Business plan "production cinder block"

Business plan "production cinder block"
Бизнес-план «Производство шлакоблоков»
Business plan "production cinder block"

According to the testimony of experts in the field of economy, one of the most promising areas of business is the production of building materials. Demand for these products is not reduced, why start your own business in the industry, related to the production of any type of building material, It is a matter of perspective and profitable. so, activity defined, It is determined only in the specific form of the material produced, for example, you can select the production of cinder blocks. This material is in constant demand as in construction firms, and private individuals.

The advantage of the opening is small business for the manufacture of breeze blocks due to the fact, that purchase this material is better in small business organizations, rather than large factories.

dignity the same material is:

  • an extensive range of applications (the use in the construction of garages, workshops, business units, dachas, houses, etc.);
  • good heat- and sound insulation properties;
  • lower cost as compared with other materials (bricks or foam blocks);
  • no need for the involvement of masons.

In order to open his own company for the production of cinder blocks, should draw up a business plan with the calculation of all required parameters for the feasibility study of the project launch, as well as to take into account in this project all the nuances of doing business in the field of management.


A special place in the business plan should include the choice of a suitable location for future production. In this choice, there are several options:

  1. Covered room with a concrete floor, wherein the floor surface must necessarily be flat. To ensure the normal operation of production, have to worry, to the room there were ventilation and heating systems in good condition. Such a room for the first time it is better to rent.
  2. Playground, located outdoors, but also equipped with a flat floor surface. Such a floor may be earthen, asphalted or concreted.

The total area of ​​the premises to accommodate the entire production plant must be at least 100 quarter. m.

It is recommended to search for the location of the production plant near cement plants, sand pits and other raw materials in order to reduce the cost of transportation to the place of its processing and production of finished cinder block.

Besides, it's desirable, to production location is a short distance from the points of sale of finished products. All these measures are aimed at reducing production costs and increasing business revenue.

Raw materials and equipment

In any business plan (including for the manufacture of breeze blocks) It emphasizes the description of the equipment and the raw materials used.

Ключевой установкой в оборудовании является вибростанок
A key installation in the equipment is vibrostanok

A key installation in the equipment used is vibrostanok, in production it may be involved in a variety of modifications.

The main raw materials, used in the manufacture of breeze blocks, is an:

  • water;
  • filler;
  • plasticizer;
  • Cement.

Various materials can be used as a filler, choice depends on the financial capacity of a businessman, as well as the requirements of the end-product manufacturing. The most commonly used fillers are:

  1. sand;
  2. shavings;
  3. crushed stone;
  4. expanded;
  5. gypsum;
  6. screening;
  7. sawdust;
  8. granshlak;
  9. brick scrap;
  10. slag.

In the business plan is mandatory detailed breeze blocks production of a prescription should be brought, with exact dosage used for each type of raw material and additives. Compulsory plasticizer should be used, since it increases the strength of, frost resistance and water resistance of finished cinder block.

Download a business plan for the production of cinder blocks for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.


Для обслуживания производства нужно 3-4 рабочих
For service you need to produce 3-4 working

The business plan of opening production of cinder blocks need to be sanctified questions, relating to recruitment. For service mini-production enough to attract 3-4 working, at the same time experience the same kind of work is not mandatory.

You should also decide, in what mode will run the production plant, if its planned continuous operation 2 change (for greater output and corresponding production profits), the workers should engage in a number of 4 people to work 2 person each shift.

In order to manufacture to function properly, recruited staff can be trained and to explain all the responsibility for ensuring the production process on the spot.

marketing program

For the success of the case as a whole and to avoid loss-making enterprises in the initial stage of the business plan should be spelled out even marketing program. It may include a variety of tools, for example, establishment of lower retail prices for manufactured cinder blocks compared to similar products from other manufacturers at an early stage of the enterprise. This will increase the competitiveness of your production and attract the attention of more potential customers.


At the end of each business plan is carried out calculation of financial ratios, reflecting the desirability of launching a new project or the lack of it.

For example, if the finished products will be sold at an average price 1700 for 1 cube. meter, the profit from the sale of the number of products will be 5000 – 6000 RUB daily. The outcome of these activities will be the payback period of the project, which occurs after approximately 2-3 of the month.

Expenditure part financial performance at the initial stage of the project includes:

  1. rooms for rent location of production (Outside the city) – 40 000 rubles per month;
  2. purchase of equipment - 1800 000 rubles;
  3. purchase raw materials - 100 000 rubles;
  4. staff salaries - 80 000 rubles per month.

After counting the incoming and outgoing parts of the business, you can note, that the net profit of the business project around 555 000 rubles per month.

Download a business plan for the production of cinder blocks for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

Here's a video, with helpful tips for beginners business, associated with the production of cinder blocks


Despite the fairly tough competitive environment in the industry, business, associated with the production of cinder blocks may well be a promising and profitable, and generate a steady income. To this end, competent business plan should be drawn up, which in the future should be implemented in compliance with all the nuances of doing business for the industry.

Interested in the topic, readers can download submitted sample business plan "cinder block production".

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