • – charter - in duplicate;
  • – decided to establish a company and the appointment of the head;
  • – Minutes of meeting of founders (Only if more than one founder);
  • – copy of a document, confirming the ownership of the premises;
  • – Receipt of payment of the fee.

In some cases, the tax service professionals can request an extended list of documents, so better to refine the list. When submitting a full package of documents of the company registration of limited liability is performed for 14 working days.

Pharmacies necessarily imply a print order. На ней указывается официальное название, зарегистрированная форма собственности и адрес, по которому функционирует торговый объект. Дополнительные реквизиты могут содержаться в печати, никакого законодательного запрета по этому вопросу нет.

Следующий этап – открытие расчетного счета в банке. Так как аптека будет иметь статус юридического лица, cashless payments will be mandatory. To open a checking account, entrepreneur you need to provide the bank, which will serve him, A number of documents, confirming, the company operates as a legal entity.

Requirements and Guidelines pharmacy registration – video:

Financial calculations pharmacy business plan

The expenditure part of the opening of the pharmacy business may vary significantly depending on, Pharmacy whether open, medium-scale retail outlet or a network of pharmacies. Average costs will have the figures:

item of expenditure 1 month 12 months One-time costs Total for the year
item of expenditure 1 month 1 year One-off costs Total per year
lease of premises 600 thousand 7,2 million. 120 thousand 7,3 million.
repairs 1.8 million. 1,8 million.
Trade software 1,838 million. 1,838 million.
Refrigeration equipment 80 thousand 80 thousand
cash equipment 27,2 thousand. 27,2 thousand.
commodity stock 1 million. 12 million. 12 million.
Software 120 thousand. 120 thousand.
Optional equipment 170 thousand. 170 thousand.
Оформление разрешительной документации и лицензии 250 thousand 250 thousand
advertisement, изготовление вывески 75 thousand 900 thousand 50 thousand 50 thousand
Выплата зарплат 371,8 thousand. 4 million. 461 thousand. 4 million. 461 thousand.
tax deductions 111 800 1 million. 341,6 thousand. 1 million. 341,6 thousand.
Unexpected expenses 445,5 thousand. 445,5 thousand.
in total 2 046 800 24 561 600 4 901 083 28 562 683

In this way, в общей сложности для основания, старта и развития аптеки необходимо заложить в бюджет свыше 28 миллионов рублей включая дополнительные затраты.

In view of the calculations and the study of the composition of the industry can be summed overall financial results and forecasts for the payback period of the project. The cost of opening a pharmacy at the start, taking into account the costs in the first month, according to preliminary estimates will be from 2 to 7 million rubles. При правильной реализации потенциала такого стартапа доход инвестора спустя 2 of the year (именно столько предварительно составит период выход компании на самоокупаемость) может достигнуть 458 680 rubles. Общий экономический эффект за 2 года должен вырасти до 728 thousand 466 rubles.

Если учредитель бизнеса планирует брать кредит на его развитие, рассчитывать необходимо именно на срок длительностью в 2 of the year. Для открытия средней аптеки или небольшой сети нужно взять кредит в размере от 7 миллионов рублей на период 24 of the month. By estimate, при успешной реализации бизнес-плана итоговая валовая прибыль этого проекта должна составить 92 million 280 thousand. Итоговая прибыль должна составить 728 465 thousand.

first 6 месяцев после открытия аптеки не будут прибыльными, since the registration of the license continues in this period, range formation, repair and arrangement of the outlet, and the advertising campaign. Beginning with 7 месяца до окончания первого года после открытия, когда лицензия будет получена и аптека сможет заниматься реализацией продукции, you can expect a significant increase in the level of sales. By estimate, selling monthly from 4 thousands of products on offer in the average cost of 100 rubles, you can earn for the entire period from 400 thousands to 20 million. rubles depending on a number of related factors. In the subsequent period - with 13 to 24 month revenues could rise to 68 thousands - 45 million. rubles. Over time, you can achieve an annual profit in the amount of 46 million. per year or more.

The tax portion of recurrent expenditure is made up of several items

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits gross profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value Month 18%
Property tax value of property In accordance with the payment schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social payments wages fund 1 month 34%

In this way, pharmacy business has many advantages and disadvantages, that need to be taken into account, принимая решение о начале деятельности в этой отрасли. Высокая затратность и немалый уровень конкуренции, а также необходимость получения фармацевтической лицензии – главные сложности, It encountered by the founder of the pharmacy of any size and scale. However, sales of medicines and related pharmaceutical goods are constantly increasing, что способствует развитию этого направления, делая его перспективным и потенциально прибыльным.

Как открыть аптеку с нуля – video:

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