Business Plan "Production of corrugated board"

Business Plan "Production of corrugated board"
Бизнес-план «Производство профнастила»
Business Plan "Production of corrugated board"

Decking is a modern building material, used to create roof coverings, erection of fences and barriers, and other needs. This material is supplied in the form of a galvanized metal sheets, shaped using special equipment in order to increase the stiffness of the material. Calling deserved popularity and application in construction decking deserved because of their advantages over other materials, such as high performance and relatively low purchase price. For this reason, the demand for this material can be attributed to the high level, and therefore, the commercial activity of its production can be quite lucrative, but this requires a competent compilation of the business plan with the calculation of all required parameters and economic rationale for launching this kind of business. Key aspects of the business plan "Production of corrugated board" should be devoted to items described below.


In order to start a new business, associated with the production of corrugated board, enough to buy a minimum a set of specialized equipment, which includes:

  1. unwinding machine;
  2. guillotine;
  3. profiling machine;
  4. Control block.

With the help of such devices can be equipped with a standard line, producing an average 60-100 meters of corrugated sheets. Prices for the purchase of such equipment may vary 1000 000 – 5000 000. This is a significant difference between the minimum and maximum setting value is explained by the different production capacity of equipment and a variety of technical possibilities. The most expensive models are able to make adjustment height profile, the bending angle, as well as to polymeric coating sheets (such corrugated board more in demand, because it does not require additional processing and painting). In order to reduce production costs, related to transportation, installation and subsequent maintenance of equipment, should choose suppliers, geographically located most closely from the location of the future production.


Review selected premises for accommodation of future production should be given special attention in the business plan. Building for the shop to pick up better in the industrial part of the city, but can accommodate shops and below the village. In this case, the building must meet certain requirements:

  • convenient access roads for freight transport with a view to the production of raw materials unloading and loading of finished products;
  • availability and serviceability necessary communications (electric power, water supply, etc.);
  • management area should be at least 50 , however it is recommended to get a shop area 250 – 300 .

choice of purchase or lease of premises depends on the financial capacity of the entrepreneur, if the plant will be located in the country, the building cost of the acquisition will not be high. If you have previously purchased the building has not operated for the purpose of manufacturing the same, the additional item of expenditure in the business plan will be the repair and finishing work of the building. The cost of such repairs will be at least 500 000 rubles (with the replacement of the floor, window, wiring and other things).

Область применения профнастила весьма обширна
Scope sheeting is extensive

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For service and maintenance of industrial activity on the machines must be hired staff. When you work in manufacturing 1 replace all take about 5-6 person. It is sufficient, to the appropriate qualifications and experience had only one employee - master, and from the rest of the staff (working) It requires only monitoring the successful operation of the line. Workers are placed on the shop based 2 man on 1 machine, with one control unit controls, and the second - receives and stacks the finished product. For the operation of the production in the period of so-called high season, which lasts from March to October, production can be transferred to work in 2 change. To ensure that the production process can be hired for this period additional staff on a temporary basis.

Advertising and search markets

To prevent possible downtime in the business plan the future finished product markets must be defined. prospective buyers produced corrugated board can be:

  1. public companies;
  2. specialty shops;
  3. Distributors and dealers.

In order to attract more customers, expanding range of customers and increase brand awareness should consider advertising business strategy. It can be implemented through the distribution of flyers and business cards in places of high traffic of people, negotiations for the conclusion of contracts with large retail outlets similar orientation, and so on.


Покупка оборудования затребует не менее 1 млн. руб.
Purchase of equipment will request at least 1 million. rub.

The essence of the business plan is to calculate the financial component of the project and rationale (or its absence) opening a new production. So, the expenditure of the project It includes (of the minimum parameters):

  1. purchase of equipment - 1 000 000 rubles;
  2. the annual cost of renting premises - 250 000 rubles;
  3. annual salary of the staff - 400 000 rubles;
  4. advertising and marketing activities, and transportation - 100 000 rubles.

According to the data, the minimum starting capital for a business is the production of corrugated board 1750 000 rubles. The payback period of the project affected by the following factors:

  • technical capabilities of equipment;
  • the level of competition in the selected region;
  • demand for finished products in the area and finding markets.

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The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

In view of these factors the project payback period is not less than 6 months. In the presented video readers can familiarize themselves with practical advice business, in corrugated board production


Business, based on the production of corrugated board, It has a high chance of success in the preparation of the corresponding commercial project in view of doing business in this area. Prerequisites for the opening of the business project in this area is quite favorable:

  • a small start-up capital;
  • short payback period;
  • increase in demand for corrugated board on 10-15% in the near future, according to experts.

For the convenience of users of the page is given below exemplary business plan "of corrugated board production", Available for free download.

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