Business Plan "plasterboard"

Business Plan "plasterboard"
Бизнес-план «Производство гипсокартона»
Business Plan "plasterboard"

Drywall is one of the most popular building materials. In this regard, the launch of a commercial project, associated with its manufacture, It is quite a promising business idea. However, that business will be developed and makes a profit, It must first be drawn up a business plan production of plasterboard, in which all the nuances of this sphere of business activity are met.

scope of selection advantage

The business plan, that in the future we plan to present to investors, the main benefits of choosing a commercial activity shall be marked, related to the production of plasterboard. One such advantage is the wide range of application material, namely:

  1. finishing the inner surfaces of the room;
  2. creating partitions, shelves, alcoves and recesses;
  3. construction of suspended ceilings;
  4. construction of theatrical scenery;
  5. Construction of arch systems (non-load-bearing) and columns.

The consequence is a wide range of applications and extensive production target audience, because plasterboard may be interested construction companies, carrying out finishing and repair work, and ordinary townsfolk, using drywall for personal use. Besides, part of their production of plasterboard can be realized through outlets specialized construction after the conclusion of the supply contract with them.

Determination of the range

Already at the stage of drawing up a business plan must be defined range of plasterboard material.

There are several categories of drywall:

  1. usual;
  2. moisture-proof (It can be used in a room with high humidity until 85%);
  3. fireproof (it contains glass fibers).

In most cases the drywall is available as a standard size sheets 2,3h1,2 m, whose thickness can be set within 8-24 mm. but, following the wishes of customers, these dimensions may be changed.

При производстве гипсокартона нужен большой перечень оборудования
In the manufacture of gypsum board need a large inventory of equipment

Equipment and supplies of raw materials

To ensure the production process in the business plan, consider the supply of the necessary raw materials, to which the:

  • building paper;
  • gypsum (natural or artificial);
  • synthetic foaming agent;
  • modified starch;
  • additional components (casein, cellulose; salt, caustic soda, etc.).

For the production of gypsum board require significant list of specialized equipment, which should also be reflected in the business plan.

The list of equipment must be included machine for the production of gypsum mixture, and continuously feeding the cardboard installation on shaper. The production should be equipped with various types of conveyors:

  • ribbon;
  • roll type;
  • cantilevered;
  • Carrying;
  • drying;
  • additional roll type.

Total costs for the acquisition of the above mentioned equipment is about 4800 000 – 5000 000 rubles. The production capacity is approximately 200 sheets of drywall for 1 working day.


 Площадь помещения для производства должна быть не менее 600 кв. метров
Area for production must be at least 600 quarter. m

The business plan of production of drywall have to be consecrated theme business location and search for suitable premises. By choosing this room should be approached on the basis of certain requirements, that apply to this room type. One such requirement is the size of the room, which area should be at least 600 quarter. m. This size of the area suitable for the production of mini. Besides, the room temperature should be maintained at least +15 gradusov.Takzhe to the room should be brought electricity cable, sewage, natural gas and water.

The choice of the legal form

Before, opening the production of plasterboard, must register the company and choose the appropriate legal form of organization, which should also be reflected in the business plan.

In this case, the most appropriate forms of registration are PE or LLC. Immediately after the registration should be addressed questions, related to taxation and accounting. Therefore, you should think about hiring staff.

To resolve issues, related to finance and taxation, it is recommended to hire a competent and experienced accountant, or it may be coming and not enrolled in the state of permanent staff.

Also, despite, that most of the production process is automated with the help of special equipment, employees in his service as required, therefore this issue should be sanctified in the business plan.

Financial part

One of the key parts of the business plan is to manufacture drywall counting project finance. It includes the following economic indicators:

  1. Purchase of equipment, its transportation to the place of manufacture and installation - approximately 5500 000 rubles.
  2. Repair and preparatory work in the premises for the production of - 600 000 rubles.
  3. Purchase of production materials in the 1st month of operation – 600 000 rubles.
  4. Other expenses - 500 000 rubles.

In this way, when calculating the indicators the total start-up capital will be about 7 000 000.

In assessing the revenue side of the business, you can note, that given the current wholesale prices for 1 plasterboard sheet (about 160 rubles), the average business income will be approximately 1 000 000 rubles.

Respectively, the profitability of the business project at the level of 60%.

Business Payback - about 1,5 years old.

Submitted videos will help the interested entrepreneurs to learn, how the plasterboard production on an industrial scale.


gypsum board production can be quite successful commercial project, as the profitability of this business is estimated high (60%). However, such a project requires a substantial financial investment in the initial stage, and, to a commercial project was successful, the corresponding business plan should be drawn up.

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