Beekeeping business plan

Beekeeping business plan

Beekeeping is rightly considered an elite form of agriculture. This difficult and very important activity can be a very profitable business, but its creation is necessary to find the right approach. It is especially important at the initial stage to evaluate their options and choose the right scale. In any case, beekeeping business plan will become mandatory starting in business creation and help avoid many organizational and financial mistakes.

The nature and features of the project

on the creation and development of the project provides for the opening of the enterprise apiary, specializing in the production of honey and other bee products, retail or wholesale selling them and making a profit. In the normal course of business of the apiary, except honey, it is planned to manufacture and market such products of beekeeping: royal jelly, propolis, Pergamum,, zabrus, wax, mead and other.

Basic goals, which lie at the basis of the draft, following:

  1. – the creation of a highly profitable enterprise designated activities;
  2. – the satisfaction of the relevant market sector needs;
  3. – preparation of a stable and high profits.

Summarized financial characteristics of the project includes the following indicators:

  1. – the total turnover of the company, according to preliminary estimates - 11 million. 700 thousand;
  2. – Project financing is carried out mainly at the expense of getting a commercial loan in the amount of 3 million. 153 thousand. In such a sum is determined by the total cost of the project based on the cost of the first year of operation;
  3. – the interest rate on the loan - 14%. Respectively, when payments are made from the first month of the enterprise total amount of interest paid, or income of the investor, will be about 127 thousand;
  4. – suspended the implementation of the project cycle - 2 of the year;
  5. – payback period since the opening - 5 months;
  6. – the overall economic effect within the prescribed cycle should reach 216 millions 769 thousand.

These figures are approximate, the accuracy and timing of their implementation depends on, how well drafted plan, calculated all the financial indicators, as well as the action of external circumstances, including the presence of possible force majeure situations and risks.

beekeeping Basics – video:

business Basics

first, you need to decide - vision for the future of the apiary, its scale and format. for example, if at first to take on 100 bee colonies, in this case we can speak about a large-scale business. when purchasing 1000 family enterprise can be considered as a very large, requires compliance efforts and investments.

Each period has its apiculture development options. When the beekeeper keeps 50-100 families of insects, its basic operation is pitching honey with subsequent packing and sales. When the scale of the business 1000 Families can take the honey wholesale. In concrete terms, it will be taken business plan beekeeping to 1000 families. In this example, calculated its prospects at the opening of privately. Once the number to be determined melliferous, evaluate natural characteristics of the selected portion and think through all the features arrangement apiary and create the necessary conditions for the insect.

For running a small or medium-sized farms only one beekeeper, which may employ permanent or seasonal workers. Already at the initial stage of the need to draw up a detailed plan for the honey period and indicate the sequence of the work in the apiary.

Usually, new apiary represents a portion disposed thereon hives, technical room, as well as a small house for employees. More advanced companies often are composed of a small plant for the processing of bee products and preparation for their further sale to the consumer or wholesale buyers. When planning a business opening, you need to be familiar with all the stages of collection and pumping of honey in the region, the cycles of life and activity of the bees and the timing, in which they need to prepare for winter.

Stages of the opening of the apiary

If you briefly describe the process of creation of the enterprise for the breeding of bees and the production of bee products, the main steps will include:

  1. – planning and development of business strategies;
  2. – choice of location for placement of the hives;
  3. – purchase of equipment for the care of insects, collecting and further treatment of honey;
  4. – site preparation for the placement of hives;
  5. – if necessary - training space for gathering nectar (landing of honey plants);
  6. – summing up the water for the needs of the bees;
  7. – drawing up a plan of wintering bees and timely preparation for the winter period;
  8. – develop an action plan to withdraw from the state of overwintering bees and to provide them with necessary assistance, training period to Melliferous;
  9. – creating strategies of finished products: search for wholesale buyers, or retail sales plan.

If the entrepreneur chooses retail sales, you need to take care of high-quality advertising their products, as well as the availability of transport for the transport of honey and other products.

A more detailed plan for business development, starting from the receipt of investment, is shown in Table:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, preparation of documentation preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
hiring employees production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
marketing campaign 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

Location apiary: land and equipment

Bees are very demanding conditions of detention. Therefore, you need to start with thinking through the hive location. The site should have a slight slant, not be in the strong sun or wind. Good, if there are forest plantations around, that will protect the beehives from the winds. You can not open an apiary in the valleys or ravines, as the lack of heat will be felt there, and excess moisture, which is harmful to insects. Close to the apiary should not be reservoirs, industrial enterprises, farms or other apiaries.

it's desirable, to the apiary was located near vast fields, where a sufficient number of plants grow, honey plants (hazel, dandelion, willow and other plants). Sometimes you have to additionally lease land, when there is no sufficient number of honey plants. In this case, you need to sow their own field medonosyaschimi plants.

Proper installation of bee houses and territory arrangement will significantly influence the success of the enterprise, the quantity and quality of honey, which is to prepare the bees. Hive should be staggered. To install them into the ground hammered pegs or establish special stand. Top need to set themselves houses, and the land area between them to clear off the grass and make the sand coating. Before the Spring Exhibition after wintering hives sure to completely remove the snow and wait, until the ground is completely dry and warms. Between each bee family need to leave space at least 6 m, and 4 meters - between the rows.

Bees necessarily provide water, the absence of which not only reduces their productivity, but can also lead to death. So be sure to set the insect drinkers, to which they are specially trained to.

To monitor the temperature and other conditions of bee hive is desirable to set the control. His testimony helps to ensure optimal conditions of insects and to determine the appropriate timing for the commencement of any work on care of bees.

The main article is costly purchase of raw materials. This item plan often reach 70% of all the total investments. However, it is sure to provide the bees with everything you need to maintain their health, since it is from this will depend on the amount of honey, beekeeper who will receive as a result of.

Popular in recent years the so-called mobile apiaries. In this case the hive do not have a stationary arrangement, and placed mobile, nomadic way, From a financial point of view, it is about 5 times more profitable. The main advantage - the lack of a regular rent payment for land. In addition, some plants bloom only in a certain period of the year. Therefore, when the stationary apiary bees have to wait for the flowering period or fly long distances to look at themselves. In this way, their performance is lost, and therefore, depress profits. When using the nomadic way of these problems disappear by themselves. Another plus nomadic method is, that bees can use different plants depending on the flowering period. quality honey from it only wins, and the target audience is wider.

Should provide timely and winter storage issue hives, equipment and raw materials.

Basic equipment, without which no business start - specially equipped houses for bees and honey storage. Hives perform one goal, but depending on the design and manufacturer can be different. In our conditions, the most popular hive Dadant, Rue, Dobrynya and some other species. they do not differ significantly and the price, but you need to choose in accordance with the features of activity. If the entrepreneur - are new to this business, before the purchase is necessary to consult with experienced beekeepers.

Other mandatory equipment for apiary

  • – voskopress;
  • – extractor;
  • – Refract;
  • – framework;
  • – Roeva;
  • – smoker;
  • – Stameska;
  • – nadramochnыe feeders;
  • – beekeeper box.

Process O ewes require involvement of the whole set of equipment: insulators, spatulas, templates, vaccination frame, frame-nurseries, etc.. The same applies to the processing of raw wax. Pre-need to purchase several types voskotopok, bee voskopress, as well as mandatory equipment - Thermometer, psychrometers, logging truck, drinking bowls for insects, spare hives, beehive buckles, which will be needed for the transport of bees, kochevuyu booth. Kindly get a well working clothes - white and dark robes. beekeepers outfit is essential for productivity and work safety. So, directly with the bees work in special robes or suits of very dense tissue, necessarily light color, because the dark color annoying insects. Overalls needed mostly in bad weather or when working with bees hyperexcitability. Mandatory and protective facial mesh, which is firmly embedded in the overalls, which gives protection against ingress of bees under clothes. The grid must be fitted with black tulle, which allows the well to inspect the cell.

In the beginning, it makes sense to buy a used / Equipment, to save investment. Then, in the course of promotion can gradually expand arsenal.

Features and total cost of apiaries in the video:

business Registration

From the very beginning of the business must be legitimate, that provides for official registration with the tax authority. Before novice beekeeper, representing small business, there is a choice between the registration status of a person or entity. The difference and the fundamental differences between these forms of entrepreneurship can be seen, considered a special federal law number 129 (

Usually, organizing the company around 20 bee colonies and hiring more employees, choose the option of individual entrepreneurship.

SP issued within 5 working days on the basis of the legal order. The list of documents includes:

  1. – statement on the standard form;
  2. – a copy of passport and identification number of the founder;
  3. – receipt on state duty payment.

In a statement,, in addition to the personal data of the enterprise founder, indicates the selected activity code, defined by the current at the time of registration classifier NACE. In the specific case, the code will be 01.49.1 "Beekeeping". Within this basic code, you can choose a more specific items, specifying a number of different activities, if necessary,.

Useful for studying before opening his own apiary will such regulations:

Federal Law of 29.06.2015 N 162-FZ GOST

Federal Law of 08.08.2001 N 129-FZ (row. from 03.08.2018

Purchase of bees

Harvesting of bee planned in advance. Usually, a beekeeper finds insects from other beekeepers. But it is better to buy them in special nurseries. The choice of the breed of bees will depend on the climatic characteristics of the country for bees. The Russian climate live well and honey plant gray mountain Caucasian, Carpathian and some other breeds. Exotic species of insects can not take root in our conditions is not enough or give high yields of honey.

Question breed selection of bees is very important, as the hive are selected under a certain breed of bees. known, that each breed has its own characteristics and demands of their living conditions, even from the point of view of frost.

since bees, like other animals for agricultural purposes, prone to various diseases, buy their costs only from approved breeders. If you buy a weakened or diseased insects, they may die or not to generate sufficient profits. To accurately be confident in the health status of bees purchased, breeder should first inquire, ascertaining, some breeders have a good reputation.


The beekeeping with difficult staff, than in other types of business. The first requirement of community - the need for a high degree of professionalism and expertise in the industry. But if the future employee shows a great desire to work in the apiary, it is possible to train. The only contraindication to work in this business - the presence of allergies to honey or bee stings.

Beekeeping business plan
Beekeeping business plan

The second important aspect in the selection of personnel - beekeepers should not be too attached to home and family. Apiaries are almost always out of town. Therefore, for this work are more suitable for single people or couples, since a long time have to be away from home.

Pasek of 50 Families traditionally considered to be small. For its services can be only two full-time employees. On a large farm may need to 60 workers, depending on the number of hives and families.

marketing campaign. risks

At the core of the marketing policy - the study of the current state of the market. There are a number of factors, affecting the development of the sector. One of them - the impact of the international crisis. The last major wave of the crisis was 2013 – 2014 years. Nevertheless, the national economy is still experiencing its influence, slowing down the development of many industries. With regard to beekeeping, thanks to strong demand for this product, the market gradually enters the pre-crisis level. According to statistics, in this sector were only the most powerful of its members, while the non-competitive enterprises ceased to exist.

To date, beekeeping market is filled sufficiently. However, due to the lack of state regulation of the quality of bee products, as well as the absence of a law, regulating the activities of beekeepers, This sector is awash with forgery. Therefore, the new party is necessary to attract the target audience, convincing potential buyers that, that its products are worth considering. The main problem of the industry - lower cost of adulterated honey. In turn, this makes the company uncompetitive, selling quality products at a higher price.

The lack of a full legal framework - is another significant problem. In fact, today the market is regulated only by a few regional laws, which, nevertheless, do not cover all problems. One of the questions, which should be resolved in the coming years - the study of the regulation of the health of bees and the prevention of diseases.

At the moment, the state practically does not provide any support to small and medium-sized enterprises beekeeping industry. This has a negative impact on its development. Despite, that in the future expected development of individual state programs, Now beekeepers may rely solely on their own resources.

At the moment, the number of officially registered beekeeping enterprises in the country is more 15 200. In relation to the total population, this figure is small and tends to grow. An additional advantage for the sphere of beekeeping - honey deficit in Europe. It means, that a sufficiently high quality of Russian honey can enter the international market.

According to research analysts, open to new participants in the market. So, Today can be created to 14 thousands of new businesses, which will be in demand and relevant.

The main risk factor - the weather. Rain, drought, winds and rain have a negative impact on the collection of honey, health status and health of insects. If nomadic beekeeping, It can be transported hives from place to place, and when stationary - you must be able to cover, or some other way to protect bees, otherwise you can incur losses.

Unscheduled unscheduled transportation of the hive will cause unforeseen costs, but will provide a larger production volume. therefore, despite the possible unforeseen expenses, Russian beekeepers give preference nomadic method for honey production.


The financial part is calculated after will identify the main strategy for future business. Basically investments and regular expenses will depend on the number of bee colonies and hives, and the leased land area.

We should also consider the costs for the purchase of specialized equipment and equipment apiary workers:

Name price for 1 PC., rub. amount total cost
Monohull 12-frame hive Dadant-Blatt 4 000 10 40 000
12-frame hive Dadant 2 500 10 25 000
The scraper blade 55 10 550
Stameska 550 3 1 650
smoker 190 10 1 900
facial mesh 120 20 2 400
The cap for the replanting of queen bees 120 100 12 000
Matochnaya cell 30 50 1 500
grid divider 185 20 3700
carrying case 950 5 4 750
Letkovy-layer 20 20 400
trough 60 20 1 200
roevnya 1 500 1 1 500
trutnelovka 780 30 23 400
template 1 323 1 1 323
Insulator for larvae 120 According to the count of frames 5 000
vaccination frame 4 100 1 4 100
Frame nursery 180 5 900
Board-pattern 900 1 900
combined rink
The table for printing combs 89 000 1 89 000
Knives type from 70 1 400
extractor 700 1 700
filter 750 1 750
Voskotopki (solar, steam) from 1 000 2 4 100
voskopress 17 000 1 17 000
Thermometer, psychrometers from 3 800 2 9 300
Other expenses, including equipment beekeepers To 100 000
Total 175 000 346 000

Necessarily have to apply to the veterinarian services, drugs for the treatment of bee diseases for the prevention. apiary All personnel must be insured - it should also indicate in the business plan of the beekeeper and make the financial part.

To sum up all the costs of setting up an apiary from scratch in accordance with the cost during the first month of operation of the enterprise and in the first year, financial conclusions are as follows:

item of expenditure Costs, 1 months. Expenses for the year lump-sum costs Total expenses for the year
rent (purchase) Agricultural land (165 m) 165 000 1 980 000 1 980 000
Buying a car 450 000 450 000
Purchase of bee families (20) 11 000 220 000 220 000
Purchase of honeycombs and fertilizing 170 000 170 000
inventory acquisition 390 000 390 000
amortization zimovnika 650 7 800 7 800
The salary of employees 141 600 1 700 000 1 700 000
taxes 42 600 from 510 000 from 510 000
Freight costs 45 000 45 000
Buying drugs 55 000 55 000
Construction beekeeper home, zimovnika for bees 250 000 250 000
marketing campaign 75 000 900 000 900 000
Additional expenses (about 10% of the total expenditure) 158 000 158 000
Total 393 250 4 586 700 1 580 000 6 900 000

The beginning of the tax period - in January of each new year. From this point on will be calculated the size of the main tax deductions, which the enterprise, regardless of their format, will pay to the Federal Tax Service. The main list of taxes to the apiary will be as follows:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

After the calculations required will be ready for the opening and development of the investment company, you need to make a sales forecast and the estimated amount of profit. The first thing to examine pricing, existing on the market.

The average price levels of bee products such:

  • – copper - by 950 rubles / kg;
  • – wax - from 65 rubles / kg;
  • – propolis - from 40 rubles / g;
  • – Pergamum - 12 000 rubles for 1 kg;
  • – pollen - 3 800 rubles per kg;
  • – medovuha - from 100 rubles for 0,5 l.

Pricing policy differs significantly depending on the spatial arrangement of the apiary. In the regions of the honey sold much cheaper, than in areas, adjacent to the capital. Much less will be the cost of products at wholesale. At the same time, Sales to wholesale customers do not require additional costs for transport and advertising, which reduces the cost of production.

sales forecast will be drawn up on the basis of such criteria:

  • – analysis of the general state of the market of services of the production and sale of bee products;
  • – general conclusions about the state of the market;
  • – analysis of consumer demand in this market segment.

In the calculation of the plan take into account the volume of services, the lowest threshold of profitability, and pre-evaluate the risks.

The most important risks:

  • – increasing competition;
  • – Depending on the weather;
  • – increase in the cost of raw materials, an increase in transport costs;
  • – lack of support from the state.

Plan to provide services to the current business period can be summarized as follows::

Period Type of service Volume of production, for 1 year (tonnes) price, rub. Revenues from sales
1 – 12 monthly investment Implementation of honey 70 950 – 3 500 rubles / kg 66 500 000 – 245 000 000
1 – 12 monthly investment Sale of propolis 70 from 40 rub. to d 2 000 000
1 – 12 monthly investment Realization of wax 80 from 650 rub. per kg 52 000 000
13 – 24 month operation Implementation of honey 80 1100 – 4 000 rubles / kg 88 000 000
13 – 24 month operation Sale of propolis 100 from 45 rub. to d 4 500 000
13 – 24 month operation Realization of wax 100 from 670 rub. per kg 76 000 000

If the current trend of development of the industry will maintain the current momentum (growth is from 12 to 300 per cent per annum), annual growth in sales volumes will reach more businesses 116 million rubles. In order to maintain the current state of and contribute to its development, necessary to monitor the quality of preservation of the raw materials used and the conditions, posed to bees. It will be important and the professionalism of the staff, and competent marketing campaign.

Subject to all the above rules, properly conducted marketing campaigns and attracting skilled workers discovery of the apiary from scratch will be promising. The pre-project will pay off and will start to make a steady income to the end of the second year of operation.

The financial plan for the opening of the apiary – in the video:

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