skatepark business plan

skatepark business plan
skatepark business plan
skatepark business plan

The business plan assesses the cost-effectiveness of the skatepark project and carried out financial calculations. In the future it can be used as a commercial offer in the negotiations with potential investors or creditors. In developing a business plan takes into account the existing risks and force majeure, so these figures and conclusions as precise as possible and reflect the approximate facts in the chosen sector of activity.

The main characteristics of the project

The project is open-plan and development of the skatepark with cash turnover 24 of the month. Basic goals, are put before now:

  1. – the creation of a highly profitable organization;
  2. – Receiving a profit;
  3. – requests satisfied consumers in the entertainment industry.

Nature of the project can be described as a company, providing entertainment services by means of the organization of the skatepark.

Details of the financial plan set out in the relevant paragraph, but briefly describe this component of the project, then it will need to obtain financing in the amount of commercial loans 2 million 640 thousand.

Other indicators in relation to the organization and development of the skatepark

  1. – the payback period of the company - 2 of the year;
  2. – payback period since the inception of the park project - 8 months;
  3. – The total cost of the project - 2 million 640 thousand;
  4. – the interest rate on the loan - 16% (in the long term may reduce this figure);
  5. – with interest payments from the first month of existence of the park total amount of interest, accrued during the period - from 193 thousand;
  6. – the overall economic impact of the project during the life cycle of a conditional 22 million 900 thousand.

In more detail the discovery and development of a project plan, all financial aspects, including basic and additional costs, and projected profits are set out in the relevant sections of the plan.

Skatepark as a business

Skatepark is a sports facility - site for extreme sports: skateboard, snakeboard, BMX bikes, scooter or aggressive commercials. Purpose of this park - mastering tricks and improve their skills Fans of extreme activities.

A lot invested in skatepark, substandard modern demands, should include specific figures, including the ramp, railing, distillation, stairs, pyramids, fanboksy, etc..

The main factor of popularity among extreme sports enthusiasts skateparks - lack of properly equipped for riding areas. Therefore very popular these parks will enjoy among parents, who are concerned about the safety of their children while having one of the extreme sports. It is in a well-equipped areas is better to start teaching beginners-skaters and skateboarders, and convenient for professionals to hone their skills at special sites, where they will not interfere with the usual residents.

The Russian market of the sports and entertainment today is experiencing an unprecedented rise.

After analyzing his condition, There are several important factors affecting its development and dynamics

  • – strengthening the position of the international scale companies;
  • – the development of the internal market;
  • – the formation of the market infrastructure in the country;
  • – high growth service sector;
  • – intensification of competition;
  • – increase interest in the sport and leisure activities for young people and other age groups.

Today, skateparks and public work in the big cities. Log in them is usually free, so these organizations are important competitors. Nevertheless, it should be remembered, that free sites are rarely closed, which is inconvenient in the cold season. Besides, Municipal parks usually do not have such a modern and high-quality fixtures and fittings.

study should be undertaken in preparation for the opening of this kind of business, counting the parks operating in the local market and an approximate number of potential customers. Statistics show, that at the moment there are more than 1050 skateparks. With an estimated number of population of the country 146,5 million for the successful business development of the amount of the target audience should be not less than 1 % of the total population. According to this principle, a minimum number of potential customers - 710 thousand and more. According to statistics, nationally the number of active youth, interests of the sport and active lifestyles, much bigger. It means, skateparks that under the current social and economic situation is very relevant and profitable in the long term.

Business skatepark plan
Business skatepark plan

Almost all the organizations in the industry of sports and active entertainment experience similar difficulties. One of them - business seasonality. Founder skatepark can find two ways out of this situation,. The first - to build a complex with indoor heating, and the necessary infrastructure, which will provide year-round service. The second possibility - the winter park space to fill with ice, having equipped ice rink. Purchase the necessary equipment and organizing skate rental, You can achieve high earnings at any time of the year. another problem, typical of companies, the operation of which requires a large area - the problem of finding a suitable plot of land or indoor premises. However, the problem remains a seasonal business - as well as any kind of entertainment activities skeypark be less in demand in the summer, and during the winter holidays. This factor must be taken into account when planning business. Part of the problem can be solved, offering the best prices on holidays and holiday months, and examine the best customer bonus system.

On the other hand, no special licenses and permits are required to open the park for fans of extreme sports. Moreover, safety precautions, timely improvement of the technical equipment used actually belongs to the category of personal responsibility of the founder and leader of the skatepark. All checks and authorizations, foreseen for the opening of the company, will be standard for any type of business. The first is permission from the fire and sanitary services.

opening the skatepark, It should be capable of expansion: originally rented quite a spacious room or area, in the long term from the usual skatepark, you can create a complete package for extreme sports.

Most modern skateparks have the following format:

Stages of the opening of the skatepark

All work on the organization of the park for skaters can be divided into several stages:

  • – Preparation and study of the selected market sectors, assessment of competitive companies, their offerings and pricing policy;
  • – Company registration in tax office;
  • – rent plot;
  • – park equipment, purchase of the necessary equipment;
  • – recruitment;
  • – promotion, advertisement;
  • – Getting Started Park.

In more detail the steps of creating and developing skatepark applied to a deadline 24 months can result in the following way:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 days
selection of the location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 1 of the month
recruitment production activity To 30 days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 days
End of project 12 – 24 months

Before proceeding directly to the top of the work, be sure to do the registration and preparation of documents, set out in the legislative acts.

The main condition for the opening of any business entity will register one of the possible forms of organization. For the organization of sports or entertainment best option would be a legal entity, how rule - OOO.

Creating Ltd. provides for the preparation of a number of documents and the provision of such information on the future organization

  1. – personal data of all founders;
  2. – the official name of the company;
  3. – legal address (it can be directly address the location of the organization, and even the founder of the place of residence);
  4. – Stamp of the company, who bought specifically - on the print clearly be seen the full name of the company and, in the presence of, its logo.

To register, LLC founder fills out an application in the prescribed form and submits documents

  • – copies of passports and TIN of all founders;
  • – Company charter;
  • – decision on the establishment Ltd.;
  • – the decision to appoint the head of OOO;
  • – receipt of payment of registration fee.

A prerequisite for registration of legal entities - the introduction of the authorized capital in the amount of 10 thousand. Company registration period from the date of filing is about 2 – 3 weeks.

Creating and skatepark equipment

An important condition for the successful creation of the park can be considered as the right choice of location of the organization. If the founder does not have significant financial resources, you can rent a rink or stadium. A better option would be to purchase land portion suitable ownership, that will protect the company from having to close or move in the event of termination of the lease. Geographically, the park should be located within the city or in close proximity to the settlement with convenient access and good transport interchange.

The room for the skatepark should be an area of 400 m and more. If equipped with an indoor and a heated room, this will be an additional plus in the cold season. Attention should be paid and the infrastructure of the park - a great demand it will use, if, in addition to training sites, They will be equipped with changing rooms, shower room, storage room visitors and medical office. Need and sports equipment rental, where visitors can take advantage of the boards, rollers or protective elements.

Construction of ramps and other specialized structures should entrust professional teams, with the appropriate skills in the creation of designs, designed for extreme sports. Ordering equipment for skaters, boarders and skaters should be done in specialized companies, engaged in the preparation of such structures. Pre should consult with experienced amateurs or professionals, which designs and how much it cost to buy the park. And the question of the safety of visitors should find out in the Regional Committee for Youth Policy, Physical Culture and Sports. This structure was developed and published specific safety standards (

Active sports include the need to open a small point, where visitors can eat after school. If you allow the financial capabilities, preferably open in the park a small cafe, which will be located in a closed heated space. You can sign a contract with any catering point, which on mutually advantageous conditions can be opened on the territory of the skatepark.

Desirable and skate rental, boards and rollers -posetiteli happy to try new types of activities, and will take in the equipment rental. The introduction of this additional service will cost the business founder inexpensive, and for several months investment will pay off.

A list of the main equipment, that you need to buy to get started skatepark, It includes

  • – roller Skates;
  • – skeytbordы;
  • – roller sneakers;
  • – protection systems - gloves and knee pads;
  • – skeytshlemy;
  • – ramp;
  • – fanboksı;
  • – acceleration slides flat;
  • – cone to mark.

All equipment and equipment must comply with the existing requirements of quality and safety.

Skatepark necessarily need to be equipped with equipment for the musical accompaniment of skiers. Suitable repertoire will be able to choose the employees themselves, eg, direct manager or administrator. Quality park equipment plays an important role in the operating time of the competitive advantage in the marketplace, so the equipment must be new, reliable and comply with all existing standards.

properly equipped, in accordance with the existing rules skatepark – the video:

marketing campaign, staff, advertising and promotion

State skatepark size will depend on the scale and diversity of services. If the functions of the head will serve as a business founder himself (He can deal with accounting), need administrator, cashier and instructor. it's desirable, to the collective was also a doctor, as the extreme sports are associated with high levels of injuries.

employees park, except for accountants, medical and other relevant specialties, You do not necessarily have to have a special education. Administrators and instructors can learn even around the workplace.

At the heart of the marketing strategy should be information on the overall state of the market - as demand for skateparks and similar objects, and how to develop this activity sector. After a preliminary study, we can conclude, that the competition in this area is virtually absent, therefore, the founder of the park is in a very favorable position. One reason for this was the state of the industry crisis, started in 2014 year. Many businesses and entertainment and sports sectors then ceased to exist, and only in the last 2 , the industry has begun to recover. In part, this is due to the improvement of the material position of citizens, partially - popularization of healthy lifestyle and active entertainment at the state level.

It is thanks to the state support, it makes sense to try to obtain financial information or assistance to municipalities. for example, by submitting a properly thought-out and a calculated business plan to the State Committee on Youth Policy, you can count on certain benefits and assistance in promoting. for example, you can achieve regular competitions in skateboarding and other sports in its territory, that will attract a large number of potential customers. An additional factor in increasing the popularity of the skatepark will be the organization of demonstration performances for a fee or free of charge.

Faster and more effective promotion of the skatepark will serve as zoning and expansion proposals. So, opening additional shopping or entertainment point, It can attract and retain more customers and increase profit margins.

A marketing plan provides an analysis of the target audience skatepark. The bulk of potential customers will enter the age category up to 25 years old. Most are teenagers and young school and college-age, fond of extreme entertainment. therefore, advertising a new organization, should take into account this feature. So, the most effective method of advertising is advertising on online forums and websites, creation of pages in social networks, dedicated to extreme sports. Be sure to create your own site and groups in popular social networks among young people.

Since most of the target audience relates to young people of school and college-age, should advertise skatepark in all city schools. Additionally, you can announce the opening of a new facility in the press, eg, in the local newspaper or specialized magazines, dedicated to the active lifestyle. Works well and outdoor advertising - the distribution of flyers and business cards close to educational institutions, putting up posters and advertisements at sporting goods stores and youth clothes. Among young people, the so-called word of mouth is also effective - information about a well-equipped platform for extreme sports and attractive prices quickly diverges among adolescents.

financial calculations

On the basis of the existing industry offerings and pricing characteristics determine the approximate prices for services skatepark:

Name of service cost of, in rubles
Skeytpark (subscription on month) from 17 thousand
Skeytpark (single session) from 230
rental skateboard 170 rub. per hour and more
Rental of roller skates from 170 rub. h
Rental of ice skates from 170 rub. h

Taking into account the financial possibilities of the target audience of the park and prices, operating in the market, recommended not to increase the limit of a single visit to the park to more than 200 rubles.

If you knock out financial result, counting means, required for the opening of the skatepark, the minimum amount of investment will be from 450 to 550 thousand. Upon successful location and the high activity of visitors, as well as the absence of serious force majeure factors, the company will pay off the end of the first year of operation. In subsequent years,, under the condition of maintaining the dynamics of the development of the park, the organization will become highly profitable.

The issue of financing the opening of the park will be one of the important issues. If the creator of the park has sufficient financial savings, it can make in starting your own business means. But in most cases resorted to getting a commercial loan, which is issued by the bank on the basis of the presented business plan. There are other sources of funding, eg, involvement of private investors, or for government grants.

Making tentative sales plan for the future of the enterprise, should take into account several factors such:

  • – analysis of consumer demand skatepark services;
  • – analysis of the market for the provision of relevant services;
  • – general conclusions about the state of the market as a whole.

Accounting software implementation services skatepark, taking into account the lowest threshold of profitability, in addition takes into account all the risks. Taking into account these features and the factors already considered, a plan is drawn up for the volume of services provided for the settlement period:

Period Type of service The volume of sales per month (pers.) price, rub. Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment Visit to the rink from 4 800 people. from 350 from 1 million. 680 thousand
1 – 12 monthly investment Roller rental from 2 400 people. from 170 from 408 thousand
13 – 24 month operation Visit to the rink 4 872 people. and more from 390 from 1 million. 900 thousand
13 – 24 month operation Roller rental from 2 438 people. 200 and more from 487 thousand

If current market trends (annual market volume growth 1,5 – 14%) They will be saved, growth in sales volumes to reach 24 million rubles a year, and more.

An important part of the financial plan will be part of the project expenditure. The costs for the first year are set out in table:

item of expenditure 1 month 1 year One-time costs, rub. Total for the year, rub.
platform hire, room (from 400 m) 300 thousand 3 million. 600 thousand. 600 thousand 4 million. 200 thousand
Registration 35 thousand 35 thousand
construction of shells, impediments, renovation of existing buildings 710 thousand 710 thousand
Purchase of musical equipment (10 PC.) 130 thousand 130 thousand
Purchase of computer equipment 65 thousand 65 thousand
Constant advertising costs 55 thousand 660 thousand 100 thousand 660 thousand
Salary (on 12 months) 480,5 thousand. 5,766 million. 5,766 million.
taxes (12 months) 144,5 thousand. 1, 734 million. 1,734 million.
Unexpected expenses 164 thousands 164 thousands
in total 835,5 thousand. 10 million. 26 thousand. 1 million. 804 thousands 11,8 million.

In this way, depending on the scale and the range of services offered by the overall cost of the enterprise and the start of the process of its development during the first year will amount to between 11 – 12 million rubles. It should be taken into account, that the expansion of the scope of the proposals would be more costly and start businesses. At the same time, and return the company will be much higher.

Regardless of the chosen format of entrepreneurial activity and the form of taxation, tax payment will include an obligatory minimum:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

The fiscal year usually starts in January, and from this month every reporting period starts. If there are grounds specified by law, when registering, an entrepreneur can immediately switch to a simplified taxation system. This will only pay 6 % from company income, besides submitting the minimum package of reporting documentation.

Skatepark can be considered popular, highly profitable and promising areas of business in the field of sports and entertainment. Improving the economy, improving living standards and promoting an active lifestyle have become positive factors for the opening of a skatepark. The success of the new enterprise also contributes to the low level of competition in this market segment.. Therefore, despite the high level of investment, this type of business promises to be cost-effective and profitable.. At the same time, to achieve success, the manager and all staff must work selflessly to improve the quality of services and attract the maximum number of new customers, as well as retention of existing.

on the video – the main stages of the development of a skate park:

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